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These are the 10 most talked about stocks on Reddit's WallStreetBets

WallStreetBets. Photo illustration by Jakub Porzycki/NurPhoto via Getty Images Reddit's WallStreetBets forum entered the mainstream during the January GameStop craze. From GameStop to AMC Entertainment, retail investors congregating on the subreddit are a driving force in the stock market.These are the 10 most popular stocks WallStreetBets is talking about right now.Sign up here for our daily newsletter, 10 Things Before the Opening Bell.Following which stocks Reddit's WallStreetBet...
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MacBook Pro With Notch Was Potentially Leaked Months Ago in Stolen Schematics

Following a last-minute rumor that upcoming 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro models could feature a notch at the top of the display, it has come to our attention that this design was potentially leaked in stolen schematics months ago. Back in April, a ransomware group known as REvil publicly stated that it had gained access to internal information from Apple supplier Quanta Computer in Taiwan, and the group demanded payment in exchange for keeping the information private. Some of the informati...
Tags: Apple, Featured, Taiwan, Macbook, Reddit, Facetime, Macbook Pro, Don, Quanta Computer, Touch Bar, MacBook Pro 13, MacBook Pro Don, Macbook Pro 16

MacBook Pro Display With Notch Shown in Alleged Photo Leak

Following a sketchy rumor that claimed the next MacBook Pro models could feature a notch at the top of the display, an alleged photo of a MacBook Pro with a notch was shared today by Weibo account AnyTurtle999, as spotted by Twitter account DuanRui. A close-up view of the alleged notch at the top of the image appears to show a FaceTime camera, microphone, and an ambient light sensor for True Tone. Earlier this week, a Reddit user claimed that the next MacBook Pro will not feature Face ID des...
Tags: Apple, Featured, Macbook, Reddit, Facetime, Weibo, Don, MacBook Pro 13, MacBook Pro Don, Macbook Pro 16

'Nancy ETP': WallStreetBets founder Jaime Rogozinski on the Pelosi stock controversy and his next project for retail investors

WallStreetBets founder Jaime Rogozinski. Jaime Rogozinski. WallStreetBets founder Jaime Rogozinski talks to Insider about his blockchain-based trading platform WSB DApp. "This is very much a way for me to say crypto and Wall Street are definitely going to merge," says Rogozinski. He suggested the platform create a "Nancy ETP" to capture the attention on stock trading by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's husband. Jaime Rogozinski, the founder of WallStreetBets, believes there's poten...
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WallStreetBets founder Jaime Rogozinski breaks down the Nancy Pelosi stock controversy, and details his next project for retail investors

WallStreetBets founder Jaime Rogozinski. Jaime Rogozinski. WallStreetBets founder Jaime Rogozinski talks to Insider about his blockchain-based trading platform WSB DApp. "This is very much a way for me to say crypto and Wall Street are definitely going to merge," says Rogozinski. He suggested the platform create a "Nancy ETP" to capture the attention on stock trading by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's husband. Jaime Rogozinski, the founder of WallStreetBets, believes there's poten...
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Cathie Wood said Robinhood is the closest thing to a meme stock Ark Invest has ever owned - and dismissed the rest as 'dinosaurs'

Ark Invest; Insider Ark Invest; Insider Cathie Wood of Ark Invest says meme stocks are "dinosaurs." Robinhood is the closest company to a meme stock Ark Invest has ever owned, Wood said. She made the comments at the CFA Societies Australia 2021 Australian Investment Conference Thursday. Ark Invest's Cathie Wood compared meme stocks to an extinct species Thursday during a conference. The superstar investor called the stocks - which include companies such as GameStop and AMC - "dinosaurs...
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New MacBook Pro Could Have a Notch, Says Sketchy Last-Minute Rumor

Apple's redesigned MacBook Pro models could feature a notch containing the webcam, according to a sketchy last-minute rumor that is circulating online. MacRumors' render of a next-generation MacBook Pro with a notch. The rumor appears to have originated from a Weibo user in China, who stipulates that the redesigned MacBook Pro will feature a notch. It apparently has a size "similar to iPhone 12." The Twitter user known as "DuanRui," who often shares information about Apple's plans from Weibo...
Tags: Apple, China, Macbook, Reddit, Weibo, Macbook Pro, Menu Bar, Don, MacBook Pros, MacBook Pro 13, MacBook Pro Don, Macbook Pro 16

Site Allowing You To 'Skip the Interview' Launches, Then Promptly Shuts Down

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Protocol: A company proposing job-seekers ask past coworkers to pay money and "sponsor" them for a new job launched, and rather immediately shut down, its website on Wednesday. The main idea behind the site, called "Skip the Interview," was to partner with companies who would set sponsorship amounts for job postings. The job-seeker would then ask current or former coworkers to contribute to this sponsorship fund, controlled by Skip The Interview. The firs...
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Minecraft Mob Vote Compared To Pokémon Starter Choices

Mojang recently revealed the three new Minecraft mobs available for Minecraft Live 2021’s mob vote, and one Reddit user compared the options to Pokémon starter choices. Like last year, Mojang is allowing the Minecraft community to decide which mob will be added next to the 3D voxel sandbox. During Minecraft Live 2021 on October 16, fans will choose between the Copper Golem, Allay, or Glare, three new mobs with their own unique abilities. Mojang did the same thing last year, allowing the communi...
Tags: Entertainment, Tech, Reddit, Pokemon, Minecraft, Mojang, Glare, Golem, Copper Golem, Shyamadash, Shyamadash Reddit

AMD CPU owners won’t be pleased with Windows 11’s latest update

  AMD chips are having issues on Windows 11 and the latest OS update has made the problems even worse. AMD and Microsoft previously revealed that Windows 11 was causing a reduced performance for AMD Ryzen CPUs for certain applications, with extreme cases seeing as much as a 15% performance hit. Microsoft revealed a software update is in development to address these issues, but it looks like the very first Windows 11 update since launch has made the problem even worse. TechPowerUp has ...
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Android users alert! Some Google Play Store apps are downloading without consent

Some Android apps are reportedly getting downloaded into smartphones without the user’s consent. A Reddit thread has spotted numerous users who have faced a similar issue. One such Android app in question has also been found listed on Google Play Store. [Via]
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Apple Quietly Extends AirPods Pro Repair Program That Addresses Crackling/Static

Back in October of 2020, Apple introduced a service program to address AirPods Pro issues that could cause them to experience static, crackling sounds, or problems with Active Noise Cancellation. At the time, Apple said the program would cover the ‌AirPods Pro‌ for two years after the retail sale of the unit. Apple has now extended the program, quietly updating the accompanying support document back at the beginning of October. As noted on Reddit, the "Additional Information" section of the p...
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Some of Verizon's Visible Cell Network Customers Say They've Been Hacked

Verizon's Visible network has confirmed that some accounts were accessed without authorization. Visible is a cell service owned and operated by Verizon that "pitches itself as a less expensive, 'all-digital' network, meaning there aren't any physical stores like you'd get with a tradtiional carrier," notes The Verge. From the report: Starting on Monday, customers on both Twitter and Reddit reported en masse that they'd been getting emails from the company about changed passwords and addresses, a...
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Koss extends 2-day rally to 43% as meme-stock traders cheer patent victory over Apple

Koss Fitclips. Amazon Amazon Koss shares have rallied 43% in two days of trading after winning a patent battle against Apple. The patent board declined to review Apple's challenge to two of the company's patents. The headphone-maker has been caught up in the meme-stock frenzy this year. Koss shares have surged 43% in two days after the headphone-maker won a patent battle against Apple. Trading of the company's shares, which have been caught up in the meme-stock frenzy this ye...
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18 pitch decks that startups used to raise millions to disrupt media and advertising Investors are pouring money into advertising, media, and marketing startups. They're trying to capitalize on changing consumer habits, marketers' need to see their ads are working, and more. Check out these 18 pitches to see how these startups sold their visions to VCs and other investors. See more stories on Insider's business page. Investors are pouring money into startups that are trying to disrupt advertising, media, and marketing.Insider has been tracking these st...
Tags: Apple, Google, Amazon, Facebook, Ecommerce, Florida, Media, Microsoft, Finance, India, Advertising, US, Trends, Siri, Diageo, Walmart

Reddit Names Its First Ever Chief Product Officer

Reddit named its first ever chief product officer, tapping Google Cloud vice president of product and design Pali Bhat. Bhat will report directly to CEO Steve Huffman and oversee product organization, leading the creation of tools and features to foster community on the platform. He spent more than 10 years at Google. In Bhat's most...
Tags: Google, Advertising, Reddit, Steve Huffman, Bhat, Google Cloud, Leadership & Talent, Social Pro Daily, Pali Bhat Bhat

Animal Crossing Player Recreates The Pokémon Sword & Shield Bedroom

An Animal Crossing: New Horizons player has made an accurate in-game recreation of the main character's bedroom from Pokémon Sword and Shield. Sword and Shield are the 2019 releases in Game Freak's popular Pokémon franchise for the Nintendo Switch. In Sword and Shield, players travel across Galar to collect Pokémon, fight other trainers, and collaborate or compete with other players.Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a versatile game that many players have used to recreate various scenes and maps...
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Minecraft Player Creates Homemade Ore Lamp In Real Life

A crafty Minecraft fan recently created a homemade lamp in the shape of an ore block in real life. The popular sandbox game often inspires incredible works both in-game and in the real world, thanks to its easy-to-use creative mode, and consistent updates from Mojang that bring new content for its players.Despite the game receiving a texture update in 2019, the look of ores in the game has largely remained unchanged until recently, when Minecraft’s Caves & Cliffs: Part 1 update provided a tex...
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90 Day Fiancé: Steven Called Out For Being Mean To Animals In Turkey

Steven Johnston from 90 Day Fiancé did a companionship inventory with Russian girlfriend Alina in Turkey, and the way he shooed a dog away was his biggest red flag yet to many fans. 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way episode 6 saw Steven dropping one bombshell confession after another to Alina. Not only did Steven reveal that he wasn’t a virgin, but he also came clean about him cheating on her with several girls despite warnings. While Alina is sticking around and hoping that Steven deleting his so...
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iPad Mini 6 Screen Distortion Complaints Surface, But No Evidence Yet That It's a Widespread Issue

Following complaints of "jelly scrolling" on the iPad mini 6 display, another issue has gained traction online that also has to do with the device's 8.3-inch Liquid Retina LCD panel. A poster on Reddit brought attention to a discoloration and distortion issue that they were having when touching the screen with the iPad in portrait orientation. I got my 64gb Wi-Fi iPad Mini 6 just about a week ago and noticed that there seems to be an LCD clearance issue – if you put your mini in vertical ori...
Tags: Apple, Ipad Mini, Reddit

A Nightmare On Elm Street: 9 Unpopular Opinions About The Movies, According To Reddit

Considering the A Nightmare on Elm Street franchise has had nine installments, it's not surprising to learn that there are some unpopular opinions out there about the series. The remake, the sequels, Freddy's clash with Jason, and even the original movie, each generate opinions that are all over the map.However, there are several installments of the franchise that generate more controversial opinions more than others. Thanks to Reddit, these opinions are readily available in bulk. From distaste ...
Tags: Entertainment, Tech, Reddit, Patricia Arquette, Jason, Heather, Jesse, Redditor, Freddy, Tina, Freddy Krueger, Englund, Wes Craven, Craven, Robert Englund, Miko Hughes

A hedge-fund backed social network wants retail traders to prove they have 'diamond hands' by linking their brokerage account to verify trades

Amanda Perobelli/ Reuters Social media platform Commonstock allows retail investors to verify their trades. The app, backed by hedge funds, just announced a $25 million Series A funding round. The app "weeds out a lot of the grifters who might say they had a 1,000% return," the founder told CNBC. See more stories on Insider's business page. A social media platform catering to retail traders and backed by hedge funds wants individual investors who have gathered on Twitter and Reddit ...
Tags: Google, Trends, Social Media, Markets, Tesla, Reddit, Stock Market, Cnbc, Gamestop, McDonough, AMC Theaters, Peloton, Natasha Dailey, WallStreetBets, MI Exclusive, Retail Traders

Making sign-in safer and more convenient

For most of us, passwords are the first line of defense for our digital lives. However, managing a set of strong passwords isn’t always convenient, which leads many people to look for shortcuts (i.e. dog’s name + birthday) or to neglect password best practices altogether, which opens them up to online risks. At Google, we protect our users with products that are secure by default – it’s how we keep more people safe online than anyone else in the world.As we celebrate Cybersecurity Awareness Mont...
Tags: Apple, Google, Reddit, Safety & Security, AbdelKarim Mardini Guemmy Kim, Security Checkup Building, Google Identity Services

Safari 15 Users Say New Tab Design is Counterintuitive

Safari 15's controversial new design on the Mac has led to complaints about the way the browser indicates which tab is active. As illustrated by Daring Fireball's John Gruber, there was never any ambiguity about which tab is active in previous versions of Safari, with an active tab shown with lighter shading that matches the browser's toolbar. In Safari 15, however, tabs have a new button-like design with a rounder and more defined appearance. Apple has also inverted its shading of tabs, wit...
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The Office: 9 Deleted Scenes That Should Have Made The Final Cut

Thanks to different streaming networks, The Office has a new wave of popularity. Although the show was on for nine seasons (2005-2013), fans always want more Michael Scott, Jim Halpert, and Dwight Schrute at Dunder Mifflin. Those behind the series have since released deleted scenes, cold opens that didn't make the cut, and storylines that were ignored. And YouTube has a plethora of them available for fans. RELATED: 5 Of The Best (And Worst) Cold Opens In The Office While The Office created the p...
Tags: Florida, Entertainment, Office, Tech, Oscar, Reddit, Michelle Obama, Roy, Bob, Michael, Andy, Dwight, Dwight Schrute, Michelle, Laura, Jim

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Venom Fight Receives Clever Twist Idea From Fan

With Venom confirmed to appear in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, one fan is sharing their own ideas for how the inevitable boss battle with him could play out. The longtime foe of Peter Parker and his heroic alter-ego wowed viewers when he emerged from the shadows during the Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 trailer at last month’s PlayStation Showcase livestream, menacing Peter and Miles Morales after they had finished taking down their latest batch of criminals in an impressive display of the PS5’s graphical cap...
Tags: Entertainment, Marvel, Tech, Reddit, Harry, Peter, Spidey, Peter Parker, Miles Morales, Venom, Tony Todd, Harry Osborn, Eddie Brock, Norman Osborn, Curtis Connors, PS5

Final Fantasy Fan Creates Colorful Icons For 35 Series Antagonists

An artist has recently created 35 different colorful icons of villains in the Final Fantasy series. With 15 mainline entries and numerous spinoffs, the series has presented many antagonists throughout the years, and some fans do their best to recreate their favorites with fan art. Final Fantasy is known for its games featuring rag-tag casts of heroes facing off against powerful villains who threaten the fabric of existence in their worlds.This comes on the heels of the Tokyo Game Show, where pu...
Tags: Entertainment, Tech, Reddit, Square Enix, Gestahl

Many iPhone 13 Owners Unable to Get Find My Working on New MagSafe Wallet

Alongside the new iPhone 13 models, Apple introduced an updated version of the MagSafe Wallet that has Find My built in. The new MagSafe Wallet is designed to be easier to find should it slip off of an iPhone or fall out of a pocket, but some new ‌MagSafe‌ Wallet owners are unable to get ‌Find My‌ to connect. According to a long thread on Reddit, affected users do not get the proper ‌Find My‌ pop up when attaching a ‌MagSafe‌ Wallet to an ‌iPhone‌. The issue seems to be impacting ‌iPhone 13‌ ...
Tags: Apple, Wallet, Reddit, Magsafe, Reset Network Settings, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, MagSafe Wallet, MagSafe Accessories, New MagSafe Wallet, Apple Support to Erase Network Settings

Secret Military Aircraft Possibly Exposed On TikTok

An anonymous reader quotes a report from War Is Boring: An OPSEC violation has once again made a case for why using TikTok should be a punishable offense in the military, this time after someone revealed some US stealth technology testing going on and posted it to the Chinese government-affiliated platform. The stealthy object -possibly a component of a new drone or plane- was filmed on a tractor-trailer platform at Helendale Radar Cross Section Facility. After making their debut on a social med...
Tags: US, America, Tech, Reddit, Opsec, Boeing, Helendale Radar Cross, Steve Trimble of Aviation Week, Gen Mark Kelly Air Combat Command

Safari 15 Issues: YouTube Bookmarks Crash Browser, Some Websites Fail to Load on macOS Catalina

macOS Monterey is set to be released later this year with Safari 15, with key new features including redesigned tabs, grouped tabs, automatic switching of sites from HTTP to more secure HTTPS when available, faster performance, improved security, and more. Apple also released Safari 15 for macOS Big Sur and macOS Catalina last week. Unfortunately, some customers have experienced a few issues with Safari 15, which we've highlighted in more detail below. YouTube Bookmarking Issue On both ma...
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