Oracle has the support of the Trump administration and some big media industry groups in its Supreme Court fight against Google. Here's why they're siding with Oracle. (ORCL, GOOG)

Oracle and Google are scheduled to face off before the US Supreme Court on March 24.  The 10-year-old dispute is based on Oracle's claim that Google stole a key component of its Java technology to build the Android operating system. Google rejects the charge, saying Oracle cannot copyright the code — known as APIs, or application programming interfaces — which allows programs to talk to each other. The Trump administration, through Solicitor General Noel Francisco, argues that Google is using...
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Google Maps 101: how contributed content makes a more helpful map

Recently, we gave you a behind-the-scenes look at how we map the world and use imagery to capture the meaningful details around us. Now we’re diving into how content contributed by our user community makes Google Maps a more helpful tool for everyday decision making, whether you’re looking for the best burrito in a new city or trying to find a local car mechanic in your neighborhood.  Contributions create a more helpful map When we look at the places around us, it’s clear that not all the inform...
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Winston encrypts your home wi-fi, preventing Facebook, Google, and Amazon from tracking you

Alexa, Google, and Siri. It took just three words to absolutely erode our freedom and privacy. Don’t worry, I’m just as much a part of this as you are. I have a Google Pixel smartphone and an iPad Pro, and flatmate in the room next door has an Amazon Echo. I also spend roughly 3-4 hours each day on Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp everyday. Ambient computing, voice assistants, and the ever-expanding realm of social networks have effectively undermined the private way of life.If you suddenly g...
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How ‘The Mandalorian’ and ILM invisibly reinvented film and TV production

“The Mandalorian” was a pretty good show. On that most people seem to agree. But while a successful live-action Star Wars TV series is important in its own right, the way this particular show was made represents a far greater change, perhaps the most important since the green screen. The cutting edge tech (literally) behind “The Mandalorian” creates a new standard and paradigm for media — and the audience will none the wiser. What is this magical new technology? It’s an evolution of a technique ...
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AusAir’s botanical face-masks help effectively filter smoke as well as trap viruses

Designed over the past 3 years in conjunction with the University of Sydney, brothers Isaac and Elias Honor teamed up with their friend Jack Graham to launch AusAir… a face-mask that’s preparing for a world where masks may become as ubiquitous as wearing sun-block every time you step out. What makes AusAir worth noticing is its nuanced approach to masks, considering a variety of external and user-based factors. As parts of the world struggle with declining air-quality, environmental hazards, a...
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Forensic Architecture redeploys surveillance-state tech to combat state-sponsored violence

The specter of constant surveillance hangs over all of us in ways we don’t even fully understand, but it is also possible to turn the tools of the watchers against them. Forensic Architecture is exhibiting several long-term projects at the Museum of Art and Design in Miami that use the omnipresence of technology as a way to expose crimes and violence by oppressive states. Over seven years Eyal Weizman and his team have performed dozens of investigations into instances of state-sponsored violence...
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This Japanese Smartphone Uses AI to Prevent Users From Saving and Sharing Naked Selfies

Worried about what online shenanigans your child might get into with their first smartphone? In Japan, a company has released a budget phone with at least one feature you won’t find on a flagship iOS or Android device: an AI-powered sensor that prevents naked selfie shots from being saved or shared.Read more...
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How a 100-year-old French Army design outperforms today's U.S. helmets 

According to a recent research project it appears that the form – the shape and surface detailing – of the French "Adrian" helmet, a design used over a hundred years ago, is better at deflecting blast shocks than its more plainly shaped modern counterparts. An author of the study, Joost Op ‘t Eynde, a PhD student at Duke University, says "we were surprised to find that the 100-year-old helmets performed just as well as modern ones,”He and his co-authors hypothesize as to what elements play a ro...
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Clever Browser Tool Erases People From Live Webcam Feeds in Real Time

An extra post-it note is all you really need to prevent someone from spying on you through a laptop’s built-in webcam. But Jason Mayes apparently likes to do things the hard way: He’s developed an AI-powered tool for browsers that can erase people from live webcam feeds in real-time but leave everything else in the…Read more...
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Meet the key people who are leading Mike Bloomberg's digital campaign to topple Donald Trump

Mike Bloomberg started secretive ad agency Hawkfish to aid in his presidential campaign, and it's packed with people from the worlds of politics, advertising, and technology. To beat Donald Trump, the Bloomberg campaign has hired widely from companies like Facebook, Google, and ad agencies. Business Insider identified 17 people in key roles in and around Hawkfish, including former Facebook CMO Gary Briggs, who is leading it. Click here for more BI Prime stories. Hawkfish is the digital agency...
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DSP Concepts raises $14.5M for its Audio Weaver platform

DSP Concepts — a startup whose Audio Weaver software is used by companies as varied as Tesla, Porsche, GoPro and Braun Audio — is announcing that it has raised $14.5 million in Series B funding. The startup goal, as explained to me by CEO Chin Beckmann and CTO Paul Beckmann (yep, they’re a husband-and-wife founding team), is to create the standard framework that companies use to develop their audio processing software. To that end, Chin told me they were “picky about who we wanted on the B round...
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Hot Wheels Made a Mini Tesla Cybertruck Complete With Broken Window Stickers

If you thought stepping on a Lego Brick was painful, Mattel is about to up the ante with the introduction of Hot Wheels versions of Tesla’s angular, brutalist Cybertruck. Out of the box they arrive in pristine condition, but a set of included decals lets you customize at least one of the vehicles with shattered, …Read more...
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Frank Eliason from Amazon – Proud to be an Amazonian Working in the Fulfillment Center

One of the most interesting things I’ve read this year came from customer service and customer experience pioneer Frank Eliason.  If you’ve heard that name before you probably know it for being one of the first customer service leaders to integrate social media in with traditional support processes during his time at Comcast.  For example, Frank proved the driving force behind @ComcastCares.  He led the same initiatives during his time at Citibank.  He continued as an industry thought leader inf...
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Flywheel Bikes No Longer Work, So You Get a Free Peloton Instead

Peloton accused rival stationary bike company Flywheel of stealing its ideas back in 2018, and now the two companies have settled. Flywheel is ending its at-home classes—both live-streamed and on-demand—in March, The Verge reported, which means Flywheel bike owners won’t have anything to watch on their giant screens.…Read more...
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After Inspecting 50 Airplanes, Boeing Found Foreign Object Debris in 35 Fuel Tanks

Boeing has found debris in the fuel tanks of 35 of their 737 Max aircraft. After inspecting just 50 of the 400 planes which were awaiting delivery to customers, Boeing found debris in "about two-thirds" of them reports the Wall Street Journal, citing both federal and aviation-industry officials. "The revelation comes as the plane maker struggles to restore public and airline confidence in the grounded fleet." Materials left behind include tools, rags and boot coverings, according to industry ...
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Stop Talking Corporate Speak, Cybersecurity Trends for 2020, Preparing for an Economic Downturn and Other Things Entrepreneurs Need to Know

18 Things Small Business Owners Need to Know   1—Most Hated Corporate Speak Using corporate jargon reflects on you and your business. The business communication experts from Rice University say people who overuse corporate jargon are actually more likely to lose credibility. One Rice finance professor even said that business buzzwords are red flags that signal what you’re hearing is likely shallow and meaningless. So it’s time to drop the corporate speak and talk like a normal person. What are...
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Weekend reading: Vanguard is ready to let you SIPP

What caught my eye this week. H ard to make this sound anything like a (not paid for) plug, but I’m sure our many readers who’ve been waiting for it will all want to know that Vanguard is finally ready to take your money into its Personal Pension (SIPP). I covered the main features of Vanguard’s SIPP back in December, so won’t repeat that again. Instead here’s a couple of other articles that have run to mark the launch. From ThisIsMoney: Jeremy Fawcett, head of Platforum, said the Vanguard Per...
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I’m 30 & This Is How Much I Spent On My Multi-City Trip Through Myanmar

Welcome to Travel Diaries, a Refinery29 series where we tag along as real women embark on trips around the world and track their travel expenses down to the last cent. Here, we offer a detailed, intimate account of when, where, and how our peers spend their vacation days and disposable income: all the meals, adventures, indulgences, setbacks, and surprises. This week’s travel diary: A 30-year-old digital marketing specialist from Singapore checks “hot air balloon ride” off her bucket list in ...
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What does your eyewear and this futuristic keyboard have in common? The acetate!

There’s something so futuristic about Tim Zarki’s Lapis Keyboard. One look at it, and it’s like none of the other conventional keyboards on the market, even though there’s no stark difference to other keyboards. The secret probably lies in the fact that Zarki used machined acetate to create the keyboard. You might be familiar with machined acetate, as it’s commonly used in the production of eyewear. But to craft a keyboard? Not a very common usage of it.The machined acetate was used to manufactu...
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SONY Launches New Music Video That You Can Not See

To encourage corneas donations, Wunderman Thompson, a WPP agency, Sony, and the renowned Argentine musician Dante Spinetta created a video clip in collaboration with INCUCAI (Argentina´s best known NGO for organ donation). The video can only be seen on mobile devices if it is aimed at the eyes of another person. When you don't aim it directly at another person’s eyes, the images are blurred, and the person sees saturated colors and shadows.Through this technological and artistic innovation, Wund...
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Here are the 11 companies that experts think Microsoft could try to acquire in 2020, including Salesforce, Twilio, and Workday (MSFT, CRM, TWLO, WDAY)

Microsoft spent more than $9 billion on acquisitions during its last fiscal year, mostly attributable to its $7.5 billion purchase of GitHub. Analysts expect the buying spree to continue, and speculated on a few big names that Microsoft might try to buy. The list includes Salesforce, Twilio and Workday — though be advised that there's no indication that anybody at Microsoft has so much as thought of buying any of these companies; this is all speculation from industry analysts. Also of note is ...
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Zero Motorcycles unveils new SR/S — a full-fairing 124 mph sport EV

California-based mobility startup Zero Motorcycles has a new e-moto in its lineup — the fully-faired SR/S, unveiled today in New York. The company’s CEO Sam Paschel pulled the cover off the two-wheeled EV, which is based on the platform of the company’s SR/F, released last year. The new SR/S has similar stats to the SR/F: a 124 mph top-speed, up to 200 miles of range, 140 ft-lbs of torque and charge-time of 60 minutes to 95%, Paschel told TechCrunch at the debut. Zero’s latest EV is an IoT motor...
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The best Apple HomeKit-enabled TVs

Apple's HomeKit ecosystem allows you to easily control a variety of smart home devices, including select TV models from LG, Vizio, and Sony. With HomeKit support, you can stream content to your TV from your iPhone, use Siri voice commands with your display, and even automate special tasks for your TV in tandem with other HomeKit products. A great HomeKit-enabled TV balances advanced smart features with excellent image quality — which is exactly why we've chosen the LG C9 as our top pick. TVs a...
Tags: Apple, Google, Samsung, Trends, Siri, Sony, Lg, Vizio, Hulu, Dolby Vision, Hdr, Cnet, Homekit, Alexa, Belkin, Dolby Atmos

Canadian Privacy Commissioners to Investigate Creepy Facial Recognition Firm Clearview AI

Canadian authorities are investigating shady face recognition company Clearview AI on the grounds that its scraping of billions of photos from the web might violate privacy laws, Reuters reported on Friday.Read more...
Tags: Science, Technology, Privacy, Surveillance, Canada, Facial Recognition, Biometrics, Mass Surveillance, Reuters, Face Recognition, Clearview AI

California Home Sales Maintain Last Year’s Momentum in January, C.A.R. Reports

– Existing, single-family home sales totaled 395,550 in January on a seasonally adjusted annualized rate, down 0.7 percent from December and up 10.3 percent from January 2019. – January’s statewide median home price was $575,160, down 6.5 percent from December and up 7.1 percent from January 2019. – The statewide Unsold Inventory Index was 3.4 months in January, up from 2.5 months in December but down from 4.6 months in January 2019. Los Angeles, CA – Feb. 19, 2020 (PRNewswire) Continue...
Tags: Google, Real Estate, News, California, Sacramento, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Radio, United States, San Diego, Kings, Nevada, Napa, Orange, Santa Clara, Sonoma

The CTO of a 120-year-old company explains how yanking out most of its Oracle technology after a surprise $1 million bill is helping it move faster with Amazon's cloud (ORCL)

Hans Wald, chief technology officer for 120-year-old company Thomas, put his company's entire IT operations on Amazon's cloud back in 2013, when the cloud market was young. Six years later, in 2019, he had the ultimate moment of vindication. When Oracle handed him a surprise $1 million bill, the cloud meant that he was able to walk away from the database giant's fees. Thomas also dropped VMware, another expensive software vendor, by moving to the cloud. The cloud hasn't just saved the company ...
Tags: Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Trends, Aws, North America, Oracle, Irs, Amazon Web Services, Vmware, Cto, Thomas, Aurora, Wald, Today Amazon, Innovation Inc

How Peloton Bricked the Screens On Flywheel's Stationary Bikes

DevNull127 writes: Let me get this straight. Peloton's main product is a stationary bicycle costing over $2,000 with a built-in touchscreen for streaming exercise classes. ("A front facing camera and microphone mean you can interact with friends and encourage one another while you ride," explained the Kickstarter campaign which helped launch the company in 2013, with 297 backers pledging $307,332.) Soon after they went public last summer, Bloomberg began calling them "the unprofitable fitness co...
Tags: Tech, Bloomberg, Kickstarter, Flywheel, Peloton, Peloton Peloton

These specialized Africa VC funds are welcoming co-investors

For global venture capitalists still on the fence about entering Africa, a first move could be co-investing with a proven fund that’s already working in the region. Africa’s startup scene is performance-light — one and a handful of exits — but there could be greater returns for investors who get in early. For funds from Silicon Valley to Tokyo, building a portfolio and experience on the continent with those who already have expertise could be the best start. VC in Africa Africa has one of th...
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The Oppo C1 gamepad turns your smartphone into a Switch-style portable gaming setup

While its lack of symmetric design does bother me a slight bit, the Oppo Gamepad C1 Unicorn Gundam Edition (the name’s quite a mouthful) does give you a great handheld gaming experience. It features a telescopic expandable design that lets you fit a smartphone in, although it’s tailored specifically to visually complement Oppo’s Reno Ace Gundam Edition.The C1 Gamepad’s most defining feature is its ergonomic, asymmetric design. It’s ergonomic to allow you to grip it better (especially with that c...
Tags: Gadgets, Games, Design, Cellphones, Reno, Unicorn, Product Design, Oppo, C1, Gamepad

Leaked Document Shows How Big Companies Buy Credit Card Data On Millions of Americans

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Motherboard: Yodlee, the largest financial data broker in the U.S., sells data pulled from the bank and credit card transactions of tens of millions of Americans to investment and research firms, detailing where and when people shopped and how much they spent. The company claims that the data is anonymous, but a confidential Yodlee document obtained by Motherboard indicates individual users could be unmasked. The findings come as multiple Senators have ur...
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