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WikiLeaks’ Assange charged under the Espionage Act in a ‘major test case’ for press freedom

Julian Assange, founder of whistleblowing site WikiLeaks, has been charged with more than a dozen additional charges by U.S. federal prosecutors, including under the controversial Espionage Act — a case that will likely test the rights of freedom of speech and expression under the First Amendment. Assange, 47, was arrested at the Ecuadorean embassy in London in April after the U.S. government charged him with conspiracy to hack a government computer used by then army officer Chelsea Mannin...
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Here are all the Huawei products that could be in jeopardy now that major US companies have cut ties with the Chinese tech giant

Huawei's placement on the US government's trade blacklist will likely require the Chinese tech giant to rethink the way it develops key products across its smartphone, laptop, and wearable lines. Since the US government added Huawei to the list, companies such as Google, Qualcomm, Intel, and others have suspended business with the Chinese firm. Here's a look at the Huawei product lines that could be impacted. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories.  The US government recently plac...
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Here are the Huawei products at risk thanks to Trump's ban and the brewing tech Cold War

Huawei's placement on the US government's trade blacklist will likely require the Chinese tech giant to rethink the way it develops key products across its smartphone, laptop, and wearable lines. Since the US government added Huawei to the list, companies such as Google, Qualcomm, and Intel have suspended business with the Chinese company. Here's a look at the Huawei product lines that could be affected. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. The US government recently placed the...
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Thousands of vulnerable TP-Link routers at risk of remote hijack

Thousands of TP-Link routers are vulnerable to a bug that can be used to remotely take control the device, but it took over a year for the company to publish the patches on its website. The vulnerability allows any low-skilled attacker to remotely gain full access to an affected router. The exploit relies on the router’s default password to work, which many don’t change. In the worst case scnario, an attacker could target vulnerable devices on a massive scale, using similar mechanism to how botn...
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London’s Tube network to switch on wi-fi tracking by default in July

Transport for London will roll out default wi-fi device tracking on the London Underground this summer, following a trial back in 2016. In a press release announcing the move, TfL writes that “secure, privacy-protected data collection will begin on July 8” — while touting additional services, such as improved alerts about delays and congestion, which it frames as “customer benefits”, as expected to launch “later in the year”. As well as offering additional alerts-based services to passengers ...
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Facebook found hosting masses of far right EU disinformation networks

A multi-month hunt for political disinformation spreading on Facebook in Europe suggests there are concerted efforts to use the platform to spread bogus far right propaganda to millions of voters ahead of a key EU vote which kicks off tomorrow. Following the independent investigation, Facebook has taken down a total of 77 pages and 230 accounts from Germany, UK, France, Italy, Spain and Poland — which had been followed by an estimated 32 million people and generated 67 million ‘interactions’ ...
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Seraphim Space Camp launches its latest mission, with 7 SpaceTech startups

U.K. space accelerator Seraphim Space Camp appeared last year as the first ever UK SpaceTech accelerator and being, frankly, the only accelerator of its type, it has quickly shored-up a number of partnership links and hoovered up many of the startups in the… space. As is traditional with accelerators, it’s unveiled its latest cohort of startups. The “Mission 3” accelerator programme, consists of seven new startups and will be a nine-week programme, culminating in an Investor Day. The first two c...
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Huawei to the Danger Zone: Chinese Telecommunications Company Threatens Britain's National Security

The news that the United States has put Huawei on the Entities List comes as the Henry Jackson Society publishes a report on the prospect of including Huawei into the United Kingdom’s build of 5G. I coauthored this report alongside Member of Parliament Bob Seely and Professor Peter Varnish. My job was to look into claims around Huawei’s place within China’s foreign-policy strategy. We have all seen claims around it being too close to the PLA or China’s security services, but were they actually t...
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GDPR adtech complaints keep stacking up in Europe

It’s a year since Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force and leaky adtech is now facing privacy complaints in four more European Union markets. This ups the tally to seven markets where data protection authorities have been urged to investigate a core function of behavioral advertising. The latest clutch of GDPR complaints aimed at the real-time bidding (RTB) system have been filed in Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Spain. All the complaints argue that RTB en...
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The history of how Uber went from the most feared startup in the world to its massive IPO

Uber went public this month on the New York Stock Exchange in a much-watched IPO. Since it was founded in 2009, Uber has transformed the ride-hailing industry and grown to become the most valuable companies in the world. See the highs and lows of Uber in its journey from small San Francisco startup, through its extremely tumultous 2017, through to its 2019 IPO. Visit for more stories. Ten years ago, a company called UberCab made a splash in San Francisco by le...
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Samsung phones have a clever new hidden feature you won’t find on any iPhone

Samsung's Galaxy S10e, Galaxy S10, and Galaxy S10+ are easily the company's most exciting new flagship smartphones in years. Samsung's devastating decline in sales last year was due in large part to the release of three of the most boring new smartphones the South Korean giant has ever made. The Galaxy S9, Galaxy S9+, and Galaxy Note 9 all looked almost identical to their predecessors, and they offered no novel new features whatsoever. There was absolutely no reason to buy one to upg...
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How to navigate the UK’s immigration compliance nightmare

The United Kingdom’s current government has ended up restricting high-skill immigration as part of its larger drive to decrease all immigration. While it pays lip service to being a startup hub, we just published an article examining how one promising high-profile startup, Metail, has been cut off from hiring more key workers over a rather dubious set of accusations by the Home Office. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the regulations themselves, and what founders need to know to avoi...
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How an immigration crackdown is hurting UK startups

The two people who sat down in reception without an appointment would not leave the startup’s office until the end of the day. Two months later, a letter followed informing the company it had been suspended from the United Kingdom’s register of licensed sponsors, the database of companies the government has approved to employee foreign workers. The business had 20 working days from the typed date to make “representations” and submit “evidence” and “supporting documents” to counter the “believed”...
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Tech stocks slide on US decision to blacklist Huawei and 70 affiliates

The United States has been lobbying for months to prevent its western allies from using Huawei equipment in their 5G deployment, and on Wednesday, Washington made it more difficult for the Chinese telecom titan to churn out those next-gen products. The U.S. Department of Commerce announced that it will add Huawei and its 70 affiliates to the so-called ‘Entity List,’ a move that will prevent the telecom giant from buying parts and components from U.S. companies without approval from Washington...
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XPRIZE names two grand prize winners in $15 million Global Learning Challenge

XPRIZE, the non-profit organization developing and managing competitions to find solutions to social challenges, has named two grand prize winners in the Elon Musk-backed Global Learning XPRIZE . The companies, KitKit School out of South Korea and the U.S., and onebillion, operating in Kenya and the U.K., were announced at an awards ceremony hosted at the Google Spruce Goose Hangar in Playa Vista, Calif. XPRIZE set each of the competing teams the task of developing scalable services that...
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White House refuses to endorse the “Christchurch Call” to block extremist content online

The United States will not join other nations in endorsing the “Christchurch Call” — a global statement that commits governments and private companies to actions that would curb the distribution of violent and extremist content online. “While the United States is not currently in a position to join the endorsement, we continue to support the overall goals reflected in the Call. We will continue to engage governments, industry, and civil society to counter terrorist content on the Internet,” the ...
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UK Hacking Powers Can Be Challenged in Court, Judge Rules

A five-year court battle in the United Kingdom has come to an end with the UK Supreme Court ruling that the UK's spy agencies and their hacking activities can be made subject to court challenges. From a report: On Wednesday, the court ruled that the GCHQ's Investigatory Powers Tribunal (IPT) is subject to judicial review in the High Court, which in turn means that the intelligence tribunal's decisions can be exposed, and challenged, based on the law of the land. The IPT is a closed-door and secr...
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Trump won't sign social media “Christchurch call to action” to fight online extremism

Donald Trump's administration refuses to sign an international commitment to fight extremism online, citing concerns with free speech. The “Christchurch call to action” was brokered between officials in France and New Zealand and executives from the world's largest social media companies. New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and French President Emmanuel Macron are behind the call to action, which is scheduled to be unveiled later today, Wednesday, in Paris. From Tony Romm and Drew Harwe...
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May 15 roundup

“Banana Costume Copyright Assailed at Third Circuit” [Emilee Larkin, Courthouse News, earlier] In a new piece for The Bulwark, I sort through some comments by presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg critical of identity politics; Supreme Court’s decision in Apple v. Pepper, with Justice Brett Kavanaugh joining four liberals, takes a little nick out of Illinois Brick doctrine limiting antitrust suits [my new Cato post] Ninth Circuit will soon hear case in which judge ordered Idaho prison sy...
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Twitter launches new search features to stop the spread of misinformation about vaccines

As measles outbreaks in the United States and other countries continue to get worse, Twitter is introducing new search tools meant to help users find credible resources about vaccines. It will also stop auto-suggesting search terms that would lead users to misinformation about vaccines. In a blog post, Twitter vice president of trust and safety Del Harvey wrote “at Twitter, we understand the importance of vaccines in preventing illness and disease and recognize the role that Twitter plays in ...
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Preparing for a future of drone-filled skies

Ed Cluss Contributor Ed Cluss is a partner at Signia Venture Partners. The last few months have seen an escalating series of incidents in which the harmful elements of drones have loomed large in the public eye. In April, rumors of a coup in Saudi Arabia flared after a recreational drone was shot down when flying into an unauthorized zone in the capital. August saw a drone attack on the president of Venezuela. In late December, 10,000 flights carrying 140,000 pas...
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Flaws in a popular GPS tracker leak real-time locations and can remotely activate its microphone

A popular GPS tracker — used as a panic alarm for elderly patients, to monitor kids, and track vehicles — contains security flaws, which security researchers say are so severe the device should be recalled. The Chinese manufactured white-label location tracker, rebranded and sold by over a dozen companies — including Pebbell by HoIP Telecom, OwnFone Footprint, and SureSafeGo — uses a SIM card to connect to the 2G/GPRS cell network. Although none of the devices have internet connectivity and won’...
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Scalable, low cost technologies needed to repair climate, Cambridge professor suggests

Cambridge University has proposed setting up a research center tasked with coming up with scalable technological fixes for climate change. The proposed Center for Climate Repair is being co-ordinated by David King, an emeritus professor in physical chemistry at the university and also the UK government’s former chief scientific adviser. Speaking to the BBC this morning King suggested the scale of the challenge now facing humanity to end  greenhouse gas emissions is so pressing that radical optio...
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Grocery startup BigBasket becomes India’s newest unicorn with new $150M investment

India has a new unicorn after BigBasket, a startup that delivers groceries and perishables across the country, raised $150 million for its fight against rivals Walmart’s Flipkart, Amazon and hyperlocal startups Swiggy and Dunzo. The new financing round — a Series F — was led by Mirae Asset-Naver Asia Growth Fund, the U.K.’s CDC Group and Alibaba, BigBasket said on Monday. The closing of the round has officially helped the seven-year-old startup surpass $1 billion valuation, co-founde...
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Apple Accused of Vastly Exaggerating iPhone Battery Life

"A new report by Which?, an advocacy group in the United Kingdom, found that Apple and HTC both overstate battery life on smartphones, sometimes 'significantly'..." reports Hot Hardware. "In stark contrast, Nokia, Samsung, and Sony all underestimate or are conservative about battery life with the phones that were tested, based on the organization's methods." "Which? tested nine iPhone models and found that all of them fell short of Apple's battery time claims. In fact, Apple stated that its b...
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Your iPhone's battery life isn't as long as Apple says it is, according to a new report (AAPL)

A new report says that Apple exaggerates the battery life of certain iPhone models. Apple's iPhone XR strayed the furthest from the company's claims, according to the report, despite its high battery life rating from reviewers. The report found that HTC also overstated the battery life of its devices, while firms like Samsung, Sony, and Nokia understated battery life. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories.  Apple "significantly" overstates the battery life of certain iPhone model...
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When it comes to elections, Facebook moves slow, may still break things

This week, Facebook invited a small group of journalists — which didn’t include TechCrunch — to look at the “war room” it has set up in Dublin, Ireland, to help monitor its products for election-related content that violates its policies. (“Time and space constraints” limited the numbers, a spokesperson told us when he asked why we weren’t invited.) Facebook announced it would be setting up this Dublin hub — which will bring together data scientists, researchers, legal and community team memb...
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Africa Roundup: Jumia’s IPO, DHL launches Africa e-Shop, Cathay’s $168M VC fund, ConnectMed acquired

The biggest news in a month of weighty African headlines was Jumia listing on the New York Stock Exchange. After filing SEC IPO docs in March, the Pan-African e-commerce company’s shares began trading on the NYSE April 12, opening at $14.50 under ticker symbol JMIA. Jumia stock rose north of 70 percent on its first day of trading and started this week at $46. With the public listing, Jumia became the first startup from Africa to list on a major global exchange. The IPO raised nearly $200 million...
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A quiet London-based payments startup just raised among the biggest Series A rounds ever in Europe

You probably haven’t heard of Checkout, a digital payments processing company that was founded in 2012 in London. Apparently, however, investors have been keeping tabs on the low-flying company and like what they see. Today, Checkout announced that it has raised $230 million in Series A funding at a valuation just shy of $2 billion co-led by Insight Partners and DST Global, with participation from GIC, the Singaporean sovereign-wealth fund; Blossom Capital; Endeavor Catalyst; and other, unnamed ...
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Twitter grilled on policy approach that reinforces misogyny

Twitter has faced a barrage of awkward questions from the U.K. parliament over its ongoing failure to tackle violent abuse targeted at women.  Katy Minshall, the social media platform’s head of U.K. government public policy, admitted it needs to do more to safeguard women users — but claimed the company is “acutely aware” of the problems women experience on Twitter, saying it’s in the process of reviewing how it applies its policies to fix its long-running misogyny problem.  “We are...
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