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Amazon Is Already Spending Game Of Thrones Money To Make The Wheel Of Time

In case you haven't heard the big news — the next "Game of Thrones" is on the way! It's called... "Westworld"? Or maybe "The Witcher"? Perhaps it's "The Expanse"? Or Amazon's "Lord of the Rings"? So many shows have had the title thrown their way, that it's getting pretty hard to keep track. But the latest addition to the club has been getting the comparison since the project was first announced.Amazon's upcoming fantasy epic, "The Wheel of Time" shares much in common with HBO's crown jewel — bot...
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How did The Morning Show become the messiest show on TV?

In its second season, the star-studded Apple TV drama is a chaotic, uneven and ham-fisted yet compulsively watchable rumination on workplace ethics amid the pandemicWatching The Morning Show, Apple TV+’s messy, star-studded morning news drama whose second season premiered this fall, is for me a very vocal experience – the road from concept to execution so bumpy and the choices so chaotic as to provoke several guffaws an episode. The biggest “NO” comes in the beginning of the second season’s thir...
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‘They didn’t just pick us up off the street!’ Meet the globally derided Squid Game VIPs

The K-drama is the hottest show in the world – so why do its English speakers sound like they’re reading off Google Translate? We meet the men accused of dire, stilted acting to see how they’ve found being catapulted to fameSquid Game is a sensation. A violent Korean drama that mixes childhood nostalgia with vast amounts of death, the series has surpassed all expectations to become the most successful show in Netflix history. It has made global stars of its main cast overnight. That is, with a f...
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The Daily Stream: Foundation Is A Heady, Gorgeous Sci-Fi Series That Imagines Science As The Savior

(Welcome to The Daily Stream, an ongoing series in which the /Film team shares what they've been watching, why it's worth checking out, and where you can stream it.)The Series: "Foundation"Where You Can Stream It: Apple TV+The Pitch: Humanity has spread out across the stars, living under a somewhat benevolent Galactic Empire, which has brought prosperity and stability to hundreds planets across the galaxy. But it's a ticking time bomb. Mathematician Hari Seldon (Jared Harris) has predicted that ...
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Swagger Season 1: Release Date, Cast, And More

(Welcome to ...And More, our no-frills, zero B.S. guide to when and where you can watch upcoming movies and shows, and everything else you could possibly stand to know.)Yeah, yeah, I know. Another sports drama. Been there, done that, right? Well, "Swagger" immediately separates itself from the rest of the pack thanks to some key creative partners and big names: primarily NBA superstar Kevin Durant, whose involvement with growing up in youth basketball did much to inspire this upcoming series. Th...
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Rami Malek Impersonates Pete Davidson In A Wholly Satisfying Saturday Night Live (With A Little Help From Daniel Craig)

This weekend brought another new episode of "Saturday Night Live" -- the third in a series of four back-to-back episodes kicking off season 47 with four first-time hosts. "No Time to Die" and "Bohemian Rhapsody" star Rami Malek hosted the show, and although he's best known for his dramatic roles and having "resting villain face," he turned out to be a wholly satisfying collaborator who wasn't afraid to get weird with the "SNL" cast. The Oscar winner turned in a fantastic impersonation of cast me...
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Hailee Steinfeld Says Playing Emily Dickinson Prepared Her For Hawkeye's Kate Bishop

If you haven't been keeping up with your Apple TV+ shows — and sadly, not enough viewers have — you may not have seen Hailee Steinfeld in "Dickinson." However, if you're a Marvelite — as many moviegoers and Disney+ subscribers are — you're surely aware that she will be playing the self-styled "world's greatest archer," Kate Bishop, in the upcoming "Hawkeye" streaming series."Hawkeye" is one of those Disney+ shows that we told you to keep on your radar for later this year, along with the Peter Ja...
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Why Peaky Blinders Is Ending – Here's What We Know

It was announced in January of 2021 that the currently in-development sixth season of "Peaky Blinders" (that'd be sixth series for our friends across the pond) would ultimately be the show's last. That would've seemed to bring an end to the small-screen scramble for power and influence that Thomas Shelby (Cillian Murphy) and his family-fronted gang of Peaky Blinders had first embarked upon with the first season back in September 2013. But while the tentative plans for a seventh season may have b...
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Lost in translation? The one-inch truth about Netflix’s subtitle problem

Subtitling is an essential art form. So why, as the streaming giant scores more global hits with shows like Squid Game and Call My Agent, isn’t it trying harder to find the right words?“Once you overcome the one-inch-tall barrier of subtitles, you will be introduced to so many more amazing films.” So said the director Bong Joon-ho, as he accepted his best picture Oscar for Parasite in 2020, in a not-so-subtle dig at the dominance of English language content. The success of Netflix’s Korean serie...
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Shrinking: Jason Segel To Star In Apple TV Series From Ted Lasso Team

Bless the "Ted Lasso" gods: A 10-episode comedy series, "Shrinking," is coming from the beloved series' writers, Bill Lawrence and Brett Goldstein. Apple TV+ greenlit the series, which will star Jason Segel, on October 13.According to Deadline, "Shrinking" will follow "a grieving therapist," played by Segel, "who starts to break the rules and tell his clients exactly what he thinks. Ignoring his training and ethics, he finds himself making huge, tumultuous changes to people's lives ... including...
Tags: Apple, Hbo, Television, Movies, News, Amc, Jason Sudeikis, Judd Apatow, Los Angeles Lakers, Lawrence, Bill Lawrence, Sarah Marshall, Goldstein, Jason Segel, Segel, RIchmond Football Club

Harriet The Spy Trailer: Beanie Feldstein And Jane Lynch Get Animated In Apple TV+ Show

For precocious girls looking to buck the status quo everywhere, Harriet M. Welsch is a literary icon. Between the original 1964 novel from Louise Fitzhugh to the 1996 Nickelodeon film of the same name starring Michelle Trachtenberg and Rosie O'Donnell, for generations "Harriet the Spy" has been inspiring kids to get into good trouble, follow their passions, question the world around them, and learn that sometimes it's okay to ask for help. Today, Apple TV+ released the trailer for its new animat...
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William Shatner in tears after historic space flight: ‘I’m so filled with emotion’

Star Trek actor, 90, says ‘I hope I never recover from this’ after becoming oldest human in space on Jeff Bezos rocket New ShepardThe Star Trek actor William Shatner declared himself “overwhelmed” at becoming the oldest human in space, at the age of 90, during a brief but successful second crewed flight on Wednesday of Blue Origin’s New Shepard rocket ship from the west Texas desert.The Canadian, who for four decades played Captain James Kirk, the fearless commander of the USS Enterprise, broke ...
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William Shatner completes flight on Bezos rocket to become oldest person in space

Star Trek actor, 90, made a real-life leap into the stars, as Amazon owner Bezos aims to dominate space tourism industryThe Star Trek actor William Shatner has become the oldest human in space, at the age of 90, during a brief but successful second crewed flight on Wednesday of Blue Origin’s New Shepard rocket ship from the west Texas desert.The Canadian, who for four decades played Captain James Kirk, the fearless commander of the USS Enterprise, was invited by the private space company’s found...
Tags: Amazon, Space, Texas, Science, Technology, Television, Star Trek, Culture, Television & radio, US television, Jeff Bezos, William Shatner, Bezos, James Kirk

William Shatner to blast off on Bezos rocket to become oldest person in space

Famed Star Trek actor, 90, set for real-life leap into the starsAmazon owner Bezos bids to dominate space tourism industryWilliam Shatner, the veteran actor who spent four decades playing the fearless commander of Star Trek’s USS Enterprise, is set for a real-life leap into the stars early on Wednesday on the next stage of billionaire Jeff Bezos’s quest to dominate the fledgling space tourism industry.The successful completion of the 11-minute flight alongside three civilian crew mates, with lif...
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When Hollywood Is For Sale: What Media Mergers Mean For Movie Lovers

For those who have any interest in media, be it from Hollywood's perspective or purely from a business side of things, it is no secret that media consolidation has been a big thing in recent years. This, arguably, hit its apex of public interest when Disney completed its buyout of the majority of Fox's media assets in 2019. But, in less flashy ways for the general public, this is a trend that has only ramped up in recent years, especially in 2021. While it might not make for sexy bar talk, this ...
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The Shrink Next Door Trailer: Paul Rudd Is Will Ferrell's Very Unethical Therapist In The Apple TV+ Series

"Anchorman" alums Paul Rudd and Will Ferrell are reuniting to portray a decade-spanning friendship, much more complicated than it seems. "The Shrink Next Door" is a dark comedy based on the true story of a soft-spoken, anxiety stricken man and the therapist who turns his life around ... before taking it over. Here's our first look at the upcoming Apple TV+ limited series. The Shrink Next Door Trailer This Paul Rudd fella sure is charming. Maybe a little ... too charming. In "The Shrink Next Do...
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Ted Lasso Star Nick Mohammed Explains Why Nate's Hair Turned Gray In Season 2

Beware! Spoilers up ahead for the "Ted Lasso" season 2 finale, "Inverting the Pyramid of Success."With the conclusion of "Ted Lasso" season 2, AFC Richmond and its whole cast of characters have gone through a number of major changes. Roy Kent learns to forgive, Ted lets his vulnerability shine, Sam Obisanya takes his place as the star of the team, Keeley has a stunning new opportunity ahead ... but no one has as substantial a turn as Nate. Through a series of microaggressions and misunderstandin...
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Squid Game Star Jung Ho-Yeon Failed One Of The 'Games' In Real Life

Spoilers through episode 3 of "Squid Game."It might sound odd, but part of what makes Netflix's new global sensation, "Squid Game," so utterly horrific is all the nostalgia. The "Battle Royale"-esque storyline sees hundreds of contestants competing in various games for an enormous sum of money. Except, rather than fight to the death, they're playing a bunch of drastically scaled-up children's games. You might recall fond childhood memories of playing "red light, green light" in the park or schoo...
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Foundation Has Been Renewed For A Second Season By Apple TV

You don't have to be a psycho-historian to predict the future of "Foundation." The show just premiered two weeks ago, but Apple TV+ has already renewed it for a second season, so kneel before it now like it's your cloned god-emperor.Apple TV+ giveth and it taketh away. We just heard that it has canceled "Mr. Corman," Joseph Gordon-Levitt's half-hour dramedy about a teacher facing a midlife crisis, but "Foundation," at least, will live to see another season.If you're behind on your Apple TV+ show...
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Cool Stuff: Joshua Budich's Ted Lasso Poster Will Make You Believe

"Ted Lasso" is set for its season 2 finale on Friday, and although we know there will be a third (and final!) season of the show, we'll have to wait awhile before we can watch it in on Apple TV+. (And if you're someone who hasn't watched "Ted Lasso" yet, can I take a moment to say it's worth watching? /Film's Ben Pearson breaks down why it's essential viewing here.)For those who want more "Ted Lasso" in their lives or who just want regular encouragement from their favorite coach to "Believe," I ...
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The Afterparty Trailer: A Unique Comedy Mystery Series Heads To Apple TV

Move over, Benoit Blanc! Quit twirling that mustache, Hercule Poirot! There's a new detective on the case! Apple TV+ is letting Tiffany Haddish try her hand at sleuthing in the upcoming murder mystery, "The Afterparty." The series promises some serious twists and turns in both the plot and the show's format, as well. And though we still have a wait ahead of us before the series arrives on the streamer, we just got our first glimpse at what's to come.You can see the teaser trailer for "The Afterp...
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Joseph Gordon-Levitt's Apple TV+ Series Mr. Corman Has Been Canceled After Just One Season

Apple TV+ has just canceled Joseph Gordon-Levitt's TV show "Mr. Corman." The short-lived dramedy was created and conceived by Gordon-Levitt, who wrote much of the series, directed eight of its 10 episodes, and starred in the titular role. As Mr. Corman, Gordon-Levitt was an anxiety-ridden, self-pitying fifth grade teacher, coming to terms with the reality of his life. Corman was post-breakup and in the midst of realizing that his dream of musical stardom was nowhere within reach, and the series ...
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Breaking Bad And Preacher Producer Enlists With Team Apple In The Streaming Wars

Just like the chicken sandwich wars, the streaming wars are an ongoing conflict that is quickly turning into a forever war that will haunt our credit card payments for as long as we shall live. We recreated cable on the internet and it's clearly going great! There's nothing wrong with having to set up a dozen reoccurring payments for streaming services that run the gamut in quality and content and disappear as quickly as they're introduced. Ah well, when things get bad we'll always have that shi...
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‘I don’t judge his decision to die’: the hit podcast about love, loss – and Britney Spears

When Chris Stedman’s friend Alex took his own life, he left him a final puzzle to solve. Unread charts Stedman’s journey down a rabbit hole of grief and realisation“When someone dies, there are always questions that will be left unanswered. But what happens when you lose someone and they leave you a trail to follow after they are gone?”Chris Stedman is explaining the central conceit of his podcast Unread. The four-part series sees the writer and podcaster memorialise his friend Alex, who took hi...
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10 Movies And Shows To Watch After You Finish Squid Game

So, you've finished watching Netflix's "Squid Game" and now you need more. While season two might be on the way sometime soon, we've compiled a list of some of the best dystopian death game movies and tv shows for you to watch in the meantime. Hwang Dong-hyuk's Korean survival series "Squid Game" is a runaway hit for Netflix, and it's not hard to see why. The real world is looking a little dystopian lately, but fiction that takes dystopian scenarios to horrifying, murderous conclusions always ha...
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The Possible IATSE Strike Explained, And Why Movie Fans Should Care

One of the biggest stories in the film industry these last few weeks has been the breakdown of talks between the workers union IATSE and Hollywood producers, namely the AMPTP. This is a complex and layered situation that can get very confusing very fast, but the basics can be boiled down to the fact that crews are tired of the same old way of making the movies and series you love. And they want to do something about it. What Are IATSE And The AMPTP? IATSE stands for International Alliance of The...
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Doctor Who: Here's Where You Can Stream Or Buy Every Season

(Welcome to Where to Watch, which provides a clear and simple answer to the question, "Hey, where can I watch this thing?" In this edition: "Doctor Who.")If you've existed on the internet for more than 5 seconds, the words "Doctor Who" will definitely ring a few bells. The British sci-fi series has existed since 1963, taking viewers on wild adventures through space and time with an alien named The Doctor and their various companions. The series has spawned movies, books, spin-offs, podcasts and ...
Tags: Apple, Google, Hbo, Television, Movies, Bbc, Christopher Eccleston, Apple TV Amazon, Amazon Read, Jodie Whittaker

Apple TV+ Seems To Be Losing The Streaming Wars — And That's A Shame

Well, this is a bummer. Despite dominating in major categories on Emmy night, Apple TV+ appears to be losing the streaming wars by a wide margin. A new report indicates that it's lagging far behind the likes of Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, HBO Max, and Hulu in terms of subscriber numbers.Previous reports had pegged Apple TV+ as being in the neighborhood of 40 million subscribers, close to Hulu's range. However, according to Variety (via The Playlist), the real number, as of July 2021, m...
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Foundation Review – Series Pushes Limits Of “Adaptation”

There are a variety of reasons that a book can hold onto the consensus opinion that it is unfilmable, but these are frequently overcome with time and ultimately involve special effects or other advances in filmcraft. The solution to the problem of adapting to visual media comes when someone decides they have a way to make it look like we’re in space, or whatever. The other side of the seemingly insurmountable hurdle to moving from page to screen is when you have a work in which nothing actua...
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Umbrella Academy Fan Theories That Could Change The Game In Season 3

Love 'em or leave 'em, fan theories run rampant for twisty, nonlinear, time-wimey series like Netflix's adaptation of "The Umbrella Academy." With the team disrupting the past and returning to an apocalypse-free 2019 at the end of Season 2, anything and everything is on the table for what's changed, what to expect, and how the Umbrella Academy will fit into this new timeline.Fan theories abound, but aside from who survived to the new timeline, who didn't, and who the heck those Sparrows are, the...
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