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US Used Patriot Act To Gather Logs of Website Visitors

An anonymous reader quotes a report from The New York Times: The government has interpreted a high-profile provision of the Patriot Act as empowering F.B.I. national security investigators to collect logs showing who has visited particular web pages, documents show. But the government stops short of using that law to collect the keywords people submit to internet search engines because it considers such terms to be content that requires a warrant to gather, according to letters produced by the O...
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Trump Administration Claims Facebook Improperly Reserved Jobs for H-1B Workers

The Trump administration has sued Facebook, accusing the social-media company of illegally reserving high-paying jobs for immigrant workers it was sponsoring for permanent residence, rather than searching adequately for available U.S. workers who could fill the positions. From a report: In a 17-page complaint filed Thursday, the Justice Department's civil-rights division said Facebook inadequately advertised at least 2,600 positions between 2018 and 2019 that were filled by immigrants on H-1B hi...
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The Trump administration in a new lawsuit accused Facebook of reserving over 2,600 high-paying jobs for foreign workers instead of hiring Americans

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg appears before a House Financial Services Committee hearing on Capitol Hill in Washington, Wednesday, Oct. 23, 2019. Andrew Harnik/AP The Department of Justice has filed a lawsuit against Facebook, accusing the company of reserving over 2,600 high-paying jobs for foreign workers with temporary work visas instead of hiring US residents. The lawsuit alleges that Facebook did not adequately advertise the positions before hiring foreign workers. Trump administratio...
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Google Hit With Surprise Labor Rights Complaint Over Fired Workers

The National Labor Relations Board filed a surprise complaint on Wednesday accusing Google of illegally surveilling and firing two workers who had tried to form a union at the tech giant. What’s so surprising? The Trump administration isn’t exactly known as a defender of labor rights.Read more...
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An Introduction to Rap Battles: Pretty Much Pop: A Culture Podcast #71 Pretty Much Pop hosts Mark Linsenmayer, Erica Spyres, and Brian Hirt are rejoined by our audio editor and resident rapper Tyler Hislop (rap name: “Sacrifice”) to discuss a form of entertainment close to his heart: Two people staring each other in the face in front of a crowd and taking lengthy turns insulting each other in a loud voice using intricate rhymes, references, jokes and even s...
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Trump To Congress: Repeal Section 230 Or I'll Veto Military Funding

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Ars Technica: President Donald Trump has long been an outspoken foe of big technology companies. And in recent months, he has focused his ire on Section 230, a provision of the 1996 Communications Decency Act that shields online platforms from liability for content posted by their users. In May, Trump called on the Federal Communications Commission to reinterpret the law -- though it's not clear the agency has the power to do that. Since then, he has twee...
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Trump’s odd new attack on Section 230 is probably doomed

Trump’s crusade against a key internet law known as Section 230 tends to pop up in unlikely places. His Twitter feed on Thanksgiving, for one. Or at times you’d think the nation would be hearing from its leader on the matter at hand: a worsening pandemic that’s killed nearly 270,000 people in the United States. His latest threat to the law, which is widely regarded as the foundation for the modern internet, is unlikelier still. Now, Trump wants to veto the National Defense Authorization Act (NDA...
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ACLU Sues DHS Over Purchase of Cellphone Location Data Used To Track Immigrants

The American Civil Liberties Union is suing federal authorities over their alleged use of cellphone location data -- particularly in immigration enforcement. From a report: The nonprofit organization today filed a lawsuit against the Department of Homeland Security, U.S. Customs and Border Protection and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement to force the agencies to release records about purchasing cellphone location data for immigration enforcement and other purposes. The lawsuit follows mul...
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Europe will push to work with the US on tech governance, post-Trump

The European Union said today that it wants to work with US counterparts on a common approach to tech governance — including pushing to standardize rules for applications of technologies like AI and pushing big tech to be more responsible for what their platforms amplify. EU lawmakers are anticipating rebooted transatlantic relations under the incoming administration of president-elect Joe Biden. The Commission has published a new EU-US agenda with the aim of  encouraging what it bills as “...
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Biden said he'd 'end forever wars,' but he's shown few signs that he won't repeat the mistakes of the past, human rights groups warn

Vice President Joe Biden meets with U.S. troops in Maidan Wardak province January 11, 2011. Omar Sobhani/Reuters President-elect Joe Biden has pledged to "end forever wars," but human rights groups are concerned by a lack of specifics behind this vow.  "Withdrawing troops in itself does not end those wars, or US involvement in them, if the US continues to conduct air strikes, whether by drones or by piloted aircraft," Daphne Eviatar of Amnesty International told Insider.  Biden has been fa...
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10 things in tech you need to know today

Marc Benioff, CEO of Salesforce. Justin Sullivan/Getty Images Good morning! This is the tech news you need to know this Wednesday. Sign up here to get this email in your inbox every morning.Have an Amazon Alexa device? Listen to this update by searching "Business Insider" in your flash briefing settings.And for the biggest stories in politics, sign up here for 10 Things in Politics You Need to Know Today — launching soon!Salesforce bought Slack for $27.7 billion. The deal is Salesforce's la...
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Apple releases its ‘Best of 2020’ App Store winners and most downloaded apps of the year

Apple today released its highly anticipated annual list of the best apps and games of 2020. As in previous years, App Store editors selected the winners based on factors like the app’s quality, creative design, usability and use of Apple technology, among other things. The “Best of 2020” winners this year include a number of apps that helped people transition to a life spent at home. For example, home workout app Wakeout! won iPhone App of the Year, while Zoom snagged the top spot as the iPad...
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Ford Calls On Automakers To Support California Fuel Economy Deal

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Reuters: Ford is urging major automakers to consider backing a framework deal with California on vehicle emissions in a bid to reach industry consensus before President-elect Joe Biden takes office, according to a letter seen by Reuters on Monday. Major automakers are set to discuss next steps at a virtual meeting of their auto trade association Tuesday, which comes a week after General Motors abruptly announced it would no longer back the Trump administr...
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The splinternet — mankind’s fight over the internet

Is the splinternet coming — or is it already upon us? The splinternet is the idea that the internet “splinters” into several different internets that aren’t connected to each other in any meaningful way. “The splinternet (also referred to as cyber-balkanization or internet balkanization) is a characterization of the Internet as splintering and dividing due to various factors, such as technology, commerce, politics, nationalism, religion, and divergent national interests.” Source: Wikipedia...
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'Reactionary giving' was all the rage from the 'Trump bump' after 2016 — but the coronavirus has changed giving like everything else

Samantha Lee/Business Insider High-net-worth individuals are still cutting the biggest checks. Crystal Cox/Business Insider Today is Giving Tuesday, which is devoted to charitable giving. Like everything else in 2020, giving is a little bit different this year. The general pattern of "reactionary giving" around elections, turbocharged in the Trump era, coincided with pandemic-related giving, both bolstered by smaller donors. In 2016, contributions to liberal nonprofits increased ...
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EveryAction acquires Mobilize, the Democratic volunteering platform

Nonprofit donor management platform EveryAction is buying Mobilize, a company that connects Democratic campaigns to volunteers and helps marshal activists toward progressive causes. Mobilize, formerly known as MobilizeAmerica, grew out of Higher Ground Labs, an incubator focused on leveraging tech for left-leaning political causes and campaigns. With the acquisition, EveryAction can now extend Mobilize’s organizing tools to its existing base of more than 15,000 clients, which includes the Sierra...
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Dear Sophie: What I’m thankful for

Sophie Alcorn Contributor Share on Twitter Sophie Alcorn is the founder of Alcorn Immigration Law in Silicon Valley and 2019 Global Law Experts Awards’ “Law Firm of the Year in California for Entrepreneur Immigration Services.” She connects people with the businesses and opportunities that expand their lives. More posts by this contributor Dear Sophie: Can an H-1B co-founder own a Delaware C Corp? Dear Sophi...
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FCC Chairman Ajit Pai will step down to make way for the Biden administration

The Chairman of the FCC, Ajit Pai, has announced he will leave his position on January 20 as President-elect Biden is sworn in. Pai’s tenure has been a controversial one, and while he would almost certainly like to be remembered for his efforts to “bridge the digital divide,” as he was fond of saying, it is the dismantling of net neutrality that will be his legacy. It is traditional at the FCC for the Chairman to leave when the administration changes parties. Pai took over when Tom Wheeler...
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The Station: COVID’s effect on car ownership

The Station is a weekly newsletter dedicated to all things transportation. Sign up here — just click The Station — to receive it every weekend in your inbox. Hello and welcome back to The Station, a newsletter dedicated to all the present and future ways people and packages move from Point A to Point B. For all my American readers, I hope you’re happy and satiated from the Thanksgiving holiday in this oddest of years. My hope for all Station readers, no matter where you reside, is a safe and hea...
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FCC Chairman Ajit Pai Will Step Down on January 20

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai has announced plans to depart the commission when President-elect Joe Biden is inaugurated on January 20th. Pai has served on the FCC since 2012. From a report: "It has been the honor of a lifetime to serve at the Federal Communications Commission, including as Chairman of the FCC over the past four years," Pai said in a statement. "To be the first Asian-American to chair the FCC has been a particular privilege. As I often say: only in America." Pai was appointed chairman...
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The Trump administration will add SMIC, China’s largest chipmaker, to its defense blacklist: report

SMIC, one of largest chip makers in the world, is among several companies that the Department of Defense plans to designate as being owned or controlled by the Chinese military, reports Reuters. Earlier this month, President Donald Trump signed an executive order, set to go into effect on January 11, that would bar U.S. investors from buying securities from companies on the defense blacklist. In a statement to Reuters, SMIC said it continues “to engage constructively and openly with the U.S. gov...
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Gillmor Gang: Electrical Banana

Thanks I’m giving for the start of the first big online season. Yes, the pandemic has put in place a gigantic move to the digital for our immediate and accelerated future. We all know how this plays out in the required state of things pre-vaccine. But there’s an undercurrent not so hidden there of a dynamic answer to my wife’s stubborn question: Where’s my Jetpack? She’s a child of the 60s, a post-Beatles time of imploding dreams and dashed expectations. James Bond got to fly a Jetpack, but t...
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What happened to J. Walter Thompson, the world's oldest ad agency

Hi! Welcome to the Insider Advertising daily for November 30. I'm Lauren Johnson, a senior advertising reporter at Business Insider. Subscribe here to get this newsletter in your inbox every weekday. Send me feedback or tips at [email protected]'s news: Inside ad agency J. Walter Thompson's rise and fall, which digital media companies could get acquired next, and Fox News' Trump backlash. Picture Post/Hulton Archive/Getty Images The rise and fall of J. Walter Thompso...
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What Hunting Bigfoot Taught a Republican Congressman about Misinformation, Political Extremists, and Grift

Republican congressman Denver Riggleman was once a defense contractor for America's National Security Agency. But in 2004, he paid more than $5,000 to join an amateur expedition searching for Bigfoot. Not because he believed in the mythical ape-like creature said to live in the woods, according to the Washington Post, but "to indulge a lifelong fascination: Why do people — what kind of people — believe in Bigfoot?" "Now in one of his last acts as a Republican congressman from Virginia, Rigglem...
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Conspiracy Theorists Who'd First Popularized QAnon Now Accused of Financial Motives

QAnon "was first championed by a handful of people who worked together to stir discussion of the 'Q' posts, eventually pushing the theory on to bigger platforms and gaining followers — a strategy that proved to be the key to Qanon's spread and the originators' financial gain..." reports NBC News, in an article shared by long-time Slashdot reader AmiMoJo . "NBC News has found that the theory can be traced back to three people who sparked some of the first conversation about Qanon and, in doing ...
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Facebook Removes Temporary Algorithm Change That Had Blocked Misinformation

Facebook's employees and executives "are battling over how to reduce misinformation and hate speech without hurting the company's bottom line," reports the New York Times, after employees had spotted false and misleading election-related misinformation going viral on the site. The solution? Make temporary changes to the controversial algorithm "which helps determine what more than two billion people see every day" by highlighting "big, mainstream publishers like CNN, The New York Times and NPR...
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11 things you can do to stop being manipulated by your phone, according to the tech experts featured in Netflix's 'The Social Dilemma'

Netflix's "The Social Dilemma." Netflix Netflix's "The Social Dilemma" explores our deeply-entrenched societal addiction to social media and what large tech firms stand to gain from our engagement on the platforms.  The film has been among the most-watched programs since it was released on the service on September 9 and features commentary from top industry figures and critics. The docudrama is sobering to watch, but the credit reel features tips and tricks on how to cut down on phone ...
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November linkfest

It’s Word of the Year season, and two British dictionaries are leading the pack. Collins picked lockdown – a word we threw around here in the US but never experienced the way they did in the UK and elsewhere. (A friend of mine is literally confined to her London apartment after spending a month in France: she can’t go outdoors at all.) And Oxford Languages, publisher of the Oxford dictionaries, chose a phenomenon instead of a single word: the impact of the COVID-19 on language. “What struck the...
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Why for-profit college enrollment has increased during the COVID-19 pandemic

For-profit institutions saw a 3% increase in average enrollment during the pandemic. For-profit colleges are faring better than their public and private nonprofit counterparts during the pandemic, according to higher education researcher Molly Ott. She says students are attending for-profit colleges because of their additional flexibility, financial resources, and expertise in remote learning strategies. According to Ott, for-profits can afford to be financially nimble during difficult t...
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Patients of a Vermont Hospital Are Left 'in the Dark' After a Cyberattack

A wave of damaging attacks on hospitals upended the lives of patients with cancer and other ailments. From a report: At lunchtime on Oct. 28, Colleen Cargill was in the cancer center at the University of Vermont Medical Center, preparing patients for their chemotherapy infusions. A new patient will sometimes be teary and frightened, but the nurses try to make it welcoming, offering trail mix and a warm blanket, a seat with a view of a garden. Then they work with extreme precision: checking plate...
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