Yann's Return

Yann came home from India. I can see in his eyes that he has had a wonderful adventure, snippets of stories unfolded one moment to another as he unpacked his bag and settles back to daily life. He brought a few gifts, scarves, perfume, Safran and fewer photos that have yet to be seen. As soon as I have some of his photos I will post them. Overall Yann said the trip was amazing, that traveling opens your eyes to see people and places in a new light, he hopes to go again in a few years when they o...
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Save 20 Percent and Earn 2,000 Marriott Rewards Points Per Weekend Stay in South Africa

You can earn 2,000 Marriott Rewards points per weekend stay while simultaneously saving 20 percent on your room rate when you stay at your choice of five Autograph Collection brand hotel and resort properties in South Africa through Monday, December 24, 2018... ...but you must... The post Save 20 Percent and Earn 2,000 Marriott Rewards Points Per Weekend Stay in South Africa appeared first on The Gate.
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Suggestions sought on how to get Ramji Mishra’s children to improve their English

I’m delighted that that Renu, Ramji Mishra‘s daughter, is engaging with me on Whatsapp – I feel I must provide her and her siblings essential support for their future. So I asked her to tell me about herself and family. This is what she wrote, and my response in return. Now this is a big […]
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Suruchi beach in Vasai near Mumbai in Maharashtra

Suruchi Beach is located in Vasai West near Mumbai in Maharashtra. Directions to the same are located on Google Maps. Suruchi Beach, Vasai As we (Fathima and me) stay in Vasai, we traveled by rickshaw to the beach premises. Pls note: The rickshaws don't run on meter here and hence they will charge a lump sum amount. We were charged Rs.150 but post negotiation the rickshaw driver came down to Rs.100. There is a rickshaw stand near the beach premises. Else the closest State transport b...
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How ‘The Indian Express’ is covering the #Rafale scandal—and a scandal it is—compared to the way it covered #Bofors

The Congress president Rahul Gandhi has addressed five press conferences on the Rs 140,000 crore Rafale aircraft deal involving the Narendra Modi government and the bankrupt businessman Anil Ambani. These press conferences have been on 30 August, 22 September, 11 October, 25 October and 2 November 2018, and they have all been held in New Delhi It is interesting to see the play Gandhi has got from the Indian Express, which played a stellar, adversarial role in reporting the Bofors gun deal which ...
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Trevor’s Travels: Visiting Santa Barbara is a smart decision

When I first arrived in Southern California, it was a while before I left the Los Angeles area as I concentrated on building my business enough for it to survive unattended for a spell. The first city I visited was Santa Barbara, and I have to say at the time I was a little disappointed. Granted it was over 30 years ago, but somehow the city didn’t do much for me and it was quite some time before I returned. My early recollections were that it was very busy and the traffic was difficult due to t...
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Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter

I watched this in the context of the regular “Movie Nights” I organize at work — I pick a theme (this time was of course “Halloween”) and then create a survey for the team to pick the movie they’d most like to watch (choices were between this, Halloween III: Season of the Witch, Scream, Creepshow, and Trick ‘R Treat). I had an absolute blast watching it, but it was in a fantastic setting: a large room with a bunch of people, drinking beers and eating popcorn, and having a fun time commenting at...
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I liked watching this, even though I found it to be trash at the same time. It’s fully in the b-movie camp, with low-budget effects, but it manages to have fun with that, all the while being really gory — more than I was expecting — and with a premise that sounds pretty dumb and simple at first, but ends up being more creepy than it should be (I think in part because of the odd and frantic performance by the actor playing the clown/killer). Not for everyone, and not for every moods, but can be ...
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Thrillin’ and Chillin’ in October

Over the past month I did something a bit different from the recent movie marathons I’ve been doing. Instead of focusing on a year or a particular creator, I did an all-out horror fest, mixing movies with TV series (I didn’t necessarily watch all of the episodes yet, but I did for most of them). With 27 titles, it made for the most intense October viewing experience I’ve probably ever had, and it was fun too — I can definitely see myself doing this again next year. Below, a list of all the horr...
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The role of private guilds and the king in the issue of coins in ancient India

I’m trying to figure out the origin of Indian coins and money. This is a placeholder post. KAUDI owrie shells, found abundantly in the Indian Ocean, were among the earliest forms of currency used in the world. In India, they were colloquially referred to as kaudi and were used in certain areas like Odisha even until the early 1800s. […]
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I really didn’t know much about this movie, but came across it on Netflix, and it seemed to be rated highly. It was a very pleasant surprise, as it ended up being quite good — certainly one of the better movies I watched in October. Great spooky premise — a haunted mirror — with an interesting buildup (trying to stop it from happening again through a series of contraptions) and then payoff. Really enjoyed this.
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Bone Tomahawk

This is a hell of a movie. I’d been wanting to watch it for quite some time, and had heard that it gets really crazy at some point, and yup, that final sequence is just, well, terrifying. I really love westerns, so I was first of all happy to have one that touches on the horror genre. It also does a nice job of slowly building towards what we witness towards the end — which is truly terrifying, both in terms of something you see happen, as well as seeing the remains of something they’ve done (I...
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Castlevania (Season 2)

I really enjoyed the first season, and this second season is just as good if not better. I’m only halfway through (I’ve just had so many horror series to watch of late), but love the characters and the way the story is moving along. I’m definitely happy that they’ve already renewed the series for a 3rd season.
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The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

I have mixed feelings about this series. I started out really liking it, finding it a fun mix of horror and dark humor, but then it sort of lost itself with its storytelling. I don’t care at all about the romance aspects, and had an especially hard time with the 5th episode — it’s a “dream” episode, and I hate “dream” episodes. I was watching this with my wife, so kept at it even though I was losing interest during the second half, but it finally got me again in the final episode, as I liked ho...
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List of topics for my future write-ups in the Times of India online blog

This is a list of things I want to write about in the coming weeks/ months on my TOI blog. As the topics are done, I’ll put them into the “completed” category. Some of these may be converted into articles for the main newspaper. Urgently needed police reforms (Sent – not yet published) Diwali as […]
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List of topics for my future writer-ups in the Times of India online blog

This is a list of things I want to write about in the coming weeks/ months on my TOI blog. As the topics are done, I’ll put them into the “completed” category. Some of these may be converted into articles for the main newspaper. Urgently needed police reforms Diwali as an occasion to remember that […]
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Concrete jungle

Today we are visiting a surrealist garden Las Pozas. It is a work of art created by Edward James an English poet who came to live here in 1945. The creation said to represent the Garden of Eden took 35 years to construct and you may be forgiven for thin
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Day 44 Last Day In Santiago Shopping Cathedral Roof Tour Big Seafood Lunch Airport.

Never buy an extra bag allowance from Vueling Airlines unless you are intending to import a small car as hand luggage.My 20 extra was because I am carrying a backpack that does not comply with the size or weight limits. What a joke People were boa
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The Ritual

Throughout the month of October I ended up watching quite a few Netflix Original films, something I hadn’t really done much of in the past, and this was another one I really enjoyed. Hiking in the woods is already a great premise for a horror film, and here they manage to really build it up nicely, to then cap it off with a great creepy payoff that isn’t really what you’d expect. Well worth watching.
Tags: Travel, Movies, Netflix, Debaser, The Ritual, October 2018

The Purge (TV Series)

As I mentioned when I wrote about watching The Purge: Election Year and The First Purge, I quite like this movie series, and the TV series has been quite good as well. I’ve only watched the first 4 episodes so far (it’s still airing weekly on Prime Video), so I can’t say if the payoff will be good, but I like how it manages to examine the purge from even more different types of angles (a death cult, to get revenge within a corporate setting, the relationship with the ruling party, etc.) I think...
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Sightseeing doing my best here

Finally I decided I really had to make the most of it here and not bingewatch Ru Pauls Drag Race on Netflix entertaining though it is. It seemed that the most exciting attraction was the flag monument. The flag is apparently really important here and
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Channel Zero (Season 3)

I’d heard of this series when it launched, and was curious, but never got around to watching it. With the 4th season launching recently, and seeing some good buzz about it, I decided to pay season 3 a visit. I only watched the first episode (of 6), but wow, this was incredibly creepy, and definitely felt like something I’d like to watch more of (the only thing that stopped me was that I wanted to get more movies in during my October horror fest). It’s an anthology series that works like America...
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British Airways Wants to Buy Norwegian – So It Can Raise Transatlantic Airfares

Back in April British Airways parent company IAG acquired just under 5% of Norwegian and started talks to acquire the discount carrier. I assumed that acquire meant smother it so that the airline wouldn't keep depressing transatlantic fares, especially out of cities like London. Chairman Willie Walsh addressed a Norwegian deal at their investor day. Continue reading British Airways Wants to Buy Norwegian – So It Can Raise Transatlantic Airfares...
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Qatar has made great progress in reforming its labour system | Letters | World news | The Guardian

Qatar has made great progress in reforming its labour system | Letters | World news | The Guardian:Pete Pattisson’s article (Migrants claim recruiters lured them into forced labour at top Qatar hotel, 29 October) fails to acknowledge the progress Qatar has made in reforming its labour system and attempts to portray Qatar as ambivalent to the plight of our migrant workforce. This is simply not true. The State of Qatar has been working to overhaul our labour system so that all employees in Qatar a...
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Oil market passes cyclical peak: John Kemp | Reuters

Oil market passes cyclical peak: John Kemp | Reuters:The recovery in oil prices since the downturn of 2014/15 looks a lot like the upward adjustments that followed the slumps of 2008/09 and 1997/98, which could provide clues about what happens next.The oil market is strongly cyclical, and although no two cycles are the same, they often show similar characteristics (“Cyclical behavior of oil prices”, Reuters, June 4, 2018).Spot prices and calendar spreads exhibit cyclical movements that correlate...
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Oil drops 1 percent as U.S. allows Iran sanctions waivers | Reuters

Oil drops 1 percent as U.S. allows Iran sanctions waivers | Reuters:Oil prices fell about 1 percent on Friday and notched a weekly loss of over 6 percent, as investors worried about oversupply after the United States said it will temporarily spare eight jurisdictions from Iran-related sanctions.U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced the decision in a conference call. The waivers could allow top buyers to keep importing Iranian oil after economic penalties come back into effect on Monday.B...
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A 2007 PhD thesis on Kautilya’s Arthashastra – interesting summary of the ancient Indian state and economy

I’m always interested in analyses of the Arthashastra. Reporting this here for my future reference. The thesis confirms my readings so far from a variety of sources. The ancient Indian state can be best characterised as a pre-liberal capitalist state. The moot question relates to the level of freedom of thought and speech. It appears […]
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Pegasus Solutions to Launch New Hotel Chain Enterprise Analytics Solution at World Travel Market London November 5-7, 2018

While exhibiting at World Travel Market 2018, hotel technology leader Pegasus Solutions will be showcasing its newest cloud-based product: Pegasus Enterprise Analytics. This advanced solution integrates directly with the powerful Pegasus Reservations Platform used by hotel brands, management companies, and independent hotels to manage availability, rates and inventory across all of their channels at the click of a button.
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Top reasons to visit Muscat, Oman

Ah, Dubai. That glitzy desert mirage of five-star hotels, indoor ski slopes, and massive malls. Selling itself as the ultimate tourist destination, it offers a gilded version of Middle Eastern life. However, most travelers never see the real city behind the shiny facade. If you want to experience genuine Arabic hospitality, Oman is the place to go. Set on the southeast coast of the Arabian Peninsula, this beautiful country feels a world away from the glitzy skyscrapers of the neighboring Uni...
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Pegasus Solutions to Showcase its Internet Booking Engine Enhancements at the World Travel Market 2018, November 5 - 7

While exhibiting at World Travel Market 2018, hotel technology leader Pegasus Solutions will be demonstrating the latest enhancements to its online booking engine, engineered to drive more direct bookings for independent properties and hotel chains alike. The Pegasus Booking Engine offers full feature functionality consumers have come to expect from an online shopping experience. It's one of the many Pegasus technology solutions in use by global hotel chains, management companies, and ind...
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