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New Proposal Would Let Companies Further Screw You Over With Terms of Service

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Vice: A collection of unelected lawyers [from the American Law Institute] this week is quietly pushing a new proposal that could dramatically erode your legal rights, leaving you at the mercy of giant corporations eager to protect themselves from accountability. Occasionally, this coalition (including all the members of the Supreme Court) meets to create "restatements," effectively an abridged synopsis or reference guide for the latest established precede...
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United States: Supreme Court Clarifies Indirect Purchaser Rule; Permits Class Action Against Apple To Go Forward - Arnold & Porter

On May 13, 2019, the Supreme Court, in a 5-4 decision, affirmed a Ninth Circuit ruling that permitted a massive consumer class action against Apple concerning the Apple App Store to proceed, even though the prices
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The app that lets you play Steam games on your iPhone is finally available to download

Remember the Steam Link app that let you play Steam games on iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV? Apple yanked it from the App Store about a year ago, citing "business conflicts." The app allowed you to purchase games directly from Steam, bypassing Apple's App Store altogether. We all know that's a no-no in Apple's universe, so it wasn't exactly a surprise to see it pulled from the App Store. Apple said that the app wasn't entirely dead a few days later, and it took quite a long time ...
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Thursday round-up

Adam Liptak reports for The New York Times that although “[a]bortion rights are at risk at the Supreme Court, … the short-term threat may not come from extreme laws like the one passed by Alabama lawmakers” this week: “The court led by Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. is more likely to chip away at the constitutional right to abortion established in 1973 in Roe v. Wade than to overturn it outright,” and “[i]t will have plenty of opportunities to do so.” Joan Biskupic writes at CNN that “in his ...
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Wednesday round-up

Richard Re analyzes Monday’s opinion in Franchise Tax Board of California v. Hyatt, in which the court overruled a 40-year-old precedent and held that a state cannot be sued in the courts of another state without its consent, for this blog. At The NCSL Blog, Lisa Soronen observes that Justice Clarence “Thomas spent a mere page explaining why a majority of the justices were rejecting stare decisis (let the decision stand) in this case.” Howard Wasserman writes at PrawfsBlawg that “[t]here is no t...
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May 15 roundup

“Banana Costume Copyright Assailed at Third Circuit” [Emilee Larkin, Courthouse News, earlier] In a new piece for The Bulwark, I sort through some comments by presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg critical of identity politics; Supreme Court’s decision in Apple v. Pepper, with Justice Brett Kavanaugh joining four liberals, takes a little nick out of Illinois Brick doctrine limiting antitrust suits [my new Cato post] Ninth Circuit will soon hear case in which judge ordered Idaho prison sy...
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Has The Supreme Court Eviscerated Recovery Of eDiscovery Costs?

It sure seems that way thanks to an opinion by Justice Kavanaugh handed down in March.
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Imagine Apple's App Store with no walled garden

The Supreme Court agreed to let an anti-trust consumer lawsuit against Apple go forward. The complaint: Apple's walled garden stifled competition.            [Author: USA TODAY]
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Daily Crunch: Impossible Foods raises $300M

The Daily Crunch is TechCrunch’s roundup of our biggest and most important stories. If you’d like to get this delivered to your inbox every day at around 9am Pacific, you can subscribe here. The company behind the Impossible Burger gets a big infusion of capital, a major WhatsApp exploit is revealed and Uber stock has a rough day. Here’s your Daily Crunch for May 14, 2019. 1. Crowned by Burger King, meat replacement company Impossible Foods raises $300M After being crowned by Burger King as the ...
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Daily News Roundup: Apple’s App Store Monopoly

As of late, Apple has been under fire for its App Store practices. Specifically, the fact that it takes a 30% cut of all app sales, causing developers to raise prices, leaving users no other choice but to pay up. Yesterday, the Supreme Court ruled iPhone owners could proceed with a suit against Apple for the practice. Since Apple only allows apps to be downloaded directly from its App Store on iOS, the claim is that it has a monopoly over app distribution. It’s an interesting angle because iOS ...
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Google's New York City office is one of the city's biggest polluters, according to Mayor Bill de Blasio — and it could face millions in fines (GOOG, GOOGL)

Google's New York City office is the third largest contributor of greenhouse gas emissions for a building in the city and could face fines totaling more than $4 million should the company not make appropriate updates.  The tech giant's New York City headquarters — located at 111 8th Avenue — would violate a section of Mayor de Blasio's "Green New Deal" that requires the city's largest buildings to cut their greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 or face a severe penalty. News of Google's building b...
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Tuesday round-up

Yesterday the Supreme Court issued decisions in three cases. In Apple v. Pepper, a divided court held that a lawsuit against Apple by iPhone users who allege that Apple is violating federal antitrust laws by requiring them to buy apps only from the company’s App Store can go forward. Amy Howe has this blog’s opinion analysis, which first appeared at Howe on the Court. Subscript Law has a graphic explainer for the opinion. At The Daily Caller, Kevin Daley reports that “Justice Brett Kavanaugh del...
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Justice Breyer's warning to Supreme Court

• iPhone owners can sue Apple for monopolizing App Store, Supreme Court rules • Supreme Court continues open feud over death penalty appeals • 'Heartbeat' law sets up possible challenge to Roe v. Wade
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Supreme Court ruling means Apple could face lawsuits from lots of angry customers

The United States Supreme Court ruled this week that users could sue Apple for allegedly monopolizing the App Store and driving up the price of apps. This means that, if you’re so inclined, you could bring suit against Apple for overcharging you. Apple v Pepper, as the case is called, dealt with the issue of whether Apple’s 30 percent revenue cut is a charge that trickles down to consumers. Given that the App Store is a monopoly — meaning there’s really no other way to legally get an app on an i...
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Accused of 'Terrorism' For Putting Legal Materials Online

Carl Malamud believes in open access to government records, and he has spent more than a decade putting them online. You might think states would welcome the help. From a report: But when Mr. Malamud's group posted the Official Code of Georgia Annotated, the state sued for copyright infringement. Providing public access to the state's laws and related legal materials, Georgia's lawyers said, was part of a "strategy of terrorism." A federal appeals court ruled against the state, which has asked t...
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Supreme Court Rules Against Apple, As Kavanaugh Sides With Liberal Justices

The Supreme Court says iPhone users' antitrust lawsuit against Apple can continue. The decision divided President Trump's two appointees, Justices Brett Kavanaugh and Neil Gorsuch.(Image credit: Doug Mills/Pool / Reuters )
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Supreme Court says iPhone owners can sue Apple for monopolizing App Store

• Supreme Court continues open feud over last-minute death penalty appeals
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Apple might have to open iPhone to other app stores — here’s what that means

The Supreme Court ruled that an antitrust case against Apple can go ahead. The case is over whether or not Apple is a monopoly because of the way that it operates the App Store. Here's what the ruling could mean for you. The post Apple might have to open iPhone to other app stores — here’s what that means appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Apple's surprise defeat in the Supreme Court is bad news for Tim Cook's turnaround plan (AAPL, SPOT)

Apple's loss at the Supreme Court could ultimately hobble its services business. The court ruled that a case over the fees Apple charges on app sales could go forward, a move that could eventually force Apple to reduce them. Those fees comprise the biggest portion of Apple's services business — and a significant chunk of its total gross profit. Apple has been touting its services business as the engine of its future growth. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Thanks to the Sup...
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Supreme Court Says Apple Will Have To Face App Store Monopoly Lawsuit

A group of iPhone owners accusing Apple of violating US antitrust rules because of its App Store monopoly can sue the company, the Supreme Court ruled Monday. From a report: The Supreme Court upheld the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals' decision in Apple v. Pepper, agreeing in a 5-4 decision that Apple app buyers could sue the company for allegedly driving up prices. "Apple's line-drawing does not make a lot of sense, other than as a way to gerrymander Apple out of this and similar lawsuits," wrot...
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Supreme Court greenlights Apple customers' lawsuit over App Store price-fixing

The Supreme Court has ruled on a key question in Apple Inc v Pepper, a class action suit arguing that the App Store violated antitrust law by driving up prices through the monopolistic tactic of prohibiting users from buying apps from third parties, and then taking a 30% commission on every app sold, which led software companies to raise prices in order to remain profitable after Apple had taken its cut. Apple had asked the Supreme Court to prevent the case from moving forward on the ground...
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Supreme Court Rules Apple Can Be Sued for Monopolistic App Store Practices

If you’re a typical iPhone user, there’s really only one place (aside from things like TestFlight) to get new apps: Apple’s App Store. For a long time, people have argued back and forth if this practice could be considered a form of monopoly, and after years in the courts, the Supreme Court finally weighed in one…Read more...
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Kavanaugh Sides With Liberal Justices In Ruling iPhone Users Can Sue Apple Over App Prices

Justice Brett Kavanaugh sided with his liberal colleagues on the Supreme Court Monday, writing for an ideologically unusual majority that iPhone users can sue Apple over the high app prices that result from its monopolistic control over the “the iPhone apps aftermarket.”Kavanaugh and the court's four liberal justices concurred with the Ninth Circuit's contention that Apple, not app developers, controls the point of sale and, as a result, can be sued for exercising a monopoly.“It is undis...
Tags: Apple, News, Supreme Court, Court, Ninth Circuit, Kavanaugh, Brett Kavanaugh, Neil Gorsuch

iPhone owners can sue Apple over App Store monopoly

The Supreme Court ruled consumers who accuse Apple of violating antitrust rules with its App Store can sue the company. CNN's Brian Fung reports.
Tags: Apple, News, Supreme Court, Cnn, Stories, App Store, Brian Fung

Opinion analysis: Divided court allows antitrust lawsuit against Apple to continue

This morning a divided Supreme Court handed a major victory to the plaintiffs in a massive antitrust lawsuit against technology giant Apple. By a vote of 5-4, the justices allowed the lawsuit, brought by a group of iPhone users who allege that Apple is violating federal laws by requiring them to buy apps exclusively from Apple’s App Store, to go forward. In an opinion by its newest justice, Brett Kavanaugh, the court rejected Apple’s argument that the lawsuit should be shut down because the comp...
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Supreme Court says iPhone users can sue Apple for excessive prices on its App Store

The Supreme Court opened the door for iPhone users to sue Apple over excessive prices on its exclusive App Store.            [Author: USA TODAY]
Tags: Apple, Usa, News, Supreme Court, App Store, Usa Today

Supreme Court Allows Lawsuits Over Apple’s Alleged iPhone App Monopoly

New Justice Brett Kavanaugh joined the court's liberals in rejecting the plea
Tags: Apple, News, Supreme Court, Uncategorized, Courts, Brett Kavanaugh, Onetime

Supreme Court rules against Apple, allows an App Store antitrust case to proceed

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled 5-4 against Apple on Monday on a case involving whether or not a group of iPhone users will be allowed to bring an antitrust lawsuit against the company regarding its App Store practices. The iPhone owners allege that Apple’s 30 percent commission on App Store sales is passed along to users, representing an unlawful and unfair use of Apple’s monopoly power. Apple had moved to have the case dismissed, arguing that consumers were buying their apps from the developers —...
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Supreme Court Rules Against Apple in Case Alleging App Store Is a Monopoly

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled Monday that Apple iPhone customers may proceed with their class-action lawsuit against the tech giant that alleges Apple’s App Store operates an illegal monopoly on iPhone apps. In the case, Apple v. Pepper, four iPhone owners had sued the company saying it had unlawfully monopolized the aftermarket for apps because […]
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Supreme Court rules against Apple, allowing lawsuit targeting App Store to proceed

Apple suffered a significant defeat at the Supreme Court on Monday, when the justices ruled that consumers could forge ahead with a lawsuit against the iPhone giant over the way it manages its App Store. The 5-4 decision could spell serious repercussions for one of Apple’s most lucrative lines of business, and open the door […]
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