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Software for Affinity Networks

I’m been looking around for software to help me manage an increasing number of affinity networks. These are networks that I’ve created around different topics, such as the books I’ve written – like Startup Communities and Venture Deals – as well as topics I’m exploring with small to medium sized groups of people. So far I’ve tried a bunch of stuff and have ended up back at email groups, which is the least common denominator. I’ve tried a few different products for email groups and always end ...
Tags: Technology, Affinity Networks, Networks, Software

Hackers conquer Tesla’s in-car web browser and win a Model 3

A pair of security researchers dominated Pwn2Own, the annual high-profile hacking contest, taking home $375,000 in prizes including a Tesla Model 3 — their reward for successfully exposing a vulnerability in the electric vehicle’s infotainment system. Tesla handed over its new Model 3 sedan to Pwn2Own this year, the first time a car has been included in the competition. Pwn2Own is in its 12th year and run by Trend Micro’s Zero Day Initiative. ZDI has awarded more than $4 million over the life...
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Firefox is now a better iPad browser

Mozilla today announced a new iOS version of Firefox that has been specifically optimized for Apple’s iPad. Given the launch of the new iPad mini this week, that’s impeccable timing. It’s also an admission that building a browser for tablets is different from building a browser for phones, which is what Mozilla mostly focused on in recent years. “We know that iPads aren’t just bigger versions of iPhones,” Mozilla writes in today’s announcement. “You use them differently, you need them for dif...
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AgileCraft’s Exit, $45M for Ojo Labs, Intel Grants & More TX Tech

Let’s catch up with the latest innovation news in Texas.—Georgetown, TX-based AgileCraft was acquired by Australia-based Atlassian (NASDAQ: TEAM), the team collaboration and productivity software maker, for $166 million. AgileCraft makes planning software that helps executives build and manage how the company’s projects develop. It’s focused more on leaders in a business than engineering and IT staff, and it helps them map out product strategy, spot bottlenecks and risks, and get a feel for the...
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Super-crook admits he nicked $122m from Facebook, Google by sending staff fake invoices for tech kit

Evaldas Rimasauskas will pay back $50m, faces years in clink for phony hardware bill scam A Lithuanian citizen extradited the US has admitted bilking $122m from Facebook and Google by sending the tech giant's staff bogus invoices for computer gear.…
Tags: Google, Facebook, US, Software, Facebook Google, Evaldas Rimasauskas

Kaspersky Lab takes bite out of Apple in Russia over borked parental controls app

Store policy removed key features, alleges complaint Antivirus vendor Kaspersky Lab has lodged a complaint about Apple with the Russian competition authority.…
Tags: Apple, Russia, Software, Kaspersky Lab

Slowdown or not, China’s luxury goods still seeing high-end growth

Despite well-documented concerns over an economic slowdown in China, the country’s luxury goods market is still seeing opulent growth according to a new study. Behind secular and demographic tailwinds, the luxury sector is set to continue its torrid expansion in the face of volatility as it’s quickly becoming a defensive economic crown jewel. Using proprietary analysis, company data, primary source interviews, and third-party research, Bain & Company dug into the ongoing expansion of China’s hig...
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New Funding for Workplace Software Firms Skedulo and Scope AR

Two young San Francisco companies on Wednesday announced fundraisings to bolster their online services aimed at improving workforce efficiency.—Skedulo, which helps managers schedule assignments for field service personnel, says it raised $28 million in a Series B funding round led by M12, Microsoft’s corporate venture arm. Joining in the round were previous investors Blackbird, a venture capital firm based near Sydney, Australia, and Palo Alto, CA-based Costanoa Ventures. M12 principal Priya S...
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Within Google Cloud, a computer is muttering: Shall we play a game? Wouldn't you prefer a nice game of SaaS?

Come for the on-demand servers, stay for the sweet documentation On a rainy Wednesday morning in San Francisco, Google pitched its Cloud Platform (GCP) to power games, and brought friends along to sing its praises at the annual Games Developer's Conference.…
Tags: Google, San Francisco, Software

Mobes 'n' mattresses flinger Xiaomi growing like the clappers – outside China, at least

The Last Emporium Chinese tat bazaar Xiaomi isn't all scooters, knickers and formaldehyde-free mattresses. It also makes smartphones, and sales of those in Europe helped grow international revenues by 118 per cent year-on-year, booking almost ¥174.9bn overall, or £20bn in calendar 2018.…
Tags: Europe, China, Software, Xiaomi, Mobes

I don't hate US tech, snarls Euro monopoly watchdog chief – as Google slapped with €1.49bn megafine

Play fair, chaps The European Commission has concluded its third probe into Google's business practices by whacking it with a €1.49bn fine. The third investigation dealt with advertising broker services that Brussels said foreclosed competition and raised prices for website operators.…
Tags: Google, US, Software, European Commission, Brussels

I don't hate US tech, snarls Euro competition chief as Google slapped with €1.49bn megafine

Play fair, chaps The European Commission has concluded its third probe into Google's business practices by whacking it with a €1.49bn fine. The third investigation dealt with advertising broker services that Brussels said foreclosed competition and raised prices for website operators.…
Tags: Google, US, Software, European Commission, Brussels

Google takes a page from Microsoft of old and revives browser ballot on Android

There's no place like Chrome, but... here are the other guys Google has offered to remind Android users in Europe that Chrome isn't the only game in town – similar to the "Web Browser Ballot" measure imposed on Microsoft a decade ago as part of a competition remedy.…
Tags: Google, Europe, Microsoft, Software

New Accelerator Aims For Social Change With AR, VR, Gaming Startups

Games for Change, a non-profit that promotes the use of games and immersive technology for social good, is taking applications from startup teams for a new accelerator program it’s launching in New York City.New York-based Games for Change already encourages game and XR developers, by a variety of means, to build societal benefits into their designs. The organization, founded in 2004, holds an annual festival with demos, workshops, and training sessions, and also operates awards programs and st...
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Android clampdown on calls and texts access trashes bunch of apps

Users unchuffed, devs pulling bricked wares off Google Play Android looks a little less open now that Google has begun to enforce draconian new rules on accessing a phone's call and text logs.…
Tags: Google, Software

Don't get the pitchforks yet, Apple devs: macOS third-party application clampdown probably not as bad as rumored

The v10.15 will bring tighter security, the escape hatch should remain open for now Imagine for a moment the possibility that macOS 10.15, due to arrive later this year, will run only apps signed with a valid Apple developer certificate, with no option to white-list unsigned apps via the company's Gatekeeper security mechanism.…
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Meet YouTube-linked games-streaming Stadia, yet another thing Google will axe in two years (unless it kills Twitch)

Now, witness the power of this eventually operational game star Challenging Amazon and Microsoft for the attention of gamers and for the billing of game industry customers, Google announced a planned game streaming service called Stadia at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco on Tuesday.…
Tags: Google, Microsoft, San Francisco, Software, Meet YouTube, Challenging Amazon

Meet YouTube-linked games-streaming Stadia, yet another service Google will kill in two years – or will kill Twitch

Chocolate Factory ahas big plans for the eventually operational game star Challenging Amazon and Microsoft for the attention of gamers and for the billing of game industry customers, Google announced a planned game streaming service called Stadia at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco on Tuesday.…
Tags: Google, Microsoft, San Francisco, Software, Meet YouTube, Challenging Amazon

Super Cali optimistic right-to-repair's negotious, even though Apple thought it was something quite atrocious

US state joins others mulling laws allowing folks to freely fix their kit California has joined other US states mulling granting folks a right to repair – which would allow people to freely fix their electronic devices, and require manufacturers to provide the tools and manuals to do so.…
Tags: Apple, California, US, Software

Why, Maker of Self-Driving Tech, is Moving to San Diego

Tech salaries may not be as high outside of Silicon Valley, but neither is the cost of operating a business—or the cost of living.San Diego’s startup community has rejoiced in recent months as massive companies that employ thousands of engineers—including Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN), Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL), and the tech arm of Walmart (NYSE: WMT)—have announced expansions in the region.Local entrepreneurs hope that investment will make other tech businesses, including early-stage companies, more comfor...
Tags: Startups, Elon Musk, Hardware, Entrepreneurship, Trends, Tech, Tesla, Bloomberg, Palo Alto, Software, San Diego, Silicon Valley, Self-driving Cars, George Hotz, Aapl, Ashlee Vance

Qualcomm wins Apple patent case, loses Apple patent case, wins Apple patent case, loses Apple patent case...

Time to revisit the idea of patent portfolio as nuclear deterrence? Analysis Qualcomm has won a $31m judgment against Apple in the US after the iGiant infringed three of Qualy's mobile phone battery patents – the latest ruling in a long series of intellectual property spats between the two companies.…
Tags: Apple, US, Software, Qualcomm

AmplifAI Raises $3.9M, Its First Outside Funding, For Call Center AI

Dallas—AmplifAI Solutions, which makes artificial intelligence-enabled software for call center operations, has raised $3.9 million.Investors in the funding round were Naya Ventures, LiveOak Venture Partners, and Capital Factory, all based in Austin.AmplifAI has developed software that uses machine learning algorithms to analyze behaviors of top-performing employees in order to create training programs for employees across the payroll. Now, the company plans to use the funding to further develo...
Tags: Startups, Home Depot, Texas, Funding, Trends, Tech, Investment, Data, People, Vc, Artificial Intelligence, Software, Austin, AT&T, Innovation, Venture Capital

Apple bestows first hardware upgrades in years upon neglected iPad Mini and Air lines

And a stylus! But goes without saying that it ain't cheap Apple has tinkered with its iPad line, resurrecting the Air and administering a bit of mouth-to-mouth to the Mini as the company battles tottering sales.…
Tags: Apple, Software

Public disgrace: 82% of EU govt websites stalked by Google adtech cookies – report

Plus: UK health service sites contain commercial trackers All but three of the European Union member states' government websites are littered with undisclosed adtech trackers from Google and other firms, with many piggy-backing on third-party scripts, according to an analysis of almost 200,000 webpages.…
Tags: Google, UK, Eu, European Union, Software

JLabs’ Luby Takes the Reins at TMC Innovation Institute in Houston

Houston—Tom Luby, the head of JLabs in Houston, has been named the new director of the Texas Medical Center’s Innovation Institute, the center announced Monday morning.Luby takes over the innovation institute three months after former director Erik Halvorsen left the role.Luby is already a known presence around the TMC innovation building thanks to the two years he has led JLabs @ TMC, the Houston outpost of Johnson & Johnson’s (NYSE: JNJ) network of innovation incubators. The pharmaceutical gi...
Tags: Startups, Texas, Australia, Drugs, Boston, Cancer, Trends, Tech, People, Commercialization, Software, United Kingdom, Healthcare, Innovation, Machine Learning, Houston

Apple launches new iPad Mini and iPad Air

Updated models bring small tablet back into line with the iPhone XS and iPad ProApple has updated its long-in-the-tooth but popular smallest tablet, the iPad Mini, and the larger iPad Air.Both models have been brought up to parity with the iPhone XS and the iPad Pro with Apple’s A12 Bionic processor, which is up to three times faster than that in previous versions, which have chips dating back to 2014. Continue reading...
Tags: Apple, Ios, Ipad, Technology, UK News, World news, US news, Software, Computing, Tablet Computers, Ipad Mini

Lone Wolf launches transaction management platform

Lone Wolf is set to announce a new two-way transaction and back office integration software at Realogy's RGX conference today in Las Vegas. 
Tags: Technology, Software, Radio, CRM, Industry News, Wolf, Lone Wolf, NRT, Realogy, Select, News Brief, Real Estate Tech, Transaction Management, Brokerwolf, Jack Blaha, Matt Goddard

Karpeles walks, Google and Microsoft board up Windows hole, and Android AV still sucks

Plus, BlackBerry wants to be Uncle Sam's go-to security firm, thousands of legal docs pill online, and more Roundup Last week we saw a conservative app exposed, the revelation of Beto's hacker past, and the rise of Slub.…
Tags: Google, Microsoft, Software, Sam, BETO, Karpeles

CesiumAstro, MAP Health, StoryFit, Hatch Pitch & More Texas Tech

[ Updated 3/14/19, 1:53 pm CT. See below. ]  Another South By Southwest festival comes to a close in Austin. Let’s catch up with the highlights from the tech portion this year and other innovation news in Texas.—CesiumAstro, an Austin-based maker of antennas and communications systems for satellites, said it has raised $12.4 million in a Series A funding round. Airbus Ventures, the venture arm of plane-maker Airbus, led the round, according to a press release. Other investors were Kleiner Pe...
Tags: Apps, Publishing, Texas, Entertainment, China, Cancer, Funding, Los Angeles, Trends, Startup, Insurance, Tech, Investment, People, Vc, Artificial Intelligence

M:Bility Conference: Panel Talks Factors Fueling Future of AV Industry

At AutoWorld’s M:Bility conference in Dearborn, MI, this week, a wide variety of topics pertaining to the mobility industry and the development of driverless technology were covered in keynote and panel discussions, including mapping and sensors, artificial intelligence, automotive data, mobility-as-a-service, electrification, and 5G connectivity.However, running through all topics was a measure of caution as industry insiders worked to adjust expectations as to when fully autonomous (or nearly...
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