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Bloomberg: Apple's Potentially Biggest Sales Quarter in History Threatened by Device Shortages

Apple device shortages threaten to undercut what could otherwise be a record-setting holiday season for the company, reports Bloomberg's Mark Gurman. Not long after Apple's iPhone 13 launch in September, shipping estimates for all models began slipping by several weeks. This trend was replicated for the iPad mini, ninth-generation iPad, Apple Watch Series 7, and most recently, Apple's new MacBook Pro models, all of which now show delivery times running into November or December. Even Apple's ...
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Apple Set to Cut iPhone Production Goals Due to Chip Crunch

Apple is likely to slash its projected iPhone 13 production targets for 2021 by as many as 10 million units as prolonged chip shortages hit its flagship product. Bloomberg reports: The company had expected to produce 90 million new iPhone models in the last three months of the year, but it's now telling manufacturing partners that the total will be lower because Broadcom and Texas Instruments are struggling to deliver enough components [...]. The technology giant is one of the world's largest ch...
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Apple slashes iPhone production by 10 million units, damn chip shortage

Hardware production’s most notorious enemy, chip shortage, has struck again. This time Apple has suffered from it, and as a result, it’s set to cut this year’s production targets for the iPhone. According to a report from Bloomberg, the company is set to slash the target by a whopping 10 million — readjusting the initial target from 90 million units down to 80 million. Apple’s chip suppliers like Texas Instruments and Broadcomm haven’t been able to produce and supply enough units. So that has af...
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Apple may cut iPhone 13 production by millions as US warns of Christmas shortages

Shares in Apple fall as global chip shortage and supply chain issues prompt White House to admit there could be empty shelves during festive seasonApple may slash the number of iPhone 13s it will make this year by up to 10m because of a shortage of computer chips amid a worldwide supply chain crunch that led the White House to warn that “there will be things that people can’t get” at Christmas.Apple was expected to produce 90m units of the new iPhone models this year but has told its manufacture...
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Apple will likely have to cut its iPhone 13 production goals for 2021 due to the global chip shortage

Apple Apple is likely to lower its iPhone 13 production targets for 2021, Bloomberg reported. The smartphone maker may aim for 10 million fewer units than originally planned. The slashed production goals are due to the chip shortage impacting global supply chains. Apple will likely have to cut its 2021 production targets for the iPhone 13 by as many as 10 million units due to the ongoing chip shortage, Bloomberg reported Tuesday.Apple originally planned to make 90 million units of its new...
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Apple to Cut iPhone Production Goals by as Many as 10 Million Units Due to Chip Shortages

Ongoing chip shortages faced by the tech industry are affecting production of the iPhone 13 models, according to a new report from Bloomberg. Apple is expected to cut 2021 ‌iPhone 13‌ production by as many as 10 million units because of the shortages. In the final three months of the year, Apple was planning to produce 90 million ‌iPhone 13‌ models, but Apple's manufacturing partners have been informed that the totals will be lower because Broadcom and Texas Instruments are not able to deliv...
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Graphing calculators are "sexy" now

Texas Instruments' obsolete and overpriced TI-84 (previously) is the beneficiary of an intensely-lobbied academic monopoly, but sales have dropped in recent years. Last month, Texas Instruments released a new version, the TI-84 Plus CE: Python Edition. With a sleek, smooth design and a range of colors, it's not the same calculator you knew in high school. — Read the rest
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Texas Instruments Adds Python to Its Latest Graphing Calculator

Graphing calculators have always been a fun way to get started with programming, though mostly in the form of games and cheat sheets. But now Texas Instruments is introducing a new TI-84 graphing calculator that supports programming in Python.Read more...
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Texas Instruments' New Calculator Will Run Programs Written in Python

"Dallas-based Texas Instruments' latest generation of calculators is getting a modern-day update with the addition of programming language Python," reports the Dallas Morning News: The goal is to expand students' ability to explore science, technology, engineering and math through the device that's all-but-required in the nation's high schools and colleges... Though most of the company's $14 billion in annual revenue comes from semiconductors, its graphing calculator remains its most recognize...
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Matter Is a New Smart Home Standard to Make Apple, Google, and Amazon Devices Work Together

Apple, Amazon, and Google rarely have a reason to work together, but the companies are teaming up for a new smart home standard, now called Matter, that will make it easier for you to buy devices that work seamlessly together without thinking about it.Read more...
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The HomePod Mini Has a Secret Sensor, but Apple's Smart Home Future Is Still Meh

When the HomePod mini launched a few months back, it appears Apple was holding out on everyone in the form of a secret temperature and humidity sensor.Read more...
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HomePod Mini Features Dormant Temperature and Humidity Sensor That Could Be Activated in a Future Software Update

Apple's HomePod mini includes a dormant hidden sensor that can measure temperature and humidity, potentially providing the means to power upcoming features that could arrive in a future software update, according to Bloomberg. Humidity and temperature sensor from a ‌HomePod mini‌. Source: iFixit (via Bloomberg). From Mark Gurman's report: The company has internally discussed using the sensor to determine a room's temperature and humidity so internet-connected thermostats can adjust differen...
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HomePod Mini Features Hidden Temperature and Humidity Sensor

Apple's HomePod mini includes a hidden sensor that measures temperature and humidity, potentially providing the means to power upcoming features that could arrive in a future software update, according to Bloomberg. Humidity and temperature sensor from a ‌HomePod mini‌. Source: iFixit (via Bloomberg). From the report: The company has internally discussed using the sensor to determine a room's temperature and humidity so internet-connected thermostats can adjust different parts of a home bas...
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IBM leads U.S. patent list for 2020 as total numbers decline 1% in pandemic year to 352,000

One year in, the Covid-19 global health pandemic continues to have something of a dragging effect on many aspects of life, but today a key bellwether for how technology is developing underscored how the industry continues to march on. The number of patents granted in the US in 2020 totaled 352,013, representing a decline of just under 1% compared to the year before (the final tally for 2019 was 354,428 patents granted). At the same time, patent applications rose almost 5% last year, a sign of ho...
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The Trump administration will add SMIC, China’s largest chipmaker, to its defense blacklist: report

SMIC, one of largest chip makers in the world, is among several companies that the Department of Defense plans to designate as being owned or controlled by the Chinese military, reports Reuters. Earlier this month, President Donald Trump signed an executive order, set to go into effect on January 11, that would bar U.S. investors from buying securities from companies on the defense blacklist. In a statement to Reuters, SMIC said it continues “to engage constructively and openly with the U.S. gov...
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How to invest in tech stocks, a risky but fast-rising segment of the market

Investors who go for growth find tech stocks an ideal play, even though the sector is volatile. SOPA Images / Contributor/Getty Images Tech stocks are shares in companies in the technology industry — a huge sector that includes telecommunications, IT, electronics, and computer hardware and software. Tech stocks offer some of the best growth potential, but — like most high-reward investments — they come with high risks too. Since many tech stocks are expensive, individual investors can get ...
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iPhone 12 Said to be Facing Severe Shortage of Power Management Chips

Apple is facing a severe shortage of vital power management chips for the iPhone 12, as well as other devices, according to Bloomberg. Bloomberg notes that power management is particularly important for the ‌iPhone 12‌ due to its additional camera features and 5G capabilities. Apple has multiple power management chip suppliers, as revealed by a recent teardown from iFixit. The iPhone 12 Pro uses a power management chip for the camera system from Texas Instruments, and an equivalent chip from...
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The World's First Handheld Calculator Is Up for Auction

They can do everything from plot complex equations to even play games like Doom (if you have enough rotting potatoes) but the handheld calculator started out as a very simple device capable of performing just four basic mathematical calculations. One of the very first prototypes, created by Texas Instruments back in…Read more...
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Daimler-backed Momenta says its robotaxis will be fully driverless and profitable in 2024

In China and the U.S., there’s much debate about when and how humans will achieve fully autonomous robotaxis at scale — cars that chauffeur passengers under complex road conditions without safety drivers behind the wheel. Many pieces are needed to make this happen: mammoth amounts of test data, advanced algorithms, strong operational teams, big checks from investors, local policy support, to name a handful. Until that day arrives, the bold claims from players in the field seem mostly out of reac...
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Texas Instruments Is Nerfing the Best Part About Graphing Calculators

In high school, I had an intense love affair with my graphing calculator, a silver transparent TI-83 Plus. Not only did it help me with my math homework, it was also a handy way to play classic games like Tetris and Snake during class and still look like I was paying attention. Now, it appears that Texas Instruments…Read more...
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Texas Instruments Makes It Harder to Run Programs on its Calculators

An anonymous reader quotes Engadget: Texas Instruments' graphing calculators have a reputation as hobbyist devices given their program support, but they just lost some of their appeal. Cemetech has learned (via Linus Tech Tips) that Texas Instruments is pulling support for assembly- and C-based programs on the TI-84 Plus CE and its French counterpart, the TI-83 Premium CE. Install the latest firmware for both (OS 5.6 and OS 5.5 respectively) and you'll not only lose access to those apps, but wo...
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15 Vintage Computer Ads That Show How Far We’ve Come

Computers have gone through some major transformations over the last handful of decades. Old computer advertisements can really showcase some of these changes, from the 1950’s when huge computers were just for industrial and business users to the days when they became ubiquitous for the average consumer. Looking at old computer ads makes you realize see how far technology has come in recent decades. Take a look at our collection for a trip down memory lane. Vintage Computer Ads Ford Instrume...
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How Texas Instruments Monopolized Math Class

Texas Instruments' $100 calculators have been required in classrooms for more than twenty years, as students and teachers still struggle to afford them. From a report: Texas Instruments released its first graphing calculator, the TI-81, to the public in 1990. Designed for use in pre-algebra and algebra courses, it was superseded by other Texas Instruments models with varying shades of complexity but these calculators remained virtually untouched aesthetically. Today, Texas Instruments still sell...
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Microsoft's reputation is soaring as trust in the tech industry flounders, according to new research (MSFT)

The Reputation Institute, a 20-plus-year-old reputation-measurement firm, has released its annual report on the tech industry. The top 10 most reputable tech companies of 2019, in alphabetical order, are: Adobe, Dell Technologies Garmin, HP, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, Netflix, Samsung, and Texas Instruments. However, the tech industry as a whole is dragged down by public perception over a host of other issues from data privacy fiascos to sexual harassment scandals. One company among the top 10 was...
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Sterling steadies as EU considers Brexit request; stocks inch up

World stock indexes edged up on Wednesday, with the S&P 500 boosted by gains in shares of Apple that offset Texas Instruments' disappointing forecast, and the British pound steadied as European Union leaders consider London's request for a Brexit delay.
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Northwest Austin has historically been the Texas city's 'Silicon Valley,' and tech's biggest players are still pouring in. Here's what it's like in Austin's 'second downtown.'

The tech industry has a long history in Austin, Texas, and the city largely has its northwest sector to thank for that. In the 1970s, a handful of tech companies, like IBM and Texas Instruments, set up shop north of Downtown, helping to cement the northern region's status as a center of economic development. In the middle of Northwest Austin is the Domain, a complex that was once primarily retail-oriented. But within the past few years as the tech industry continues to grow in the capital city...
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Co-Inventor of the World's First Handheld Electronic Calculator Dies at 86

Jerry Merryman, one of three people at Texas Instruments credited with inventing the world’s first handheld electronic calculator in the 1960s, died at a Dallas hospital on February 27. Merryman was 86 years old.Read more...
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My Favorite Childhood Gadget of the '80s, the Speak & Spell, Is Back

I can’t remember when exactly the Speak & Spell first entered my life—it was sometime in the very early ‘80s when I was four or five years old—but I do remember being amazed that my parents allowed me to touch and play with this marvel of technology, when other devices, like the VCR and the stereo, were strictly…Read more...
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For naming inspiration, look outside

Where do you find a brand name? More specifically, where do you find a powerful, memorable, lasting brand name? The answer, in one famous instance: outside the window. In 1982, computer scientists John Warnock and Charles Geschke were working in Warnock’s garage in Los Altos, California, on a page description language for controlling printing. The product would end up being called PostScript; in 1985, Warnock and Geschke would license it to Apple. PostScript is a solid product name. But ...
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With China in sharp focus, Morgan Stanley forecasts a rough 2019 for the companies that make the chips in the world's smartphones and servers (MU, WDC, TXN, NXPI, CY, MCHP)

China's impact on US tech companies came into sharp focus Wednesday after Apple announced revised revenue guidance, but consumer tech companies aren't the only ones impacted. In a note published Wednesday — ahead of Apple's announcement — Morgan Stanley said it expects 5% revenue declines across the semiconductor industry in 2019.  Morgan Stanley forecasts 14% total growth in 2018, but only single-digit growth for the fourth quarter.  The 5% revenue decline expected in 2019 is predicated on nu...
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