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How to customize all of your AirPods' features using an iPhone or iPad

You can easily customize your AirPods through an iOS Settings app — whether you're looking to change the name of your earbuds, or adjust its double-tap and ear-detection features. If you've just bought a pair of AirPods and are looking to change its default functions, follow the steps below. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Apple's increasingly popular AirPods offer more than just wireless listening. Customizing your AirPods will help you control what happens when ...
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LG’s 2019 TVs slide Alexa next to Google Assistant, with Siri on the way

LG has announced that Alexa will be coming to its 2019 lineup of ThinQ A.I. TVs, joining Google Assistant. Users will be able to control their TVs and smart home devices with their remote, no extra speaker required. The post LG’s 2019 TVs slide Alexa next to Google Assistant, with Siri on the way appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Apple sets June 3 for WWDC keynote to highlight new software

Apple Inc. said its annual Worldwide Developers Conference keynote will happen on June 3, with the iPhone maker planning to unveil new software features aimed at hanging on to its loyal customers in a stagnant smartphone market. The presentation will be held at 10 a.m. local time and will be live streamed on Apple’s website. Thousands of developers will attend. The company plans to reveal updates to its operating systems for the iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Apple TV, and Mac. Earlier this mo...
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AI Voice Assistants Reinforce Gender Biases, U.N. Report Says

Artificial intelligence voice assistants with female voices reinforce existing gender biases, according to a new United Nations’ report. The new report from UNESCO, entitled “I’d Blush If I Could,” looks at the impact of having female voice assistants, from Amazon’s Alexa to Apple’s Siri, projected in a way that suggests that women are “subservient and…
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How to change your AirPods' name, and make them easier to find in Bluetooth menus

Apple's AirPods come with several customizable options, and you can change the name of your AirPods easily should you want to.  Changing the name of your AirPods to something more recognizable than their default name can make them easier to identify in a crowded Bluetooth menu.  Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. With the ever-growing popularity of AirPods these days, and the impending release of newer versions , it's important to keep yours customized to your liking: wh...
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Alexa, why does the brave new world of AI have all the sexism of the old one?

Virtual assistants such as Google Home and Siri only encourage the attitude that women exist merely to aid men in getting on with more important things.When women are over-represented in the workforce, it tends be in industries of assistance – cleaning, nursing, secretarial work and, now, the world of virtual assistants. Research by Unesco has shown that using default female voices in AI – as Microsoft has done with Cortana, Amazon with Alexa, Google with Google Assistant and Apple with Siri – i...
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Hire Tech: Treat Your AI Like a Potential Employee

By Lauren Maffeo In the Washington, DC, enclave where I live, the owners of my local coffee shop likely aren’t thinking of adopting AI. I don’t blame them: It’s tough to see how AI can help baristas sell more bags of beans or make the perfect flat white. After all, AI applies advanced analysis and logic-based techniques including machine learning to interpret events, support and automate decisions, and to take actions. Why would a local shop replace people – its most valuable asset – with machin...
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Digital assistants like Siri and Alexa entrench gender biases, says UN

Female-voiced tech often gives submissive responses to queries, Unesco report findsAssigning female genders to digital assistants such as Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa is helping entrench harmful gender biases, according to a UN agency.Research released by Unesco claims that the often submissive and flirty responses offered by the systems to many queries – including outright abusive ones – reinforce ideas of women as subservient. Continue reading...
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How to backup an Apple Watch and restore its data after you unpair it from an iPhone

Your Apple Watch will automatically backup its data when it's connected to its companion iPhone. The backup will save the majority of your data but will not save Bluetooth pairings, credit or debit cards saved in Apple Pay, or the passcode for your watch. If you've reset your Apple Watch, you'll be given the option to restore it to a previous backup saved on your iPhone. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Good news! Apple makes it super easy to back up your Apple Watch —...
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Wolfram Alpha Search Engine Turns 10: Remains Independent, Private, and Free of External Advertising

For more than three decades, Stephen Wolfram, a 59-year-old scientist, software designer and entrepreneur, has built software that has attracted an avid following among mathematicians and scientists. His Mathematica program for symbolic mathematical computation and its programming language, Wolfram Language, are favorites of the intelligentsia of the quant world in universities and corporations. Wolfram Alpha, one of his creations, is a unique search engine that does not forage the web, but cull...
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AirPods deal alert: Apple’s latest wireless earphones are at its lowest price

Apple just refreshed its AirPods, making an solid product even better. The newest AirPods make the case chargeable using Qi charging, always-on Siri, and better Bluetooth connectivity. While they're out of stock on Amazon, you can order now to lock in a $20 discount. The post AirPods deal alert: Apple’s latest wireless earphones are at its lowest price appeared first on Digital Trends.
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AirPods deal alert: Apple’s latest wireless earphones are at their lowest price

Apple just refreshed its AirPods, making an solid product even better. The newest AirPods make the case chargeable using Qi charging, always-on Siri, and better Bluetooth connectivity. While they're out of stock on Amazon, you can order now to lock in a $20 discount. The post AirPods deal alert: Apple’s latest wireless earphones are at their lowest price appeared first on Digital Trends.
Tags: Apple, Amazon, Deals, Wearables, Trends, Siri, AirPods 2

Apple & Google celebrate Global Accessibility Awareness Day with featured apps, new shortcuts

With last fall’s release of iOS 12, Apple introduced Siri Shortcuts — a new app that allows iPhone users to create their own voice commands to take actions on their phone and in apps. Today, Apple is celebrating Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD) by rolling out a practical, accessibility-focused collection of new Siri Shortcuts, alongside accessibility-focused App Store features and collections. Google is doing something similar for Android users on Google Play. For starters, Apple’s new ...
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24 tiny design features that show Apple's incredible attention to detail

Apple's fascination with detail presents itself in subtle ways throughout the company's product line, from the Mac to the iPhone and Apple Watch. Here's a look at our favorite design elements that highlight the company's close attention to detail. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Thoughtful design has always been at the core of Apple's product development. Steve Jobs was especially keen on making products that are clean, friendly, and above all simple to use — a set of prin...
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Our digital future 5: Artificial Intelligence

One key element that will impact all our futures is artificial intelligence. Now, I have written about AI on several previous occasions, and I also feature an entire chapter on its applications to learning and development in my new book, Digital Learning in Organisations. But here, on this more informal channel that I call my blog, I just wanted to share with you a few thoughts about the impact I think it will (and won't) have on our learning future. The term 'artificial intelligence' is often...
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Hey, Google, Alexa and Siri: You finally get what we're saying

Voice assistants in our smart devices are better interpret what you want. Microsoft and Google gave a glimpse into the future, with Apple coming soon.            [Author: Special for USA TODAY]
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Here's How The New Apple TV App Works

Apple TV is getting a major makeover this year, starting with today's launch of the all-new Apple TV app, available in over 100 countries on iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, and all 2019 Samsung smart TVs (plus some 2018 models). The app is also coming to Amazon Fire TV, LG, Roku, Sony, and VIZIO platforms later this year, and will be coming to Mac this fall. Ahead, we break down how it works. Apple TV Channels The hands-down most exciting feature of the new app (well, besides Apple TV+, the highly-anti...
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Noise Tune Elite Bluetooth In-Ear Neckband headphones launched for Rs. 1499

Noise, popular for its audio and other products has launched Tune Elite, the company's latest Neckband In-Ear headphones in India. It sits comfortably around the neck, avoiding the discomfort of heavy Bluetooth earbuds. It is also splash resistant with IPX5 ratings. It features magnetic earbuds that snap together when not in use, making it both convenient and comfortable for all day use. The headphones have easy controls for volume, and uses Bluetooth 4.2 to connect to devices. It has bui...
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How Do Apple’s New Powerbeats Pro Compare to AirPods? (mac rumors)

Earlier this week, we shared a hands-on look at the Powerbeats Pro earbuds launching tomorrow, and today, we thought we'd do an in-depth comparison with the AirPods, giving MacRumors readers a closer look at the similarities and differences between the two devices. Subscribe to the MacRumors YouTube channel for more videos. AirPods and Powerbeats Pro look nothing alike, as the former is designed for casual use and the latter is aimed at those who live a more active lifestyle. The AirPods fea...
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Hurry: AirPods 2 are on sale for less than the first-gen model

Apple's first-generation AirPods were so popular that they rarely went on sale at a discount. And every when they did, it was usually only a few bucks. Now, the new AirPods 2 true wireless earbuds have only been available for a few weeks and we've already got a sale that slashes the price to less than you'll pay for any lingering first-generation models out there. Hurry up and you can get a pair of second-generation AirPods on Amazon for just $139.99. They're marked as temporaril...
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BBC Creating a Virtual Voice Assistant to Compete with Alexa, Siri and OK Google

It has been reported that the BBC are working on a voice assistant in the same style as Siri, Alexa or Google. “It would be your trusted guide to information, education and entertainment,” says an unnamed source on the plans. “That’s what these assistants are becoming – Siri or Alexa or Google.” I always find it hard to believe that the BBC would have the expertise to create such a product at the same level as Apple, Google and Amazon, who all have both the expertise and the deep pockets...
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Hands-On With Apple's New Powerbeats Pro Earbuds (mac rumors)

Apple's new wire-free Powerbeats Pro are set to launch this Friday after pre-orders became available last week, and ahead of their official debut, we were able to get a pair to test out to find out whether Apple's latest Beats-branded earbuds are worth the $250 price tag. While Apple is planning to sell the Powerbeats Pro in four colors, including ivory, moss, navy, and black, only the black version is available right now, with the other options coming later in the summer. Subscribe to the...
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12 Women In Tech Talk Parenting With Technology & Their Favorite Mom Gadgets

As far as moms go, mine is pretty tech-savvy. When she isn't DM-ing me an adorable dog and/or baby pic on Instagram, she is schooling me on how to organize my Gmail. She's also very partial to the prayer hands and kissy face emojis. Since we live thousands of miles from one another, technology is crucial to our relationship and enables us to interact every day (or sometimes, like, three times a day).Ahead of Mother's Day, I talked to 12 leading women in tech about the relationship between mothe...
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Mom’s Home Assistant

Expression Premium XP-7100 Small-in-One Printer How many of you have a home office – a room dedicated solely to getting all administrative and creative tasks at home completed? We have a home office, but I find myself often at the kitchen table plugging away at a blog post, in the kitchen creating a new recipe, or in the backyard taking photos for Instagram (natural lighting is so great in the spring and summer months!) Our home printer stays in the home-office, so it’s just a matter of ...
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I've been using the latest Apple Watch for 4 months — here are the best and most surprising features I've found so far (AAPL)

I've owned the Apple Watch Series 4 for about four months, and I'm already impressed by it. Exploring the Apple Watch Series 4 has led me to find features I really like — and wasn't necessarily expecting. Visit Business Insider's home page for more stories. When Apple released the first-generation Apple Watch to the public in early 2015, it felt like incredible hardware being held back by software limitations. Four years later, the Apple Watch hardware has improved even further, but the softw...
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How to turn off the voice control feature on any iPhone model

An iPhone's voice control feature responds to vocal cues to perform tasks on your phone such as composing texts, activating Siri, and more. You can turn off the voice control feature on your iPhone in a few simple steps. The process differs slightly depending on whether you have an iPhone X or an iPhone 8 or earlier, though they're equally as simple to do. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Voice control technology has helped to make life — especially the business and othe...
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Topic Cluster Model: Your Next SEO Strategy

Last updated on May 7, 2019 at 04:01 pm Through the years, SEO has experienced various changes – from the death of link schemes to mobile prioritization. However, one of the biggest innovations in the industry is the use of the Topic Cluster Model as the newest SEO strategy. This strategy began when Google launched RankBrain in 2015 – an algorithm that connects the users past searches with related topics and phrases that will result in finding the best results for users. You should...
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Google’s AI Assistant aims to transcend the smart speaker

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — When Google launched its now distinctive digital assistant in 2016, it was already in danger of being an also-ran. At the time, Amazon had been selling its Echo smart speaker, powered by its Alexa voice assistant, for more than a year . Apple’s Siri was already five years old and familiar […]
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How to set up Google Assistant on your iPhone or Android phone

Google Assistant is a voice assistant that comes with Android phones, and can be added to iPhones and iPads. It's installed by default on Android, but you still need to turn on Voice Match, which lets it wake from any screen. Google Assistant works from any screen on iOS if you install Google Assistant and add it to Siri. Once installed, you can say "Hey Siri, OK Google." Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Google's AI personal assistant doesn't have a very cool name. Unlik...
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Spotify debuts voice-enabled audio ads with Unilever

    Spotify is testing voice-enabled audio ads for one of its own podcasts and another separate one for Unilever, allowing listeners to take action by saying a specific phrase during commercials. Although rival Pandora is also testing a similar feature, it hasn’t yet done so with any brands. Spotify’s feature, which debuts today, will only work if the person listening has their microphone enabled, the company says. A listener saying “Play now” when prompted by a specific AXE audio c...
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