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A map of London's most toxic breathing spots

Dirty air is an invisible killer, but an effective one.More than 9,000 people die prematurely in London each year due to air pollution, a recent study estimates.This map visualizes the worst places to breathe in Central London. The Great Smog of 1952 London used to be famous for its 'pea-soupers': combinations of smoke and fog caused by burning coal for power and heating. All that changed after the Great Smog of 1952, when weather conditions created a particularly dense and persistent layer...
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The Stylophone goes totally luxe with the GEN R-8

You’ve seen the Stylophone as the mass-produced, toy-like original. And you’ve seen it as a relaunched digital emulation and as an analog instrument. Now get ready for the Stylophone as premium boutique instrument. The Stylophone began its story back in 1967, and became one of the iconic electronic musical inventions of the 20th century – its appeal being largely to do with its simplicity and directness. The son of the original inventor, Ben Jarvis, went on to revive instrument under the origi...
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Stephen Fry Narrates Two Animated Videos Explaining How Fear, Loathing & Misinformation Drove the Brexit Campaign

For millions watching in the UK and around the world, anticipating the looming Brexit deadline over the past two years has been like watching the slowest train wreck in history. But for those not following the coverage daily, the impending UK secession from the European Union is mystifying. Just how many trains are there, and where are they coming from, and how fast, exactly, are they going? From the future of food and drug imports, to the status of the “currently invisible” border betwe...
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Huawei boss Ren Zhengfei denies espionage allegations in rare public announcement

Huawei founder Ren Zhengfei has broken a lengthy silence to hit back at criticism levelled at the Chinese telecoms giant by western countries in recent months, claiming that the firm is not aiding Beijing in espionage. Mr Ren, who has not spoken to the foreign press since 2015, said that his company has “never received any request from any government to provide improper information”. The chief executive made the public appearance following the arrest of his daughter and Huawei’s chief financial ...
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Proposals for drones to fly at night and over crowds in US

US proposals for relaxing drone laws are in stark contrast to the UK, which plans to tighten rules.
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$2 billion takeaway startup Deliveroo lost its CTO, chief people officer, and chief legal officer in a big reshuffle

Food delivery startup Deliveroo has reshuffled its executive team as its chief technology officer, chief people officer, and chief legal officer depart. The company's new vice president of engineering and chief product officer will now run the tech team. The departures come as expectation grows for a Deliveroo float, sale, or further fundraise. Deliveroo, the $2 billion food takeaway startup, has had an executive reshuffle, resulting in the departure of its chief technology officer, chief peo...
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Charlie Sloth confirmed for weekly Beats 1 Rap Show

Former BBC presenter Charlie Sloth is joining Beats 1, three months after leaving Radio 1. His ex-Radio 1 colleague Zane Lowe, who joined Beats 1 when Apple launched it in 2015, tweeted Charlie is joining to host the Charlie Sloth Rap Show every Saturday starting this weekend. Charlie left the BBC early after an on-stage rant at the ARIAS last year, shortly after he’d announced he was leaving Radio 1. The show description says “UK DJ and producer Charlie Sloth invites the freshest names in...
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Open Bionics closes $5.9M Series A for its affordable and cool bionic limbs

The world wowed a few years ago when a very clever startup from Bristol, UK, came up with 3D printed bionic limbs for amputees. Uniquely, the limbs were lightweight, cheap to make and could even be made into Iron Man-style arms to enthuse amputee children. They went on to sign a deal with the huge UK National Health Service to bring new technologies to amputees, announced at a Techcrunch Crunch Disrupt. Today Open Bionics has successfully raised $5.9 million from investors including F1’s William...
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We Are Social’s Monday Mashup #429

Facebook rolls out fact-checking operation in UK Facebook has appointed independent charity, Full Fact, as its first fact-checking partner in the UK; in an attempt to further tackle misinformation on the platform. Full Fact will be responsible for reviewing and rating the accuracy of content on the social network. Posts, links and videos found to contain false information will then be tagged accordingly as a warning to potential readers and sharers. No one will be stopped from sharing or reading...
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Apple supplier Dialog sees sales fall to low end of target range as smartphone market stagnates

Apple supplier Dialog Semiconductor faced a slump on Monday, posting end of year revenues towards the lower end of its earlier predictions as the company grapples with lower appetite for Apple's iPhones in the huge Chinese market.  The UK-based semiconductor firm failed to reach the top end of its projections as its fourth quarter sales came in at $431m, highlighting the knock-on impact Apple's dwindling sales are having on its supply chain. At the end of October, Dialog estimated sales ...
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Apple supplier Dialog warns on sales as smartphone market stagnates

Apple supplier Dialog Semiconductor faced a slump on Monday, posting end of year revenues towards the lower end of its earlier predictions as the company grapples with lower appetite for Apple's iPhones in the huge Chinese market.  The UK-based semiconductor firm failed to reach the top end of its projections as its fourth quarter sales came in at $431m, highlighting the knock-on impact Apple's dwindling sales are having on its supply chain. At the end of October, Dialog estimated sales ...
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Lime halts scooter service in Switzerland after possible software glitch throws users off mid-ride

Just as on-demand electric scooters are trying to pick up speed in Europe, one of the scooter market’s most ambitious startups has halted operations in one country after its e-scooters started halting mid-ride, throwing off and injuring passengers. Lime, the Uber-backed bike and scooter rental company that is reportedly raising money at between a $2 billion and $3 billion valuation, has pulled its full fleet of scooters in Switzerland, in the cities of Basel and Zurich, for safety checks after m...
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Weekend reading: British passport no longer rules the waivers

What caught my eye this week. G ot your passport ready and your bag packed for the last flight out of Heathrow when Britain goes all 21 Days Later on Brexit Day? The good news is even I don’t think that’s going to happen. We’ll be more in for months of Dad’s Army amateurism should we leave with no-deal on the 29th March. But the reviled metropolitan elites will immediately put their brains towards sorting out the mess foisted upon them, and anarchy will be avoided.1 The bad news is Britain has...
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Amazon Dash buttons judged to breach consumer rules in Germany

Amazon’s Dash buttons have been found to breach consumer ecommerce rules in Germany. The push-to-order gizmos were debuted by Amazon in 2015, in an attempt by the ecommerce giant to shave friction off of the online shopping process by encouraging consumers to fill their homes with stick-on, account-linked buttons that trigger product-specific staple purchases when pressed — from washing powder to toilet roll to cat food. Germany was among the first international markets where Amazon launched ...
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Mondelez, the US Food Company That Owns Oreo and Cadbury Brands, Sues Zurich in Test For Cyber Hack Insurance

Mondelez, the US food company that owns the Oreo and Cadbury brands, is suing its insurance company, Zurich, for refusing to pay out on a $100m claim for damage caused by the NotPetya cyber attack. From a report: The case will be the first serious legal dispute over how companies can recover the costs of a cyber attack [Editor's note: the article may be paywalled; alternative source], as insurance groups seek to tightly define their liabilities. "It's a pretty big deal. I've never seen an insura...
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Lisbon finally gets a substantial VC fund in the shape of Indico Capital Partners

Lisbon, characterized occasionally by some tech scene observers as ‘the warm Berlin’, has been threatening to generate more startups in the last few years, not least because it will now have the enormous Web Summit conference there for the next 10 years, and because it’s a cheap and great place to live. But the startups appearing have not quite been as numerous as many would like. It’s therefore fantastic to see a new VC fund appearing in the city, set up by three experienced stalwarts of the sc...
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Facebook employs UK fact-checkers to combat fake news

A UK charity will help Facebook combat the spread of misinformation on its platform.
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Britons make 170,000 antisemitic Google searches a year, study finds

Research shows 10% of these searches involve violent phrases such as ‘Jews must die’At least 170,000 antisemitic Google searches are made in the UK every year, with 10% of them involving violent phrases such as “Jews must die” or “kill Jews”, research has revealed.The analysis for the Community Security Trust (CST) showed that while most of the searches are for jokes mocking Jewish people, the most common negative stereotypes claim Jews are “evil” and “racist”. Continue reading...
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Facebook rolls out fact-checking operation in UK

Social network brings in independent charity in attempt to tackle misinformationFacebook’s fact-checking operation is launching in the UK, with the independent charity Full Fact selected to be the first British publisher to review and rate the accuracy of content on the social network.Posts, links and videos that have been flagged as false will be marked as such to users, and people will be warned if a post they are about to share has been found to be false, but no one will be stopped from shari...
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Weekly Roundup, Friday 11 January 2019

Bet you don’t know what this is, where it is, and what it does (did)? See final item. Good morning It has been an exciting week, with our “next generation” daily news curation service taking shape behind the scenes.  Part of this is a new and more active Twitter feed. If you’re on Twitter, please do follow our new Twitter account, @TheTvlInsider.  If you were following our earlier Twitter account, feel free to unfollow that one, and please now follow our new @TheTvlInsider account. The new Twit...
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Improbable and Epic Games establish $25M fund to help devs move to ‘more open engines’ after Unity debacle

Improbable is taking a daring step after announcing earlier today that Unity had revoked its license to operate on the popular game development engine. The UK-based cloud gaming startup has inked a late-night press release with Unity rival Epic Games, which operates the Unreal Engine and is the creator of Fortnite, establishing a $25 million fund designed to help game developers move to “more open engines.” An incoming blog post penned by Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney and Improbable CEO He...
Tags: Gaming, UK, US, Tech, Epic Games, Improbable, Unreal Engine, Unity, Tim Sweeney, Herman Narula, Devs, Unreal Unity

Unity pulls nuclear option on cloud gaming startup Improbable, terminating game engine license

A pair of highly-funded gaming unicorns are publicly skirmishing and the deal could have major repercussions for game developers. Today, UK-based cloud gaming startup Improbable, announced that Unity, a hugely popular game development engine, had terminated their license, effectively shutting them out from one of their top customer sources. If permanent, the license termination would be a significant blow to Improbable, which enables studios to host large online multiplayer games across multiple...
Tags: TC, Gaming, UK, Tech, Improbable, Terms Of Service, Unreal Engine, Unity, Tim Sweeney, Devs, Softbank Andreessen Horowitz, Unity Software, Unity Runtime, Unity on Twitter, Unreal Unity

Last 10 years have been a huge financaal win

Last 10 years have been a huge financaal win Submitted by dabrownman on January 10, 2019 - 5:22pm. Here are the top 100 ETFs over the last 10 years based in average yearly returns  The top 25 returned more than 15% annual returned and the bottom 25 returned more than !0.5%Over the past 44 years the Dow 30 and S&P 500 ETF's averaged more than 10% returns including dividends and the Nasdaq 100 returned 13.33%  w/o dividends annually over the past 44 years - Wow!  That is the entire ti...
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Netflix Password Sharing May Soon Be Impossible Due To New AI Tracking

An anonymous reader quotes a report from The Independent: A video software firm has come up with a way to prevent people from sharing their account details for Netflix and other streaming services with friends and family members. UK-based Synamedia unveiled the artificial intelligence software at the CES 2019 technology trade show in Las Vegas, claiming it could save the streaming industry billions of dollars over the next few years. The AI system developed by Synamedia uses machine learning to ...
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UK has ‘red flagged’ 4,600 sellers for tax evasion on marketplaces like Amazon in 2 years

Sites like Amazon and eBay have made it very compelling for consumers to buy online rather than in stores, in part because prices are very competitive and in many cases cheaper than what buyers might find in traditional retailers. But in the U.K., it turns out that some of those low prices are in part due to sellers dodging taxes, so now the government is cracking down. The U.K.’s tax authority has “red-flagged” 4,600 online merchants, from a total of 7,000 investigations, in the last two years ...
Tags: Amazon, TC, Ecommerce, UK, Taxes, Ebay, Tech, Eu, Hmrc, Customs, Asos, Amazon EBay, JSL, Treasury Mel Stride

Malware Found Preinstalled On Some Alcatel Smartphones

An anonymous reader quotes a report from ZDNet: A weather app that comes preinstalled on Alcatel smartphones contained malware that surreptitiously subscribed device owners to premium phone numbers behind their backs. The app, named "Weather Forecast-World Weather Accurate Radar," was developed by TCL Corporation, a Chinese electronics company that among other things owns the Alcatel, BlackBerry, and Palm brands. The app is one of the default apps that TCL installs on Alcatel smartphones, but it...
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Ford is shutting down its Chariot shuttle service

Ford is shutting down Chariot, the shuttle startup that it purchased just two years ago that was supposed to be a part of the automaker’s fresh effort to move beyond the traditional business of buying and selling cars. Chariot will end service on commuter routes in the UK on January 25, according to a company update Thursday. Other commuter routes in New York and San Francisco by February 1. The dynamic shuttle service also had an enterprise business, which were routes with corporate and tran...
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Report: Amazon to double down on gaming with a new streaming service

Earlier this week, when Razer announced that it would integrate Amazon’s Alexa into its gaming platform, I wondered if this was a strong signal of how Amazon may be starting to lay the groundwork for its own strategy to do more in gaming. By coincidence, today The Information reports just that: Amazon is now developing its own streamed gaming service, according to its sources. It’s already talking with publishers to stream their titles on the platform, and it aims to launch it next year. A strea...
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Badi gets $30M for AI-aided room rentals

Should you let AI help you pick your roommates? Barcelona-based urban room rental startup Badi thinks so, and it’s just closed a $30M Series B funding round less than a year after a $10M Series A — suggesting algorithm-aided matchmaking is resonating with its target Millennial(ish) ‘Generation Rent’ demographic, as they hunt for their next flatmate. The 2015 founded startup has now raised circa $45M in total, while its platform has passed 12M rental requests. Badi also tells us it passed one ...
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TransferWise applying for Brussels license in bid to navigate a ‘no deal’ Brexit

TransferWise, the London-headquartered international money transfer company, is applying for a new licence in Brussels, in a bid to navigate a possible “no deal” Brexit as the U.K. prepares to leave membership of the European Union on March 29 this year. One of the definite plusses of EU membership, and something that has undoubtedly benefited U.K. fintech startups, is so-called “passporting” of financial services. This sees a certain level of financial regulatory harmony across the EU and means...
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