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Looking for your dream job? Learn how to get one

Never Fear Rejection I’ve been rejected for more jobs than I can count. Oh well! You can’t be a fit for everything and everyone. Stop being afraid of rejection and put yourself out there. With the benefit of hindsight, it may be that every rejection happened for a reason. – Sahil Bloom How to land your dream job: I’ve been involved in a lot of hiring processes. I’m also not afraid to admit I’ve been rejected for more jobs than I can count. But there are proven ways to stand out and win...
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Internet is evolving. How will VC/ crypto investing evolve? Some notes

But as crypto expands, the majority of consumer tech (gaming, social etc) may become synonymous with web3, while other sectors like infra, security, iot, fintech++ will also touch blockchain. Every VC partner may need to become crypto fluent. – Amy Wu 1/ Have been thinking about the evolution of VC investing in crypto, if we believe it to be as big or bigger than the internet shift of the late 90s and mobile of the 00s. Today, there are no more “internet” or “mobile” tech investors. To not ...
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Unlock your marketing idea. Know the most valuable paradoxes of marketing.

The Paradox of Selling The more you feel sold to the less you buy. A purchase is an expression of autonomy. People want to feel like they’re making their own decisions. No one wants to be manipulated into parting with their money.- Brian Bourque The most valuable paradoxes of marketing: The Paradox of Tribes To be loved, you must be hated. The binding force of a tribe is typically what they stand against. Web3 communities thrive in part because of what they oppose. ex: Decentralized ...
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“This news of regulation comes as welcome news” CoinDCX founder, Sumit Gupta

My colleagues from the industry and I have always advocated positive crypto regulations. We believe that this bill listing is the first step towards that journey- Sumit Gupta 1/9 I am sharing my thoughts on the proposed #cryptocurrency bill to be tabled in the parliament during this winter session 2/9 This news of regulation comes as welcome news. However, what remains to be seen is that nobody has yet seen the bill or its contents. If we go by recent statements and our belief in the sys...
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Why web3.0 is more sustainable than web2?

When you build a business on advertising, the theory is that if you retain enough customers, the long-term economics will work out and you’ll eventually be profitable – Chris Dixon Web2 is built on advertising. Big companies like Facebook and Google make most of their money on advertising, and many web2 startups build their customer base using advertising. When you build a business on advertising, the theory is that if you retain enough customers, the long-term economics will work out an...
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Web3, scams and consumer protection: How do we go about it?

I’m getting more confident that we can—& should—build that future via blockchain. But I want to stop & address one of the concerns that have come up: fraud & scams – Morgan Harper 1/ As I learn about web3, I’m intrigued by the idea of creating new opportunities & networks that can benefit Ohioans. I’m getting more confident that we can—& should—build that future via blockchain. But I want to stop & address one of the concerns that’s come up: fraud & scams. 2/ I’m new to web3 but not to c...
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Crypto is a gamble : Monika Halan

No viable country will hand over currency, monetary policy and stability to a privately held, volatile digital token. We will see national crypto currencies issued by governments and possibly a global one that has oversight of G20 or some such – Monika Halan Thread on crypto and India’s move to ban privately held ‘currencies’. 1. China did this in Sept 21 suddenly. India will debate a ban on private crypto currency in the Winter session of Parliament 21. El Salvador is using Bitcoin as n...
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How Apple manipulated its own Podcast App review

I’m guessing Apple somehow implemented a review request right after finishing a podcast, thus leading a LOT of people to believe they are rating the podcast itself rather than the app. Ratings manipulation at its finest, by the gatekeepers themselves. Well done, @Apple. Follow @keleftheriou
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What’s the difference between regular tokes and NFTs?

It’s weird to me that people get regular tokens, but don’t get NFTs? NFTs are enriched tokens, with higher information density, that can enable far more use cases. It’s a new asset class. If you don’t get it, it’s not due to lack of information, but due to lack of imagination. Fungibility is a human abstraction to make value transfer easier. Trading my NFT goat for your NFT berries was very hard to scale, due to our primitive communication systems. Low bandwidth comms force us to create...
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What caused all the supply chain bottlenecks? Modern finance with its obsession with “Return on Equity.”

What caused all the supply chain bottlenecks? Modern finance with its obsession with “Return on Equity.” To show great ROE almost every CEO stripped their company of all but the bare minimum of assets. Just in time everything. No excess capacity. No strategic reserves. No cash on the balance sheet. Minimal R&D. We stripped the shock absorbers out of the economy in pursuit of better short term metrics. Big businesses are supposed to be more stable and resilient than small ones. And econo...
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The story of Apple stores: How Steve Jobs reinvented retail

In 2000, Steve Jobs has a problem. How could he sell more Apple products without becoming dependent on major retailers? His solution? Build his own store. But he realizes that retail experience is usually terrible. So he decides to interview people and ask a simple question: “Where do you have your best customer service experiences?” The common answers: Upscale hotels like the Four Seasons or Ritz Carlton. Now what do these hotels do? Now, what about the people behind the ...
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How NFTs can completely reshape mobile gaming

Something @cdixon and I have been discussing: how NFTs can completely reshape mobile gaming. Most arcade-style mobile games monetize through in-game purchases or in-game ads, which primarily function to extend gameplay. This is of course disruptive for players, but on an even more ironic level, it’s actually bad for developers. The way the current ad ecosystem works: a game will use a platform like Unity or Applovin to connect it with potential advertisers (other games) who pay to display ...
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I’ve raised over $150,000,000 as a founder, simply by being a good storyteller. Here is how [Justin Kan]

I’ve raised over $150,000,000 as a founder, simply by being a good storyteller. Here’s how to get VC’s to throw money at you: A big mistake founders make is thinking that the purpose of a deck is to get people to invest. The truth is that whoever is reading your deck is likely distracted/not interested. Your job is to stand out, and make them excited. Figure out ways to communicate things in very simple ways – it could be through simple language, numbers, clear visualization elements, o...
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A look at Apple’s history with CPUs; and how its vertical integration helped beat Intel, Qualcomm, and others

4/ An unlikely partnership was formed between IBM, Apple, Microsoft. This followed the breakup of the alliance known as AIM between Apple, IBM, and Motorola. Recall, Moto was the provider for all Apple’s chips going back to the start. 5/ Apple relied on Motorola including the launch of the PowerBook. But even in the latest 680030 was woefully far behind Intel. Many at Apple, such as @gassee firmly believed Apple needed to gain full control of computing, but becoming a Chip maker cost billio...
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When Bill Gates ‘got lucky’ with IBM deal: The hidden story

Bill Gates got lucky. With an IBM deal he signs in 1980. Here’s the hidden truth about the rise of Microsoft: So we all know the Bill Gates story. A brilliant kid who loves computers. Drops out of Harvard in 1975 to start Microsoft with his childhood friend, Paul Allen. Gates and Allen originally sell code interpreters to companies like MITS (Micro Instrumentation and Telemetry System). In 1976, their revenue is $16,000. By 1978, Microsoft hits $1 million in revenue. But they we...
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This founder pitched to Steve Jobs; Here is what he learned

As the world celebrated Steve Jobs’s life last week, I recalled a lesson he taught me. My one meeting with Steve didn’t end well. It’s one of my most painful memories, and a warning to startup CEOs about the danger of taking hype too far. Here’s the story. (1/n) It was 2008 and Apple was interested in my startup. I was CEO of iLike, a once-hot music app that was under pressure from both the record labels and the Facebook platform on which our business had been built. /2 Our dream and best ...
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13 tactical tips to improve your sleep without buying a brand new mattress

13 tactical tips to improve your sleep without buying a brand new $5k mattress: A thread: Brief note… This is not medical advice. These tips are comprised of personal experience and curated content from various Ted Talks, podcasts, and articles. So, take them for what they are… tips. 1/ Manage light/dark exposure Light: Get 30+ minutes of sunlight exposure in the early hours of the day. Can increase sleep quality by 5-10% and quantity by ~30 minutes. Darkness: Dim lights the hour...
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Tina Turner sold her entire music catalog; What does this mean for the music industry?

This means more disappointed people, but also more working class musicians making a reasonable living off their niche, managing the same portfolio as Rihanna, minus the handlers. To bring it all home… 7/9 Follow @ideafaktory
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Raised Series A? Here are a few things you might just screw up

Congratulations, you raised Series A! Here are the ten things you are going to screw up: 1/ You are extremely hard on yourself and that often translates into being hard on those around you. Your expectations are very high, often obsessively high around product and execution. That usually has a very positive effect in reaching Product Market Fit (PMF). If you do achieve PMF and raise Series A, your team grows, people don’t know you as well, and that high criticality factor can scare and...
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How will crypto win the world? These perspectives will help you understand better

A THREAD on most thought provoking insights on crypto by @balajis: 1/ Crypto is just another asset class = the internet is just another TV channel. It’s more than an asset class because it transforms the custody, trading, issuance, governance, and programmability… …of anything scarce. It’s a new financial system. 2/ Fiat company – paper incorporation – paper contracts – paper payments – paper accounting Crypto company – on-chain incorporation – on-chain smart contracts – on...
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Time’s NFT auction sold out in 1 min. And might hurt the NFT ecosystem

How did I (any many others) find the contract? 1. Website source code had Rinkeby deploy address 2. Found all testnet minters for the Rinkeby contract 3. Checked testnet minter addresses on mainnet 4. Found the mainnet contract deploy from an address 5. Contract was verified Note: generally, this is not an issue exclusive to this drop. Any NFT drop that is First Come First Serve is bound to experience the same level of bot activity and push the auction into the gas markets. Additional o...
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Apple Lied: Epic Games’ CEO

Apple lied. Apple spent a year telling the world, the court, and the press they’d “welcome Epic’s return to the App Store if they agree to play by the same rules as everyone else”. Epic agreed, and now Apple has reneged in another abuse of its monopoly power over a billion users. This is another extraordinary anticompetitive move by Apple, demonstrating their power to reshape markets and choose winners and losers. It’s also a loss for fair competition and consumer choice. The loss of Fortn...
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I built a $4Bn company: Here are 12 mindsets that helped me

Over the last 5 years, I built a $4B company. Sounds awesome right? Not until recently. I made every mistake imaginable. The toughest part was getting my head right. Here are the 12 mindset rules that I’ve developed. Rule 1: Get Started If you tell 10 people about your idea, it’ll go something like this: – 5 will say it won’t work – 3 will say you’re crazy – 2 will be indifferent The best part? None of these people’s opinions matter. Just get started. It’ll be the hardest thing y...
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Everything you need to know about Apple/Epic lawsuit verdict

Everything you need to know – or at least I what I thought was interesting – in
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Sam Altman’s Technology Predictions: The costs of intelligence and energy are going to be on a path towards near-zero

Technology prediction for the 2020s: The costs of intelligence and energy are going to be on a path towards near-zero. We certainly won’t get all the way there this decade, but by 2030, it will become clear that the AI revolution and renewable+nuclear energy are going to get us there. (This won’t be true for every kind of intelligence–AI will likely be really great at many things and surprisingly bad at others–but enough to change a lot of things.) For some time now, intelligence and e...
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Why is BNPL so HOTTTT? A threat to trillions of dollar market cap?

1/ Why is “Buy Now, Pay Later” (BNPL) an early threat to trillions of dollars of market cap – Visa (almost $500B), MasterCard ($350B), card issuing banks, acquiring banks/services (Fiserv, FIS, Global Payments, etc)? 3/ BNPL makes no sense for, say, a $5 transaction at Walgreens. But do you want to get a 2 meter long paper receipt which you need to return that $5 item? Because of the architecture, there’s no way for the issuer to receive that AND the merchant doesn’t want to give it to them ...
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Facebook plans to deprioritize political content; Is that good?

2/ a continue) My point there is that FB will narrowly define this in ways that are overall not helpful and if past is any indicator in ways that will almost certainly unfairly advantage right-wing content. 3/ b) This will calcify and intensify an existing problem on platform. Asymmetry on FB is intense. For ex, last weekend right-leaning content had 50.96% of all engagement, left-leaning had 12.4%. News/non-aligned content (which was majority in terms of volume) only had 36.64%. 4/ Th...
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No, the iPhone 13 will not talk to satellites: Everything you need to know

1/ No, the iPhone 13 will not talk to satellites. Instead, the iPhone will (according to rumors) now support another radio band for 4G/5G that was previously assigned to satellite service but which now can be used for terrestrial service. 5/ GlobalStar spen5 $5 billion putting up its first satellites (and buying spectrum) then promptly went bankrupt (like their competitor Iridium). But spectrum licenses are valuable, so no investors grabbed their assets. 6/ Their strategy: take this 11.5-...
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How to acquire art from famous #NFT artists without shelling out insane amounts of money

Alright, I’m just going to do this on Twitter. As promised, these are some ways to acquire art from famous #NFT artists without shelling out insane amounts of money: 5/ @CryptoKitties collaborations. Over the years, there have been some very interesting artist collaborations with Cryptokitties. Most notably, in October 2020, @Hackatao designed a series of traits for “Purrstige” cats… 9/ That’s about it, although I’m sure there are some other ways to obtain less expensive pieces from high-p...
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China has *recommendations* for recommendation algorithms (hint: they will be tightly controlled)

The Party does not want algorithms running amok and influencing public opinion. The CAC will keep records of algos that have “public opinion attributes or social mobilization capabilities,” and algos which have such attributes must register. Most interesting to me: Users must be provided with a convenient way to see and delete the keywords that the algorithm is using to profile them. 2/ And there are limits on the types of keywords algos can collect: “Providers … shall not record illegal...
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