Speaking French But Not Really

  This is our grand niece Tatianna she is fifteen years old. In 2009 I wrote this about her:   _______________________________________________________ The mothers gathered at the school gate wore their coats unbuttoned. I took off my scarf and stuffed it in my pocket. The Autumn day felt more like late summer than mid-November.  While waiting outside the school I checked out the other women: How they were dressed, listened to what they were chatting about, and wondered if they thou...
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Separating? Take one step at a time

It's easy to be overwhelmed when contemplating the path to separation and beyond. Will I ever find love again? Will the children and I be safe? Will I have financial security? Will i go bankrupt? All of your fears may be legitimate. The reality is most of your fears won't happen.When couples separate, they get out the other side- and keep living. Rather than catastrophise the enormity of everything going wrong, it is better- and more realistic- just to focus on today. Conquer today, and then to...
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A bit of folklore and Edwards chum

There is very little for us to do today. The Day of the Dead Festival is winding down but there is still music in the square and loud firecrackers exploding everywhere. Eva has explained to me the chronology. So 31 October is for children Halloween
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France, Illkirch-Graffenstaden

16h le canal du Rhône au Rhin Copyright Jacques Witt [Author: Jacques Witt]
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Save At Least 20 Percent With InterContinental Hotels Group Annual Sale 2019

You can save a minimum of 20 percent off of the Best Flexible Rate on rooms at participating hotel and resort properties of most of the brands of InterContinental Hotels Group within the United States through Sunday, March 31, 2019… …but you must... The post Save At Least 20 Percent With InterContinental Hotels Group Annual Sale 2019 appeared first on The Gate.
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Wat Jong Kham and Wat Jong Klang Mae Hong Son

Wat Jong Kham and Wat Jong Klang Mae Hong Son Wat Jong Klang Mae Hong Son Let’s open our Mae Hong Son section with the two temples we visited in the town. It is called Wat Jong Kham and Wat Jong Klang Mae Hong Son. Please don’t mistaken this with the famous temple on the hill which is called Wat Phra That Doi Kong Mu. ( = || []).push({}); There are two ways to go to Mae Hong Son. Drive from Chiang Mai passing by Pai for one of the most adventurous road t...
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New Flight Restrictions Announced For Accessing United Clubs

In the least surprising move in the history of earth United announced that the are going to require a same day boarding pass for travel on United, another Star Alliance airline, or "a contracted partner" in order to access their clubs. United no longer needed to treat its customers better, since competitors won't. As with Delta and American, United's lounge access is really sold on a subscription basis rather than being a 'club membership'. Continue reading New Flight Restrictions Announced For...
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Suggestions received so far to improve Ramji Mishra’s children’s English

Thanks to the five commentators who provided me with inputs to date on how we can improve Ramji Mishra’s children’s English. I’m de-identifying the comments I’ve received so far. Please continue to write to me either via email at [email protected] or on Facebook  (including this). ACTUAL PROGRESS MADE TO DATE I’m informed that the local Bhadohi […]
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BA Owner Still Likes Norwegian, Sees Qatar Pact Exit: IAG Update - Bloomberg

BA Owner Still Likes Norwegian, Sees Qatar Pact Exit: IAG Update - Bloomberg:IAG SA CEO Willie Walsh dropped a couple of late bombshells at the British Airways owner’s investment day on Friday, saying his company hasn’t given up on buying Norwegian Air Shuttle ASA and that Qatar Airways, the U.K. group’s biggest investor, may quit the Oneworld Alliance.Walsh said IAG’s interest in Norwegian may start dimming over time after it had two bids rejected, but still sounded keen on a deal, adding that ...
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Did Britain Impoverish India?

Asking “Did Britain impoverish India?” is like asking “Is water wet?” Of course, Britain impoverished India during their rule as the colonial masters of India. To extract wealth from a colony and exploit its people is the primary motivation for colonization. Expecting the colonial masters to be a benign, self-sacrificing force is delusional. Colonization is not … Continue reading Did Britain Impoverish India?
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The Inside Story of How Uber Got Into Business With the Saudi Arabian Government - Bloomberg

The Inside Story of How Uber Got Into Business With the Saudi Arabian Government - Bloomberg:Even as Uber’s lawyers finalized the details of the deal, they still couldn't quite believe it would really happen. The Saudi Arabian government was set to give the San Francisco-based startup $3.5 billion, an astronomical amount. The company’s legal team had to double-check that it was even possible to send that much money in a single wire transfer. But on June 1, 2016, the Saudi Public Investment Fund ...
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Saudi Prince Alwaleed’s Brother Released After Reported Arrest - Bloomberg

Saudi Prince Alwaleed’s Brother Released After Reported Arrest - Bloomberg:The brother of Saudi Arabia’s billionaire Prince Alwaleed bin Talal was welcomed home this weekend after reportedly being detained for nearly a year, according to posts from relatives on Twitter.The release of Prince Khaled bin Talal came as the Saudi royal family grapples with fallout from the murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi, a government insider turned critic.Relatives of Prince Khaled shared photos of him em...
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IranAir looking for planes not needing U.S. sales permit - website | Reuters

IranAir looking for planes not needing U.S. sales permit - website | Reuters:IranAir is looking to buy planes from any company not requiring U.S. sales permits and may consider Russia’s Sukhoi Superjet 100, the flag carrier’s head was quoted as saying, as Iran tries to renew its aging fleet despite facing U.S. sanctions.The U.S. Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC)revoked licenses for Boeing Co (BA.N) and Airbus (AIR.PA) to sell passenger jets to Iran after President Donald Trump p...
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NORPA Season 2019 – A Love Affair With Theatre

We’ve programmed a season full with stories and performances from some of Australia’s best performers, composers and musicians for you to fall in love with. In addition to presenting great shows from around Australia, we’re also making original works that continue NORPA’s mission of developing brave new Australian theatre. A highlight of this season is the re-imagining of our original, locally made, sell-out show Dreamland for a season at Bangalow’s iconic A&I Hall. We’ve put even more love in t...
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London to Venice

This morning I left the Arthur Findlay College and my cousin Christine drove me to her place where my other cousin Jo collected me to go to London Gatwick Airport for our flight to Venice. We landed and got a coach to the terminus area and then wa
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Day 45 Tourists In Paris We Walked All Day. Whats Changed

Hi.Im writing very little today as the photos track our movements and frankly Im tired.The weather gods have smiled on Paris today and the sun was shining for the first time in ages.Tim and I caught the Metro train to near the Bastille a
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Life's Little Annoyances

Where to start with the annoyances. First one was my medication not being delivered. I called my surgery to do an emergency prescription on Wednesday but it would not be ready to pick until Thursday afternoon. I intended to leave my house on Thursday morn
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British Airways Details Changes to First and Business Class, Beginning in July

British Airways doesn’t have a competitive business class product. On their Boeing 777s seating is eight across, middle seats are especially intimate and passengers in the window climb over the feet of their seat opponents. We now know a little more about what's to come for business class, first class, and even the direction of how many seats they're going to offer. Continue reading British Airways Details Changes to First and Business Class, Beginning in July...
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Mozart's Female Empowerment Song "Push You Harder" Acoustic Video with Stunning Vocals!

Mozart's Female Empowerment Song "Push You Harder" Acoustic Video with Stunning Vocals! Teen recording artist Mozart is using her powerful voice and lyrics in her new single "Push You Harder" to stand up Trilingual Teen recording artist Mozart is using her powerful voice and lyrics in her new single "Push You Harder" to stand up to the patriarchy in a mesmerizing ode to female empowerment and the various waves of feminism and it couldn't come at a more culturally relevant time.Moz...
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Pasta La Vista Baby, Capanno's Botany

Capanno's is an old school Italian restaurant on Botany Rd. It is not where you'd expect to find a restaurant heaving with patrons one unseasonably chilly Wednesday night. But that's exactly the sight that greets me when I arrive here.
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Hawaii’s Best Breakfast Spots

You need to fuel up to make the most of your day during a Hawaii vacation, and on this podcast we’ll talk about the best places to get an island-style breakfast to start your day. A healthy serving of bacon, SPAM and eggs or a slice of papaya and cup of stout coffee make for […] The post Hawaii’s Best Breakfast Spots appeared first on Hawaii Aloha Travel.
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Diamond Head Honolulu

Dateline Monday October 30 2018 Honolulu Oahu HawaiiDiamond Head HonoluluAloha Leisurely day today as we wait for everyone to get off on their tours before heading off the ship. Its overcast and 78 degrees but the skies show promise
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Letter 8 / 3 Nov 2018. On Cricket.

This is an edited version of a letter than I sent to a closed mailing list. I try to write one everyday to a select set of people. Should you want to get one in your mailbox, please do let me know. The first letter is here. A complete archive is here. So, I played cricket today. Properly. Bowled, batted and all that. Must have played after a year. And back then, about a year ago, when I played, I would've played after decades. With a S. More than one. Serious. Here are the things that I take awa...
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How American Airlines Scores Its Customers

You know -- or can at least check -- your Uber rating. But did you know you have an American Airlines customer rating too? It's re-evaluated daily and used to determine when to grant exceptions, compensate you for problems, or go above and beyond to resolve situations. Continue reading How American Airlines Scores Its Customers...
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Athens sightseeing

Today I saw the rest of the sights in Athens that I wanted to return to after my initial visit here in 2012. I started at the National Archeological Museum where I concentrated on the displays dealing with the ancient Mycenaean civilization. I hope to vi
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The Kindness of a Stranger Makes Memories in the Marquesas Islands

I sometimes wonder what makes a trip memorable. I’ve traveled around 97 countries and six territories and, honestly, there are times when I can’t remember what country I am in, much less which city. My memories of destinations are sometimes indistinct. I can see the houses, the streets, the people, and even recall specific situations, but for the life of me, I can’t remember where they occurred. On the other hand, some places are indelibly etched into my psyche. The ancient Incan city of Machu P...
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Post 2 today Words from London

Sorry about the split post. Problems with the Ipads and connections. Here's the wordsNovember 3 London Did you know that the British Museum has like a BACK DOOR We didnt until yesterday. Its fantastic This hotel is just a
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United’s CEO Says Higher Airfares are Good For You (You Just “Don’t Understand”)

The President of United Airlines thinks airfares should be twice as expensive as they are today. United’s CEO Oscar Munoz takes things a step further: paying United Airlines more is good for you. His argument is that more money for the airline means more money to invest in the product. You as the customer benefit even if you “don’t always understand.” He has things exactly backwards. Continue reading United’s CEO Says Higher Airfares are Good For You (You Just “Don’t Understand”)...
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Who's Your Daddy

Today I made quite the discovery. I am a descendant of Genghis Khan. Interestingly my dad and my two aunts are not. So who is my fatherWe began today with yet another battle with the breakfast bouncers not wanting to give us breakfast for three. Betw
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