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Rocket startup Skyrora shifts production to hand sanitizer and face masks for coronavirus response

One of the newer companies attempting to join the rarified group of private space launch startups actually flying payloads to orbit has redirected its entire UK-based manufacturing capacity towards COVID-19 response. Skyrora, which is based in Edinburgh, Scotland, is answering the call of the UK government and the NHS to manufacturers to do what they can to provide much-needed healthcare equipment for frontline responders amid the coronavirus crisis. Skyrorary says that the entirety of its UK...
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Dyson and Gtech answer UK call for ventilator design and production to support COVID-19 response

Companies around the world are shifting production lines and business models to address the needs of governments and healthcare agencies in their efforts to slow the spread of COVID-19. Two companies answering that call are Dyson and Gtech, both of which are working on ventilator hardware, leveraging their experience building vacuums and other motor-driven airflow gadgets to spin up new designs and get them validated and produced as quickly as possible. Dyson, the globally recognized applianc...
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Duolingo’s new app teaches children how to read and write

Until now, Duolingo‘s focus was always squarely on teaching languages, but today, the company launched Duolingo ABC, a free English literacy app for children ages 3 to 6. Originally, the company had planned on unveiling this app later in the year, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it decided to launch it early to help parents who are now suddenly finding themselves homeschooling their children. The ad-free app is now available in the U.S., UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand. It includes ove...
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Apple Adds British Government Coronavirus PSA to UK App Store

U.K. iPhone and iPad users who open the App Store this morning are being met with a COVID-19 public service announcement from the British government, signaling an expansion of Apple's efforts to prominently display official coronavirus alerts on its devices. Tapping on the prioritized card takes users to an NHS app link and a video containing coronavirus protection guidance from the UK government's chief medical officer, professor Chris Whitty: To help save lives, stay at home. Anyone can sp...
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Tesla CEO Elon Musk: New York gigafactory will reopen for ventilator production

Tesla CEO Elon Musk said Wednesday that the company’s factory in Buffalo, New York will open “as soon as humanly possible” to produce ventilators that are in short supply due to the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. His comments, which were made Wednesday via Twitter, follows previous statements by the CEO outlining plans to either donate ventilators or work to increase production of the critical piece of medical equipment needed for patients who are hospitalized with COVID-19, a respirator...
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Babbel makes its language learning app free for all US students

Babbel, the Berlin-based paid language learning app, today announced that, in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is making its service available for free to all K-12 and college students until the end of the term. Previously, the company offered a similar deal for students in Italy, the U.K., Germany, Spain and France. The service currently offers courses for Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Polish, Russian, Dutch, Turkish, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Indonesian and English. Student...
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Coronavirus Updates: Chinese Theaters to Re-Release ‘Avatar’ and ‘Avengers’; U.K. Studios Mull Whether to Close; Animated Series Going Strong

We’re several weeks into coronavirus (COVID-19) being declared a pandemic and having wide-reaching ramifications on the entertainment industry across the globe. But while China, which has managed to curb the virus’ spread, is starting to return to normal life and slowly open its movie theaters, the U.K. and the U.S. movie and TV industries are still getting hit hard. China to Re-Release ‘Avatar’ and the ‘Avengers’ Franchise to Boost Movie Theaters China opened its movie theaters for the fi...
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Qatar Airways adds 10K seats while other airlines draw down their schedules

While most domestic and international airlines are cutting thousands of flights from their schedules due to the fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic, Qatar Airways is taking another route. The airline is actually stepping up some of its flying again, after also announcing some cuts in the last few days, by adding 10,000 extra seats back to its network. It’s doing so by adding extra flights to Paris, Perth and Dublin from its hub in Doha, and by using its A380 fleet for flights to Frankfurt, Lo...
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UK researchers develop new low-cost, rapid COVID-19 test that could even be used at home

A new type of test developed by UK researchers from the Brunel University London, Lancaster University and the University of Surrey can provide COVID-19 detection in as little as 30 minutes, using hand-held hardware that costs as little as £100 (around $120 USD) with individual swab sample kits that cost around $5 per person. The test is based on existing technology that has been used in the Philippines for testing viral spread in chickens, but it’s been adapted by researchers for use with COVID...
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UK turns to WhatsApp to share coronavirus information

Three years ago, the U.K. government chastised WhatsApp for enabling end-to-end encryption by default. Today, it’s relying on the encrypted messaging app as a vital service for sharing information about the coronavirus pandemic. The new chatbot, supplied by the U.K. government, will let anyone subscribe to official advice about the pandemic, known as COVID-19, in the hope of reducing the burden on its national health system. Send “hi” to 07860 064422 (or +44 7860 064422 for international users) ...
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New coronavirus research suggests vaccines developed to treat it could be long-lasting

A new study from Italian researchers suggests that the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, which is the cause of the COVID-19 pandemic currently causing a global health crisis, is relatively slow to mutate – meaning that any effective vaccine that is developed to prevent people from getting infected should be broadly effective across geographically separated populations, and over a relatively long period of time. The research, conducted by two independent teams working separate from one another, including s...
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Ford, 3M, GE and the UAW to build respirators, ventilators and faceshields for coronavirus fight

Ford announced the details of its current manufacturing efforts around building much-needed medical supplies for front-line healthcare workers and COVID-19 patients on Tuesday. Its efforts include building Powered Air-Purifying Respirators (PAPRs) with partner 3M, including a new design that employs existing parts from both partners to deliver effectiveness and highly-scalable production capacity. Ford says that it’s also going to be building face shields, leaning on its 3D printing capabilities...
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UK Contactless Spending Limit to Increase From £30 to £45 Beginning Next Month

The U.K. spending limit for contactless card payments is to increase from £30 to £45, meaning iPhone users will soon be able to pay for more expensive shopping bills using their smartphones in stores where Apple Pay isn't supported. The increase in the upper limit on contactless payments is set to roll out nationally beginning from April 1, UK Finance today announced. To understand what the change means, it's important to note the difference between making a contactless payment using your ‌i...
Tags: Apple, UK, Finance, United Kingdom, Stephen Jones, Contactless Spending Limit, UK Contactless Spending Limit launches to track the spread of the Coronavirus in the UK/US

A startup behind one of the world’s most successful tech platforms for doctors has launched a new initiative to try and track the spread of the Coronavirus, initially in the UK but soon in the US. Developed by MedShr – the app used by a million doctors to aid them in the diagnostic process – is designed to allow members of the public to complete a short survey about their health and exposure to COVID-19 in order that health services can save more lives. Members of the public ar...
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Disney+ Officially Launches in the UK and More European Countries

Disney+ today officially launched in the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, Germany, Ireland, Switzerland, and Austria. The premium streaming service is accessible via web browser, on Amazon Fire devices, Roku streaming devices, Apple TV (4K or HD), iOS devices, Android, Google Chromecast, Xbox One, PS4, and smart TVs from LG, Sony, Samsung, and Vizio. You can download the iPhone and iPad apps here. The subscription price in the U.K. and across Europe is £5.99/€6.99 per month, or £59.99/€69.99 fo...
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Using 25% lower bandwidth, Disney+ launches in UK, Ireland and 5 other European countries, France to come online April 7

Disney+, the streaming service from the Walt Disney Company, has been rapidly ramping up in the last several weeks. But while some of that expansion has seen some hiccups, other regions are basically on track. Today, as expected, Disney announced that it is officially launching across 7 markets in Europe — but doing so using reduced bandwidth given the strain on broadband networks as more people are staying home because of the coronavirus pandemic. From today, it will be live in the U.K., Irelan...
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Using 25% lower bandwidth, Disney+ launches in UK, Ireland, 5 other European countries, France to come online April 7

Disney+, the streaming service from the Walt Disney Company, has been rapidly ramping up in the last several weeks. But while some of that expansion has seen some hiccups, other regions are basically on track. Today, as expected, Disney announced that it is officially launching across 7 markets in Euopre — but doing so using reduced bandwidth given the strain on broadband networks as more people are staying home because of the coronavirus pandemic. From today, it will be live in the UK, Ireland,...
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You can once again buy more than 2 of the same iPhone model from Apple's online store (AAPL)

Apple has scrapped its two-device limit on iPhone purchases, according to a check of its web stores conducted by Reuters. Online stores in areas such as the United States, Hong Kong, and mainland China now allow customers to buy more than 10 devices. The change comes after Apple had limited purchases of the same iPhone model to two units per customer in some regions last week.  Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Apple has dropped a two-device limit on online purchases of iPho...
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Coronavirus Cases Have Dropped Sharply In South Korea. What's Its Secret?

South Korea "has emerged as a sign of hope and a model to emulate," reported Nature earlier on Tuesday. "The country of 50 million appears to have greatly slowed its epidemic; it reported only 74 new cases today, down from 909 at its peak on 29 February." And it has done so without locking down entire cities or taking some of the other authoritarian measures that helped China bring its epidemic under control. "South Korea is a democratic republic, we feel a lockdown is not a reasonable choice," ...
Tags: South Korea, China, Tech, United States, United Kingdom, Kim, Bahrain, Reuters, U S Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, United States Canada, Ministry of the Interior, KCDC, Raina MacIntyre, Kim Woo Joo, Korea University South Korea, University of New South Wales Sydney Contact

Jumia adapts Pan-African e-commerce network in response to COVID-19

Pan-African e-commerce company Jumia is adapting its digital retail network to curb the spread of COVID-19. The Nigeria headquartered operation — with online goods and services verticals in 11 African countries — announced a series of measures on Friday. Jumia will donate certified face masks to health ministries in Kenya, Ivory Coast, Morocco, Nigeria and Uganda, drawing on its supply networks outside Africa. The company has offered African governments use of of its last mile delivery network f...
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Ford, GM, Tesla given the ‘go ahead’ to produce ventilators, Trump says

Ford, GM and Tesla have been given the “go ahead” to make ventilators to help alleviate a shortage amid the COVID-19 pandemic, President Donald Trump said in a tweet Sunday that ended with a challenge to auto executives to show how good their companies are. Ventilators are a critical piece of medical equipment for patients who are hospitalized with COVID-19, a respiratory disease caused by coronavirus. COVID-19 attacks the lungs and can cause acute respiratory distress syndrome and pneumonia....
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Rivian shuts down all facilities over COVID-19 pandemic concerns

Rivian, the buzzy electric vehicle startup that is backed by Amazon and Ford, is shutting down all of its facilities due to the spread of COVID-19, the disease caused by coronavirus. Rivian employs more than 2,000 workers across several locations, including its headquarters in Plymouth, Mich., a factory in Normal, Ill. as well as operations in San Jose and Irvine, Calif., where engineers are working on autonomous vehicle technology. Rivian also has an office in the U.K. The company said Fr...
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Uber Eats UK waives fees during the coronavirus crisis

Uber Eats is waiving delivery and activations fees in the UK to support restaurants hit by decreasing demand during the coronavirus crisis. The measure will apply until March 31 when it says it will review it. On Monday the on-demand food delivery giant announced a similar waiver of delivery fees in the US. The announcement by Uber Eats UK comes shortly after Just Eat UK said it would reduce its commission and waive some fees for 30 days — as part of an emergency support package for partne...
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Apple's supply chain still struggling to return to normal even as China recovers from the pandemic, report says (AAPL)

Even though the coronavirus outbreak seems to be under control in China, Apple's supply chain is still struggling to get back to normal as the pandemic worsens around the globe, according to a new Bloomberg report. Apple relies on suppliers and teams located in other areas of Asia like Malaysia as well as Europe, Israel, and the United States for key iPhone components as well. But the iPhone 12 has not been delayed so far, as Bloomberg reports that mass production isn't expected to begin until...
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YouTube goes SD streaming by default in Europe due to COVID-19

YouTube has switched to standard definition streaming by default in Europe. We asked the company if it planned to do this yesterday — today a spokeswoman confirmed the step. The move was reported earlier by Reuters. It’s a temporary measure in response to calls by the European Commission for streaming platforms to help ease demand on Internet infrastructure during the coronavirus crisis. Users can still manually adjust video quality but defaults remain a powerful tool to influence overall ...
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Deliveroo riders can’t access coronavirus hardship fund, warns union

UK on-demand food delivery startup Deliveroo has been accused of setting up an inaccessible hardship fund for couriers in the midst of the coronavirus crisis that leaves gig economy workers on its platform unable to access claimed financial support if they become ill or are self isolating. Gig economy delivery workers are one of the groups who face increased exposure to the coronavirus on account of the work bringing them into contact with many people, even as demand for meal delivery is like...
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UK takes next step toward world of e-scooters, self-driving cars, and autonomous drones

Roads in the United Kingdom are set to see a host of new transport technology in the near future as the nation’s government greenlights a series of real-world tests. The blueprint it creates could set precedent for other countries that want to implement new mobility tech. Earlier this week, the UK government announced that it will be launching a consultation period in four specific zones, where e-scooters and self-driving vehicles will be trialed. [Read: Ugh, the UK cuts electric vehicle grant f...
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WHO calls for rapid escalation in global COVID-19 response, including testing and isolation

The World Health Organization (WHO) held a briefing today for media to update them on the current status of the global pandemic of the COVID-19 coronavirus, and called out worldwide efforts on what the agency’s Director-General Tedros Adhanom described as not an “urgent enough”  response in terms of fielding a truly comprehensive approach. In prepared remarks to kick-off the media Q&A, Adhanom said that while to date we have “seen a rapid escalation in social distancing measures, like closing sc...
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US slashes federal interest rates in response to the coronavirus pandemic

The Trump administration has slashed federal interest rates as part of an effort to stabilize the economy following a rocky week on the financial markets. The U.S. Federal Reserve cut interest rates to near-zero, the second time that the central bank has cut interest rates in as many weeks. The Federal Reserve also launched a $700 billion quantitative easing program to help prevent a further economic downturn sparked by the spread of coronavirus. A statement said the bank will maintain its inter...
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Top infectious disease expert open to a 14-day ‘national shutdown’ to slow coronavirus spread

By HOPE YEN and AAMER MADHANI WASHINGTON (AP) — The government’s top infectious disease expert said Sunday he would like to see aggressive measures such as a 14-day national shutdown that would require Americans to hunker down even more to help slow spread of the coronavirus. Still, Dr. Anthony Fauc i said travel restrictions within the United States, such as to and from hard-hit Washington state and California, probably will not be needed anytime soon. Fauci, the public face of the administrati...
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