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Six of the best 4k HDR TVs

Huge screens, dynamic range, lots of pixels, OLED … cut through the telly jargon to find the right one for your homeLet’s face it. Your current TV is showing its age. Its resolution is resolutely HD (so very 00s) and it doesn’t even respond to voice commands, no matter how loud you bawl. Maybe the time has come to upgrade to something cutting edge.Connected smart TVs are now standard fare. With integrated streaming services, you can season binge from Netflix and Amazon Prime Video without the ne...
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Apple's next iPhones could have a feature that charges the Apple Watch, new AirPods, and even other iPhones

The 2019 iPhone was predicted by prolific Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kup to come with reverse wireless charging.  A new report from Japanese Apple blog Mac Otakara supports Kuo's predictions after supposedly receiving information from a Chinese supplier that also provided the reverse wireless tech for Samsung's recent Galaxy S10 smartphones. Reverse wireless charging on iPhones would allow users to charge other wireless charging devices, like the Apple Watch and Apple's new wireless charging AirPo...

This dual wireless charging pad works with the iPhone and Apple Watch, and it’s only $30

If you're an Apple fan and you're waiting for the AirPower to finally be released after more than a year and a half of waiting, we've got a message for you: don't. Sure it might actually launch soon, but it's going to be an overpriced waste of money. Instead, pick up a FACEVER 2 in 1 Qi Wireless Charging Pad on Amazon for $29.69 after you clip the 10% coupon on the Amazon page. It'll charge your Apple Watch and your iPhone or AirPods (in a wireless charging case) at the s...

Xiaomi’s upcoming Android One smartphones said to feature in-display fingerprint sensor, 32MP front camera

It has been close to eight months since the Mi A2, Xiaomi's second Android One smartphone was launched. Earlier this year a report from XDA said that the company is working on its successor code-named orchid_sprout. Now a new report says that the company is working on two Android One phones codenamed 'bamboo_sprout' and 'cosmos_sprout' along with another phone codenamed 'pyxis' which should be the Chinese version of one of these phones. This report reveals that both the phones will feature ...
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The CEO behind 'Fortnite' says the entire video game industry is missing the 'inevitable' trend as the barriers between consoles and smartphones get obliterated

Tim Sweeney, the CEO ofEpic Games, tells Business Insider that the success of "Fortnite" shows that there's no such thing as a "mobile gamer" or a "console gamer" anymore — there's just gamers.  That's a big part of why the company this week launched Epic Online Services, which will let video game developers easily create games that include cross-play across PCs, consoles, and smartphones.  Sweeney says that it's all based on tech that Epic came up with itself for "Fortnite," and indeed, the s...
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This is what the Huawei P30 will look like

You can already find many leaked photos of Huawei’s next flagship device — the P30 and P30 Pro. The company is set to announce the new product at an event in Paris next week. So here’s what you should expect. Reliable phone leaker Evan Blass tweeted many different photos of the new devices in three different tweets: — Evan Blass (@evleaks) March 20, 2019 As you can see, both devices feature three cameras on the back of the device. The notch is getting smaller an...
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Samsung goes big with the next-gen Galaxy S10 5G smartphone

Samsung has announced a whopping four new Galaxy S10 devices, from the low-cost S10e to the triple-camera S10 and S10 Plus. But it's the Galaxy S10 5G that steals the show as it's among the first 5G-ready smartphones to hit the market. The post Samsung goes big with the next-gen Galaxy S10 5G smartphone appeared first on Digital Trends.
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I used Apple’s new iPad mini, and it might finally make me an Apple Pencil believer (AAPL)

The iPad mini received a long overdue upgrade earlier this week that brings better performance, Apple Pencil support, and an enhanced display. The Apple Pencil feels more natural on the iPad mini than any other Apple tablet I've used it with so far, largely because of its size. But that benefit comes at a $99 premium, and there are other less expensive options for those who just want a portable tablet for entertainment.  Apple's iPads have become increasingly capable of serving as laptop repl...
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A former Facebook executive raised $3.7 million to fund a game aiming to match the success of 'Pokémon Go'

Former Facebook employee Nikki Lannen has raised €3.3 million ($3.7 million) to fund the development of a new augmented-reality game at her startup WarDucks. The funding round was led venture capital firm EQT Ventures and will help get the new location-based game off the ground in 2020. Lannen left her job at Facebook in 2013 to launch WarDucks, which aims to make its titles "fun" rather than "super-realistic." Former Facebook executive Nikki Lannen has raised nearly $4 million to create a n...
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Here's why analysts think Google may want to 'put the brakes' on Pixelbook innovation (GOOG, GOOGL)

Last week, Business Insider learned that Google had moved dozens of employees out of its laptop and tablet division, scaling back the size of its in-house hardware group. On Tuesday, Ben Bajarin, Principal analyst with Creative Strategies, told Business Insider that the employee cutbacks could mean Google's innovation with Pixelbook — the company's homegrown Chromebook product — is winding down.  “It could be that they feel like the goal of the Pixelbook has done what it needed to do and now i...
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Samsung Galaxy S10 review

The Galaxy S10 is the middle child in this year’s Galaxy S10 range, between the Galaxy S10e, and the Galaxy S10 Plus. There’s no striking reason to buy it, but it’s still an excellent phone you’ll be happy with. The post Samsung Galaxy S10 review appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Here’s When a Dark Theme Can Save Battery Power

Dark themes are becoming more and more popular. On some devices, they can even save battery power. It all depends on what type of display your device have—only devices with OLED displays can reap the power-saving benefits. Devices With OLED Displays Only You’ve probably heard of OLED displays, especially if you’ve been on the market for a new TV in the last year or so. OLED screens differ from LCD and LED displays typically found in electronics in that OLEDs don’t have a backlight layer: each...
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10 things in tech you need to know today

Good morning! This is the tech news you need to know this Wednesday. Google announced a huge gaming initiative: A Netflix-like video-game streaming platform named Stadia. The service is intended to run high-resolution blockbuster games on any device that runs Google's Chrome — from smartphones and tablets to computers and TVs. Google unveiled a new controller for its Stadia gaming service on Tuesday, which connects to Google's data centers and pairs with whichever device the game is being ...
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I tried Samsung’s $750 Galaxy S10e, and I'm convinced it could be the Android phone to beat

At $750, the Galaxy S10e costs significantly less than Samsung's other Galaxy S10 devices, while offering many of the same features. The S10e features a large, attractive screen in a form factor that's more compact than most of its rivals, and its ultra wide-angle camera captures great shots. But when it comes to overall camera performance and display quality, it's about on par with competitors like the iPhone Xr and Google Pixel 3.  Samsung’s new Galaxy S10 lineup represents a few firsts for...
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How to clear the cache on your Mac computer to make it run more efficiently

When you clear your Mac computer's cached data, you're deleting the temporary media files, like images and text files, that it gathers from the sites you visit.  Those files help reduce internet data usage and speed software installation on your Mac. But it's important to clear your cache periodically because it can help protect your identity and make your computer's applications run more efficiently. Luckily, it's easy to get those cached files deleted from your Mac (even if your shortcut but...
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Google just unveiled its Netflix-like video game platform named 'Stadia'

Google officially unveiled its first major video game initiative on Tuesday. It's called "Stadia," and it's a video game streaming service as a platform. Google says its central goal with Stadia is to make gaming accessible for as many people as possible. Google unveiled a major new gaming initiative on Tuesday, named "Stadia." It's set to launch at some point in 2019. The service is built on Google's cloud network, and promises to enable Netflix-like streamed video games to be played on its ...
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Buzzy AI software startup UiPath in talks to raise a mega funding round at possible $7 billion valuation

Buzzy software robots startup UiPath is in talks with investors about a major new funding round that could double its valuation from $3 billion to as much as $7 billion, sources told Business Insider. The round, which will likely close in early April, is led by institutional investors including Coatue, with likely participation from others like T. Rowe Price, one source said. It could make UiPath — which builds software robots that can carry out repetitive, back-office functions — the world's ...
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Daily Deals: The Brand New iPad Air for $475, Heavily Discounted Laptops, Games, and More

Massgenie, Best Buy, Dell Need a new laptop, TV, gaming chair, or Nintendo Switch? Maybe you want the new iPad Air at a discount? Now’s a great time to drop a few dollars on some killer deals. There are some wild deals floating around today, from Dell’s Small Business Sale to the Totalwireless $87 iPhone 6S. But the strangest deal might be the discounted 64GB iPad Air from Best Buy. We’re talking about the brand new iPad Air, the one that won’t come out until March 26th. This new iPad Air, ...
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A Bunch of Samsung's Speedy MicroSD Cards Are Cheaper Than Ever

We’ve seen several deals on high capacity microSD cards lately, but Samsung’s EVO is one of the fastest models out there, and its 256GB variant just dropped to $40, a new all-time low for the U3-rated card. If you need a ton of storage for Switch games or GoPro footage, this is definitely worth a look.Read more...
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iPhone XS Max vs. Galaxy S10+ speed test: The results might surprise you

Year in and year out, Apple manages to crank out new iPhone models with increasingly impressive and arguably unrivaled hardware. Though Android has caught up to the iPhone in many ways when it comes to specific features and overall usability, new iPhone models routinely trounce all comers when it comes down to raw performance. Just a few months back, for example, you may recall that Apple's iPhone XS -- armed with the A12 Bionic -- managed to beat a McLaren Edition of the OnePlus 6T boasting...
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This smartphone maker put a selfie camera where no other phone maker has put one before

Chinese smartphone maker ZTE's upcoming smartphone has a selfie camera that sticks out from the main body of the phone. It's a novel design solution to avoid using the divisive notch that was popularized by Apple's iPhone X and adopted by numerous other Android phone makers.  Moving the selfie camera outside the main body of the phone has a few benefits, like allowing more space for a larger battery, and allowing for a full-screen display without interruptions from a notch. It does, however, l...
Tags: Apple, Samsung, Trends, ZTE, Business Insider, Samsung Galaxy

Microsoft is hoping to turn the Pacific Northwest into ground zero for quantum computing (MSFT)

Microsoft announced Monday that it's teamed up with the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and the University of Washington to create the Northwest Quantum Nexus, to promote quantum computing. The three partners are hosting a summit at the University of Washington Monday and Tuesday to bring together researchers in the field. Northwest Quantum Nexus aims to encourage collaboration in quantum-computing projects and research, as well as address the shortage of skills in the field. Microsoft q...
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Daily Deals: iPad Pro for $750, Cheap Desktop Accessories, Discounted Games, and More

Amazon, Samsung, Apple It’s hard to have the Monday blues when there are great deals abound. If you’ve had your eyes on a new iPad, a curved monitor, or some smart plugs, then now’s the time to pull out your wallet. Right now, there are some killer deals on Amazon, Best Buy B&H, and Rakuten. In fact, there are so many good deals that it’s hard to pick favorites. There are some obvious standouts, like the $750 iPad Pro or the $15 copy of Catan, but we’re also excited about Rakuten’s 15-perce...
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Daily News Roundup: New iPads, Crummy Android Antiviruses, and More

A lot happened over the weekend, but the biggest news to start your March 18th, 2019 morning came from Apple with a couple of new iPads. Otherwise, Microsoft released Defender extensions for Chrome and Firefox, and a lot more. Apple News Apple doesn’t generally, you know, do a lot when it comes to announcements and all that—it’s far less busy than, say, Google, for example. But when something hits the scene, it’s always big news. New iPads! Apple announced a new iPad Mini with modern specs a...
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Apple just surprised everyone with major updates to the iPad Air and iPad Mini

Apple announced major updates to the iPad Air and iPad Mini lines on Monday morning. Both devices are getting updated internals. Perhaps most significantly, both the iPad Air and iPad Mini now support the Apple Pencil. Apple just surprised everyone by announcing major updates to both the iPad Air and iPad Mini. Both devices are getting their internals upgraded, and both are getting support for Apple's stylus — the Apple Pencil. The same A12 Bionic chip that powers Apple's iPhone XS, XS Max, a...
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Upgrade To an Eye-Popping Curved Monitor For $180

Curved TVs might be a gimmick, but curved computer monitors actually make some sense, because you actually sit close enough to them for the curve to wrap around your periphery. Read more...
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Latest Samsung Galaxy smartphone will pop up on April 10

Samsung will show at least one new Galaxy phone off on April 10, it has confirmed in a teaser tweet. The Galaxy A90 may make its first appearance, and it's rumored to have a pop-up camera and a notch-less screen. The post Latest Samsung Galaxy smartphone will pop up on April 10 appeared first on Digital Trends.
Tags: Android, Mobile, News, Samsung, Trends, Galaxy, Samsung Galaxy, Galaxy A90, April 10

New Samsung Galaxy smartphone will pop up on April 10

Samsung will show at least one new Galaxy phone off on April 10, it has confirmed in a teaser tweet. The Galaxy A90 may make its first appearance, and is rumored to have a pop-up camera and a notch-less screen. The post New Samsung Galaxy smartphone will pop up on April 10 appeared first on Digital Trends.
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The latest Right to Repair battle: fake, corporate co-option of Right to Repair measures

The Right to Repair movement is gaining so much ground that the corporations whose profits it threatens are making tiny, symbolic concessions in the hopes of diffusing the energy behind it. Farm equipment manufacturers and their dealers created a "voluntary agreement to allow customers limited access to some of what we need to repair their equipment" while still retaining control over what could be fixed and on what terms. Samsung is increasing the number of "manufacturer authorized" servic...
Tags: Apple, Post, News, Samsung, John Deere, Right To Repair, Nathan Proctor, Don't Be Fooled By Cheap Imitations, Right to Repair Manufacturers, Repair Corporations Are Co Opting Right to Repair

Apple’s ambitious vision for the future of TV is finally about to take shape. Here’s why it matters more than ever.

Apple laid the foundation for its approach to the TV market when it announced its refreshed Apple TV in 2015, and a new streaming service would serve to further that vision. It's a critical move for Apple as it looks to combat slowing iPhone sales and maintain its status as an innovator in the industry. The service will represent a new product category for Apple as next-generation gadgets like augmented reality glasses and autonomous driving software are still said to be in development. When ...
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