Can any government school ever beat for-profit schools for the accountability of teachers?

Extracts from James Tooley’s The Beautiful Tree: One private school proprietor whom I got to know really well was Mohammed Anwar of M. A. Ideal High School in Hyderabad, India. I discovered that he had installed, at not inconsiderable expense, an admittedly rather primitive closed-circuit television (CCTV) system throughout his school. On his desk was […]
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5 Tips For A Traveling Entrepreneur

by John Lim, founder of Ansel Over the last 24 months, I’ve had to adapt to live in places with limited connectivity like Patagonia and the Sahara Desert to places made for the digital worker like Seoul, South Korea. In order to run my business, Ansel (a growth agency for brands, non-profits, or individuals who want to make a positive impact on this world), I’ve picked up several tips for success. In the last year, I paid off over $40,000 in college debt thanks to mentors and fellow entrepreneu...
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My TOI blog post on Sabarimala – A serious case of judicial over-reach

Please click this. This is a particualrly important post under the current political circumstances. May be worth sharing. ADDENDUM How can temples be privatised? [See FB] There are many ways by which temples can be returned back to the community. Step 1: Any old coins, etc. can be auctioned and proceeds deposited into the Prime […]
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US couple killed by gas leak at Mexico rental

MEXICO CITY (AP) — Authorities in Mexico have confirmed that an American couple died from inhaling gas emitted by a faulty heater at an apartment in the colonial city of San Miguel de Allende. The prosecutor’s office in the north-central state of Guanajuato said Friday that the victims were found Nov. 17 after police were […]
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Tues 27Thur 29 November Day 32 to 34 Roatn Island Honduras

Tues 27Thur 29 November Day 32 to 34 Roatn Island Today we headed to the idyllic Roatn Island. This is the largest of the beautiful sunsoaked Caribbean Bay Islands. Development on the island means there was plenty to do but it was
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The Road to Singapore Little Indias not so little

Since our return from Cuba its been four weeks of UK TV wall to wall soap operas reality shows and a damp climate. The time had come to leave all that behind once more. We both managed the biggest smile when we knew wed hopefully be rid of the bigg
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Fewer Points For a Hertz Gold Plus Reward? Not So Fast…

When I recently received an e-mail message from Hertz — whose title was Brian, Now Fewer Points can Get you a Reward — I was curious to open it to see... ...but what I subsequently read somewhat disappointed me. The fewer points were only for... The post Fewer Points For a Hertz Gold Plus Reward? Not So Fast… appeared first on The Gate.
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Best frozen lakes for ice skating

Skating out in the clean , crisp winter air surrounded by trees or mountains is a unique feeling. A far cry from the crowds and Christmas-carol soundtrack of an urban ice rink, gliding silently over the surface of a vast frozen lake is exhilarating. From Canada to Switzerland, winter transforms already stunning lakes into the world’s most spectacular natural skating surfaces. Whether in far-flung pockets of Alaskan wilderness or big cities like Stockholm, these frozen lakes all turn a simple w...
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Think pink

I didnt get too much sleep last night...I now have Ians cough We are both awake around 6am and had planned to get the 8am bus...but since we are now awake we decide to make an early start.To add to the long list of complaints about the crummy ho
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Free and cheap activities in NYC

It’s a given that the holiday and winter season is an expensive time of the year, and New York City in itself can get pretty pricey. All the eating, tipping, sightseeing, and shopping quickly adds up. It’s easy to cut back and figure out cheaper alternatives to shopping and eating at fancy places, but the one thing you don’t want to sacrifice are the activities — you came to NYC to experience NYC. Luckily, there are myriad things you can do that still provide an authentic experience without h...
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How Americans use vacation days

For many Americans , vacation opportunities depend entirely on paid time off (PTO). Many US companies give three weeks of PTO while others only give two, and that means you only have 10-15 days a year to work with. You’d think Americans would be eager to fit in all those epic trips they’ve been fantasizing about at their desks and use PTO to its fullest. Apparently not, according to a new Priceline report. A whopping 29 percent of Americans said they have regrets about how they used their PTO...
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Kauai pilot whale strandings punctuated by seven separate stranding incidents in a week down under

Dead pilot whales Kalapaki Beach. Credit: Author Whale strandings—like the one that killed five pilot whales on an East Kaua`i beach last year--remain among the most mysterious of natural occurrences. Kaua'i residents were traumatized the morning of Oct. 13, 2017, as glossy black pilot whales lay gasping on the sand at Kalapaki Bay. When well-meaning citizens shoved them back into deep water, most returned to the sand. Boaters in canoes and power craft patrolled the bay, try...
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How to travel abroad safely

A few years back , I was spending the afternoon in a small Caribbean town when I met a teenager who offered to take me down into a nearby canyon. Was it too risky? No, I thought: I was in good shape, the kid seemed innocent enough, and the canyon was actually pretty small. (I’m not even sure it was technically a canyon.) So I went. Everything was fine, although there was no real path and I struggled mightily on the way back, grabbing onto roots and rocks made slippery in a drizzle. I had been...
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If You Can’t Stand Each Other Please Don’t Fly Together

Right before Thanksgiving an American Airlines flight from Washington DC to Los Angeles had to divert when a husband and wife wouldn't stop fighting. A flight attendant separated them, moving the husband to the back of the aircraft. However his wife followed and things escalated. I figured the guy must've said the wrong thing about his mother-in-law. Now it seems another couple fought on board an American Airlines flight on Wednesday and caused the pilot to divert. Continue reading If You Can...
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Mon 26 November Day 31 to 31 Tela Honduras

Mon 26 November Day 31 to 31 Tela It was with great excitement to be heading towards the Honduras island of Roatan but before we did we continued to the northern coast town of Tela on the Caribbean coast. Tela is a gateway to the vast L
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2 Ways to Purchase IHG Rewards Club Points On Sale Last Hours: Which is Best For You?

The IHG Rewards Club Cyber Week Sale is still in effect for a few more hours tonight, Friday, November 30, 2018; but there is also a sale through which you can purchase between 5,000 and 100,000 points and earn a bonus of 100 percent additional points when you log into your membership account... ...and you can also save... The post 2 Ways to Purchase IHG Rewards Club Points On Sale Last Hours: Which is Best For You? appeared first on The Gate.
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8 ways to discover and enjoy Quito city center

Very few travelers know about Quito and its history. Visitors are often surprised to discover the rich heritage as they walk the ancient streets of this city, and many regret not spending more time there. Many travel agencies and tour operators offer Quito as a stopover before or after their trip to the Galapagos Islands […] The post 8 ways to discover and enjoy Quito city center appeared first on A Luxury Travel Blog.
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Sabarimala issue – compilation of SBP’s and my views to date

I’m currently writing an article on this matter for my TOI blog. Some of my previous thoughts on this issue and some research, below: SUPREME COURT JUDGEMENT PDF | Word Good articles on this issue While the Sabarimala judgment soars in spirit, it is weak on legalities The Sabarimala judgment and its impact on Hindus […]
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Travel: There’s a town of bookstores in Wales called Hay-on-Wye, and, yes, there’s ice cream

There’s no shortage of storybook villages in the United Kingdom, but a village devoted to storybooks? There had to be a story there. Located near the Black Mountains in Wales, Hay-on-Wye is a village with an unusual sales pitch: It’s largely made up of bookstores. There are 19 of them according to the local website, and the shops specialize in everything from general fiction and nonfiction to mysteries, the military and poetry. It also hosts a literary festival in the early summer that attracts ...
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New tourism chief named, data breach at Marriott, Supreme Court won't reconsider Thirty Meter Telescope ruling, Hawaiian Airlines opening mainland tech office, more news from all the Hawaiian Islands

Hawaiian Airlines at Honolulu airport ©2018 All Hawaii News Isle tourism still pacing ahead of 2017. The Hawaii Tourism Authority reported Thursday that total arrivals in October rose 4.4 percent year-over-year to 770,359. Star-Advertiser.Former hotel housekeeper and executive is tapped to lead HTA. A former hotel housekeeper, who went on to become a top Marriott hotel executive, will be the first hotelier ever to lead the Hawaii Tourism Authority. Star-Advertiser.Chris Tatum named new CE...
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Oh Fun

          [Author: French la Vie]
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Sacha's Photos of Our Stay in Seattle

    There is a connection between people who love one another that runs deeper than time and space, a bond that unites in an unseen world that intertwines memories, moments collected unknowingly, the essences of love that cannot be defined by words.  I am holding on to that invisible cord that wraps around me with my family and friends. Leaving is never easy. Goodbyes trigger the space that I know will be between us, the ache of senses that go unfilled. That space that I must put back into the ...
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A new website and newsletter from Dianne

During this lovely season of giving and gifting, I am excited to share something dear to my heart: a brand-new website, completely redesigned by the brilliant web designer Madeira James of She created my very first site ten years ago but after a decade online and more than 1.7 million visitors from countries around the globe, we felt ready for a new look. The new site includes excerpts and information on my previous books on Italy: LA BELLA LINGUA and MONA LISA: A Life Discovered. It ...
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Hitchhiking the Scottish Highlands

No, really, I’m good at this,” I tell my husband Tom, pushing in front of him to stick out my thumb. The cars rush past on the busy A82, a narrow highway winding through the Scottish Highlands. We are on day six of our 95-mile West Highland Way hike, and we have just walked from Kinlochleven to the Glencoe Valley in the rain. The inn I booked is in the Glencoe Village, about 10 miles down the road. As we hike down the misty path, the bus pulls away, and there won’t be another for hours. Hitch...
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Hyatt Completes Acquisition of Two Roads Hospitality

Hyatt Hotels Corporation (NYSE: H) today announced that Hyatt has completed the previously announced acquisition of Two Roads Hospitality, a lifestyle hotel management company with a unique collection of distinctive brands, outstanding properties and a significant global development pipeline.
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Kahler Hospitality Group Announces Major Renovation Project

The Kahler Hospitality Group announced today an expansive $30 million renovation project which includes the historic Kahler Grand Hotel and Rochesters luxurious The Towers at The Kahler Grand. This extensive renovation plan includes the revitalization and transformation of the hotels levels two through 11, which includes 605 guest rooms. The construction project will provide sweeping changes to both hotels, bringing these historic structures back to life and providing a luxurious historic...
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Chongqing the leading river port transportation hub and commercial and Industrial center of the upper Yangtze river Chang jiang basin located 1400 miles from the sea at the confluence of the Yangtze and Jialing rivers. During the Sino Japanese war 1
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UAE to expand recognition of fund licenses in bid to lure investment | Reuters

UAE to expand recognition of fund licenses in bid to lure investment | Reuters:United Arab Emirates regulators said they would expand their recognition of investment fund licenses in an effort to persuade more funds to base themselves in the country, in the face of competition for the business from other states in the region.Funds can be licensed in three UAE jurisdictions: the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC), the Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM), or onshore in the UAE. At present a fu...
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Oil drops; losses limited by hopes of OPEC, Russia output cut | Reuters

Oil drops; losses limited by hopes of OPEC, Russia output cut | Reuters:Oil prices edged lower on Friday due to concerns of oversupply and a strong dollar but losses were limited by expectations that the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) and Russia would agree some form of production cut next week.The two benchmarks, North Sea Brent LCOc1 and U.S. crude CLc1, still have had their weakest month in more than 10 years in November, losing more than 20 percent as global supply ...
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Now That United is Introducing Premium Economy,, How Are They Handling Awards and Upgrades?

United announced that international premium economy will go on sale on Monday for certain flights starting March 30, 2019 and that it will expand to 21 routes by the end of May. That makes the question of how upgrades are going to be handled most urgent. Here's what they have to say. Continue reading Now That United is Introducing Premium Economy,, How Are They Handling Awards and Upgrades?...
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