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As Laemmle Theatres mulls sale, is the indie film marketplace coming back from 2019’s box-office dip?

It’s been looking dire for people who like to watch something different in movie theaters. For most of the year, and especially the summer just past, what are called specialty films – independently produced, foreign language and carefully distributed movies that more-or-less cover intelligent, adult themes in realistic ways – just couldn’t seem to get a break. Overhyped (and priced) titles such as “Booksmart” and “Late Night” disappointed big at the box office. Even some touted “successes” like ...
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As Laemmle Theatres mulls sale, is the indie film marketplace coming back from 2019 box-office dip?

It’s been looking dire for people who like to watch something different in movie theaters. For most of the year, and especially the summer just past, what are called specialty films – independently produced, foreign language and carefully distributed movies that more-or-less cover intelligent, adult themes in realistic ways – just couldn’t seem to get a break. Overhyped (and priced) titles such as “Booksmart” and “Late Night” disappointed big at the box office. Even some touted “successes” like ...
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Dyson’s Decision; Father of iPod; Japan’s Coach; Shanghai Next Week

Dear ScaleUps,  Hope it’s been a productive and purposeful week. Here are some insights/opportunities to help you outlearn/outthink the competition. …the silver lining of this horrible decision is we can concentrate on those (other exciting projects).   James Dyson on deciding to stop electric car project Latest ScaleUp News -- Entries still open for Amazon ScaleUp Awards; Bob Glazer’s Elevate book excerpt – this news and more at Scal...

Ryan Reynolds and John Krasinski to Star in Imaginary Friends

Ryan Reynolds and John Krasinski to star in Imaginary Friends In a bidding war against multiple film studios including Lionsgate and Sony, The Hollywood Reporter is bringing word that Paramount Pictures has successfully outbid its competitors and is in negotiations for the rights to Ryan Reynolds and John Krasinski‘s fantasy comedy movie titled Imaginary Friends. Besides starring alongside Reynolds, Krasinski will also be serving as the film’s writer, director and producer. Imaginary Friends...
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Best Buy's Magnolia Anniversary Sale is running this week — save up to $2,000 on TVs, speakers, and more

  From now through October 20, 2019, you can get early Black Friday prices on high-end home entertainment electronics at Best Buy.  Best Buy claims that if the prices on select items drop before Black Friday, it'll refund the difference, but only if you're a My Best Buy member.  Luckily, it's free to become a My Best Buy Member at the entry-level membership tier. We've rounded up 16 of the best deals on TVs, speakers, and more from the Magnolia anniversary sale.  Black Friday is at the end of...
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Google teases fully wireless Pixel Buds, arriving Spring 2020

As rumored, Google just dropped a little hint about its next generation Pixel Buds. The company unveiled a pair of fully wireless earbuds following the release of its promising, but fairly disappointing tethered earbuds. The new headphones are certainly nice looking, maintaining the same pastel color scheme it offers on its Pixel handsets. The headphones are still a long ways out, arriving in spring of next year. Clearly the company wanted to let the world know that it still has a vested inte...
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Google's all-new PixelBuds launch next Spring for $179

Google announced this morning that they are updating their Pixel Buds to a true wireless format, though you'll have to wait until next spring when they'll launch for $179. Describing them as "floating computers," Google's true wireless product has no ear hook or wrap-around design, and they don't stick out like AirPods. You just pop them right in your ears, similar in design to the Bose SoundSport and Sony WF-1000XM3s.
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A wearable 4K Action Camera that was designed to fit around the contour of your head

The Cambox V4 Pro literally sits where your metaphorical third eye would be, capturing your world through your unique point of view. Its ergonomic and lightweight design, crafted specially for PoV action filming, puts it on a pedestal above most cameras because the Cambox V4 Pro fits right around your forehead, underneath your visor. The Cambox V4 Pro is compatible with all helmets and peaks, and films from a perspective that is much closer to your eye level, allowing you to capture your bike ...
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Google’s Pixel 4 launches next week; here’s what we expect

Here in New York, the air is crisp and the leaves have begun to turn crimson and brown. That can only mean one thing: hardware season is upon us. Backdropped by cloudy, gray Manhattan skies, Google is set to take to the stage on Tuesday, October 15, to show off its just-in-time-for-the-holidays hardware line. As ever, the event will be headlined by the latest version of the company’s flagship smartphone, the Pixel. But this event has always been packed. The Google Nest (née Home) line has lon...
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26 of the most epic product fails in American history

Launching a new product is no easy feat — even major companies have unexpected flops. Less than 3% of new consumer packaged goods exceed first-year sales of $50 million, according to Joan Schneider and Julie Hall, coauthors of "The New Launch Plan."  Microsoft's Zune failed to compete with the iPod, Cosmopolitan magazine couldn't break into the yogurt business, and McDonald's couldn't sell a burger intended for more sophisticated palates. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. La...
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Five tips to unwind with Android TV

It’s getting chilly outside (for those of us in the northern hemisphere) and now’s the perfect time to fire up this season’s premieres, scary Halloween flicks and classic holiday movies. Ahead of all that fall TV and movie-watching, we worked with YouGov to survey people on how they’re viewing TV at home. Between cable and satellite TV, streaming media and services, and casting and voice assistance, watching TV looks different now than it did a few years ago. And with more advanced TVs, many are...
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How to Stream Your PS4 to Any Android Phone

Hey Android fans, I know you’re probably tired about all the fun iOS users have been getting up to with that new-fangled Apple Arcade, but there’s some good gaming news coming your way, too. Sony’s newest firmware update for the PlayStation 4 makes it possible to use the PS4 Remote Play app on all Android phones,…Read more...
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How to set up PS4 Remote Play on Android and iOS

After a quick reveal in early October, Sony has enabled PS4 Remote Play beyond its own devices, giving players the freedom to extend their gaming sessions away from the big screen. Here's how it works.
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Masters of the Universe: Sony’s He-Man Movie Could Go to Netflix

Masters of the Universe: Sony’s He-Man movie could go to Netflix After developing a Masters of the Universe film since 2007, Sony is apparently considering making the project for Netflix, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The outlet reports that studio chairman Tom Rothman is in preliminary talks as Sony decides between finding a studio or financier partner for the He-Man project, or go with Netflix in a “safe deal.” PB = PB || {}; PB.gptStandAlone = PB.g...
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Gnarbox 2.0 backup SSD is a photographer’s best friend in the field and at home

Working photographers, and enthusiasts who just love taking plenty of pictures, know that even the biggest SD cards can sometimes fill up, especially when you’re working with large file sizes, shooting both JPG and RAW, and shooting 4K video. The solution? A good mobile backup drive. There are a number of options out there that fit the bill, but the newly released Gnarbox 2.0 might be the best of them all, because it works like a miniature independent photo computer in addition to packing speedy...
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PlayStation 5 v Xbox Scarlett: the next console war begins in 2020

Sony’s PS5 will have haptic feedback, while Microsoft’s competing console will have four times the power of Xbox One. Here’s how the two high-end machines compareThe next console war has a start date – or at least a start period. Sony has announced that its next console, PlayStation 5 (PS5), will be launched next autumn/winter, putting it in direct competition with Microsoft’s forthcoming Xbox Scarlett, also due in time for the 2020 Christmas holiday period.In a post on the PlayStation site, Son...
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PlayStation 5 Launching Before Christmas 2020

Sony has announced that the PlayStation 5 will be released towards the end of next year. An article purporting to have been written by Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan claims that the eagerly-awaited console will be released in time for “Holiday” (presumably Christmas) 2020. The article on the upcoming console also touts the advantages […]
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10 things in tech you need to know today

Good morning! This is the tech news you need to know this Wednesday. WeWork cofounder Adam Neumann personally invested $30 million in a startup and loaned money to its CEO — who was then fired for alleged gross misconduct. Neumann personally loaned $110,000 to Andrew Scobie, who was later dismissed from his role as CEO of energy tech company Faraday Grid. California-based game company Blizzard has banned a pro esports player and revoked his prize money after he voiced support for Hong Kong pro...
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With $15M round and 100K tablets sold, reMarkable CEO wants to make tech ‘more human’

The reMarkable tablet is a strange device in this era of ultra-smart gadgets: A black and white screen meant for reading, writing, and sketching — and nothing more. Yet the company has sold 100,000 of the devices and now has attracted $15 million in series A funding from Spark Capital. It’s an unusual trajectory for a hardware startup exploring a nearly unoccupied market, but CEO Magnus Wanberg is confident that’s because this category of device is destined to grow in response to increasingly in...
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Daily Crunch: Apple releases latest MacOS update

The Daily Crunch is TechCrunch’s roundup of our biggest and most important stories. If you’d like to get this delivered to your inbox every day at around 9am Pacific, you can subscribe here. 1. Apple’s MacOS Catalina is now available Catalina bucks the trend of recent MacOS updates with some pronounced changes — the underlying principles are the same, but the latest version of Apple’s Mac operating system makes some fundamental updates to popular apps, like getting rid of iTunes. Brian Heater...
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Sony Confirms PlayStation 5 Name, Holiday 2020 Release Date

Sony has confirmed that its next-generation console will be called the PlayStation 5, and it'll be out next year, launching in time for "Holiday 2020." From a report: The company also announced several changes that it'll be making to the controller on the PS5. Chief among them is replacing the current rumble technology that Sony has been using since the original PlayStation for new haptic feedback technology that it promises will offer a "broader range of feedback." The other big change that Son...
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Sony’s next console is…the PlayStation 5, arriving holidays 2020

Part of me wishes Sony had gone for something a little flashier. The PlayStation Unicorn or PlayStation Trebuchet or something. But there’s something to be said for consistency. Simplicity. The gaming console will be, drumroll…the PlayStation 5. The company notes that nothing is particularly revelatory in this morning’s reveal. That information, it seems, is still coming. And there’s still plenty of time and lots of gaming-centric shows in which the company can spill more about the system. ...
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The latest PlayStation 4 update will let you stream games to any Android phone (SNE)

Sony's latest firmware update for the PlayStation 4 will let you stream games to your Android phone, so long as you're running Android 5.0 or later. The Remote Play feature sends a streaming video feed from your PlayStation 4 directly to your smartphone or PC, so you can play from anywhere.  Remote Play has been available on iPhone and iPad since March, and it's been available on Mac and Windows since back in 2016. Sony has also improved the PlayStation 4's party chat functions, expanding the ...
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The best true wireless earbuds you can buy

True wireless earbuds don't have wires, connect to your phone with Bluetooth, and are stored inside a small case that recharges the earbuds when they're inside.  As such, wireless earbuds are very convenient and great for carrying around all day.  The Cambridge Audio Melomania 1 earbuds are the best ones we've tested. They are simple to use, have exceptional battery life, offer superb sound that's suitable for every type of music, are sweat resistant, and come with a reasonable price tag. Just...
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Millennials' obsession with nostalgia is fueling the rise of vintage video games, and experts say we're only going to see more revivals in the future

There's been a resurgence of interest in vintage video games in the last few years, from remakes of retro consoles to reboots of popular franchises from the 1990s. Experts say interest in older video games isn't going away anytime soon, and we can probably expect to see more revivals in the future. Interest in retro games seemingly hit a fever pitch in 2017 with the launch of Nintendo's SNES Classic, and there's a simple reason why: The fans who grew up playing those games now have the means t...
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What opportunities does 5G hold for Entertainment Tech startups?

With every generation of mobile network, new functionality was unlocked for users. 5G promises to be on a completely different level, with Qualcomm citing the economic impact at $12 Trillion by 2035. How much of it is hype to justify the massive infrastructure investment, only time will tell. But as 5G starts rolling out in various markets including the US and UK, I list a few big market opportunities for TME (Technology, Media and Entertainment) startups, some of our areas of focus at Remagine ...
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Sony WF-1000XM3 review: updated noise-cancelling earbuds sound great

True wireless buds are Sony’s best yet, but where is the volume control?Sony’s latest true wireless WF-1000XM3 earbuds offer both noise cancelling and top-end sound quality while undercutting premium rivals on price.The replacement for the WF-1000X, which were some of the first noise cancelling true wireless earbuds available, the new “M3” portion of the model number denotes the company’s third generation of active noise cancelling technology and the QN1e chip, which is rivalled only by Bose. Co...
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It's Just So Universal

I finally started reading the Be More Chill novel, and I LOVE IT.Though lots of small things are different from the musical, all the big arcs are pretty much the same -- although the ending is totally different (by necessity). It's been fun spending even more time with Jeremy, Michael, and the gang. Plus the novel is full of "Bonus Features"...For instance, I was reading the novel and got to a reprint of a Yahoo News item that Jeremy sees online about the Squip... What?Let's pause here for a se...
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Bose previews voice controlled on-ear headphones and a pair of wireless earbuds

Bose just announced a trio of new headphones today. The company used the opportunity to primarily focus on the dryly named Noise Cancelling Headphones 700, which purport to sport “the biggest leap forward in headphones since the iconic QuietComfort.” A big claim, to be sure, especially given how much that line has come to define the category. The new headphones apparently use the QuietComfort line as a sort of stepping stone, adding in voice control through Google Assistant and Alexa (plus Siri ...
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Sony Builds IoT Chip With a 60-Mile Range

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Engadget: Sony is quietly launching a chip that could change how e-bikes, cars, street lamps and all kinds of other connected devices can relay information. The module, when installed on any IoT object, will allow it send data to Sony's proprietary low-power wide area (LPWA) ELTRES network launching this fall. It can transmit up to about 60 miles and work in noisy urban environments on objects moving at high speeds, opening up a lot of new applications in...
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