Travel News: November 6, 2018

Icelandair Group Acquires Wow Air Travel Pulse Icelandair is poised to takeover WOW air, announcing that it has entered into a share purchase agreement to buy all the shares of the low fare airline’s stocks. The acquisition is subject to approval by Icelandair Group’s shareholders and will also be reviewed by Iceland’s competition authorities. The companies will continue to operate under separate brands, Icelandair said in a statement. Their combined market share in the transatlantic market wil...
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Satpati Lighthouse in Satpati in Maharashtra

Satpati Lighthouse is located in the fishing village of Satpati which is near Shirgaon in the Palghar district of Maharashtra.  View from Satpati Lighthouse View from Satpati Lighthouse The Satpati Lighthouse is around 35metres tall at little shorter than the one at Arnala. Infact the lighthouse is so tall that I could be seen from a distance. The lighthouse is painted white and red from the outside. The directions to it are tagged on google maps.  There is a fee...
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“Privacy should not kill innovation” says RS Prasad

Speaking at a CII conference on financial inclusion, Union Law and IT Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said that while data privacy is a must, it should not be at the cost of innovation. He cited the Supreme Court ruling to stress that privacy of data should not kill innovation. Here are some of the... ...
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30 Great Jobs You Can Do While Traveling The World And How To Get Them

What is the dream of numerous inspired digital nomads and individual who are addicted to travelling? Undoubtedly, they dream of having an opportunity to work and travel at the same time. While you pay to write coursework or writing a  problem-solutions essay, or medical researchers is a popular choice of many travelers; it is not the only one way that will allow you to work and travel simultaneously.  In today’s job market, there are many remote job opportunities suitable for you.   Coaching ...
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Camping Safety Tips for Your Family to Enjoy the Great Outdoors

Camping is a great way for you and your family to enjoy the outdoors while getting away from the everyday hustle and bustle of life. Spending time in nature and with your family provides an opportunity to communicate and appreciate your surroundings.   Before heading out on your next camping trip, though, there are a few safety tips to keep in mind to ensure your group is able to enjoy their time away.    Research Your Destination    Research your camping destination to learn more about surr...
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SBI shutting SBI Buddy, 55% accounts Aadhaar seeded, 38% of new accounts on YONO

State Bank of India , which has begun shutting down its SBI Buddy mobile service, said that its YONO (You Only Need One) app accounted for 38% of total SBI bank accounts opened during Q2FY19. YOYO accounts were opened at the rate of around 20,000 per day, peaking on September 27th at 31,000. Just... ...
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Huahine a good blend of historyculturenature with incredibly nice folks

Huahine is named after the shape of its mountains which look like a pregnant woman lying down. It has a really nice blend of historical ruins unique culture beautiful mountainsbeaches and somehow just the right amount of infrastructure e.g. there's a
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Avoid Buckets

The next morning we got up at about half past six. We then got dressed and went down to breakfast. After breakfast we collected our baggage and were driven to the airport by Auntie Marge and Uncle Eric. Uncle Eric then showed me around the airport. We
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The World’s Most Bike Friendly Cities

The World’s Most Bike Friendly Cities World’s Most Bike Friendly Cities – If you’re an avid cyclist who’s just purchased one of the new homes in Indianapolis, you should know that this city has made great strides to become a more bike-friendly city, and was even named the most improved when it comes to bikeability, according to a recent study conducted by […] The post The World’s Most Bike Friendly Cities appeared first on Go Green Travel Green - Going Green, Living Green and Travel Green
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Raiatea huge mountains and waterfalls everywhere

I'd read that most people skip Raiatea because it isn't known for white sand beaches but I'm really glad I included it. It reminded me a little bit of Kauai with mountains with hugedramatic cliffs waterfalls everywhere and more green that I think I've
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Time is money

We have two days in Poza Rica but only one main point of interest it would seem. Shall we go there today or tomorrow Today we thinkWith all this time on our hands you would think we would have a lie in but the weather is hot and sticky rea
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Maupiti Bora Bora's little sister without any resorts

My second stop was an island called Maupiti they call it Bora Bora's little sister as it's a neighbor island with a similar smaller sizeshape. It's also described as Bora Bora from 50 years ago before the resortstourists arrived. The residents of
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The Heart of Argentina

Our First Full day in Buenos Aires written by Emily HudspethWe woke up this morning to a glorious day in Buenos Aires. The team arrived throughout the day yesterday and we got to start this morning with a guided tour of the city by bus. We had a fa
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Kai Tak Airport

The next morning we got up at about half past six. We then got dressed and went down to breakfast. After breakfast we collected our baggage and were driven to the airport by Auntie Marge and Uncle Eric. Uncle Eric then showed me around the airport. We
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Quiet Beach Cottage in Myrtle Beach

The post Quiet Beach Cottage in Myrtle Beach appeared first on LandLopers.
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Reasons to visit Asheville in winter

You know you’re having fun when you can smile with mud splattering your face. I was staring up from my overturned Outrider bike at a spinning rubber wheel as it dripped cold, wet mud in front of the silver Carolina sky. The wind was knocked out of me, but as far as I could tell, I had no noticeable injuries, just a big childlike smile. “You ok?” Hunter, my guide, yelled from somewhere closer to the Biltmore estate. “Hell yeah!” I yelled as a sprung to my feet and wiped my face on my “waterpro...
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Free Stopover of Two Nights in Abu Dhabi For Etihad Airways 15th Birthday Sale

To celebrate the first flight operated by Etihad Airways — which was a ceremonial flight to Al Ain exactly 15 years ago today on Wednesday, November 5, 2003 — the airline is offering a sale in commemoration of its 15th birthday... ...and you can enjoy a free stopover of two nights in Abu Dhabi at select hotel properties when you travel between... The post Free Stopover of Two Nights in Abu Dhabi For Etihad Airways 15th Birthday Sale appeared first on The Gate.
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ALICE Co-Founder and President Alex Shashou to be Presented with “Next Gen Leader” Award at HX: The Hotel Experience 2018

ALICE President and Co-Founder Alex Shashou has been selected for the "Next Gen Leader" award, by the Hospitality Media Group (HMG), which recognizes the brightest young leaders shaking up the hospitality industry. The award will be presented at this year's HX: The Awards ceremony.
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The Seductiveness of the Seychelles

Oprah Winfrey once said The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams. In response we say we are giving it our best shot.Anyone on an airplane who has flipped through the free magazine in the airline pocket has lik
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Moorea I. Swam. With. Whales.

My first stop in French Polynesia was Moorea a short ferry ride across from Tahiti it was a fantastic start. I read a description that I loved that said the island looks like a series of shark fins sticking out of the water it does with beautiful gre
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Back to Guatemala Lake Aticlan

SC writes in catch up modeSaturday was a very long travelling day where we crossed back into Guatemala bumped over a thousand sleeping policemen climbed up to 2500 meters and enjoyed some fantastic scenery. That got us to Lake Aticlan a huge volc
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Foiled on most counts but unexpected delights along the river

When the sun finally came out it was hot as so I set off along Cordoba for the Flag Memorial. The shops looked much more appealing in the sunshine. There was a queue again at the McDonalds dessert window. Their ice cream must be super cheap When I got to
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Christmas spirit in New England

Whether it’s Maine’s foliage in autumn or vacations on Cape Cod in the summer, New England is the ideal place to really immerse yourself in the seasons. This is especially true when it comes to winter. Yeah, New England winters are cold. But they’re also filled with perfect snowball snow, Christmas cookies, festive lights, and traditional holiday cheer unlike anywhere else in the country. Nothing exudes Christmas spirit like settling into an 18th-century inn by the fireplace, attending a trad...
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Airbnb landlords agree to pay San Francisco $2.25 million

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — A San Francisco couple has agreed to pay $2.25 million to the city for illegally renting out 14 apartments as Airbnb units. City Attorney Dennis Herrera announced the settlement Monday, calling the penalty an important deterrent to others seeking to illegally profit from the city’s housing crisis. The San Francisco Chronicle […]
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Four Vacation Destinations You Can Move To

Do you ever lie on a beach during your vacation and think that you never want to go back to real life? Well, here’s some news for you– We live in a world where you can work remotely from almost anywhere in the world! With some careful planning and consideration, you can move away to […] The post Four Vacation Destinations You Can Move To appeared first on Mommy Musings®.
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Lesson Learned: Always Tell the Airline About Damaged Bags Immediately

A reader who lives not far from me shared his story of arriving at the Austin airport on American Airlines and finds his checked bags wet and contents damaged. They went home late on Friday night and he filed his claim with American Airlines first thing Monday morning -- so the immediate next business day. American denied his claim because he didn't file within 24 hours. And without that timely-filed claim, he's out of luck with his credit card coverage too. Continue reading Lesson Learned: ...
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Day 31 Hike to Palccoyo The Alternative Rainbow Mountain

Up at 3.25am for my Alternative Rainbow Mountain Palccoyo tour. It is called Alternative because the original Rainbow Mountain Vinicunca tour is now extremely popular but is also a difficult trek because of the altitude. The alternative one is actual
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Day 47 Shopping Shopping Boat Trip Shopping. Tims Gone.

Its a sad day today.Tims gone back to Luxembourg as he has to so I have the last 2 nights to myself before flying home to Australia.Today we slept in Tim cooked a filling breakfast of delicate French mushrooms spanish iberico chorizo and
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A second draft of the Blueprint for the Abhinav Bharat Abhiyan (अभिनव भारत अभियान)

Based on the feedback received here, I’m updating the preliminary draft blueprint: Blueprint for New India अभिनव भारत का यह नक्शा हमारी व्यवस्था को पूर्ण रूप से बदलने के लिए बनाया जा रहा है. इस अभिनव भारत का नक्शा बहुत ही सरल है, क्योंकि यह हमारी संस्कृति के मूल सिद्धांतों से जुड़ा हुआ है. यह कहना […]
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5 Amazing Benefits Of Being An International Traveler

Traveling abroad is like exploring a treasure chest that yields never-ending excitement throughout your lifetime. If you are born with wanderlust, nothing can be more intriguing than getting a chance to travel to exotic locations across the globe. And this does not make a difference whether you are young or old; a traveler is a traveler at any age and any stage of life. So whether you are a seasoned globetrotter or just contemplating your first journey as an international traveler, here are the...
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