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Facebook finds and kills another 512 Kremlin-linked fake accounts

Two years on from the U.S. presidential election, Facebook continues to have a major problem with Russian disinformation being megaphoned via its social tools. In a blog post today the company reveals another tranche of Kremlin-linked fake activity — saying it’s removed a total of 471 Facebook pages and accounts, as well as 41 Instagram accounts, which were being used to spread propaganda in regions where Putin’s regime has sharp geopolitical interests. In its latest reveal of “coordinated inaut...
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How to Switch between latest and top tweets on Twitter

There is good news as Twitter users can now view their twitter timeline in chronological order. Earlier twitter used to display the most popular aka top tweets ahead of the latest tweets. Fortunately, you can once again choose to show either of them first. The social media platform has added a new feature in its Android app that adds the ability to switch between the latest and top tweets. For those unaware, this feature was first introduced in the Twitter app for iOS last month. It was indeed a...
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It’s back! Here’s how to switch to Twitter’s reverse chronological feed

Twitter has finally brought back the reverse chronological feed, allowing you to see your feed based on the newest tweets, rather than using Twitter's algorithm that shows what it thinks you want to see. It's easy to switch. The post It’s back! Here’s how to switch to Twitter’s reverse chronological feed appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Here’s how to switch to Twitter’s reverse chronological feed

Twitter has finally brought back the reverse chronological feed, allowing you to see your feed based on the newest tweets, rather than using Twitter's algorithm that shows what it thinks you want to see. It's easy to switch. The post Here’s how to switch to Twitter’s reverse chronological feed appeared first on Digital Trends.
Tags: Apple, Ios, Android, Mobile, Twitter, Trends, Social Media, Reverse Chronological Feed

Global trends shaping marketing in 2019

It’s tough enough for brands to keep track of the big emerging tech and innovation trends but 2019 is likely to see an acceleration and expansion of this change. From gaming, through to voice, to AI-driven content and social commerce, evolution will be all around us. To help marketers get to grips with this, some of the senior leadership from our offices around the world have shone a spotlight the big trends to look out for and identified their likely impact on the marketing industry in 2019. Na...
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Facebook is launching political ad checks in Nigeria, Ukraine, EU and India in coming months

Facebook is launching some of its self-styled ‘election security’ initiatives into more markets in the coming months ahead of several major votes in countries around the world. In an interview with the social networking giant confirmed it’s launching checks on political adverts on its platform in Nigeria, Ukraine and the European Union, reiterating too that ad transparency measures will launch in India ahead of its general election. Although it still hasn’t confirmed how it will respond in ot...
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My Local Town Facebook Groups are a Hot Mess

Back in the 1990s when I first got my start publishing mental health resources, it was my firm belief that the internet was a wonder that could help anyone who had access to it. I was a true believer, and it was my job to help convert not only my profession, but everyone I met. In the 2000s, when social networking sites began to take hold, I again held out hope and expressed optimism. “Such services allow us to better keep in touch with our loved ones.” Over the past few years, however, my optim...
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YouTube Finally Explicitly Bans Dangerous Pranks and Challenges After Bird Box Fiasco

YouTube has changed its policies in an attempt to cut down on potentially dangerous challenges and pranks, Engadget reported on Tuesday, updating its rules to explicitly ban them from the site.Read more...
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Twitter extends its new timeline feature to Android users

Twitter users with an Android device can now quickly switch between an algorithm-generated timeline and one that shows the most recent tweets first. The new feature landed for iPhone users last month. The post Twitter extends its new timeline feature to Android users appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Roku Furiously Backpedals After Briefly Saying It Would Allow Infowars Channel

Alex Jones, chief of noxious conspiracy website and suspicious supplement sales front Infowars, was kicked off most of the web’s biggest platforms last year amid legal battles over his alleged harassment and defamation of mass shooting survivors’ families: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Apple, Spotify, and Pinterest, to…Read more...
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TikTok is giving China a video chat alternative to WeChat

ByteDance, the world’s most-valued startup, just launched a new social media product under its Douyin brand in what many people see as a serious attempt to challenge WeChat. Tencent has long dominated China’s social networking space with WeChat and QQ. WeChat claims to have one billion monthly active users worldwide, most of whom are in China. Its older sibling QQ managed to survive the country’s transition from PC to mobile and still have a good chunk of 800 million MAUs at last count. Th...
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Here, here: the Swedish online love army who take on the trolls

#Jagärhär (#Iamhere) aims to battle abuse in online threads and jumps to defend those on receiving endWhen a young woman with rainbow hair and a reputation for hostility towards sexual predators won a Swedish lawyer of the year award late last year, the online reaction came in two waves.The first was unpleasant, a torrent of bile from people who objected to Linnéa Claeson’s looks, her feminist politics, her gender, her youth and her instagram account @assholesonline. Continue reading...
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Turns out the science saying screen time is bad isn’t science

A new study is making waves in the worlds of tech and psychology by questioning the basis of thousands of papers and analyses with conflicting conclusions on the effect of screen time on well-being. The researchers claim is that the science doesn’t agree because it’s bad science. So is screen time good or bad? It’s not that simple. The conclusions only make the mildest of claims about screen time, essentially that as defined it has about as much effect on well-being as potato consumption. Instin...
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How an egg beat Kylie Jenner at her own Instagram game

A stock image of an egg has amassed 26m likes to become the most popular post of all time, bumping Jenner’s shot of her newborn daughter and spurring some unlikely imitatorsName: The Egg.Age: Born on 4 January. Continue reading...
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How to Get Started with Remarketing on Google Ads & Facebook by @joshuacmccoy

Here are a few ways to use retargeting and remarketing on Google Ads and Facebook for an omni-channel advantage.The post appeared first on Search Engine Journal.
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Why researchers want to build an AI that can predict a person’s attractiveness

It’s an age-old question – what makes someone attractive? We often say things like “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” but while this romantic notion may bring comfort to those dealt a poor hand in life, it also gives the impression that the foundations of attractiveness are elusive and unpredictable. It suggests that what each of us sees as an attractive trait – whether physical or psychological – is so variable that everyone must be looking for something different. While there is variety in...
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Social Media Startup Ideas: Make Dreams a Reality

Social media has become one of the most important parts of our lives. People browse on social media from waking up in the morning to falling to asleep. Social media has become one of the biggest platforms to gain an audience from. Many companies like Google, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram have become one of the topmost business houses of the time. Influence of the Internet The Internet has created a new era and brought vast changes in everyone’s lifestyle, more or less internet have become anoth...
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Facebook staff discussed cashing in on user data, reports say

Proposals to charge firms for data said to have been revealed by badly redacted court papersFacebook staff discussed charging companies for access to user data, before ultimately deciding against such a policy, according to reports.The internal discussions were revealed due to improperly redacted court documents, released as part of Facebook’s lawsuit against American software developer Six4Three last year. According to Ars Technica and the Wall Street Journal, an 18-page court filing contains t...
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When Is It the Better Part of Valor to Keep Your Mouth Shut?

Opinions abound on topics ranging from politics to religion, from relationships to climate change. Conversations no longer just happen around the water cooler at work. With the advent of social media, sharing those beliefs is as easy as tapping fingers on keyboard and pressing “post.” There was a time when the “taboo subjects” of sex, religion, and death were simply not discussed in polite company. These days, the gloves are off and we go at it with gusto, daring to strike back at anyone who...
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Back to #EDEN

Image from Pixabay EDEN - the European Distance and E-learning Network - is my spiritual home.I have been associated with the organisation and its various events, projects and people, since 1996. In that year I was just starting out in the world of educational technology, and I presented some of my research at the EDEN summer conference in Poitiers, France. It was the first international education event I had ever attended, and I remember sharing the stage with Gilly Salmon and Sally Reyn...
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Youtube Ads: How to Launch Your YouTube СAmpaign

Cyrus McCormick said: ‘Trying to do business without advertising is like winking at a pretty girl through a pair of green goggles. You may know what you are doing, but no one else does.’ Obviously, advertising is an important part of any business strategy. Basically, that is how the prospects hear about your business. That is why you should thoroughly think about this point. Without a doubt, these days there are a lot of startups. Thus, you definitely need to stand out from the crowd. All in ...
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YouTube To Disable Automatic Posting To Twitter, Google+

YouTube is disabling the ability to automatically repost activity (uploads, liked videos, etc.) on Twitter and Google+ as of January 31st. "We’ve found that sharing these actions with a custom message (instead of through automatically generated posts) provides a better experience for the sharer and their followers on other social networks," YouTube said in an email to creators. You can continue to easily share videos to your social network: On the watch page on any device: click Sh...
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What You Need to Know About Types of Video Captions

Way back in 1983, I got my first caption decoder. It was a box about the size of two stacked DVD players. (As shown in header photo from Smithsonian.) Whenever I recorded TV shows, the captions burned into the video. That means I could take the tape and watch the show on any player and […]
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The 10 Best Things I Heard During 250 Radio Interviews

I’m always searching for new, targeted solutions to help small businesses become unstuck. Which is why my radio show, The Small Business Radio Show has been paramount. Each week for the last ten years, I’ve invited the top guest to share tips for growing a business. On my radio show, I talk to alot of business people. I interviewed over 250 people in 2018. Here are the 10 best things I learned: “What you can offer are things that are more magical.” Brand yourself as a market spec...
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7 Skills That Looks Awesome on Your Marketing Resume

In recent years, we have seen fast growth in marketing-related jobs.  Marketing roles are more important than ever to every company and industry, especially in business and technology. Many young professionals who enjoy creativity and promoting new ideas are all drawn to various marketing careers.  From social media marketing to marketing analysts, there are many types of jobs now available for those who have a degree in marketing. Though about 93% of employers say that soft skills are an es...
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The Accidental Prime Minister Case: SC refuses to grant an urgent hearing

The Supreme Court has refused to grant an urgent hearing to the plea seeking a ban on the trailer of and the film The Accidental Prime Minister. This means that the trailer will remain as is on YouTube and the movie will be released on its scheduled release date of January 11, 2019. The Supreme... ...
Tags: Travel, Google, News, Supreme Court, Internet, Youtube, Government, Censorship, Social Media, Policy, Freedom Of Speech, Content, CBFC, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting

Self-Described Proud Boy, QAnon Believer Arrested for Allegedly Murdering Brother With Sword

A 26-year-old Seattle man who described himself online as both a member of the far-right Proud Boys group and a believer in the sprawling QAnon conspiracy theory, Buckey Wolfe, is in custody after allegedly stabbing his brother in the head with a sword on Sunday, the Seattle Times reported.Read more...
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Twitter Mulls Redesign That Looks a Heck of a Lot Like Facebook, Just With More Neo-Nazis

Twitter will be rolling out beta updates including “conversational”-style speech bubbles and indented/color-coded replies based on whether you follow another user in the coming weeks, the Verge reported on Wednesday. Other features under consideration, but which will not be available in the forthcoming beta, include…Read more...
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LinkedIn now requires phone number verification for all users in China

LinkedIn’s China site looks and functions just like LinkedIn everywhere else, except now it asks users in the country to verify their identities through phone numbers. The American company is requiring both new and existing users with a Chinese IP address to link mobile phone numbers to their accounts, TechCrunch noticed this week. LinkedIn had for months told its China-based users to provide mobile number details before sending them to the main page, but it had mercifully kept a little “Skip...
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Facebook is the new crapware

Welcome to 2019 where we learn Facebook is the new crapware. Sorry #DeleteFacebook, you never stood a chance. Yesterday Bloomberg reported that the scandal-beset social media behemoth has inked an unknown number of agreements with Android smartphone makers, mobile carriers and OSes around the world to not only pre-load Facebook’s eponymous app on hardware but render the software undeleteable; a permanent feature of your device, whether you like how the company’s app can track your every move ...
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