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Apple may let people pick alternative default apps on the iPhone, marking a radical change of philosophy

Apple is reportedly considering giving iPhone users a degree of flexibility over their default apps. Bloomberg reported that iPhone users could potentially pick alternatives to the Safari mobile browser and Mail email app as their default services. It would be a radical change for a company that has always tightly controlled the iPhone experience. Currently, Apple treats its own apps as the default in a number of ways: for example, when someone opens a web link sent to them on an iPhone, it au...
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Google's $2.1 billion Fitbit acquisition is a major privacy risk, Europe data body warns

Google said it would acquire Fitbit for $2.1 billion in November 2019. But regulators might put the acquisition on ice over privacy concerns. The European Data Protection Board (EDPB), which advises the European Commission on data protection law, says it's worried about the massive tech firm accumulating yet more personal data. Google is already under investigation by the EU for how it collects user data, and the US Department of Justice is separately investigating the Fitbit acquisition. Visi...
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An impressive deepfake video of Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk in 'Star Trek' shows how far the technology has come

A new deepfake video puts Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and Tesla CEO Elon Musk into an episode of "Star Trek." Deepfake technology works by training an algorithm on images of a person's face then transplanting their face onto footage of someone else. Bezos is a "Star Trek" fan, and even had a cameo in 2016's "Star Trek: Beyond." Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Another amazingly convincing deepfake has hit the internet. Uploaded by deepfake YouTube account The Fakening on Wednesd...
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Trump's campaign just reportedly paid millions to buy out the ad space on YouTube's homepage ahead of the election, ensuring it will reach viewers at a crucial time (GOOG, GOOGL)

Trump's re-election campaign just bought YouTube's most prominent homepage ad space for the run-up to the election, according to . The campaign purchased ads on the coveted YouTube "masthead," ensuring its message will be seen by millions of the site's viewers, Bloomberg reported. Running ads on YouTube's homepage for multiple days could cost the campaign millions of dollars. Obama made a similar ad buy, running a YouTube homepage ad on Election Day during the 2012 race. Visit Business Inside...
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Quibi, the streaming app that has raised more than $1 billion and is run by two billionaires, just gave the world its first real glimpse

  Quibi, a streaming video service that has raised more than $1 billion in funding, is now available for pre-order in app stores, as first reported by TechCrunch. The mobile-only app will offer short-form video content and plans to officially launch in April. Quibi, short for "quick bites," was founded by former Yahoo CEO Meg Whitman and former Disney executive Jeffrey Katzenberg. It will become the latest player in the extremely competitive streaming video market, which includes major players...
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Quibi, the streaming app that has raised more than $1 billion and is run by 2 billionaires, just gave the world its first real glimpse

Quibi, a streaming-video service that has raised more than $1 billion in funding, is now available for preorder in app stores, as first reported by TechCrunch. The mobile-only app is expected to offer short-form video content and plans to officially launch in April. Quibi, short for "quick bites," was founded by the veteran tech executive Meg Whitman and the longtime Hollywood producer Jeffrey Katzenberg. It will become yet another player in the competitive streaming-video market, which includ...
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Oracle has the support of the Trump administration and some big media industry groups in its Supreme Court fight against Google. Here's why they're siding with Oracle. (ORCL, GOOG)

Oracle and Google are scheduled to face off before the US Supreme Court on March 24.  The 10-year-old dispute is based on Oracle's claim that Google stole a key component of its Java technology to build the Android operating system. Google rejects the charge, saying Oracle cannot copyright the code — known as APIs, or application programming interfaces — which allows programs to talk to each other. The Trump administration, through Solicitor General Noel Francisco, argues that Google is using...
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An FCC filing suggests Lenovo might have a new robot vacuum on the horizon

A new filing with the FCC hints that Lenovo might have plans to release a new robotic vacuum cleaner.
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A Google manager has been arrested and charged with murder after his wife was reported missing in Hawaii

Google product manager Sonam Saxena has been arrested in connection with the disappearance of his wife, Smriti Saxena. Smriti, who was a Microsoft business program manager, was reported missing by Sonam on Tuesday while the Seattle couple was vacationing in Hawaii. A body that could be Smriti's was discovered on a beach on Wednesday, and Sonam was arrested and charged with second-degree murder. Authorities have not positively identified the body or determined the cause of death. A former cowor...
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AT&T is joining IBM in pulling out from one of the biggest cybersecurity conferences of the year over coronavirus fears (IBM, MSFT, T)

AT&T has become the second big company to withdraw from one of cybersecurity's largest events, the annual RSA Conference, which is set to open next week in San Francisco. Other big companies like Microsoft and Cisco say they are still in, but monitoring updates.  San Francisco has no confirmed cases of the virus, but security conference cancellations follow Facebook pulling a marketing summit in the city.  The RSA conference organizers have said that it will provide "ample hand sanitizers" and...
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Apple has been granted a temporary restraining order against a man it says has been stalking Tim Cook (AAPL)

Apple has been granted a temporary restraining order against a man it says is harassing CEO Tim Cook.  The filings state that Rakesh Sharma has been harassing Cook, and has shown up at his house in Palo Alto twice.  Sharma has now been ordered by a judge to stay away from Cook, his home, and the company's Apple Park headquarters. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Apple has filed a temporary restraining order against a man it says is harassing CEO Tim Cook and other members o...
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Coronavirus concerns push Facebook and Sony to skip the year's biggest gathering for video game makers (FB, SNE)

Facebook, the Facebook-owned Oculus, and Sony will no longer attend the 2020 Game Developers Conference due to health and travel concerns caused by the coronavirus outbreak. GDC 2020 is scheduled to be held in San Francisco's Moscone Center from March 16 to 20. Facebook had already cancelled an event it had planned at the Moscone Center one week earlier. A statement from GDC said the event would include additional on-site measures to prevent the spread of disease, and the organizers said they ...
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Most IT professionals want to replace passwords with something better, but the industry can't agree on what that is

Passwords are cumbersome, ineffective, and involved in 80% of hacking data breaches – but they are deeply entrenched in our personal and work cultures.  New research shows companies are working to get rid of passwords entirely, while new AI technologies can now authenticate identities by voice patterns or even how you text.   Next week 45,000 cybersecurity professionals convene in San Francisco to show off the latest tech vying to replace passwords – but can the security industry find consensu...
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Google removes 600 apps with annoying pop-up ads from the Play Store

Google cracked down on its disruptive ad policy by removing 600 troublesome apps from its Play Store
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The best waterproof cases for the iPhone 11 Pro

The iPhone 11 Pro's is water-resistant, but you'll want a resistant case if you're headed into deeper water.
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Oracle is accusing Google's chief legal officer of leading a 'coercion campaign' to pressure groups not to support it in their Supreme Court brawl (ORCL, GOOG)

Oracle is accusing Google's chief legal officer of waging a "coercion campaign" aimed at pressuring companies and groups not to endorse its position in their Supreme Court battle. Oracle Executive Vice President Ken Glueck, the tech giant's point man in Washington DC, said Kent Walker, Google's head of global affairs, reached out to "more than half a dozen" parties "to persuade them to stay silent" on the legal dispute. Oracle is accusing Google of copyright infringement and stealing a key com...
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Elon Musk wants to build a private 'SpaceX Village' with 100 rooms, lounge parties, volleyball tournaments, and rock climbing amid a South Texas retiree community

SpaceX has been buying up properties from a community of retiree-age residents in South Texas called Boca Chica Village. Now, according to a new SpaceX job posting, the rocket company founded by Elon Musk plans to build a "SpaceX Village" adjacent to its Starship rocket development and launch site. SpaceX Village may feature 100 bookable rooms, kayaking outings, a rock climbing wall, volleyball tournaments, spaceport lounge parties, and more. However, a handful of preexisting residents have sa...
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What influencers should know about Facebook's new app for video creators, Creator Studio

Facebook is launching a mobile version of its video analytics and content management tool, Creator Studio.  The mobile app is a play by Facebook to compete with YouTube and other platforms for the time and attention of video creators.  The app's main draw for creators is the ability to edit headlines and descriptions and respond to follower comments on the go. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Facebook is making another bid to win over creators with the launch of a mobile ve...
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Apple may soon allow you to change your default iPhone apps

The tech giant has faced criticism over the inability to do so
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Amazon's first-ever employee says the company is big enough where it could make sense to break it up

Amazon's first-ever employee, Shel Kaphan, is speaking out for the first time — and he's got major criticisms of the company he helped shepherd into existence. Among his criticisms, Kaphan suggested Amazon is "now at the scale" where federal regulators breaking up the company "could potentially make sense." "On one hand I'm proud of what it became," Kaphan said in the new Frontline documentary, "Amazon Empire: The Rise and Reign of Jeff Bezos." "It also scares me," he said. "I just feel like i...
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How to change your phone number on Airbnb in 5 simple steps

You can easily change your phone number on Airbnb to make sure that your host has the correct contact information should there be an issue or emergency situation. Your phone numbers are only shared between hosts and guests once they are paired, but they are never shared publicly on Airbnb.   Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. While real-time chats over the phone isn't the main communication tool on Airbnb, it's still essential to have the correct phone number associated wit...
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How to clear your browsing history on Mozilla Firefox manually, or set it to clear automatically

You can clear your history on Firefox in two different ways.  To clear your browsing history manually, open the "Library" menu and choose how much of your history you want to clear. To set Firefox to clear your history automatically, access the "Preferences" menu and set up custom clearing settings. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Your Firefox history includes your searches, all the websites you've visited, your active logins, and more — and you can clear all of this manua...
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How to print from a Microsoft Edge browser, and what to do if a page won't print correctly

You can print from a Microsoft Edge browser by going into your options menu, or by using a keyboard command. You can print most web pages in Microsoft Edge, or files like PDFs that are displayed in the browser. If you find that a page won't print correctly from Microsoft Edge, try taking a screenshot of it first. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. There are many situations where printing a webpage is better than sending the link to someone.  Editors and proofreaders, for exam...
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You're getting the wrong WiFi router if it doesn't come with 'mesh' technology

Mesh WiFi systems are basically the same as regular routers and extenders, but they're a lot smarter and work a lot better.  They're also easier to set up and maintain. And they look better than traditional routers and extenders, which may encourage you to keep them out in the open instead of a closet, where WiFi signals can get muffled.  Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. When friends or family start asking me what WiFi router they should upgrade to, I barely let them finish...
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How to change the time zone in your Google Calendar for the entire calendar or individual events

You can change the time zone in your Google Calendar easily via your Calendar settings. You also have the option to create individual events with different time zones in Google Calendar. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. If you've been using Google Calendar's basic functions — creating events and calendars to manage your time — you aren't getting everything you could out of the tool.  For those who travel often, one of the "extras" that can be extremely useful is the abilit...
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2 Y Combinator-backed startups are feuding over an ad campaign, and it's yet another example of how San Francisco startups compete in the city's ultra-crowded tech market

Onboarding startup Rippling bought targeted ads in San Francisco attacking competitor Gusto's focus on small businesses. The ad reads: "Outgrowing Gusto? Presto Change-o." Rippling's comparative advertising is legal, as long as what is stated therein is accurate. But Gusto wrote a cease-and-desist letter stating that the company believes it is not, threatening legal action if it's not removed. The whole ordeal "started to feel like an episode of Silicon Valley," according to a Rippling spokesp...
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How to change your Airbnb account password or reset it if you've forgotten it

You can change your Airbnb password easily in two ways.  Airbnb allows you to change your password via your account settings, or reset it through an email link if you've forgotten your password. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Like many online platforms, Airbnb stores some personal information like credit cards, so maintaining a secure password is of paramount importance.  Airbnb makes it easy to change your password once you're logged into your account; or, if you forget...
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Google's decision to shift control of UK user data to the US looks like a calculated political bet that Brexit will be a privacy disaster

Reuters reported Wednesday that Google is planning to ship its UK user data from its European headquarters in Ireland to the US. The move was prompted by uncertainty surrounding the UK's data laws after Brexit. Experts told Business Insider the problem boils down to whether the UK can obtain an "adequacy agreement" with the EU which would guarantee that EU citizens' data would be protected with the same rigor as under GDPR. Although originally the UK said it would adhere to GDPR standards, Goo...
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MacBook Pro to get 10th-generation Intel chips, according to leak

Leaked benchmarks hint at a big performance boost for the MacBook Pro from the latest batch of Intel CPUs.
Tags: Apple, Trends, Intel, Computing, Macbook Pro, Intel Ice Lake, Intel 10th Generation

Apple might finally let iPhone and iPad users change their default internet and email apps, according to a new report (AAPL)

Apple's iPhone and iPad have always locked users into Apple's default apps for fundamental services like email and web browsing. People could always download rival third-party apps, but the default apps launched for fundamental services would defer to Apple's native apps. That long-held standard may finally be changing, according to a new report from Bloomberg that says Apple is considering a policy change. The change would allow iPhone and iPad users to swap Apple's Safari for Google's Chrom...
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