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Sharp Increase in Exposed Records by Third-Party Applications

Sharp Increase in Exposed Records by Third-Party Applications Businesses are finding themselves at severe risk from Third-party applications and services.  Vetting of these services and restrictions on what data they can access is the primary reason.  Cybercriminals will always go for the weakest...
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Iranian Hackers Exploit VPNs Worldwide

Iranian Hackers Exploit VPNs Worldwide Last year major companies that make VPN servers were found to have security holes in them and now it appears according to a recent report that government cyber hackers from Iran have been exploiting these publicly announced security holes so they could gain e...
Tags: Security, Updates, Business, Technology, Networking, Privacy, Internet, Iran, Sem, Cybersecurity, Exploit, Anonymity, Vpn, Backdoor, Iranian Hackers, Threats

Four States Use A Flaw Filled Mobile Voting App

Four States Use A Flaw Filled Mobile Voting App Creating a secure voting application is near to impossible.  WIth hackers right on the tails of technology working to thwart every advantage, it will be a long while until we can create an app that could assure the authenticity of our elections.  Dif...
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Canada investigating facial recognition company Clearview AI over privacy, security concerns

Canada's privacy authorities on Friday said they are investigating New York-based Clearview AI over concerns the facial recognition technology may not comply with Canadian privacy law. “Clearview AI bills itself as a tool for law enforcement, scraping the internet for publicly available photos and using facial recognition to identify potential suspects,” reports Moira Warburton at Reuters, “Critics in both Canada and the United States have raised concerns about the lack of consent of those s...
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Delete these eight malware-ridden Android apps immediately

There's a new family of malware called Haken, and Joker is staging a comeback
Tags: Android, Google Play Store, Security, News, Trends, Malware, Computing, Haken

Here's How Google's Ultimate Account Protection Works, and Why You Might Need It

There are the standard ways you can protect your Google account—choosing a strong password, setting up two-factor authentication (2FA)—and then there’s the top tier, the Advanced Protection Program. It’s designed to be the ultimate in account security, and we’ll explain here how to enable it, and why you might want to.Read more...
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Intego Mac Podcast, Episode 123: Switching Default Apps on the iPhone and iPad

Your iPhone or iPad comes with 36 default apps, including Mail, Safari, and Messages. You may want to use other apps for email, for browsing, and for messaging, in part to enhance your security and privacy. While you can't set other apps to replace the defaults, as you can on macOS, you can switch. We explain how.
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How much should a startup spend on security?

One of the questions I frequently ask startup founders is how much they’re spending on security. Unsurprisingly, everyone has a different answer. Startups and small companies are invariably faced with the prospect that they’re either not spending enough or are spending too much on something that’s hard to quantify in terms of value. It’s a tough sell to sink money into an effort to stop something that might one day happen, particularly for bootstrapped startups that must make every cent count — ...
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A ‘stalkerware’ app leaked phone data from thousands of victims

A spyware app designed to “monitor everything” on a victim’s phone has been secretly installed on thousands of phones. The app, KidsGuard, claims it can “access all the information” on a target device, including its real-time location, text messages, browser history, access to its photos, videos and app activities, and recordings of phone calls. But a misconfigured server meant the app was also spilling out the secretly uploaded contents of victims’ devices to the internet. These consumer-grade ...
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Leaked Twitter demo shows red banners to indicate lies and disinformation under tweets

"Twitter is experimenting with adding brightly colored labels directly beneath lies and misinformation posted by politicians and public figures," reports Ben Collins at NBC News. “Twitter tells me it's a possible iteration of something that will roll out on March 5. Possible community moderation coming, too. We've got screenshots.” From Ben's NBC News reporting: In this version, disinformation or misleading information posted by public figures will be corrected directly beneath the tweet by fa...
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'Sandworm' hacking group linked to Russian GRU's Main Center for Special Technology, says U.S.

• U.S. State Department blames Russia for cyberattacks that hit neighboring Georgia in October 2019 • By identifying Russia's digital assaults on neighbors, US hopes to raise awareness of ongoing GRU attacks on US Andy Greenberg at WIRED reports today on a State Department announcement that identifies Russia as having been responsible for online military attacks against its neighboring nation, Goergia, last October. From the WIRED story: For more than a decade, Russian hackers have torment...
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US defense agency says personal data ‘compromised’ in 2019 data breach

A U.S. defense agency charged with providing information technology and communications support to the U.S. government, including the president and other senior officials, says its network may have been “compromised.” The Defense Information Systems Agency sent letters to possible victims earlier this month to warn of a “data breach” involving a system run by the agency. It’s believed Social Security numbers and other sensitive information may have been taken in the data breach between May and Ju...
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Data breach at U.S. agency in charge of securing Trump's communication

The Defense Information Systems Agency, which calls itself a combat support agency of the Defense Department on its website, employs 8,000 military and civilian employees. The DIA, which is responsible for secure White House communications, said Social Security numbers and other personal data its network held, was likely compromised, reports Reuters, citing a letter sent to compromised individuals. U.S. agency responsible for Trump's secure communication suffered data breach: letter h...
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A group of ex-NSA and Amazon engineers are building a ‘GitHub for data’

Six months ago or thereabouts, a group of engineers and developers with backgrounds from the National Security Agency, Google and Amazon Web Services had an idea. Data is valuable for helping developers and engineers to build new features and better innovate. But that data is often highly sensitive and out of reach, kept under lock and key by red tape and compliance, which can take weeks to get approval. So, the engineers started Gretel, an early-stage startup that aims to help developers safely...
Tags: Google, Amazon, Security, Startups, Developer, Nsa, Cloud Computing, Tech, Computing, Machine Learning, Watson, Amazon Web Services, Greylock Partners, Executive, Gretel, Sridhar Ramaswamy

MGM Resorts data breach exposes 10.6M+ guests' info, Jack Dorsey included, home addresses and birthdates

Personal information for more than 10 million former guests of MGM resorts has been posted on a hacking forum. Among the notable data breach victims: Twitter and Square CEO Jack Dorsey. The leaked data includes home addresses, and is said to only affect guests who stayed at the hotel chain's properties before 2018. MGM Resorts says the security incident took place in the summer of 2019, and that impacted guests were told last year. Catalin Cimpanu reporting for ZDNet: According to our analysis...
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ForgePoint raises a massive new $450M fund for early stage cybersecurity startups

ForgePoint Capital has formally announced its new $450 million fund, which it says is the largest fund dedicated to early stage cybersecurity and privacy startups. The fund, the firm’s second — which it aptly named Fund II — will invest in both early stage and a number of other growth-focused companies. The aim is to try to cash in early on an increasing number of startups in the cybersecurity space that could go on to become the next Crowdstrike or Cloudflare, both of which saw massive exits...
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Dell sells RSA to consortium led by Symphony Technology Group for over $2B

Dell Technologies announced today that it was selling legacy security firm RSA for $2.075 billion to a consortium of investors led by Symphony Technology Group. Other investors include Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan Board and AlpInvest Partners. RSA came to Dell when it bought EMC for $67 billion in 2015. EMC bought the company in 2006 for a similar price it was sold for today, $2.1 billion. The deal includes several pieces, including the RSA security conference held each year in San Franc...
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Ring slightly overhauls security and privacy, but it’s still not enough

Security camera maker Ring is updating its service to improve account security and give more control when it comes to privacy. Once again, this is yet another update that makes the overall experience slightly better but the Amazon-owned company is still not doing enough to protect its users. First, Ring is reversing its stance when it comes to two-factor authentication. Two-factor authentication is now mandatory — you can’t even opt out. So the next time you login on your Ring account, you’ll re...
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Google AdSense Ransom Extortion Emails For Invalid Traffic

Krebs on Security posted about new AdSense based extortion and ransom emails going out to Google AdSense publishers. Telling them if they do not pay $5,000 in bitcoins within 72-hours, they will send invalid traffic to the site, thus removing the AdSense earnings Google pays the publisher.
Tags: Google, Security, Seo, Google Adsense, Krebs

Google confirms it again removed alleged spying tool ToTok from Google Play

In December, The New York Times reported a popular messaging app called ToTok was actually a spying tool used by the government of the United Arab Emirates to track users’ conversations, location, and social connections. The app was removed from the Google Play store in December, while Google investigated, then reinstated in early January. Google now confirms the app has again been removed, but this time declined to comment as to why. The site 9to5Google first noticed ToTok had again been pulled...
Tags: Google, Google Play, Security, Apps, Tech, New York Times, United Arab Emirates, Annie, North America, App Annie, Totok, Middle East Europe Asia Africa

How iPhone safety features can help you out of a jam

iPhone offer a variety of safety features that can assist you in emergencies. We'll show you how to use them.
Tags: Iphone, Apple, Ios, Security, Mobile, Trends, How-to

Automated facial recognition breaches GDPR, says EU digital chief

The EU’s digital and competition chief has said that automated facial recognition breaches GDPR, as the technology fails to meet the regulation’s requirement for consent. Margrethe Vestager, the European Commission’s executive vice president for digital affairs, told reporters that “as it stands right now, GDPR would say ‘don’t use it’, because you cannot get consent,” EURACTIV revealed today. GDPR classes information on a person’s facial features as biometric data, which is labeled as “sensitiv...
Tags: Security, Startups, Europe, Politics, Tech, Eu, Artificial Intelligence, European Commission, Margrethe Vestager, Neural

Shadow-IT: Employees putting Business at Risk

Shadow-IT: Employees putting Business at Risk There are robust computers in every employee’s possession.  And they carry them everywhere. Yes, I am talking about their cellphones.  On these devices, they can download 1000’s of apps. These apps allow them to create accounts that are external to you...
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DHS wants to track illegal aliens using available cell-phone location data. ACLU says Whoa!

DHS wants to track illegal aliens using available cell-phone location data. ACLU says Whoa! We have a problem with illegal immigrants.  Now don’t get me wrong we love immigrants and they can add a lot to our economy but those immigrants come to our country through legal channels.  I have a huge p...
Tags: Security, Business, Technology, Legal, Internet, Government, Data, Sem, Dhs, Fbi, Aclu, Cell Phones, Civil Rights, CBP, Department Of Homeland Security, Databases

Scammers have found a fertile field in Airbnb

Scammers have found a fertile field in Airbnb How many of you have used Airbnb as an alternative to a hotel or for an extended stay option?  Many times it works out well but like everything once successful the bad guys get into the game and scams begin and it all goes downhill from there.  Some sc...
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Extensive US Intellectual Property theft by Chinese being investigated by FBI

Extensive US Intellectual Property theft by Chinese being investigated by FBI Intellectual theft is a huge problem in the US and the largest perpetrator is the Chinese government.   They target military sub-contractors and sub-sub-contractors, universities, businesses, financial entities, medical...
Tags: Security, Updates, Cloud, Business, Technology, News, Internet, Government, China, US, Sem, Malware, Cybersecurity, Fbi, Cybercrime, Artificial Intelligence

Check Chrome and Remove Any of These 70+ Malware Extensions

Another day, another batch of crappy Chrome extensions that you shouldn’t be using. Once again, Google has identified a number of bad actors its Chrome Web Store and given them the boot—but that doesn’t automatically remove these malware extensions from your browser, so you might want to do a quick cross-reference of…Read more...
Tags: Chrome, Google, Security, Malware, Extensions, Lifehacks

Tesla locks in stock surge with $2B offering at $767 per share

Tesla has priced its secondary common stock offering at $767, a 4.6% discount from Thursday’s share price close, according to a securities filing Friday. Tesla said in the filing it will sell 2.65 million shares at that discounted price to raise more than $2 billion. Lead underwriters Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley, have the option to buy an additional 397,500 shares in the offering. Tesla shares closed at $804 on Thursday. The share price opened lowered Friday, jumped as high at $812.97 an...
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Better know a CSO: Dropbox head of security Justin Berman

Justin Berman has one of the most important jobs at Dropbox . As head of security, he oversees the company’s cybersecurity strategy, its defenses and works daily to keep its more than 600 million users’ data private and secure. No pressure, then. Berman joined the file storage and workspace giant a year ago during a period of transition for the company. During its early years, Dropbox was hit by a data breach that saw more than 60 million user passwords stolen during a time where tech giants w...
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Intego Mac Podcast, Episode 122: Understanding Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

A child spends a fortune on in-app purchases, the CIA has been running a fake company providing encryption services, and beware of public lockers. We then take a deep dive into blockchain technology and cryptocurrency; if you've been wondering what Bitcoin is, we explain (almost) everything.
Tags: Security, Podcast, Tech, Blogging, Cia, Intego Mac

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