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Sony announces its first 5G flagship, the triple lens Xperia 1 II

Sony has announced its first 5G smartphone: The Xperia 1 II — which, for the curious and/or confused, is pronounced ‘Xperia One, Mark Two’. Which isn’t at all confusing, er. “No one understands the entertainment experience better than Sony,” said president of mobile communications, Mitsuya Kishida, claiming the company is “uniquely positioned” in the era of 5G cellular technology to offer its target users an “enriched” experience thanks to Sony’s extensive content portfolio. “Whether you are ...
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Join the Q&A with top speakers at TC Sessions: Robotics+AI (March 3)

Over the past four years, TechCrunch has brought together some of the biggest names in robotics: founders, CEOs, VCs and researchers for TC Sessions: Robotics+AI. The show has provided a unique opportunity to explore the future and present of robotics, AI and the automation technologies that will define our professional and personal lives. While the panels have been curated and hosted by our editorial staff, we’ve also long been interested in providing show-goers and opportunity to engage wit...
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Samsung Wins 5-Nanometer Modem Chip Contract From Qualcomm

Samsung Electronics semiconductor manufacturing division has won a contract to make new Qualcomm 5G chips using its most advanced chip-making technology, Reuters reported Tuesday, citing sources familiar with the matter said, boosting the Korean firm's efforts to gain market share against rival Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing. From the report: Samsung will fabricate at least some of Qualcomm's X60 modem chips, which will connect devices such as smart phones to 5G wireless data networks. The X...
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Qualcomm’s X60 5G modem will power the next generation of 5G flagship phones

The new Qualcomm X60 modem will start shipping in commercially available 5G-enabled phones starting next year.
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What to expect from smartphone makers now that MWC 2020 is canceled

From LG to Huawei to Oppo and others, we have the latest details on their MWC-less plans
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2020 iPhones may feature Apple’s in house designed 5G antenna module

It is clear that Apple wants to distance itself as far as possible from Qualcomm, even though they settled the long legal battle with them last year. News has popped up claiming that Apple is trying to design their own 5G antenna for the upcoming 2020 iPhones that will be released soon, in attempt to use as little Qualcomm products as possible. Since the end of the legal battle, Apple has been trying to reduce its dependence on Qualcomm in its future products. They are tired of paying Qualc...
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Samsung's new flagship smartphones are incredibly expensive and set a worrying precedent that 5G is only for those who can afford it

Almost all top-spec Android smartphones of 2020 will come with 5G connectivity because the premium Qualcomm chip of 2020 supports 5G connectivity by default.  Samsung's latest Galaxy S20 phones with 5G start at $1,000, and there's no cheaper version of the Galaxy S20 like there was with the Galaxy S10.  The high price of Samsung's Galaxy S20 phones set a worrying precedent that the cost of entry for 5G is high, and it'll only be available to those who can afford it.  5G wireless plans are also...
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The new flagship smartphones are all incredibly expensive, and it's a worrying trend that suggests 5G is only for those who can afford it

Almost all top-spec Android smartphones of 2020 will come with 5G connectivity because the premium Qualcomm chip of 2020 supports 5G connectivity by default.  Samsung's latest Galaxy S20 phones with 5G start at $1,000, and there's no cheaper version of the Galaxy S20 like there was with the Galaxy S10.  The high price of Samsung's Galaxy S20 phones set a worrying precedent that the cost of entry for 5G is high, and it'll only be available to those who can afford it.  5G wireless plans are also...
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Qualcomm Makes Case To Appeals Court That It Didn't Hurt Competition

Qualcomm is making the case for why it didn't hurt competition in the smartphone chip business. "The company, represented by attorney Thomas Goldstein of the firm Goldstein & Russell, on Thursday appeared before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit in downtown San Francisco," reports CNET. "Qualcomm is hoping the appeals court will overturn a ruling by a district court judge that declared it to be a monopoly and ordered it to renegotiate its licensing contracts." From the report: Qual...
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Global smartphone shipments with embedded hardware security grows by 39% YoY in 2019: Report

In recent times, we have seen a push towards smartphone manufacturers taking the security of their devices more seriously. According to a report, about one-third of global smartphones sold in 2019 had some level of embedded hardware security chips in them, with Apple continuing to be in the lead. Evident from their marketing, the company that leads the market share of secure devices is Apple with a nearly 42% share in 2019. Since the iPhone 5s, Apple has been embedding a Secure Enclave (e...
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He’s Stared Down Activists and Apple, and Is Still in Charge

After a career spent working on “very important backup plans,” Steve Mollenkopf has steered Qualcomm through one rough patch after another.
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Samsung just announced 3 brand new smartphones — check out the Galaxy S20, S20 Plus, and S20 Ultra

Samsung just unveiled its three new smartphones, including the Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20 Plus, and Galaxy S20 Ultra.  Samsung focused on two major things in its new phones: namely, the screen with a high 120Hz refresh rate and all-new camera tech.  All the new Galaxy S20 phones support 5G, too, but only because the new premium Android chip of 2020 from Qualcomm supports 5G by default. That's to say: Most premium phones of 2020 will also come with 5G. Apart from those two points of focus, the Gala...
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Samsung skips nine numbers, announces the Galaxy S20

The world will likely never see the Galaxy S11. Or the Galaxies S12-S19, for that matter. At an event this morning in San Francisco, Samsung announced that it was skipping a decade’s worth of handsets and going straight to the Galaxy S20. The new flagship debuted onstage today, in three flavors: the S20, S20+ and S20 Ultra, a sign of the company’s ever-shifting approach to the market. Samsung clearly has no plan to back away from the premium market, even as smartphone sales flag. With startin...
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Motorola embraces the stylus life on its budget G series

Motorola’s long been a kind of quiet workhorse on the mobile scene. Aside from the occasional razzle-dazzle of a Moto Z or Razr, the Lenovo subsidiary mostly trades in budget handsets. The G line is probably the best example of the bunch. The devices aren’t flashy and the specs are often a year or two old, but you can’t really argue with the sub-$300 price point. To its credit, however, the brand does a solid job introducing compelling features into the mix, even while keeping the cost down....
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The 5 coolest features of Motorola's new $1,500 Razr phone — which launches today

Motorola just launched a new version of its iconic Razr flip phone from the early 2000s.  The new Razr has a foldable screen, but maintains a design that's very similar to the original. Based on what we know about the new Razr, it seems like it could offer some benefits over rival foldable phones, like the Samsung Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X. Its flip-phone-inspired design feels more natural to use, and the crease where the screen folds doesn't seem as noticeable, for example. Visit Business...
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Qualcomm faces fresh competition scrutiny in Europe over RFFE chips for 5G

Qualcomm is facing fresh antitrust scrutiny from the European Commission, with the regulator raising questions about radio frequency front-end (RFFE) chips which can be used in 5G devices. The chipmaker has been expanding into selling RFFE chips for 5G devices, per Reuters, encouraging buyers of its 5G modems to also buy its radio frequency front-end chips, rather than buying from other vendors and integrating their hardware with its 5G modem chips. A European Commission spokeswomen confir...
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Apple is expected to launch its new iPhone 12 lineup this fall — here's everything we know about it so far (AAPL)

Apple will likely add 5G support to its 2020 flagship iPhones, according to early reports and rumors. Other than 5G connectivity, the phones are said to feature a more advanced 3D camera and new size options. The addition of 5G could boost demand for Apple's new iPhones as customers are upgrading their smartphones less often. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Even before Apple unveiled the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro in September, reports had already started to emerge about ...
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CalTech scores massive $1.1B verdict against Apple and Broadcom in patent case

After a years-long legal battle, a judge ordered Apple and Broadcom to pay a combined $1.1 billion in a patent infringement case with the California Institute of Technology, Bloomberg reports. The report states that Apple was ordered to pay $837.8 million and Broadcom is looking at a $270.2 million verdict. Apple has been ensnared in legal proceedings over the past several years regarding the technologies in the company’s wireless chipsets. Last year, the company settled a long-standing d...
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Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 5G with S Pen, 10.5-inch WQXGA Super AMOLED display, dual rear cameras announced

Samsung has announced Galaxy Tab S6 5G, which is the 5G version of the Galaxy Tab S6 that was introduced last year. It is powered by a Octa-Core Snapdragon 855 SoC with Qualcomm X50 5G modem. Other specifications are similar including a 10.5-inch Super AMOLED WQXGA screen, quad-stereo speakers tuned by AKG by HARMAN, in-display fingerprint scanner, 8-megapixel primary camera along with a 5-megapixel 123-degree ultra-wide camera and an 8-megapixel front camera. It has a 5.7mm slim metal body an...
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Five reasons you (really) don’t want to miss TechCrunch’s AI and Robotics show on March 3

TechCrunch’s fourth Robotics and AI show is coming up on March 3 at UC Berkeley’s Zellerbach Hall. If past experience is any guide, the show is sure to draw a big crowd (cheap student rates here!) but there’s still time to grab a pass. If you’re wondering why you want to take a day out to catch a full day of interviews and audience Q&A with the world’s top robotics and AI experts, read on.   It’s the software / AI,  stupid. So said (in so many words) the legendary surgical robotics founder Dr...
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Smartphone sales expected to get a slight bump in 2020

Last year saw global smartphone sales decline for the first time since analysts started tracking such things. In Gartner’s case, that comprises a full 11 years, as figures dropped 2% for 2019. Following on last week’s global device forecast, the firm is drilling down on smartphone figures with some slightly rosier results. According to the new numbers from the firm, global smartphone rates are expected to reverse course slightly for 2020, with a predicted 3% bump in worldwide sales. It’s a m...
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Some Vendors Are Already Releasing Chipsets That Support 6 GHz Wifi

Long-time Slashdot reader gabebear writes: The FCC hasn't officially cleared 6 GHz for WiFi, but chipsets that support 6 GHz are starting to be released. 6 GHz opens up a several times more bandwidth than what is currently available with WiFi, although it doesn't penetrate walls as well as 2.4 GHz. Celeno has their press release and Broadcom has their press release. Still no news from Intel or Qualcomm on chipsets that support 6 GHz. Read more of this story at Slashdot.
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Octi launches a social network built around augmented reality

Octi has created a new social network that uses augmented reality to connect the act of seeing your friends in real life with viewing digital content like their favorite YouTube videos and Spotify songs. When I wrote about the startup in 2018, it was building AR technology that could do a better job of recognizing the human body and movement. Last week, co-founder and CEO Justin Fuisz (pictured above) told me that this was “a really cool feature,” but that Octi’s investors pushed him “to do more...
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How Samsung, Qualcomm, and other smartphone leaders are targeting India

This story was delivered to Business Insider Intelligence Connectivity & Tech subscribers earlier this morning. To get this story plus others to your inbox each day, hours before they're published on Business Insider, click here. India is the second-largest market for smartphones in the world, and its continuing growth, as well as steps taken by the government and regulators, are causing leaders in the smartphone space to change their practices to meet its demands. While the introduction of 5...
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What to expect at MWC 2020, the biggest mobile tech event of the year

The biggest mobile tech event of the year starts Feb. 24 in Barcelona. Here's what we expect to see
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Samsung's upcoming Galaxy S20 smartphones will be unveiled on February 11, and are coming with 2 major upgrades — here's everything we know so far

Samsung's Galaxy S20 series of smartphones is just around the corner, and we've seen plenty of rumors about the design, specs, and cameras.  From the looks of it, Samsung fans can expect a fairly typical design and spec refresh.  But Samsung is rumored to include a massive 108-megapixel camera with the Galaxy S20, and the Snapdragon 865 chip it's said to use will all but guarantee that it'll have 5G connectivity.  Samsung will officially announce the new phone at its "Unpacked" event on Febru...
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Noise Shots XO true wireless earbuds with Bluetooth 5.0, aptX launched for Rs. 5499

Noise, popular for its wearables has launched Noise Shots XO, the company’s latest true wireless earbuds with   metallic finish, Bluetooth 5.0, Qualcomm aptX technology and environmental noise cancellation. The headset has voice assistant support on Android and iOS and comes with IPX7 rating for water resistance from sweat and rain. It comes with a C-Type USB charging and promises up to 6 hours of playtime on a single charge and a combined 36 hours of playback time with the case. Noise Sho...
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US patents hit record 333,530 granted in 2019; IBM, Samsung (not the FAANGs) lead the pack

We may have moved on from a nearly-daily cycle of news involving tech giants sparring in courts over intellectual property infringement, but patents continue to be a major cornerstone of how companies and people measure their progress and create moats around the work that they have done in hopes of building that into profitable enterprises in the future. IFI Claims, a company that tracks patent activity in the US, released its annual tally of IP work today underscoring that theme: it noted that ...
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Have we hit peak smartphone?

Last Halloween, we broke down some “good news” from a Canalys report: the smartphone industry saw one-percent year-over-year growth — not exactly the sort of thing that sparks strong consumer confidence. In short, 2019 sucked for smartphones, as did the year before. After what was nearly an ascendant decade, sales petered off globally with few exceptions. Honestly, there’s no need to cherrypick this stuff; the numbers this year have been lackluster at best for a majority of companies in a maj...
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The 6 best computing products we saw at CES 2020

CES 2020 has unveiled more brand-new and potentially groundbreaking computing products than the past few years — without question. From laptops with foldable displays to gaming PCs that operate like the Nintendo Switch, 2020 is set to be a landmark year for computing. We've chosen six devices that we consider to be the absolute best computing products of CES 2020. CES 2020 has been host to some of the most exciting computing technology debuts of the past several years. Not only did we see the...
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