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One of the biggest trends I’ve seen in the last 12-18 months has been a considerable rise in the use of dark social. Dark social sounds like a scary secret place on the internet but it is a massive opportunity for marketers, and many people get confused with what dark social is. So in this post, I thought I would share my thoughts on why I believe dark social is worth considering during 2020 and why you should start trying to track it more accurately. So what is dark social? Well, firstly it i...
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Comment Trouver l’Adresse IP de votre Routeur

Source : Comment Trouver l’Adresse IP de votre Routeur Chaque routeur dispose d’une page de configuration accessible par un navigateur web. Vous y trouverez la liste de tous les appareils connectés à votre réseau, … The post Comment Trouver l’Adresse IP de votre Routeur appeared first on
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The HTML/Meta Title Tag: Why It Matters for Small Business SEO

When it comes to SEO, most small businesses know at least one thing for sure: that content needs to be optimized. And if they do some research, they’ll know what keyword tools to use, how to conduct keyword research, and even how to optimize pictures on web pages. While this covers much of the on-page SEO process, a lot of business owners don’t realize that they’re missing out on another important element that needs to be optimized: meta tags. A meta tag is, quite literally, the first thing that...
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Gmail to Freshdesk - Convert Emails into Support Tickets

Custom support systems like Freshdesk, Zoho Desk, or Zendesk offer an email address - like [email protected] - for quickly creating customer tickets without having to fill any complicated web forms.Any email message sent to your support email address automatically gets converted into a ticket and a unique ticket ID gets assigned to the support request.When a ticket is created from an email address, the email subject becomes the ticket title, the email body becomes the ticket description and th...
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Beyond Numbers #01: Things That Should Keep Church Leaders Up At Night

Should ‘bigger’ be one of the things that should keep church leaders up at night? Bigger isn’t always better. I definitely don’t want a bigger waste line. I could pass on a bigger phone bill too. Somehow we have all bought into the concept of bigger solving all our problems. Bigger houses, bigger bank accounts. In the immortal words of Christopher Wallace, “the more money we come across the more problems we see.” The same principle applies in the church world. Seems like everyone want...
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Tech Courses Gone Free! Make the most of your time at home

We are living in extraordinary times, locked down and trying to work from home. This could also be a good time to level up your tech skills and learn something new that could help in the future when things get normal again.Also see:The Best Websites to Learn to Coding OnlineThe Best Online Teachers for Learning Web Development Learn Tech While You #StayAtHome To help you make the most of your time, I have curated a list of premium video courses that have gone compl...
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What Marketers Need to Know About TikTok

Key Takeaways TikTok is a bite-sized social video platform that allows users to create, share, and edit videos with built-in tools that make it easy for anyone to add music or special effectsAlmost half of the users on TikTok are between the ages of 16-24 Brands seeing success on the platform are authentic in the content they are creatingTikTok has 5 ad units which have large minimum spends; however, their self-serve platform is in Beta What is TikTok? TikTok is a bite-sized ...
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In Lockdown: The show must go on

The world is changing in significant ways and marketers need to understand and navigate the new landscape. In our In Lockdown series, our Research & Insight teams from around the world delve into different sectors and trends, and share their learnings. Here, Insights Analyst Oriol Fernandez examines shifts in the entertainment industry. Only one year ago, Captain Marvel was about to become the first movie to break the $1B dollars barrier at the cinema. Avengers: Endgame became the top grossing m...
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4 Pros (and 4 Cons) of Digital Payments From A Giver’s Perspective

I can still remember the day when Poland FINALLY got Apple Pay. I was surprised that we were so late as we had a robust contactless payment infrastructure. Before Apple Pay was announced there were other solutions around including Google Pay/wallet. I initially intended to use it as a backup plan to my usual payment systems but I soon found myself using it for everything. So I thought it would be useful to consider the advantages and disadvantages of digital payments from a giver’s perspective. ...
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How to Send SMS Messages with Google Sheets and your Android Phone

The Mail Merge for Gmail add-on lets you send personalized emails via Gmail but wouldn’t it be nice if a similar solution existed for sending personalized SMS to your contacts directly from your mobile phone?There are services, Twilio and Vonage for example, that let you send text messages programmatically to any phone number in the world. You can either build an SMS solution on top of these messaging APIs or you can take a simpler and less expensive route - build your own text sending app with...
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Work From Home to Navigate the Future

Many people around the world are having a new experience.   Working from home.   Not from choice, not as a considered way of being able to work more efficiently, or more happily, but as a decision imposed on them as a result of the current pandemic.   Some will find it hard to adjust and long to be back in their regular workplace.   There are all sorts of factors that can make working from home challenging – the lack of direct, daily social interaction with workma...
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#579 Becoming a Small Business Owner by Accident

Listen to “#579 Becoming a Small Business Owner by Accident” on Spreaker.         On this episode of The Small Business Radio Show… SEGMENT 1, starting at 0:00: Many of us become a small business owner by accident. We never set out to be a small business owner, but along the way things happen that lead us down that path – we’re frustrated with our bosses, we get laid off, we want more control over our time, and so on. Accidental entrepreneur Marcus Babcock is here to share what he’s learned ab...
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Free Digital Marketing Courses and Certifications 2020

Digital Marketing Courses and Certifications Here’s an extensive list of digital marketing courses and certifications. Most of them are available for free – however, few of them have some paid content. They can be very helpful for good self-learners either they are new into digital marketing or they are already experienced. These digital marketing courses and certifications cover all major areas including SEO, SEM, PPC, Marketing Analysis, Content Marketing, Video Marketing, Social Media Mar...
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Data privacy on social media and why it matters

Earlier this year, we launched Digital 2020 – our latest set of Global Digital Reports, which showed that privacy concerns remain front of mind for internet users around the world. Here, GlobalWebIndex‘s Strategic Insights Analyst, Olivia Valentine examines the role of privacy on social media and why it matters to users, platforms and brands, alike. Unlike topics and trends that come and go, data privacy remains an ever-important issue for internet users around the world. And while these conce...
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Google Posts In Google My Business Now Back After Being Disabled

Google has said it has reenabled the ability to use Google Posts after it was temporarily disabled. Google wrote on Twitter "business posts were temporarily disabled and have now resumed."
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Google Temporary Closed Status Now Doesn't Hurt Your Search Rankings

Google has posted an update on Twitter that now when you mark you business as temporarily closed, it will not impact your search rankings. Google said "keep customers updated on your status without affecting search rankings."
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Hide Search Performance For This Query In Google

Yesterday I reported about new preferences with Google Search Console but focused on the email preferences. You can also communicate to Google that you want to hide the search performance for this query report snapshot you sometimes see in the Google search results in these new preferences.
Tags: Google, Seo, Google Search Engine Optimization, Google Search Console

Actionable SEO Tactics for B2B Startups

While the concept of search engine optimization (SEO) may seem complex and daunting for many B2B startups and medium-sized organizations, there are several key SEO tactics that organizations can take right now to improve their search rankings.Continue reading to learn some actionable SEO tactics for B2B startups. Local SEO If your organization provides a service or product that caters to a local audience, you’ll want to maximize online exposure to drive these prospects to your website and aim t...
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Google: We Can Look Up Internal PageRank But Toolbar PageRank Is Gone

Gary Illyes from Google said technically he and his colleagues are able to lookup the PageRank values of a page but there "rarely" is ever a reason to do so he said. He said the toolbar PageRank score, the pretty one, which is 0 through 10, is long gone and has not been calculated by Google in a long time.
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Google Releases The Webmaster Conference Product Summit Videos

Last November Google held an SEO and webmaster conference at their Mountain View offices, the GooglePlex. I was there and posted my takeaways over here. But today, Google has released all the video recordings from the event. Now you all can watch the several presentations given by Googlers throughout that day.
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Vlog #58: Kevin Doory on Local SEO vs Traditional SEO & Google My Business

Kevin Doory is the Director of SEO at AutoRevo. In fact, I know Kevin through two of my RustyBrick employees. He worked together with one of my employees back in Maryland. He actually started in SEO doing automotive SEO and did other things in SEO...
Tags: Google, Maryland, Seo, Kevin, Search Engine Roundtable Vlog by Barry Schwartz, Kevin Doory

Google Search Volatility & Fluctuations Super Unusual

Over the past few days, the fluctuations and volatility seen in the Google organic search results seem very unusual. Searcher behavior is probably changing and maybe with that, the search results are changing for many categories. So maybe this is the new normal? There is chatter but the tracking tools are showing very unusual patterns.
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Google Ads Testing Carousel In Search Again?

Almost a year ago, Google was spotted testing a Google Ads format that shows the Google Ads in a carousel format. Well, Google might be testing it again, or it might be some sort of malware causing this.
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Google Search Takeout & Delivery Discover More Places Cards

If you search for some restaurant related keywords, such as [steakhouse nyc], Google will show you the typical "discover more places" carousel of images. But now Google is showing "takeout" and "delivery" cards as the first two options.
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Google Tests Dine In, Take Out & Delivery Attributes For Local Results

Google is testing displaying new attributes for local results that show if there is dine in, delivery or takeout services. Brian Freiesleben and Mike Blumenthal shared screen shots with me over the past few days. Here they are:
Tags: Google, Seo, Google Maps, Mike Blumenthal, Brian Freiesleben

Google Search Console New Email Preferences - Screen Shots

Valentin Pletzer posted screen shots on Twitter of a new email preferences feature in Google Search Console. This is something we knew Google has been working on but now we can see some of it in these screen shots that Valentin shared. It looks like more granular level control over the emails you want to receive from Google Search Console.
Tags: Google, Seo, Google Search Engine Optimization, Valentin, Valentin Pletzer

Cleer FLOW II Wireless Bluetooth Noise Cancelling Headphone with Google Assistant Review THE DETAILS Innovative, Ironless audio driver technology delivers bold and articulate playback via high-excursion with optimized control and exceptionally low distortion Google Assistant Voice Interface Powerful Best in-class hybrid noise cancelling Hi-Res Audio certified with supplied 3.5mm cable Up-to 20 hours playback with noise cancelling enabled The post Cleer FLOW II Wireless Bluetooth Noise Cancelling Headphone with Google Assistant Review appeared first on The Chris Voss...
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How to delete a negative or bad Google Review?

How to delete a negative or bad Google Review? Or, what to do if you cannot delete it? by Najam Ahmed, Digital Marketing Strategist | SEO International, Dubai I know how important it is to have more positive Google reviews for your business. They help you build trust and improve your local ranking in Google search results. Frankly speaking, it is NOT that easy to remove a bad review; however, you can flag a fake, or spam review as inappropriate that has been posted by one of your competitors. In...
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Search Buzz Video Recap: Google Algorithm Update, COVID-19 Search Changes & Google SEO Topics

This week we had another possible but still unconfirmed Google search ranking update. Google said they do not penalize for weird brand or site names. Google said it is a myth that it prioritizes AMP pages in search. Google is sending out Search Console notices about event markup issues...
Tags: Google, Seo, Search Buzz Video Round Recap

Google On How To Technically Pause Your Online Business

As promised, Google has put together both a blog post and a detailed developer document on how to pause your online business. This document helps you manage and retain your search rankings while not accepting business online.
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