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Resolute Ventures sticks to its knitting with $75 million fourth fund

Resolute Ventures, an early-stage firm with offices in San Francisco and Boston, just closed its fourth fund with $75 million. It’s an almost shockingly conservative amount of capital in today’s era of big-is-better funds. And with valuable companies like the real estate startup OpenDoor, the applicant tracking system company Greenhouse, and the dog products company BarkBox in its portfolio, one imagines that seven-year-old Resolute could have raised more. It didn’t want to do that, says firm fo...
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8 cloud computing startups to bet your career on in 2019

If you're looking to take your career to the next level, it might be time to bet on cloud computing. Startups in the cloud market are garnering massive funding and massive interest.  That's not surprising. Cloud computing is expected to become a $300 billion market by 2021, according to analyst firm Gartner. The cloud computing market consolidates around Amazon Web Services , Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud.  Over the last three years, job postings with key words on cloud have skyrocke...
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ScoutRFP Scores $33M to Compete in Supplier Management Sector

ScoutRFP, whose software is designed to help businesses streamline the process of ordering goods from suppliers, announced that it raised $33 million in a Series C fundraising round led by Scale Venture Partners.San Francisco-based Scout, part of a tech sector dubbed supplier relations management, or SRM, aims to free businesses from painstaking traditional methods of seeking bids from various suppliers and comparing their merits. Some companies are still doing this by laboriously creating spre...
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The 50 most high-tech cities in the world

Silicon Valley may be home to huge tech companies like Google and Facebook, but the San Francisco metro area isn't the most innovative city in the world, according to annual rankings compiled by data firm 2thinknow. Instead, the top spot belongs to Tokyo, Japan, according to the 2018 Innovation Cities Index. This is the first time that an Asian city has claimed the title as world's most innovative city since 2thinknow first started compiling the annual rankings in 2007. Of the top 50, the city ...
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Disappointing photos show what living in San Francisco on a tech salary really looks like

Tech workers come to Silicon Valley in droves with dreams of working for one of the world's biggest tech companies, like Google or Apple, or with hopes of founding their own startup. Such a position entails a comfortable salary, but having a tech salary in the nation's most competitive real estate market doesn't always promise a life of luxury. Here's what working in Silicon Valley's tech sphere really looks like. The dream of working for one of Silicon Valley's many tech behemoths, along wit...
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New tickets available for TechCrunch Winter Party at Galvanize

If you haven’t snagged a ticket to the 2nd Annual TechCrunch Winter Party on February 8, listen up and listen good. We just released the third round of our first-come-first-serve tickets, and the first two batches sold like proverbial hotcakes. Buy your ticket while you still can, because you don’t want to miss out on a ton of fun and opportunity. The festivities take place at Galvanize in San Francisco, a multi-level venue that’s roomy enough for nearly 1,000 of the Valley’s finest founders, in...
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Netflix is raising its prices – how much will you pay?

By MICHAEL LIEDTKE SAN FRANCISCO — Netflix is raising its U.S. prices by 13 percent to 18 percent, its biggest increase since the company launched its streaming service 12 years ago. Its most popular plan will see the largest hike, to $13 per month from $11. That option offers high-definition streaming on up to two different internet-connected devices simultaneously. Even at the higher price, that plan is still a few dollars cheaper than HBO, whose streaming service charges $15 per month. The ex...
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A VC’s Take: Global Volatility Hurts U.S. Venture Ecosystem

As Xconomy’s editors looked back at the year just passed, we asked technology leaders to comment on the trends they’d observed in 2018, and the developments they expected in 2019. Some leaders responded with their views on the business impact of the Trump era, pointing to specific policy positions such as tax code revisions, curbs on immigration, and the decision by federal regulators to roll back net neutrality requirements on telecom carriers.Alex Niehenke, a partner at Foster City, CA-based ...
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Zix to buy AppRiver for $275 mln

Zix Corp said Jan. 15 that it agreed to buy AppRiver for $275 million. Marlin Equity Partners is the seller. AppRiver provides cloud-based cybersecurity solutions. True Wind Capital has agreed to invest $100 million in convertible preferred equity. SunTrust Bank and KeyBanc Capital Markets are providing debt. PRESS RELEASE Zix to Acquire AppRiver, Leading Cloud-Based Cybersecurity Solutions Provider • Combination Creates Leading Cloud-based Email Security Provider to Small and Midsize Business (...
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Peter Thiel’s Valar Ventures targets $350M for new funds

Valar Ventures, one of the three venture funds co-founded by Peter Thiel, has filed paperwork with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission to raise $350 million across two new funds. The PayPal co-founder and billionaire investor in Facebook and SpaceX is also behind Founders Fund and Mithril Capital Management. Valar, a New York-based firm, plans to raise $150 million for its fifth flagship venture fund and an additional $200 million for its first opportunity fund, presumably for foll...
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IT pros in Washington DC are ready to ditch their current jobs and flock to Amazon's HQ2, says a new survey (AMZN)

Washington DC IT professionals are happy that Amazon is opening up one of its HQ2 campuses in the area, a new poll indicates.  Almost three-quarters of them said they would be willing to leave their current job to work for Amazon. Many are hoping that Amazon will pay higher salaries. But there are other reasons they like the idea of working for the tech giant, too. While Amazon has faced a slew of protests over its decision to hire up to 25,000 people for its new HQ2 offices in New York, it c...
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Apple buys 50 business-class seats every day on flights to Shanghai, according to a confidential United sign (AAPL, UAL)

Apple buys 50 business-class seats every day from San Francisco to Shanghai, spending over $150 million a year on United Airlines. That's according to a photo of a "confidential" United sign posted to Twitter. Apple needs to fly its employees to Asia to keep an eye on its electronics supply chain. Some frequent-flyer miles are stacking up in Cupertino, California. Apple spends $150 million on a single airline each year, according to a photo of a United promotional sign posted to Twitter by L...
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Apple buys 50 business-class seats every day on flights to Shanghai, according to a leaked 'confidential' United sign (AAPL, UAL)

Apple buys 50 business class flights every day from San Francisco to Shanghai, China, spending over $150 million per year on United Airlines.  That's according to a photo of a "confidential" United sign posted to Twitter.  Apple needs to fly its employees to Asia in order to keep an eye on its electronics supply chain.  There are some frequent flyer miles stacking up in Cupertino. The iPhone giant spends $150 million on a single airline per year, according to a photo of a United promotional ...
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Samsung’s new Galaxy M smartphones will launch in India first

Samsung will launch its new lower-priced Galaxy M series in India before the smartphones roll out globally. Asim Warsi, senior vice president of Samsung India’s smartphone business, told Reuters that three devices will be available through its website and Amazon India at the end of January and are intended to help the company double online sales. Samsung is currently trying to recover its lead in India, the world’s second-largest smartphone market behind China, after losing it to Xiaomi at the e...
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Why Silicon Valley needs more visas

Henrique Dubugras Contributor Share on Twitter Henrique Dubugras is the founder Brex, the billion-dollar corporate credit provider for startups. When I hear protesters shout, “Immigrants are welcome here!” at the San Francisco immigration office near my startup’s headquarters, I think about how simple a phrase that is for a topic that is so nuanced, especially for me as an immigrant entrepreneur. Growing up in Brazil, I am les...
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Should America Build a Virtual Border Wall? Or Just Crowdfund It...

As America's government faces its longest-ever shutdown over the president's demands for border wall funding, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has suggested "possible alternatives to a physical wall," according to one Silicon Valley newspaper: Among the president's justifications for a wall is to stop drugs from coming into the United States, so Pelosi proposed spending "hundreds of millions of dollars" for technology to scan cars for drugs, weapons and contraband at the border. "The positive, shall w...
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Apple Buys 50 Business Class Seats From San Francisco to Shanghai Every Day (mac rumors)

Apple is United Airlines' biggest customer at the San Francisco International Airport, according to signs the airline has available that were shared on Twitter today. According to United, Apple spends $150 million on airline tickets each year, and purchases 50 business class seats on flights to Shanghai every day. Curious who are @United largest global corporate accounts? @Apple is in the top spot and contributes very much to success of SFO international flying especially the Shanghai serv...
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How open source software took over the world

Mike Volpi Contributor Share on Twitter Mike Volpi is a general partner at Index Ventures. Before co-founding the firm's San Francisco office with Danny Rimer, Volpi served as the chief strategy officer at Cisco Systems. It was just 5 years ago that there was an ample dose of skepticism from investors about the viability of open source as a business model. The common thesis was that Redhat was a snowflake and that no other ope...
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Marc Benioff struggled for most of last summer with his decision to keep Salesforce's controversial contract with the US Customs Border Patrol (CRM)

Marc Benioff struggled in deciding whether or not to keep Salesforce's contract with the Customs Border Patrol (CBP) after employee backlash last June, according to a recent interview with CNBC.  "[Employees] ask me questions I don't have the answer to and I don't have the authority or understanding to be able to opine on," Benioff said.  Ultimately, Benioff decided to keep the contract in place, though he vowed that in the future, an internal team focused on ethics would make these types...
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Want to get fit in 2019? Here's how Google can help

It's been more than a week since we entered 2019. And for most of us, that means we're still working on our New Year's resolutions—or forgot what they were in the first place.Every January, our searches for resolutions spike around the world. We proclaim our best intentions for the new year, but it’s tough to keep promises to ourselves. By the end of the year, most of us are 20 percent less interested in picking up the weights, 30 percent more likely to hit snooze on getting proper sleep and 50%...
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Report: After a Boffo 2018, VC Deals in Digital Health May Flatten

Investments in digital health startups totaled $8.1 billion in 2018, a record year that marked a 42 percent increase over 2017’s total, according to a report released this week by Rock Health. But the report’s authors say it’s unlikely that venture capital investments in digital health, an area that encompasses the use of software and technology to try to improve care and lower costs, will continue growing at such a brisk pace.“We wouldn’t be surprised to see venture funding for digital health ...
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Milan: A Destination For Shopper and Flagship Stores

There are many reasons why Milan is sought-after by so many brands. For years it has not only been a modern business hub, but also a popular tourist and shopping destination. In , Milan surpassed Rome, Venice, and Florence as the most-visited city in Italy. In addition, it is the only Italian town that is listed in the top 20 destination cities worldwide according to the Mastercard Global Destination Cities Index 2018 . As a result, Milan is an increasingly attractive location for gl...
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We talked to the top scientist at Alphabet's life-sciences company about the common thread uniting all its seemingly random health projects — and how she plans to spend $1 billion

Verily, the enigmatic life-sciences company formerly known as Google Life Sciences, recently raised $1 billion and appears to have its hands in a wide range of health initiatives. The company is building advanced contact lenses; releasing hordes of bacteria-infected (and thus sterile) mosquitoes in Fresno, California; and building a watch that helps researchers gather data for clinical studies. Verily's chief medical officer told Business Insider there's one thread that unites all of its proje...
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Shareholders Sue Alphabet's Board For Role In Allegedly Covering Up Sexual Misconduct By Senior Execs

An anonymous reader quotes a report from CNBC: Attorneys in San Francisco representing an Alphabet shareholder are suing the board of directors for allegedly covering up sexual misconduct claims against top executives. The suit comes months after an explosive New York Times report detailed how Google shielded executives accused of sexual misconduct, either by keeping them on staff or allowing them amicable departures. For example, Google reportedly paid Android leader Andy Rubin a $90 million ex...
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Will Cities Be Ready for 5G?

Journalist Scott Fulton III describes fifth-generation wireless, or 5G, as “a capital improvement project the size of the entire planet.”He’s not wrong. And it’s coming fast. What is 5G? 5G is the latest iteration of cellular technology, engineered to exponentially increase the speed (up to 100 times current levels) and responsiveness of wireless networks. It will also facilitate a massive increase in the amount of data transmitted over these networks.Most importantly for smart cities and commu...
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An AR glasses pioneer collapses

In the first days of 2017, Osterhout Design Group arrived up at CES with a two-story booth and huge promises. The startup’s founder, Ralph Osterhout, wanted to take the small San Francisco-based company even further past its military contractor roots in AR, building out major enterprise and consumer businesses with flashy new product lines. The company had just raised $58 million, and the Las Vegas electronics show served as its launchpad for its R-8 and R-9 augmented reality glasses lines th...
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PeakSpan Capital just closed on $265 million more to fund business software companies

PeakSpan Capital, a four-year-old, Burlingame, Ca.-based venture firm, has closed its second fund with $265 million in capital commitments, shows a new SEC filing that shows that 68 investors were involved in the fundraise. That’s a meaningful jump in size from the firm’s $150 million debut fund, which it closed in 2016. PeakSpan was cofounded by Phil Dur and Brian Mulvey, longtime investors who’d spent the previous eight years together working for a firm that’s no longer around called Investor ...
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Ford is shutting down its Chariot shuttle service

Ford is shutting down Chariot, the shuttle startup that it purchased just two years ago that was supposed to be a part of the automaker’s fresh effort to move beyond the traditional business of buying and selling cars. Chariot will end service on commuter routes in the UK on January 25, according to a company update Thursday. Other commuter routes in New York and San Francisco by February 1. The dynamic shuttle service also had an enterprise business, which were routes with corporate and tran...
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Startups are betting that letting people work from home, an RV, or a New Zealand mountaintop will lure top talent away from Silicon Valley

Tech companies are increasingly adopting all-remote workforces. A few years ago, investors were hesistant about startups that don't even have a office — but the success of all-remote companies like Zapier and GitLab, as well as the increasing availability of chat tools like Slack and Zoom, have given them confidence.  Startups are fighting with Silicon Valley tech giants for the best talent, so hiring remotely can be a way to attract better talent who live in other parts of the globe. Startups...
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Some Nevada Governments Are Using Blockchain For Public Records

Some northern Nevada counties are using blockchain, the online ledger best known for helping secure virtual currencies such as bitcoin, to store digital versions of government records like birth and marriage certificates. From a report: The Reno Gazette-Journal reports that as of December in Washoe County, about 950 couples had received secure digital marriage certificates to home computers and smartphones since the program debuted in April 2018. The newspaper found that Elko County is trying si...
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