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As Xiaomi Shares Sink, a Russian Investor Is Still Up $1 Billion

Milner, an early investor in Facebook Inc. and Alibaba Group Holding Ltd., quadrupled his money even though Xiaomi’s market value has tumbled by more than $18 billion since the IPO. The declines accelerated when a six-month lockup period expired on Jan. 9, promoting some investors to sell the stock.
Tags: Science, Ipo, Xiaomi, Alibaba Group Holding Ltd, Facebook Inc, Milner

Maybe Now Google Can Stop Dragging Its Dang Feet on a Pixel Watch

Google announced plans today to acquire a portion of Fossil’s smartwatch technology for $40 million. As part of the deal, Google will also get a portion of Fossil Group’s research and development team. It’s not exactly clear at this moment what specific tech Google is shelling out for—but the acquisition paradoxically…Read more...
Tags: Google, Wearables, Science, Smartwatches, Fossil, Fossil Group, But Do I Want A Hybrid Pixel Watch Nope

Fossil to sell smartwatch technology worth $40 million to Google, shares rise

The sale will see a portion of its research and development team currently working on the technology moving to Google. "The addition of Fossil Group's technology and team to Google demonstrates our commitment to the wearables industry," Stacey Burr, vice president of product management at Google's Wear OS, a smartwatch platform, said.
Tags: Google, Science, Fossil Group, Stacey Burr

Tim Cook on iPhone Sales: We Need to Talk About Facebook

Just in case you weren’t already aware of this, Apple is super duper serious about privacy. In a new Time opinion piece, Tim Cook reiterated the company’s old talking points about how other companies (read: Facebook and Google) turn people’s personal data into a product that they can sell, sometimes without the user…Read more...
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Fossil shares jump after Google agrees to buy smartwatch tech for $40 million

Google will buy $40 million worth of Fossil's smartwatch tech, Fossil said Thursday, driving shares of the company upward.
Tags: Google, Science, Fossil

Leaked Video of Alleged Pixel 3 Lite Details Almost Everything, Including a Launch Date

It seems Google has a real problem with secrets, because after a Russian blog shared info about the upcoming Pixel 3 Lite late last year, now there’s a complete review of what appears to be a pre-production Pixel 3 Lite on YouTube. Read more...
Tags: Google, Science, Pixel, Lite, Lite Details Almost Everything Including

Can Drones Be Good?

It was a cool day in Dallas last November, when a small quadcopter lifted itself off the ground of an American Airlines hangar and buzzed towards a Boeing 777. The drone, a DJI Mavic Enterprise, had been outfitted with a spotlight, but otherwise looked a lot like what you might see your neighbor flying in the…Read more...
Tags: Science, Air Travel, Microsoft, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, Infrastructure, Drones, Dji, Agriculture, Dallas, Faa, Boeing, Commercial Drones, American Airlines

Once a Musical Oddity, the Stylophone Is Now a Fully-Capable, $350 Analog Synthesizer

The Stylophone started life as a kitschy electronic toy instrument—the digital version of the kazoo, if you will—but over the years has slowly developed new sounds and features making it more than just a novelty. The new Stylophone Gen R-8 is an evolutionary leap compared to previous versions of the instrument, and…Read more...
Tags: Gadgets, Toys, Science, Electronics, Tech, Instruments, Consumer Tech, Stylophone, Dubreq, Stylophone Gen R 8

Google Faces Third EU Antitrust Fine Within Weeks

Competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager is set to announce a penalty targeting the AdSense advertising service in the coming weeks, according to people familiar with the probe who spoke on condition of anonymity. Regulators were probing whether Google’s advertising contracts unfairly restricted rivals. The penalty will mark the culmination -- for now -- of more than eight years of active antitrust investigation into the U.S. tech giant.
Tags: Google, Science, Margrethe Vestager

The Sequel To One of Logitech's Best Mice Is Down To Its Best Price

With its ability to work on any surface, including glass, the Logitech MX Anywhere mouse has always been a reader favorite. And today, you can save on its sequel.Read more...
Tags: Amazon, Deals, Kinja Deals, Science, Tech, Logitech, Mice, Computers Accessories

Women aren’t failing at science — science is failing women

Female research scientists are more productive than their male colleagues, though they are widely perceived as being less so. Women are also rewarded less for their scientific achievements. That’s according to my team’s study for United Nations University – Merit on gender inequality in scientific research in Mexico, published as a working paper in December 2016. The study, part of the project “Science, Technology and Innovation Gender Gaps and their Economic Costs in Latin America and the Carib...
Tags: Startups, Science, Mexico, Tech, Latin America, Caribbean, United Nations University, Syndication, Inter American Development Bank IDB

T-Mobile CEO John Legere Sure Loves Trump's Hotels Now, and Boy, What a Coincidence That Is

T-Mobile is still cruising towards a $26 billion merger with Sprint, a deal that would combine the third- and fourth-biggest wireless carriers in the U.S. into one massive company. And after the deal was announced in April 2018, the Washington Post reported on Wednesday, T-Mobile executives quickly grew fond of a D.C.…Read more...
Tags: Science, Technology, Washington Post, Sprint, Telecoms, Mergers, Antitrust, Donald Trump, Trump, John Legere, T Mobile, Coincidences, Tech Policy, Emoluments, T Mobilesprint Merger

Report: Feds Are Preparing Trade Theft Case Against Chinese Tech Giant Huawei

Federal prosecutors “are pursuing a criminal investigation” of Chinese tech giant Huawei for allegedly stealing the trade secrets of U.S. firms, with the case in part based on allegations raised in civil lawsuits, the Wall Street Journal reported on Wednesday.Read more...
Tags: Science, Technology, Spying, Law Enforcement, Espionage, Intellectual Property, Huawei, Wall Street Journal, T Mobile, IP Theft, Chinese Tech Giant Huawei

Robots learn to grab and scramble with new levels of agility

Robots are amazing things, but outside of their specific domains they are incredibly limited. So flexibility — not physical, but mental — is a constant area of research. A trio of new robotic setups demonstrate ways they can evolve to accommodate novel situations: using both “hands,” getting up after a fall, and understanding visual instructions they’ve never seen before. The robots, all developed independently, are gathered together today in a special issue of the journal Science Robotics dedic...
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This Spinning Sleeve Makes Your AirPod Case Even More Fidgetable

As much I love my AirPods as headphones, the best feature of Apple’s wireless earbuds has always been their fidget-friendly charging case. I’m honestly shocked I haven’t broken the little magnetic lid from all the time I’ve spent absentmindedly clicking it open and closed to keep my hands busy. And now, thanks to Air…Read more...
Tags: Apple, Science, AirPods, Air Vinyl Design, Zenpods

8 Things You Should Be Automating on Your Smartphone

We live in an age of super-smart technology built to make our lives easier, so don’t struggle with the menial chores of the day when your phone could be doing the job for you. Here are some of the best automations you can set up on your phone, freeing you from the task and giving you more time to do something else…Read more...
Tags: Ios, Android, Mobile, Science, Phone Automation

These Beats Headphones Pair Just As Easily As AirPods, For Less

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably spent a lot of January in the gym and too much time listening to other dudes excessively grunt. Luckily these $90 PowerBeats3 headphones are down to one of their lowest prices ever.Read more...
Tags: Apple, Kinja Deals, Science, Beats, Beats deals

YouTube Finally Explicitly Bans Dangerous Pranks and Challenges After Bird Box Fiasco

YouTube has changed its policies in an attempt to cut down on potentially dangerous challenges and pranks, Engadget reported on Tuesday, updating its rules to explicitly ban them from the site.Read more...
Tags: Google, Science, Technology, Youtube, Social Media, Pranks, Engadget, Moderation, Bird Box, Bird Box Challenge

Roku Furiously Backpedals After Briefly Saying It Would Allow Infowars Channel

Alex Jones, chief of noxious conspiracy website and suspicious supplement sales front Infowars, was kicked off most of the web’s biggest platforms last year amid legal battles over his alleged harassment and defamation of mass shooting survivors’ families: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Apple, Spotify, and Pinterest, to…Read more...
Tags: Science, Technology, Pinterest, Social Media, Streaming, Roku, Conspiracy Theories, Sandy Hook, Alex Jones, Infowars, Facebook Twitter Youtube Apple Spotify

Defendants Charged in Alleged Scheme to Hack SEC Filing System, Steal Financial Info

U.S. authorities have charged “a suspected Ukrainian computer hacker and several traders” with attempting to cash in on “market-moving corporate earnings news” stolen from Securities and Exchange Commission systems, Reuters reported on Tuesday.Read more...
Tags: Science, Technology, Finance, Cybersecurity, Hacking, Hackers, SEC, Securities And Exchange Commission, Reuters, Insider Trading, Edgar

Bytedance Hits Lower-End of Sales Goal Amid Slowdown

Six-year-old Bytedance secured a $75 billion valuation in the most recent fundraising, vaulting it ahead of Uber Technologies Inc. in the global rankings, after attracting backing from SoftBank Group Corp., KKR & Co. and General Atlantic. The social media giant is nurturing a raft of apps including news aggregating service Toutiao and short video platform Tik Tok, helping it create an internet experience that’s a cross between Google news and Facebook. Bytedance declined to comment on its reve...
Tags: Google, Science, General Atlantic, Uber Technologies Inc, Toutiao, Bytedance, Facebook ByteDance, SoftBank Group Corp KKR Co

CERN’s plan for 100-km collider makes the LHC look like a hula hoop

The Large Hadron Collider has produced a great deal of incredible science, most famously the Higgs Boson — but physicists at CERN, the international organization behind the LHC, are already looking forward to the next model. And the proposed Future Circular Collider, at 100 kilometers or 62 miles around, would be quite an upgrade. The idea isn’t new; CERN has had people looking into it for years. But the conceptual design report issued today shows that all that consulting hasn’t been idle: th...
Tags: Gadgets, Europe, Science, Government, China, Tech, Physics, Cern, Particle physics, Large Hadron Collider, Higgs, Hadron Collider, LHC, Particle Colliders, Colliders, Michael Benedikt

There's a Fully Working Computer, Including a Retractable Keyboard, Hidden Inside This Mouse

Some hardware hacks only exist as a way to prove they’re actually possible. Such is the case with this ‘Computer Mouse’ that was designed, 3D-printed, and assembled by YouTube’s Electronic Grenade. It’s a fully working portable computer that’s smaller than even the thinnest laptops, but at the same time infinitely…Read more...
Tags: Gadgets, Science, Diy, Raspberry Pi, Youtube, Tech, Mouse, 3d Printing, Hacks, Mice, Computer Mouse, Electronic Grenade

Google Workers Keep Up Fight on Forced Arbitration After Walkout

The group launched a campaign on Tuesday, via Twitter and Instagram, pushing to end forced arbitration, which can limit employees legal options in cases of workplace discrimination. Posts on the social media platforms throughout the day will address the impact of forced arbitration on tech workers and share interviews with survivors and experts, the group said. "A handful of tech companies attempted to separate harassment from discrimination by making arbitration optional for only individual c...
Tags: Google, Science, End Forced Arbitration

Latest Apple Rumor Says There's a New iPod in the Works

It’s been a long time since the iPod was Apple’s most important gadget, and while the iPod Classic, the iPod Nano, and the iPod Shuffle are no longer available, the iPod Touch is still keeping the name alive. And if rumors are true, it seems Apple’s last remaining iPod is in line for at least one more refresh.Read more...
Tags: Apple, Science, Ipod, Apple Music, Ipod Touch, Consumer Tech, Usb C, MP3 Players, Apple Services, The Ipod Might Not Be Dead Yet

Better Gene Editing than CRISPR

George Church describes going beyond cutting DNA to precise editing. 1. Phage Integrases (Protein and DNA) 2. TAL Deaminases (custom Protein) 3. Chemical Targeting (custom polymer) 4. lambda (λ)-red... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
Tags: Science, Technology, Medicine, Dna, World, Innovation, Crispr, Gene Editing, George Church, Genome Editing, Better Gene Editing, Phage Integrases Protein

TSMC's $39 Billion Wipeout Will Only Get Worse, Analysts Say

TSMC will struggle to plug the hole left by Apple Inc.’s declining smartphone orders in 2019, according to Sanford C. Bernstein’s Mark Li, who has told clients to prepare for the firm’s first annual profit drop in eight years. CGS-CIMB Securities’ Peter Chan, whose recommendation in October to sell the shares proved prescient, says TSMC’s still-high valuations will spook tech investors into owning cheaper alternatives in Asia and the U.S. instead. While a downturn is widely expected after Appl...
Tags: Apple, Asia, Science, TSMC, Apple Inc, Sanford C Bernstein, Mark Li, Peter Chan, CIMB Securities

E-Scooter Startup Bird: We're Sorry for Sending Wild Legal Threats to Media Over Scooter Hacks

On-demand electric scooter startup Bird has backed down from its legal threats against Boing Boing editor Cory Doctorow for publishing a piece detailing how a $30 kit from China could be used to rewire the hoards of abandoned Bird scooters sitting around city impound lots, the BBC reported on Monday.Read more...
Tags: Startups, Gadgets, Transportation, Science, Technology, China, Bbc, Scooters, Hacks, Bird, Dmca, Lime, Cory Doctorow, E Scooter, Dmca Takedown

TSMC's $43 Billion Wipeout Will Only Get Worse, Analysts Say

TSMC will struggle to plug the hole left by Apple Inc.’s declining smartphone orders in 2019, according to Sanford C. Bernstein’s Mark Li, who has told clients to prepare for the firm’s first annual profit drop in eight years. CGS-CIMB Securities’ Peter Chan, whose recommendation in October to sell the shares proved prescient, says TSMC’s still-high valuations will spook tech investors into owning cheaper alternatives in Asia and the U.S. instead. While a downturn is widely expected after Appl...
Tags: Apple, Asia, Science, TSMC, Apple Inc, Sanford C Bernstein, Mark Li, Peter Chan, CIMB Securities

Turns out the science saying screen time is bad isn’t science

A new study is making waves in the worlds of tech and psychology by questioning the basis of thousands of papers and analyses with conflicting conclusions on the effect of screen time on well-being. The researchers claim is that the science doesn’t agree because it’s bad science. So is screen time good or bad? It’s not that simple. The conclusions only make the mildest of claims about screen time, essentially that as defined it has about as much effect on well-being as potato consumption. Instin...
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