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20 years later, the iPod is still my favorite gadget

Age is a blessing — but it’s also fucking terrifying. Especially when I realized it had been 20 years since the iPod was released. Once I stopped hyperventilating, I understood this was okay. Why? Because the iPod changed my life. And, to this very day, I believe it’s the greatest gadget ever created. It didn’t begin that way though. Before I got my hands on an iPod, I thought MP3 players were stupid. The year is 2005. I’m about 16 and I’ve been building a CD collection for several years (one I ...
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It’s iPod’s 20th birthday and people have a lot of feelings

As a tech journo, I love it when people share their experiences of tech with me. It’s so much more interesting than a review someone is being paid to write or a marketing blurb. So in celebration of the iPod ‘s 20th birthday, I reached out to a bunch of folks I know to hear their stories. Just friends, some journos, and a former PR for Apple… A catalyst for new music I remember loading my trusty old iPod up with all my favorite music before traveling around Europe back in 2008 (i was 22). About ...
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How the original iPod got me through the war

I carried a Sig Sauer on my hip and an iPod in my pocket, but I was only authorized to use the pistol while on watch. It was March 2003. The second gen iPod had already launched, but most of us were still rocking the first gens because that’s what they sold at the Navy Exchange back home and on the ship. My position, that night, was as a gate guard. The squadron I worked in was stationed aboard the USS Nimitz and we were enjoying our last night in Pearl Harbor before we left for the Persian Gulf...
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Google channels Big Tobacco with dystopian research censorship

In the wake of the firing of Timnit Gebru and other notable AI researchers at Google, Alphabet’s circled the wagons and lawyered up. Reports flow out of Mountain View depicting teams of lawyers censoring scientific research and acting as unnamed collaborators and peer-reviewers. Most recently, Business Insider managed to interview several researchers who painted a startling and bleak picture of what it’s like to try and conduct research under such an anti-scientific regime. Per the article, one ...
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Facebook’s smart glasses could lead to Black Mirror-style privacy concerns

Facebook’s smart glasses ambitions are in the news again. The company has launched a worldwide project dubbed Ego4D to research new uses for smart glasses. In September, Facebook unveiled its Ray-Ban Stories glasses, which have two cameras and three microphones built-in. The glasses capture audio and video so wearers can record their experiences and interactions. The research project aims to add augmented reality features to smart glasses using artificial intelligence technologies that could pro...
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Android devs, rejoice! Google will take less of your cash — here are the details

Google made a significant announcement for developers last night by reducing fees for recurring subscriptions to 15% or less for all apps. There are still tons of caveats and conditions to be eligible for that, so let’s dive right into it: If your app offers subscriptions (like Bumble or Spotify) through the Play Store payment system, you’ll have to pay 15% fees to Google. In March, the company had reduced the fees from 30% to 15% on the first million dollars earned for any developer. If your ap...
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The new MacBook Pros look amazing, but I just want a MacPad

PC’s may outnumber Macs in the real world, but as a tech journalist, I sometimes feel like the odd man out. I’m used to seeing a sea of MacBooks at big tech events — back when that sort of thing happened — with just a sprinkle of Windows laptops here and there. Yet even after Apple unveiled the new MacBook Pros, which seem to outclass their closest Windows competitors in nearly every performance metric, I don’t have the slightest interest in switching. Not because I’m intractably loyal to Window...
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Terrifyingly, Facebook wants its AI to be your eyes and ears

Facebook has announced a research project that aims to push the “frontier of first-person perception”, and in the process help you remember where you left your keys. The Ego4D project provides a huge collection of first-person video and related data, plus a set of challenges for researchers to teach computers to understand the data and gather useful information from it. In September, the social media giant launched a line of “smart glasses” called Ray-Ban Stories, which carry a digital camera an...
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We reviewed the iPhone 13 with a series of haikus

Once a year I’m hit with an impossible question: how the hell do you review the new iPhone? Do you write for the tech-heads who obsess over every details? The broader public who may only upgrade their phone every few years? Sceptics? Fans? There’s simply no right way. Making this even trickier is the fact the devices are now incredibly mature. This year’s model (the iPhone 13 in case you didn’t get that from the headline) continues a series of iterative upgrades that streamline the phone. In oth...
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Here’s Why AdWords Management Services Can Help Grow Your Business

Leveraging Google AdWords can definitely improve your online visibility. Get a Google AdWords consultation to boost your online marketing efforts. The post Here’s Why AdWords Management Services Can Help Grow Your Business appeared first on Young Upstarts.
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Social media’s ‘queer tax’ is exhausting, unfair, and unavoidable

A colleague recently sought my advice on covering a queer-related tech topic and I’m not ashamed to admit I advised them against it. I’m queer. I made the decision to come out in my professional life after a lot of consideration and long discussions with my family. In the time since, I’ve learned that millions of people who’ve never met me hate me. They despise me for existing. They think I should go away, shut up, and stop being who I am. I offend them. That’s not something I experienced before...
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Facebook’s reportedly changing its name — and we have some suggestions

Word on the grapevine is that social media nightmare platform Facebook is planning on changing its name. This mighty rebrand, according to The Verge, is happening for one reason: the metaverse. In more real terms, the Zuck wants to position Facebook as more than a social media company. On the information we have, it seems this move is like Google reorganizing under the Alphabet name. That means it’s unlikely the Facebook app itself will receive a name change, instead there’ll be an umbrella busi...
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Here’s how the Pixel 6’s Google Tensor challenges other Android CPUs

The Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro we officially revealed today. Alongside them, we got some confirmation about the phone’s fascinating new Google Tensor SoC — and how it’s different from anything else currently out there. There are few key ways Google is differentiating itself. One of the most peculiar, as predicted by leaks, is the arrangement of CPU cores. Some background: Current flagship Android processors like the Exynos 2100 and Snapdragon 888 use three types of cores. The Snapdragon 888, for ex...
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How the laws of physics could prevent us from ever meeting aliens

Where are the aliens? Italian physicist Enrico Fermi posited the idea that aliens may not exist simply because, if they did, there should be some evidence for them. Fermi wasn’t a troll. You can believe in aliens and also recognize that science requires actionable data. But what if both Fermi’s paradox and the alien enthusiasts are correct? What if we posit a sort of Fermi’s Alien where, like Schrodinger’s Cat, the creature exists in two paradoxical states that are simultaneously true. Fermi’s A...
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Hands-on: The Pixel 6 is here, and Google is finally serious about hardware

It’s no surprise the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro are launching today. The company already revealed the phones a few months ago, and today basically serves as a confirmation for the myriad of additional leaks we’ve had so far. Still, it’s nice to see some concrete evidence that Google has finally started to take its phones’ hardware seriously. We’ve had our hands on the new phones for a couple of days now, and while we’re not able to share a full review yet, it’s evident that this is the most excitin...
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The breakout star of Apple’s MacBook Pro event is a $19 cleaning cloth

Who gives a good goddamn about new MacBook Pros or the AirPods 3? I’ll tell you who: losers. Because there was only one product worth our attention launched at Apple‘s October event. And that, friends, is a motherfucking cleaning cloth. Shh, don’t get annoyed. I understand you. I know how you live. And that means you’re currently reading these words on a screen smeared with a thick layer of grime. There’s no need to be ashamed — it’s normal. It’s totally normal. Don’t be ashamed. But in another,...
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Apple Music’s new Voice plan is the weirdest way to push Siri

Siri recently hit 10 years of disappointing users — but that’s not stopping Apple from ploughing ahead with it. Yesterday, the company unveiled the Apple Music ‘Voice’ plan, a way of using the streaming app with only Siri. Yay for HomePod users, I guess? At its MacBook Pro event, the company announced this new Apple Music plan “designed around the power of Siri.” At the outset, it looks like a weird move. Why would I need Siri to play music when I can control it through my iPhone or iPad? The ne...
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PSD2 could revolutionize the EU’s finance sector — if banks and fintechs learn to get along

With Silicon Valley in the West and Shenzhen in the East having long dominated the tech scene, Europe’s leaders have been calling on the need for the EU to achieve technological sovereignty. This means having homegrown technology companies that are strong enough to compete with big tech players from abroad, making EU based businesses less dependent and giving the bloc a stronger position in shaping the future of tech.   With major fintech hubs developing in London and Frankfurt as well as new re...
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The MacBook Pro notch is real — don’t say I didn’t warn you, Mr. Apple

Yesterday, I said that if the MacBook Pro notch turned out to be real, I’d raze Cupertino to the ground. And — would you believe it? — the MacBook Pro notch turned out to be real. If anyone needs me, you’ll know where I’ll be. Hit me up if anyone has any discounts on (de)construction equipment in California. Did you know we have a newsletter all about consumer tech? It’s called Plugged In – and you can subscribe to it right here.This story continues at The Next WebOr just read more coverage abou...
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Sorry Apple fans: The notch is here to stay

Though I’ve dabbled with macOS and iOS here and there, I’m partial to Windows and Android. I like choices, and I like flexibility. But if there’s one thing I’ve learned reporting on Apple and observing it from the other side of the fence, it’s that Apple likes to stand out — occasionally at the expense of its users. Hence, the notch on the new 14 and 16-inch MacBook Pros. When Apple introduced the notch with the iPhone X, most of us assumed it was a temporary compromise while the company figured...
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How atomic time-travel could reveal the mysteries of dark matter and more

Physicists from the University of Colorado have created an atomic clock so precise it can measure gravitational time dilation over distances as small as one millimeter. This record-breaking measurement could have implications reaching as far as redefining exactly how long a second is or discovering where all the dark matter in our universe is hiding. Up front: Einstein figured out that time functions differently depending on how close to a “gravity well” the observer is. So, for instance, if you...
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Everything Apple announced at its 2021 MacBook Pro event

The moment many a Mac power user has been waiting for has finally arrived: Apple today announced its new ARM-powered 14 and 16-inch MacBook Pros, including an all-new design and superpowered versions of Apple’s M1 chip, dubbed M1 Pro and M1 Max. There were a few other announcements too; here’s what you need to know. Apple Music Voice Plan Apple today announced the Apple Music Voice plan, which is basically a $5 discount to try to get people to actually use Siri. For $4.99 a month, users can acce...
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Where are all the robotaxis and autonomous cars we were promised?

We’re a couple weeks away from All Hallows Eve and there are plenty of things that go bump in the night for us to fear this year. Things such as dumb cars that can’t figure out how cul-de-sacs work without a human operator. And Tesla FSD’s proclivity towards driving the wrong way down clearly-marked one-way streets, for example. Up front: Rumors of the advent of truly driverless cars have been, for the most part, widely exaggerated. Elon Musk’s now infamous 2019 claim that Tesla would have one m...
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I’ll raze Cupertino to the ground if the new MacBook Pro has a notch

There are two simple words that sum up how I’m feeling about the new MacBook Pro: oh no. In case you haven’t heard, Apple is holding an event today. Supposedly, this will be the announcement of the M1X MacBook Pro. There’s a lot to be excited about. The rumors are that Apple will ditch the traitorous Touch Bar, MagSafe is making a return, and the displays will be sharper and larger. On paper, this is fantastic. The new MacBook Pro doesn’t sound like an update, it’s an entire refresh — something ...
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Here’s how to watch Apple’s M1X MacBook Pro event

While I’m dying to watch the new season of HBO’s show Succession, tonight’s primetime slot is reserved for Apple. The event will supposedly focus on its modified M1X chips and a few new MacBook Pros powered by it. You can watch the live stream of the event on Apple’s website or the company’s YouTube channel at 10AM PT/1PM ET/10.30PM IST/7PM CET. Last year, Apple introduced its ARM-based indigenous chip M1. At the launch, the company also announced the MacBook Pro, the MacBook Air, and the Mac Mi...
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Amazon puts its own “brands” first above better-rated products

It took Robert Gomez about five months to get his Kaffe coffee grinder to the big leagues in e-commerce: among the first three search results for “coffee grinder” on Gomez, founder of Atlanta-based consumer goods startup 4Q Brands, said he obsessively refined his photos and description, amassed reviews from happy customers, and paid Amazon $40,000 a month on advertising to boost sales, one of the elements Amazon tells sellers will increase search ranking. Robert Gomez, owner of start...
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Everything we know about Google’s Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro so far

Google‘s Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro will officially be launched on October 19, and in typical fashion, we know a ton of details about the phones well before their release. That’s in part due to unintentional leaks, but also because Google itself has already told us a ton of information about the device’s hardware. There’s a lot to be excited about with the Pixel 6, as it seems Google is taking hardware for the first time since… well, ever. Pixel phones have always been vehicles to show off Google’s...
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Sorry former Pentagon expert, but China is nowhere near winning the AI race

Nicolas Chaillan, the Pentagon’s former Chief Software Officer, is on a whirlwind press tour to drum up as much fervor for his radical assertion that the US has already lost the AI race against China. Speaking to the Financial Times in his first interview after leaving his post at the Pentagon, Chaillan said: We have no competing fighting chance against China in 15 to 20 years. Right now, it’s already a done deal. Chaillan’s departure from the Pentagon was preceded by a “blistering letter” where...
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WhatsApp now offers encrypted backups. Here’s how to opt in

WhatsApp is finally letting users encrypt the backups of their messages. Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg announced on Thursday that the feature is now being rolled out to iOS and Android users globally. The feature secures backups stored on Google Drive or Apple’s iCloud with end-to-end encryption. This encryption will provide more privacy and security, but it’s not enabled by default. Here’s how to turn the feature on: Make sure you’ve got the latest version of WhatsApp. Open Settings. Tap Chats...
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Save more than $60 on this versatile Apple iPad

The iPad is among the most notable innovations from technology giant, Apple, and for the last decade, generations of this device have made a major impact on daily lifestyles for users of all ages. From professional purposes and customer service to in-class learning and personal entertainment, the iPad provides plenty of capabilities in a small package. In a world that requires many of us to be able to work and learn from anywhere, these devices are more valuable than ever. You can accomplish a l...
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