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How to Reboot Your Eufy Cameras So Strangers Can't View Them

Eufy makes a ton of cameras for various household needs: doorbell cameras, cameras you can set on at table to chat with people while you work, security cameras you can stuff in the corner of a ceiling, and more. The one attribute they share in common is that some kind of bug, vulnerability, or unfortunate issue on…Read more...
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Smart Home Tech: What are the best smart thermostat options?

Smart thermostats are a great choice for many homeowners. They allow you to adjust and set your home's temperature right from your phone — and save you money in the long run, too. Here are a few options.
Tags: Video, Technology, Service, Radio, Thermostats, Agent, Smart Home, Smart Home Tech, Select, Smart Thermostats, Brandon Doyle

Gillmor Gang: When Doves Cry

Usually we wait a few days until a show has settled. While we stall, our producer and director Tina Chase Gillmor scours the recording for short clips that give a sense of the flavor and tenor of the conversation. This show, recorded a little more than 2 weeks ago, went deep on politics, government, anything but Trump, and eventually a pivot to the tech world and how it was grappling with the possible return to the office. I asked Brent Leary what he thought about the likelihood of working fr...
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Snack, a ‘Tinder meets TikTok’ dating app, opens to Gen Z investors

Snack, a video-first mobile dating app designed with a younger generation in mind, is opening itself up to Gen Z investors. The startup today announced the launch of its own Gen Z Syndicate on AngelList, which will allow Gen Z community members, influencers, creators and others to participate in the company’s upcoming $2 million SAFE, alongside other funds and angel investors. The company in February announced $3.5 million in seed funding for its modern, TikTok-style dating app where users post ...
Tags: Google, Mobile, Facebook, Apps, Video, Funding, Tech, Dating, Dating Apps, Online Dating, Snack, Sdk, Match Group, Angellist, Andrew Wilkinson, Kaplan

New interface to control electronic devices with your teeth

TeethTap is a new interface to control electronic devices by clicking your teeth together. Fortunately, it doesn't go in your mouth. Unfortunately, it's probably terrible for my TMJ. Detailed in a new technical paper by researchers at Cornell's Smart Computer Interfaces for Future Interactions (SciFi) Lab, the 3D printed earpiece pushes "against the jawline just under the ear and secures the microphones to the temporal bone behind the ear." — Read the rest
Tags: Video, Technology, News, Sensors, Teeth, Cornell, Interfaces, TeethTap

Smart Home Tech: What are the top smart devices for pets?

For homeowners with pets, smart tech can be a great way to keep an eye on these furry friends and provide them with what they need to stay happy and healthy. Here are a few devices that pet owners will find particularly useful.
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A new YouTube feature will make its connected TV ads more shoppable

YouTube today gave advertisers a sneak peek at its plans to make its video platform more shoppable. The company will soon be introducing a new interactive feature aimed at advertisers called brand extensions, which will allow YouTube viewers to learn more about a product they see on the screen with a click of a button. The new ad format will allow the advertiser to highlight their website link or another call-to-action in their connected TV video ad. The viewer can then click the option “send to...
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Instagram adds a captions option for Stories and soon, Reels

Instagram is making its video Stories and Reels more accessible with the launch of a new “captions sticker” that will allow users to watch without having the sound on. The addition will not only make it easier for users who are hard of hearing or deaf to engage with video content, it also offers a way for users to watch videos when they’re somewhere they don’t want to have their sound on — and either don’t want to wear or don’t have access to headphones or earbuds. To use the feature, creators w...
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Live video platform Bright lets you Zoom with your favorite creators

What if you could Zoom with your favorite creator and ask them questions? That’s the promise of Bright, the new live video platform launching today from co-founders Guy Oseary and early YouTube product manager Michael Powers. The service, built on top of Zoom, allows fans to engage in live, face-to-face video sessions with creators, ask questions and even join creators on a virtual stage for a more personal and direct learning experience. Though the startup has some similarities to voice chat ap...
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The Use Case Podcast: Storytelling about iCIMS Video Studio with Alykhan Rehmatullah

Storytelling about iCIMS Video Studio with Alykhan Rehmatullah Welcome to the Use Case Podcast, episode 81. This week we have storytelling about iCIMS Video Studio with Alykhan Rehmatullah. During this episode, Alykhan and I talk about how practitioners make the business case or the use case for purchasing iCIMS Video Studio. Alykhan is an expert […]
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Typing on this vintage Japanese typewriter looks like a lot of work

Behold the Toshiba BW-2112 in action. The first Toshiba typewriter, holding 630 characters in total, was mostly used by the Japanese military during World War II. In total about 2,000 units were produced…The bulk of the machine consists of the type cylinder. — Read the rest
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Gillmor Gang: Walk the Dinosaur

Clubhouse hosted another excellent conversation between Josh Constine and Facebook’s audio czar Fidji Simo. The format continues to sparkle, as I was once again forced to choose between MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow or Lawrence O’Donnell and just plain audio. JPA won going away. The talk was crisp and the strategies thick with optimism about the creator economy. Monetization, priming the emergent pump, etc. If this were the Gold Rush, it would be blue skies ahead for picks and shovels and pans. It re...
Tags: TC, Facebook, Video, Rachel Maddow, Tech, Walmart, Gillmor Gang, Msnbc, Steve Gillmor, Keith Teare, Frank Radice, Bowie, Donnell, Gillmor, Tina Chase Gillmor, Josh Constine

"Slash Resistant" portable safe easily slashed by the Lockpicking Lawyer

"It's almost worthless as a security device," he says, slicing through it like a cucumber.
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A Video Desk Setup (Laptop Not Included)

We’re all on video a lot more than we were last year. Whether that’s a Zoom call for work, a live stream for church, Bible study or a fun lockdown side project. Whatever is taking up your internet bandwitdth, there’s a video desk setup that could help you produce better videos and zoom chat. In this video, Caleb of DSLR video shooter takes us through the set up and shows a few simple upgrade that can make it even better. The Viozon Desk studio The item in the vi...
Tags: Video, Seo, Tech, Dslr, Caleb, Video Production, DSLR Video Shooter

Stewart Brand and Brian Eno on “We Are As Gods”

In March 02021, We Are As Gods, the documentary about Long Now co-founder Stewart Brand, premiered at SXSW. As part of the premiere, the documentary’s directors, David Alvarado and Jason Sussberg, hosted a conversation between Brand and fellow Long Now co-founder Brian Eno. (Eno scored the film, contributing 24 original tracks to the soundtrack.) The full conversation can be watched above. A transcript follows below.   David Alvarado: Hi. My name is David Alvarado. I’m one of the directors fo...
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Physical Teaser: Rose Byrne Heads to the 80s in New Apple TV+ Series

Apple TV+ has released the first Physical teaser for their newest comedy-drama series, starring Golden Globe nominee Rose Byrne (Damages, Bridesmaids). The retro video features an ’80s housewife as she discovers the power of aerobics that leads her to become a fitness instructor. The half-hour dark comedy is scheduled to make its debut on Friday, June 18. Byrne was recently seen in last year’s limited series Mrs. America, portraying the role of Gloria Steinem. She gained recognition for her rol...
Tags: Apple, Video, TV, Movies, Stephen King, America, TV News, Streaming, Rose Byrne, Gloria Steinem, Golden Globe, Byrne, Sheila, Craig Gillespie, Physical, Comedy Drama

Gillmor Gang: FreeCoin

The current rave about newsletters and so-called or social audio is just the latest version of the story of podcasting. Take the idea that podcasting is experiencing a new wave of popularity and scaffolding. Are you sure? Apple is bent on turning the space into a subscription model, and we’re all going to twist again like we did last summer. Somehow I doubt it. The basic attraction for me is not paying for podcasts. Subscription startups may be an important step forward, but the heart of the ...
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Smart Home Tech: How to choose the right home automation protocol

For consumers who want to integrate smart home products into one ecosystem, there are so many different paths to take. In short, Z-Wave, Zigbee and Wi-Fi are the most popular wireless technologies, but what sets them apart? Here are a few differences.
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Watch Marques Brownlee's hands-in review of Apple's new AirTags

I've been using Tile tracking devices for a few years and I especially appreciate the slim one I keep in my wallet. But after watching Marques Brownlee review of Apple's new AirTag, I'm going to buy a 4-pack when they become available. — Read the rest
Tags: Apple, Video, News, Marques Brownlee, Trackers

[PODCAST] Paradox – Unlocking Conversational AI And Video For Hiring With Adam Godson

Paradox – Unlocking Conversational AI And Video For Hiring With Adam Godson On today’s show, we have Adam Godson here from Paradox. Adam and I have done a podcast or three in the past, but today he’s here to talk about Conversational AI and video. Paradox has implemented some new features centered around including a […]
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Old Thinkpad upgraded with Pixel Qi display for typing in the sun

Lenovo's Thinkpad X230 came out in 2012, putting it just a few months shy of vintage in the fast-moving world of tech, where any random guy's definition of vintage can prevail for the course of a single posting. Here's an X230 upgraded with a transflective Pixel Qi display, completely legible in full sunlight. — Read the rest
Tags: Gadgets, Video, News, Hacks, Lenovo, Laptops, Pixel Qi

TikTok funds first episodic public health series ‘VIRAL’ from NowThis

TikTok is taking another step towards directly funding publishers’ content with today’s announcement that it’s financially backing the production of media publisher NowThis’ new series, “VIRAL,” which will feature interviews with public health experts and a live Q&A session focused on answering questions about the pandemic. The partnership represents TikTok’s first-ever funding of an episodic series from a publisher, though TikTok has previously funded creator content. Through TikTok’s Instructi...
Tags: Social, Mobile, Apps, Video, Media, Instagram, Social Media, Tech, Public Health, Viral, Interactive, NowThis News, Real-time, Levin, Bristow, Tiktok

[PODCAST] VidCruiter – Why Structured Digital Interviews Win Over AI with Sean Fahey

VidCruiter – Why Structured Digital Interviews Win Over AI with Sean Fahey On today’s show, we have Sean Fahey from VidCruiter here for a really, really great topic. It’s one I’ve wanted to tackle for a while, on why structured digital interviews win over AI. Sean’s going to break down what a structured interview is, […]
Tags: Video, Technology, Featured, News, Podcasts, Interview, Tech, Recruiting, Data, HR, Candidates, Ai, Branding, Sean, Blog Posts, Hr Technology

How to optimize your video in higher education

What happens when the world’s foremost search engine purchases a video company with crappy urls? Google owns YouTube. Google’s magic starts with a URL. On Google, the URL is one of the key predictors for winning a search. Schools win a search for their name (called Brand Search) because most schools are, which tells […]
Tags: Google, Video, Seo, Higher Education, Interactive, Metadata, SERP, Youtube Google

Zooming into the moon with the "world's sharpest" tele lens

Enjoy Markus Stark's zoomy video of the moon, shot with a Leica 400mm F2.8 lens (about $10k, used) attached to a Panasonic GH4 with 1.4x, 2x, and 2x Leica APO focus module extenders. [via Leica Rumors] The video clips were filmed in August 2015 at only 290m above sea level (camping side in Germany). Some — Read the rest
Tags: Gadgets, Video, Space, News, Germany, Cameras, Lenses, Leica, Leica Rumors, Markus Stark

Eyecam is a blinking, flitting webcam that looks back at you

This webcam, housed in an animatronic sculpture of a grossly disembodied human eye, was created by Marc Teyssier, Marion Koelle, Paul Strohmeier, Bruno Fruchard and Jürgen Steimle. [Human Computer Interaction Lab via The Verge] They call it the Eyecam and I lovehate it. — Read the rest
Tags: Art, Gadgets, Video, News, Webcams, Surveillance, Jürgen Steimle

Monkey plays pong … with its MIND

This video shows a monkey playing Pong using Neuralink, the Elon Musk-backed brain interface tech. Neuralink touts a new breakthrough technology, but a little skepticism is warranted, because we've been here before and paddle games are always the demonstrator.
Tags: Video, Elon Musk, News, Tech, Pong, Neuralink, Monkey Think Monkey Do

Smart Home Tech: What to know about smart lights

Smart lighting is a rapidly growing segment of the smart home tech market — and it's easy to see why. When done right, smart lighting can add personalization and ambiance to any part of your house. Here's what you need to know.
Tags: Video, Technology, Opinion, Service, Radio, Agent, Columns, Lighting, Smart Lighting, Smart Bulbs, Select, Smart Switches, Brandon Doyle, The smartest tech choice I made this year

Gillmor Gang: Days Go By

You may ask yourself, say the Talking Heads. What is this thing working from anywhere? Or as Google says, work from right here in the office. As the vaccines roll on out, some of us are just not ready for returning to normal. On this edition of the Gillmor Gang, the office is a state of mind, served up by Zoom and Clubhouse. It sounds like Clownhouse, with unlimited fungible bozos on the menu. Surely we are binged out, election recalled, floating in a vat of VC alphabet soup. SPACs are everyw...
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The Mosquito Coast Trailer Starring Justin Theroux and Melissa George

The Mosquito Coast trailer starring Justin Theroux and Melissa George Apple TV+ has released the official trailer for their upcoming series adaptation of The Mosquito Coast, based on author Paul Theroux’s best-selling novel of the same name. The seven-episode adaptation is set to premiere its first two episodes on Friday, April 30 followed by new episodes every Friday on Apple TV+. Check out The Mosquito Coast trailer in the player below! The video features Justin Theroux’s Allie Fox as h...
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