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Tesla to recall 14,000 Model S cars in China over faulty Takata airbags

China’s top market regulator said on Friday that Tesla will recall a total of 14,123 imported Model S vehicles in the country over potentially deadly airbags. The recall is part of an industry-wide crackdown on Takata-made front passenger airbags, which involves roughly 37 million vehicles including more mainstream brands such as Toyota and Ford, as noted by the United States Department of Transportation. These defective airbags use a propellant that might rupture the airbag and cause serious in...
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Tesla will end its buyer referral program for ‘adding too much cost’

At the end of the month, Tesla will end a long-running referral program that offered incentives for existing Tesla owners to help drive sales. In its recent iterations, the referral system gifted new buyers who found their way to a Tesla through a friend with six months of free charging at Supercharger stations. Most recently, the referring friend would become eligible for a set of characteristically outlandish prizes, from launching a chosen photo into deep space orbit to a VIP invite to one...
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Ford’s iconic F-Series trucks are going electric

Ford’s legendary and popular F-Series pickup line will soon have electric options, the company announced today. The move is intended to “future-proof” the enormous truck business against rising gas prices and regulations favoring electric vehicles over internal combustion. Jim Farley, Ford’s president of global markets, announced the news at a press conference in Detroit. As reported in the Detroit Free Press, he specified that there will be both pure/battery electric and hybrid options — they a...
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Tesla unveils first home charging station that can be plugged into a wall outlet

Tesla today is launching a new home charging station designed for the modern home. The new Wall Connector is the auto maker’s first home charging solution that can be plugged into a wall outlet rather than being hardwired into the home’s electrical system. This charger can plug directly into a NEMA 14-50 plug — the most common high-voltage plug in the US. This is a departure from Tesla’s previous strategy but one that makes sense. This Wall Connector allows home owners to install a high-volta...
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PR for Early Stage Founders Who Have No Time for PR

By  Chris Lucas, Vice President of BLASTmedia and Rachael Feuerborn, Program Manager Techstars Chicago I see my fair share of brilliant founders. Many of whom have well-thought-out business models, growth strategies, product roadmaps, etc. However, most neglect PR… because honestly who gives a hoot when you are spending your last $276.78 trying to get your big vision off the ground while investors (and your parents) keep telling you to quit? I get it. That’s why I wrote this. What is PR? ...
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Pwn2Own Contest Will Pay $900,000 For Hacks That Exploit Tesla's Model 3

The Model 3 will be entered into Pwn2Own this year, the first time a car has been included in the annual high-profile hacking contest. The prize for the winning security researchers: a Model 3. TechCrunch reports: Pwn2Own, which is in its 12th year and run by Trend Micro's Zero Day Initiative, is known as one of the industry's toughest hacking contests. ZDI has awarded more than $4 million over the lifetime of the program. Pwn2Own's spring vulnerability research competition, Pwn2Own Vancouver, w...
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Tesla Proposes Microgrids With Solar and Batteries To Power Greek Islands

Tesla is proposing ways to modernize the electric grid of Greece's many islands in the Mediterranean sea with microgrids and renewable energy to reduce their dependence on fossil fuels. "Several Greek islands are relatively remote and rely heavily on fossil fuels to power their electric grid," notes Electrek. From the report: The Greek Minister of Environment and Energy, Mr. George Stathakis, confirmed last week that they have met with Tesla to discuss the deployment of microgrids in Greek islan...
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Tesla is entering the Model 3 into Pwn2Own, one of the world’s toughest hacking contests

Tesla is handing over its new Model 3 sedan to Pwn2Own this year, the first time a car has been included in the annual high-profile hacking contest. The prize for the winning security researcher: a Model 3. Pwn2Own, which is in its 12th year and run by Trend Micro’s Zero Day Initiative, is known as one of the industry’s toughest hacking contests. ZDI has awarded more than $4 million over the lifetime of the program. Pwn2Own’s spring vulnerability research competition, Pwn2Own Vancouver, will ...
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The new Cadillac XT6 SUV proves that Caddy is becoming GM's most important brand (GM)

Cadillac revealed its three-row XT6 luxury SUV at the 2019 Detroit auto show. GM's luxury brand is in the midst of a reinvention. The Cadillac XT6 will joining the XT4 and XT5 in a lineup of competitive SUVs aimed at BMW, Mercedes, and Audi. DETROIT — On Sunday, Cadillac revealed the all-new XT6 crossover SUV before media previews officially kicked off at the 2019 Detroit auto show. The much-anticipated three-row SUV proves that Cadillac has, for the moment, become GM's most important brand. ...
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Cadillac’s first electric vehicle will be a crossover

Cadillac revealed Sunday what will likely be the first electric vehicle in the luxury brand’s portfolio. And surprise, it’s a crossover. The images of the full-size crossover SUV, which was unveiled during a debut party for the 2020 Cadillac XT6 in Detroit, kicks off a transformation of GM’s luxury brand. On Friday, GM announced plans to turn Cadillac into its lead electric vehicle brand in a bid to compete against Tesla as well as a host of other automakers bringing EVs onto the market. No...
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Elon Musk Offered Chinese Green Card

hackingbear writes: During Elon Musk's trip to China for the ground-breaking of Tesla's first overseas factory, which will allow it to sell vehicles directly in the world's largest market for electric vehicles, he was offered a Chinese green card when he met with Premier Li Keqiang on Wednesday in Beijing, where they discussed Tesla's China ambitions. "I love China and want to come here more often," Musk was quoted as saying in the report. "If you do, we can issue you a Chinese green card," the ...
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Why Silicon Valley needs more visas

Henrique Dubugras Contributor Share on Twitter Henrique Dubugras is the founder Brex, the billion-dollar corporate credit provider for startups. When I hear protesters shout, “Immigrants are welcome here!” at the San Francisco immigration office near my startup’s headquarters, I think about how simple a phrase that is for a topic that is so nuanced, especially for me as an immigrant entrepreneur. Growing up in Brazil, I am les...
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Is Elon Musk Serious About Building A Flying Tesla?

An anonymous reader quotes Inc: It's inevitable, really. Musk's two largest companies, Tesla Motors and SpaceX, make electric cars and rockets.... Musk tweeted about a "SpaceX option package" for the next Tesla Roadster in June of last year. The upgrade was described as including about "10 small rocket thrusters arranged seamlessly around car. These rocket engines dramatically improve acceleration, top speed, braking & cornering. Maybe they will even allow a Tesla to fly..." Musk then hinted ev...
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Did a Russian Robotics Company Fake This Tesla-Robot Crash?

Last Saturday a firm which rents promotional robots claimed that one of their robots broke free from a line of robots, only to be hit by a self-driving Tesla. Though video of the incident has now been viewed over 1.2 million times, Wired followed up on the company's claim that "Nevada police" were investigating the incident. Or weren't. Aden Ocampo Gomez, a public information officer with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, said he couldn't find any record of such an incident. And any...
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Car Manufacturers Want To Monitor Drivers Inside Their Cars

Startups are demonstrating "sensor technology that watches and analyzes drivers, passengers and objects in cars" reports Reuters -- a technology that "will mean enhanced safety in the short-term, and revenue opportunities in the future." SonicSpike shares their report: Whether by generating alerts about drowsiness, unfastened seat belts or wallets left in the backseat, the emerging technology aims not only to cut back on distracted driving and other undesirable behavior, but eventually help au...
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Scooter startup Bird tried to silence a journalist. It did not go well.

Cory Doctorow doesn’t like censorship. He especially doesn’t like his own work being censored. Anyone who knows Doctorow knows his popular tech and culture blog, Boing Boing, and anyone who reads Boing Boing knows Doctorow and his cohort of bloggers. The part-blogger, part special advisor at the online rights group Electronic Frontier Foundation has written for years on topics of technology, hacking, security research, online digital rights and censorship and its intersection with free speech an...
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12 Marketing Experts Reveal How to Crush Your Competition in 2019

p With the new year in full swing, my wonderful colleagues — the marketing experts here at Convince & Convert — came up with 23 ideas for making your marketing and customer experience AMAZING in 2019. In no particular order, here are our favorite recommendations for making 2019 your best year yet. These are the things that not many companies are doing well, but if you do, you will be sure to crush your competition this year. Let’s go! Jay Baer, Founder, Convince & Convert 1. Leverage artificia...
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GM is transforming Cadillac into an electric brand

General Motors is turning Cadillac into its lead electric vehicle brand in a bid to compete against Tesla as well as a host of other automakers bringing EVs onto the market. Plans are already underway to introduce the first model from the company’s new battery electric vehicle architecture, GM said Friday during an investor meeting. GM said this new BEV architecture will be the foundation for an advanced family of “profitable EVs,” a  word choice  likely meant to express the automaker’s convi...
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Was 2018 as Good a Year for Electric Vehicles as They Say?

Teslas galore. But at the Tesla factory, not on the streets of most cities. Supporters of battery electric vehicles (EV and/or BEV) are rapturous about the 81% increase in electric vehicles sold in 2018 compared to 2017.  This table shows the breakdown, with a total of 361,307 vehicles sold in the US in 2018, compared to 199,826 sold in 2017. We should add a disclaimer.  We love electric-powered vehicles.  We’d like nothing more than to get a fully loaded Tesla, and, failing that, just about an...
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Beyond the 88: A No-Fear Beginner’s Guide to Preparing the Piano

In my university music department, I run a weekly composition colloquium, bringing in guest composers and new music performers, as well as faculty speakers, with the latter often coming to talk about things like idiomatic writing and extended techniques for a particular instrument, or setting up a composer website, or digital publishing. A couple of years ago, some of my composition students asked me if I could spend one of those meetings on extended techniques for piano. I dug through my scores...
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Meet Caper, the AI self-checkout shopping cart

The Amazon boogie-man has every retailer scrambling for ways to fight back. But the cost and effort to install cameras all over the ceiling or into every shelf could block stores from entering the autonomous shopping era. Caper Labs wants to make eliminating checkout lines as easy as replacing their shopping carts while offering a more familiar experience for customers. The startup makes a shopping cart with a built-in barcode scanner and credit card swiper, but it’s finalizing the technology to...
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Mercedes-Benz showed off a bizarre-looking, self-driving concept car at CES that hints at how the company may be planning to cash in on autonomous tech

Mercedes-Benz showed off the electric, self-driving Vision Urbanetic concept at this year's International Consumer Electronics Show (CES). The Vision Urbanetic concept is a self-driving platform that can be outfitted with one of two bodies depending on the occasion. One module would hold up to 12 people and the other would hold up to 10 cubic meters of cargo. Ride-hailing and product delivery could become two of the most lucrative uses of autonomous driving technology, and the Vision Urbaneti...
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10 things in tech you need to know today

Good morning! This is the tech news you need to know this Thursday. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and his wife MacKenzie announced they are divorcing. The pair have been married for 25 years, and MacKenzie drove across America with Bezos to start Amazon. The National Enquirer, a longtime ally of President Trump, says it's about to release scandalous photos of Jeff Bezos' alleged affair. Hours after Jeff and MacKenzie Bezos announced their divorce, the National Enquirer reported it tracked romantic inv...
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Tesla sued for death of 18-year-old in car accident, defective battery blamed

In Illinois today, a law firm announced they are filing a lawsuit against Tesla to hold the electric car maker accountable for a teen who died in an accident involving a car they say had a defective battery pack. The lawsuit filed by Chicago firm Corboy & Demetrio claims Tesla's 2014 Model S sedan had a defective battery pack that was responsible for the death of an 18-year old passenger in an accident last May. Some 12 cases of Tesla S batteries spontaneously bursting into flames, while par...
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Report: Self-driving car startup Aurora is raising capital at a $2B valuation

Early last year, LinkedIn co-founder and prolific venture capital investor Reid Hoffman called Chris Urmson “ the Henry Ford of autonomous vehicles (AV).” The vote of confidence and big check from Hoffman, coupled with a team of deeply knowledgable AV entrepreneurs, has catapulted his company, Aurora Innovation, squarely into “unicorn” territory. Aurora, the developer of a full-stack self-driving software system for automobile manufacturers, is raising at least $500 million in equity f...
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Larry Ellison's stake in Tesla is worth about $1 billion (TSLA, ORCL)

Tesla and Larry Ellison have confirmed via a new SEC filing that Ellison owns 3 million shares, which are worth about $1 billion. The filing was necessary because Ellison agreed last week to join Tesla's board. Tesla did not say when Ellison bought the shares, except that it was earlier this year. However Ellison disclosed he had made a sizable investment back in October, the month when Tesla dropped near 52-week lows.   On Monday, Tesla and Larry Ellison officially reported and confirmed Ell...
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An Amazon auto exec explains why Silicon Valley won't destroy traditional automakers (AMZN)

Ned Curic, Amazon's vice president of Alexa automotive, previously worked at Toyota, and he told Business Insider that Amazon and Toyota had similar cultures of innovation. Curic said he thought many automakers would thrive as electrification and autonomy became more common. Automakers are quickening the rate at which they develop software for their vehicles, Curic said, and he cited investments they had made in electric vehicles, autonomous driving technology, and mobility services as evidenc...
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An Amazon auto exec explains why Silicon Valley isn't going to destroy traditional automakers (AMZN)

Ned Curic, Amazon's vice president of Alexa automotive, previously worked at Toyota, and said Amazon and Toyota have similar cultures of innovation. Curic said he believes many automakers will thrive as electrification and autonomy become more common. Automakers are quickening the rate at which they develop software for their vehicles, Curic said, and he cited investments they have made in electric vehicles, autonomous driving technology, and mobility services as evidence that they can respond...
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Nvidia dives into a new business segment with Drive AutoPilot

Nvidia’s automotive ambitions seemed targeted solely on creating a platform to enable fully autonomous vehicles, notably the robotaxis that so many companies hope to deploy in the coming decade. It turns out that Nvidia has also been working a more near-term product that opens it up to a different segment in the automotive industry. The company announced Monday at CES 2019 that it has launched Nvidia Drive AutoPilot, a reference platform that automakers can use to bring more sophisticated automa...
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Tesla breaks ground on$5 billion factory in Shanghai

After four years of planning, Tesla Inc. finally broke ground on its planned $5 billion factory in the world’s biggest auto market. But the timing couldn’t be more inauspicious. Chief Executive Officer Elon Musk and some Shanghai officials, including Mayor Ying Yong, on Monday attended a function at a site near the city kicking off construction of what would be the electric-vehicle maker’s first car-manufacturing facility outside the U.S. While the ceremony` marked a new journey for Tesla, it co...
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