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New York Lawmakers Considering a Ban on Reading This Article While Crossing a Street

Following the lead of cities like Honolulu and Montclair, Calif, New York could become the first state to ban “distracted walking.” If passed, the bill would prohibit using any portable electronic device while crossing the street. ‘Distracted walkers’ could face fines of $25 to $50 for their first infraction, and up to $250 for repeat…
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The Oldest Acronym In E-Discovery Continues Its Tradition Of Excellence

The annual meeting of the EDRM is not a conference and it is not like other events in the industry, and there are tons of new and exciting projects ahead.
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Huawei Founder Believes New U.S. Order Will Have No Impact on Sales

Huawei is discussing "emergency relief" from Google for possible loss of services
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Open source beyond the market

Keynote on the topic of open source, markets, debts, purpose, and no less than the meaning of life. Delivered at RailsConf 2019. Also available as a long read below. In Debt: The First 5,000 Years, anthropologist David Graeber explores the fascinating history of debt and economies. It starts out by debunking the common myth that prior to coinage, everyone were trapped in this inefficient mode of barter. If you had a chicken to give and wanted sugar from Gandalf, but Gandalf w...
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We’re hiring a Director of Operations

Basecamp is hiring a director of operations to run the team responsible for all our technical infrastructure. Our suite of applications is served from a mix of our own servers in leased data-center space and cloud setups in Google Cloud and AWS. The job is to ensure that everything runs smoothly, the lights stay on, and we’ve prepared for bad luck with good planning.This is a role for someone with experience running a team at least as big as ours and a multi-million dollar budget. You’ll be mana...
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The Who and Jimmy Fallon Sing “Won’t Get Fooled Again” with Classroom Instruments

Don't miss the very end. And don't miss The Who on tour this summer... Related Content: Keith Moon, Drummer of The Who, Passes Out at 1973 Concert; 19-Year-Old Fan Takes Over What Made John Entwistle One of the Great Rock Bassists? Hear Isolated Tracks from “Won’t Get Fooled Again,” “Baba O’Riley” & “Pinball Wizard” Keith Moon’s Final Performance with The Who (1978) The Who and Jimmy Fallon Sing “Won’t Get Fooled Again” with Classroom Instruments is a post from: Open Culture. Follow us ...
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How To Choose The Right Treatment Center

( = || []).push({}); Rehabilitation can be necessary for a variety of reasons. Addiction can lead to drug rehab, injury can lead to physical rehabilitation. As you go about choosing treatment centers, it’s integral you first determine what sort of help you need. You can’t simply Google “rehabilitation“ and expect the results will match your specific needs. Facilities Covered By Insurance Consider what centers insurance providers may cover. Som...
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May 15 roundup

“Banana Costume Copyright Assailed at Third Circuit” [Emilee Larkin, Courthouse News, earlier] In a new piece for The Bulwark, I sort through some comments by presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg critical of identity politics; Supreme Court’s decision in Apple v. Pepper, with Justice Brett Kavanaugh joining four liberals, takes a little nick out of Illinois Brick doctrine limiting antitrust suits [my new Cato post] Ninth Circuit will soon hear case in which judge ordered Idaho prison sy...
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Reach is overrated

It might be the biggest misconception in all of advertising. The Super Bowl has reach. Google has reach. Radio has reach. So? Why do you care if you can, for more money, reach more people? Why wouldn’t it make more sense to reach the right people instead? To pick an absurd example, you can use a giant radio telescope to beam messages to the billions or trillions of aliens that live in other solar systems. Worth it? I read an overview that pointed out that one of the cons of Amazon advertising wa...
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Free: Play the Original “Minecraft” in Your Browser

A quick heads up from Engadget: “Minecraft is celebrating its 10th birthday by making its Classic version easily playable on web browsers. You don't need to download any files to make it work, and you don't have to pay a cent for access. Since Classic was only the second phase in the game's development cycle, its features are pretty limited. You'll only have 32 blocks to work with, most of which are dyed wool, and it's strictly creative mode only. But who needs zombies, skeletons and oth...
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Wikipedia Is Now Banned in China in All Languages

Wikipedia joins a growing list of websites, including Facebook and Google, that cannot be accessed in China
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Native American Tribes Across the Country Are Pushing for Better Internet Access

Arizona's Havasupai Tribe has been using new coverage for educational purposes
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Clips From Today’s Halftime Report

You want to own defensive companies with good balance sheets like Apple, says Pimco’s Erin Browne from CNBC. ...The post Clips From Today’s Halftime Report appeared first on The Reformed Broker.
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Supreme Court Allows Lawsuits Over Apple’s Alleged iPhone App Monopoly

New Justice Brett Kavanaugh joined the court's liberals in rejecting the plea
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What is Energy Medicine?

Do a Google search of “Energy Medicine” and you will get links to a wide range of alternative healing techniques. Some types of energy medicine may be familiar such as Reiki and shamanism, which is 1,000s of years old.  Other forms are newer, more eclectic and come from working with a combination of energy systems. Energy medicine is being used as a blanket statement to describe many different modalities.  It is so new and unregulated, there is no definitive term to describe it.  Everyone is ...
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Come Solve The Murder In The Manor And Join The eDiscovery Community Giving Back

Get out of your office for a night, and help raise money for those less fortunate. It's win win.
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Google Celebrates Lucy Wills, Who Found a Simple Solution to Improve the Health of Pregnant Women Everywhere

The pioneering English hematologist Lucy Wills, whose research into women’s health during pregnancy changed the lives of millions around the globe, was celebrated in Friday’s Google Doodle. Wills conducted research into prenatal macrocytic anaemia in India in the 1920s and 1930s, where pregnant textile workers in Bombay were suffering from the condition. She hypothesized that…
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Two Chinese Hackers Have Been Indicted for Stealing Data of 79 Million People

It was the biggest known health care hack in U.S. history
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Jim Hannigan – SALI Alliance and Why Matter Standards … Really Matter

Jim Hannigan, the Director of Legal Project Management at Coblentz Patch Duffy & Bass LLP and a member of the leadership team and standards committee at SALI Alliance walks us through the importance surround data standards when it comes to legal matters. Creating standards is the first step in allowing those of us in the legal services industry to speak the same language, and create ways of comparing apples to apples when it comes to marketing pitches, prior experience, or matter pricing. Hanni...
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Experts Aren’t Impressed With Google’s New Privacy Tools

Google also announced updates for its artificially intelligent voice assistant
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Google’s Biggest Event of the Year Just Started. Here Are the 4 Biggest Announcements So Far

From a cheaper Pixel smartphone to a much-improved Google Assistant
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Slack Bridging Email – Spaceplane Nearing – Was Zuckerberg Involved In Blackmail – FAA Approves First Drone Delivery – US Airports To Scan All Travelers – Phone Scams And Dementia and more Today on TTWCP Radio Show: [05-04-19]

Slack Bridging Email – Spaceplane Nearing – Was Zuckerberg Involved In Blackmail – FAA Approves First Drone Delivery – US Airports To Scan All Travelers – Phone Scams And Dementia and more Today on TTWCP Radio Show: [05-04-19] document.createElement('audio');
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Google’s Wing – Not Amazon — Has Landed The First Approval For Drone Delivery

Google’s Wing – Not Amazon — Has Landed The First Approval For Drone Delivery A Google offshoot just got the FAA’s first go-ahead for drone deliveries. The Federal Aviation Administration on Tuesday authorized Alphabet’s Wing Aviation to start delivering goods via drones later th...
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‘Spaceplane’ That Could Fly From Nyc To London In 1 Hour Makes Breakthrough

‘Spaceplane’ That Could Fly From NYC To London In 1 Hour Makes Breakthrough A “spaceplane” that flies 25 times faster than the speed of sound has passed a testing milestone. The hypersonic plane is so fast, it could jet from London to New York in less than 60 minutes and transpor...
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Quora Pixel Integration in Google Tag Manager

Do we like it when the process of getting started on a new channel is made a lot easier? Yes. Yes we do. And that is exactly what happened for Quora advertisers this week. Quora just announced the launch of a native integration with Google Tag Manager. Getting the pixel on your website and landing pages just got easier. I’m going to show you the step by step process on the new way we can install the Quora pixel to all pages on your site. Log Into Your Quora Ads Manager Account to Get the Pixel ...
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A Second Set of Learnings from HeroConf 2019

Yesterday, Tim shared some of his key takeaways from HeroConf 2019. I’m here today to share some of mine. This was my first HeroConf and it did not disappoint. It also helps that it was just a regional rail ride away for me (I was born, raised and currently reside in the Philly suburbs). So, let’s talk about some of the learnings I loved and can’t wait to share with you. Your Target Audience Amanda Farley of SS Digital Media challenged us to think outside of our marketing viewpoints by think...
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Apple Says It Pulled Parental Control Apps Over Privacy Concerns

"It’s a matter of security,” Apple said in its post on its website
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That Mental Health App Might Share Your Data Without Telling You

That Mental Health App Might Share Your Data Without Telling You Free apps marketed to people with depression or who want to quit smoking are hemorrhaging user data to third parties like Facebook and Google — but often don’t admit it in their privacy policies, a new study reports. ...
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You Can Google Thanos for an Avengers: End Game Easter Egg

Google created an Avengers: End Game Easter Egg good for fans who don't want spoilers.
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I’m reading the free sample of Arabs: A 3,000-Year History of Peoples, Tribes and Empires, by Tim Mackintosh-Smith, that Amazon sent me for my Kindle (a very useful service), and I’m enjoying it greatly — he’s a fine writer with a deep knowledge of Yemen (where he lives) and history. But he has an unfortunate weakness for recondite words that will mean nothing to almost any conceivable reader and that (to my mind) are not worth the effort of winkling out from the resources of the internet. The...
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