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10 Key Steps for Building a Great Small Business Website

By Allison Bowlus Whether you are a freelance photographer, own a hardware store, or have another type of small business, a great website is essential for your company’s success. As a webmaster who has worked on building or marketing over 100 small business websites, I know what it takes to create great and engaging business websites. If you are looking to build a new startup website or make your current site more effective, here are 10 key steps to getting started and helping your small busines...
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'No need to panic and return phones to retailers' - Huawei NZ exec

Huawei NZ deputy chief executive Andrew Bowater is urging customers not to return their phones after Google said it would follow a White House order to suspend technology exports to the Chinese phone maker. READ MORE: • Q&A:... [Author: [email protected]]
Tags: Google, Business, White House, Huawei NZ, Andrew Bowater

Critics Call White House Social Media Bias Survey A 'Data Collection Ploy'

An anonymous reader quotes the Washington Post: Venky Ganesan, a partner at technology investor Menlo Ventures, told The Washington Post that the White House's new survey about bias on social media is "pure kabuki theatre" and an attempt to curry political points with conservatives. He said the Trump administration's repeated accusations that tech companies censor conservative voices are unfounded because even though most Silicon Valley executives are liberal or libertarian, they wouldn't let po...
Tags: Facebook, Twitter, Washington Post, White House, Tech, Spain, Internet Association, Silicon Valley, The Washington Post, Menlo Ventures, Trump, Facebook Google, Kevin Roose, Michael Beckerman, Venky Ganesan, Twitter The New York Times

Google is using its famously sparse homepage to brag about how much it helps the economy, and it's a telling sign of the tech backlash (GOOG, GOOGL)

On Friday, Google began promoting reports outlining its economic benefits on its famously spare homepage. The reports show stats like how many billions of dollars the tech giant has helped generate and how many hundreds of thousands of businesses have leveraged its ad tools.   Google appears to have created these reports since at least 2009, but it's unclear whether it has ever placed them directly on its homepage until now.  The company's self-promotion comes as President Trump steps up criti...
Tags: Apple, Google, Facebook, California, Youtube, White House, US, San Francisco, Trends, Sundar Pichai, Trump, Google Facebook

US economic sanctions on Huawei could backfire

The Trump administration’s plan to restrict exports to Chinese telecommunications powerhouse Huawei for national security reasons doesn’t just up the ante in the China trade war. It could also hurt U.S. suppliers and accelerate Beijing’s drive toward greater technological independence. The White House issued an executive order Wednesday apparently aimed at banning Huawei’s equipment from […]
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Daily Crunch: Trump targets Huawei with emergency declaration

The Daily Crunch is TechCrunch’s roundup of our biggest and most important stories. If you’d like to get this delivered to your inbox every day at around 9am Pacific, you can subscribe here. 1. Trump declares national emergency to protect US networks from foreign espionage While the U.S. already restricted government contractors and federal agencies from using technology supplied by Huawei or its subsidiaries, this new executive order gives Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross and other federal agenci...
Tags: Amazon, TC, Facebook, London, Instagram, White House, US, Samsung, Tech, Walmart, Commerce, Korea, Broadway, West End, Donald Trump, Huawei

10 things in tech you need to know today

Good morning! This is the tech news you need to know this Thursday. President Donald Trump declared a national emergency over "threats against information and communications technology and services" in the US. The executive order, signed Wednesday, is expected to precede a ban on US firms doing business with the Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei. Huawei slammed Trump's 'unreasonable' ban, saying that the move will only harm US interests in its own 5G rollout. The firm said the ban infrin...
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Until now, live-streamed killings seemed like something we could all agree to be against. But Trump apparently believes there's a bigger social-media problem. (GOOG, FB, TWTR)

The problem of toxic content on social media came to a head on Wednesday, in a surreal sequence of events. The US refused to sign an international agreement aimed at stamping out terrorist and extremist content online. Instead, the Trump administration launched an online tool to collect examples of people being censored on social-media platforms because of their political views. It's an absurd contortion of the free-speech debate that shows how far apart the country is. Visit Business Insider'...
Tags: Google, Facebook, White House, US, Trends, Trump, Alex Jones, Milo Yiannopoulos, Christchurch New Zealand, France Canada India

Trump Admin Creates Web Portal for Supporters to Complain About Getting Banned on Social Media

Donald Trump has made absolutely no secret of his feelings on free speech: He hates it when it’s not servile paeans to him and his agenda. He’s called for opening up “libel laws” to make it easier to sue journalistic outfits, issued (empty) threats to revoke the broadcast licenses of TV outlets that embarrass him,…Read more...
Tags: Google, Facebook, Twitter, Science, Technology, White House, Social Media, Donald Trump, Free Speech, Trump, Tech Policy, Mods Mods, Freedom Of Speech Is Not Freedom From Consequences

White House Launches Tool To Report Political Bias On Social Media Sites

On Wednesday, the White House launched a new tool for people to use if they feel they've been wrongly censored, banned, or suspended on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. "No matter your views, if you suspect political bias caused such an action to be taken against you, share your story with President Trump," the site reads. The Verge reports: The tool asks users for screenshots and links regarding specific enforcement actions, specifying Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube ...
Tags: Facebook, White House, Tech, Trump, Facebook Twitter Instagram, Social Media Sites

White House launches survey looking for tech industry bias

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — The White House has launched an online form asking people to share their experiences if they think political bias has led to their posts being removed from social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. The White House’s official Twitter account tweeted a link to the form on Wednesday, saying that “The […]
Tags: Facebook, Business, Technology, News, White House, San Francisco, Ap, Nation

The White House wants to know if you’ve been ‘censored or silenced’ by social media

It’s no secret that the Trump administration has been at war with social media. In the past year, the President has accused several online giants of censoring conservative voices, in particular giants like Twitter, Google and Facebook. The Trump Administration is fighting for free speech online. No matter your views, if you suspect political bias has caused you to be censored or silenced online, we want to hear about it! — The White House ...
Tags: Facebook, Twitter, White House, Social Media, Tech, Policy, Jack Dorsey, Trump, Donald J Trump, Oval Office, Facebook Instagram Twitter, Twitter Google, President Trump, Facebook The Trump Administration

Japan Prepares To Ban Flying Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Under the Influence of Alcohol

Drinking and droning? It could soon cost you up to a year in jail in Japan, where an amendment to the country's civil aeronautics law being debated in the Diet would make it illegal to operate unmanned aerial vehicles while under the influence of alcohol. From a report: According to the transport ministry, there were 79 incidents involving drones in the last financial year. None of them involved a drunk operator but tighter restrictions were nonetheless regarded as a necessary pre-emptive move. ...
Tags: Japan, Diet, White House, US, Tech

Trump issues order that appears to target China’s Huawei

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump is issuing an executive order to help protect the United States against foreign adversaries that are taking advantage of technological vulnerabilities to threaten U.S. communications systems. The order the White House announced Wednesday does not name specific countries or companies, but the administration has been trying to keep allied […]
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Twitter and Facebook join global pledge to fight hate speech online

At a summit in Paris Wednesday, representatives from Facebook Inc., Twitter Inc. and Alphabet Inc., committed to use and develop rules, algorithms and direct intervention to curb the uploading, promotion, amplification and distribution of violent extremism on social media platforms. The initiative calls for hate speech to be “immediately and permanently” taken down, though isn’t legally binding. French President Emmanuel Macron and New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, were joined by lea...
Tags: Google, Facebook, White House, Advertising, Senegal, Theresa May, Nick Clegg, Paris, New Zealand, Jordan, Leo Varadkar, Facebook Live, Justin Trudeau, Emmanuel Macron, Vivendi SA, Macky Sall

World leaders, tech execs pledge to curb online violence

By Sylvie Corbet and Kelvin Chan, The Associated Press Facebook, Google, Twitter and other tech companies joined a dozen countries in a global pledge Wednesday to step up efforts to keep internet platforms from being used to spread hate, organize extremist groups and broadcast attacks. World leaders led by French President Emmanuel Macron and tech executives gathered in Paris to compile a set of guidelines dubbed the “Christchurch Call,” named after the New Zealand city where 51 people were kill...
Tags: Apple, Facebook, Europe, London, Instagram, France, White House, US, Sport, European Union, Whatsapp, Soccer, Paris, New Zealand, John Kerry, Christchurch

White House refuses to endorse the “Christchurch Call” to block extremist content online

The United States will not join other nations in endorsing the “Christchurch Call” — a global statement that commits governments and private companies to actions that would curb the distribution of violent and extremist content online. “While the United States is not currently in a position to join the endorsement, we continue to support the overall goals reflected in the Call. We will continue to engage governments, industry, and civil society to counter terrorist content on the Internet,” the ...
Tags: Google, TC, Facebook, France, White House, Tech, United States, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Christchurch, Poway Calif, Christchruch, Christchurch Call, France Australia Canada

WH Refuses To Sign Post-Christchurch Agreement To Crack Down On Hate Speech

The White House won’t be signing an international agreement brokered on Wednesday to crack down on the kind of extremist content online that contributed to the New Zealand mosque massacres in March. The “Christchurch call to action” is an anti-extremism initiative headed by New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and French President Emmanuel Macron. It’s a global push for major tech companies and governments worldwide to prevent the spread of internet hate content, which leads to radicaliz...
Tags: Google, Facebook, News, Washington Post, White House, New Zealand, Hate Speech, Donald Trump, Christchurch, Emmanuel Macron, U K, Australia Canada, White Nationalism, Jacinda Ardern, Cristina Cabrera, New Zealand massacre

Trump won't sign social media “Christchurch call to action” to fight online extremism

Donald Trump's administration refuses to sign an international commitment to fight extremism online, citing concerns with free speech. The “Christchurch call to action” was brokered between officials in France and New Zealand and executives from the world's largest social media companies. New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and French President Emmanuel Macron are behind the call to action, which is scheduled to be unveiled later today, Wednesday, in Paris. From Tony Romm and Drew Harwe...
Tags: Google, Facebook, Post, News, Washington, France, White House, United States, United Kingdom, Paris, New Zealand, Donald Trump, Christchurch, Trump, Emmanuel Macron, Drew Harwell

Kamala Harris Says 'We Have to Seriously Take a Look At' Breaking Up Facebook

California Senator Kamala Harris, one of the (innumerable) Democrats eyeing the White House in a 2020 presidential bid, has joined Massachusetts senator and fellow candidate Elizabeth Warren in calling for antitrust authorities to look at a possible breakup of Facebook.Read more...
Tags: Google, Amazon, Facebook, Science, Technology, California, White House, Massachusetts, Elizabeth Warren, Antitrust, Kamala Harris, Facebook Read, Tech Policy

Jeff Bezos aims Blue Origin at the Moon

Today at a packed event blocks from the White House, Jeff Bezos took the stage in front of select members of the media, executives, government officials and a gaggle of middle schoolers to reveal new details of his plan to get to the Moon by 2024.  Blue Origin is going to send humans to space on New Shepard later this year and has unveiled a lunar lander, called “Blue Moon”, to access the resource-rich lunar surface, Bezos said. Setting the stage with Neil Armstrong’s famous words as the...
Tags: Amazon, TC, Spacex, White House, Tech, Nasa, Earth, United States, Space Tourism, Space Travel, Virgin Galactic, Moon, President, Vice President, Mars, Lockheed Martin

Jeff Bezos reportedly set to unveil moon plans today

Blue Origin is hosting a media event later today in Washington, D.C. TechCrunch will be on the ground, reporting live, though details around precisely what will be announced are still pretty minimal. According to new reporting from Reuters, however, boss man Jeff Bezos is set to unveil his plans to help the U.S. government establish a lunar outpost over the next five years. That word arrives via “people familiar with the matter.” Blue Origin hasn’t responded yet — though we’ve only got to wai...
Tags: Space, Washington, White House, Tech, Nasa, Jeff Bezos, Blue Origin, Trump, Reuters, Mike Pence, Bezos

Trump’s China tariffs are getting a major increase on Friday

The stock market has already seen some wild fluctuations this week in anticipation of the latest volley in a trade war ramping up between the U.S. and China. Now it seems the President is making good on his promise to further increase tariffs on goods from the country. Documents posted to the Federal Register (via Reuters) note that the U.S. is set to increase import tariffs on $200 billion worth of Chinese goods from 10 to 25 percent. The change, which targets products already singled out by th...
Tags: White House, China, Tech, Policy, Tariffs, Federal Register, Trump, Reuters, Liu, Donald J Trump, U S Trade Representative

Hell Yeah, Bernie Sanders Just Endorsed a National Right-to-Repair Law for Farmers

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders has officially thrown his weight behind a national right-to-repair law, adding momentum to the issue as he and the other 400 trillion Democratic presidential candidates ramp-up their White House ambitions.Read more...
Tags: Apple, Science, White House, Elizabeth Warren, Vermont, Bernie Sanders, John Deere, Right To Repair, Repair Law for Farmers

Oracle Exec Mocks Google Arguments About Java's APIs

"Whether it is consumers' data or competitors' code, Google's view seems to be the same: What's mine is mine, and what's yours is mine," argues Oracle executive vice president Kenneth Glueck. Google had urged America's Supreme Court to rule in their ongoing legal case about access to Java's APIs, a case which Google says hinges on "whether developers should be able to create new applications using standard ways of accessing common functions. Those functions are the building blocks of computer ...
Tags: Google, Supreme Court, Microsoft, White House, Tech, Oracle, Reuters, Walker, Google Android, Kent Walker, America s Supreme Court, Kenneth Glueck

Trump’s tariffs could knock Tesla’s Autopilot off course

The White House has refused to exempt the “brain” of Tesla’s Autopilot technology from punitive import tariffs, a decision that could endanger the company’s self-driving ambitions, TechCrunch has learned. At a special “autonomy day” event last week, Tesla CEO Elon Musk unveiled advanced Autopilot 3.0 hardware, including a new custom chip intended to enable full self-driving (FSD) operation for all of its new vehicles. This hardware is now standard in all new Model 3, S and X vehicles. Custom...
Tags: Apple, TC, Transportation, Verizon, Japan, Elon Musk, White House, China, Samsung, Tech, Tesla, Automotive, United States, Washington Dc, Citigroup, Goldman Sachs

NSA says warrantless searches of Americans’ data rose in 2018

The intelligence community’s annual transparency report revealed a spike in the number of warrantless searches of Americans’ data in 2018. The data, published Tuesday by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI), revealed a 28 percent rise in the number of targeted search terms used to query massive databases of collected Americans’ communications. Some 9,637 warrantless search queries of the contents of Americans’ calls, text messages, emails and other communications were condu...
Tags: Security, Verizon, Privacy, Government, Nsa, White House, Tech, Fbi, United States, Edward Snowden, National Security, DEA, National Security Agency, Director, Mass Surveillance, Trump

Altice USA buys digital news network Cheddar for $200M

Cable television provider Altice USA has confirmed plans to pay $200 million for the millennial-focused, digitally native news network Cheddar in an all-cash, or all-cheddar, rather, deal. The price tag comes at a 25 percent premium to the media startup’s $160 million Series D valuation. Jon Steinberg, the co-founder and chief executive officer of Cheddar and former president and chief operating officer of BuzzFeed, will become president of Altice News. Altice, an existing Cheddar investor, p...
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Refile: Foxconn chairman travels to White House to discuss Wisconsin - source

The chairman of Apple supplier Foxconn will travel to the United States on Tuesday for a meeting in the White House that is believed to be related to an investment in Wisconsin, according to a source with direct knowledge of the matter. Foxconn said this month it remains committed to its contract to build a display plant and tech research facilities in Wisconsin, days after the U.S. state's governor said he wanted to renegotiate the deal. In January, Reuters reported that Foxconn is reconsider...
Tags: Apple, News, White House, United States, Wisconsin, Foxconn, Reuters

Taiwan Foxconn chairman traveling tonight for U.S. White House meet-source

The chairman of Apple supplier Foxconn will travel to the United States tonight for a meeting in the White House that is believed to be related to an investment in Wisconsin, according to a source with direct knowledge of the matter. Foxconn said earlier this month it remains committed to its contract to build a display plant and tech research facilities in Wisconsin, days after the U.S. state's governor said he wanted to renegotiate the deal. In January, Reuters reported that Foxconn is recon...
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