A Favorite Daily Routine

        Setting the table has been something I enjoy doing since I was a little girl. The fork on the left, the knife to the right with its cutting part of the blade towards the plate. As I place the silverware alongside the plate, I imagine those who will sit around the table and dine. Hoping their stories will easily unfold like napkins, that their laughter will be tossed about like a green salad. I smile anticipating stories that will be swallowed whole and digested later. (A dinner is a mix...
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The best airport lounges in the US

If there is ever a time to splurge and treat yourself to lounge access, it’s during the holiday season, when airports around the United States are as busy as can be. So, if you’re tempted to leave behind the hectic terminals and frustratingly uncomfortable boarding areas for a luxurious lounge with all sorts of perks, these seven airport lounges in the US are the spots to do it. 1. United Polaris Lounge, Houston, TX Photo: United The airline-specific United Polaris Lounge in The George B...
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Colombo the ancient cities

On Saturday November 24th I finally arrived to Sri Lanka. I had been looking forward to coming here for a long time and I would not be disappointed by this amazing country My flight was 3 hours late but fortunately I had good company I had met
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Free public transport in Luxembourg

The free public transport movement is starting small for now, as it doesn’t get any smaller than Luxembourg, one of Europe’s tiniest nations. According to a new law enacted by Prime Minister Xavier Bettel, who leads the coalition government, fares on trains, trams, and busses will be lifted starting next summer. Indeed, it seems like this Democratic Party really knows how to get on its constituents’ good sides. In addition to free transport, it’s also pledged to consider legalizing cannabis a...
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Colombo die alten Stdte

Samstag den 24. November bin ich endlich in Sri Lanka angekommen. Ich hatte mich schon sehr lange darauf gefreut hier her zu kommen und ich wrde auch nicht von diesem wundervollen Land enttuscht werden Mein Flug hatte 3 Stunden Versptung a
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Traditional fish pie in Mousehole

As wild winds and stormy seas signal the arrival of winter, the Cornish village of Mousehole (pronounced Mowzel) near Lands End welcomes the weather with Stargazy pie. It looks like any other pie with a buttery, flaky crust except for one small detail: There are fish heads and tails poking out of the top crust, giving the illusion that fish are swimming through it. Eating a pie full of fish heads is not to everyone’s taste; it’s a very special tradition for this little village in Britain. Va...
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SA Airlink flights to St. Helena

If this flight existed in 1815, Napoleon’s stay on this remote island might not have been so miserable. St. Helena, where Napoleon Bonaparte was exiled and later died, is one of the most far-flung islands in the world, and they didn’t send him there because it was easy to reach (or escape). Until late 2017, the only way to get there was via the Royal Mail Ship RMS St. Helena en route from Cape Town. Now, visiting this island in the South Atlantic is easier than ever with the introduction of a...
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NYC breweries to visit this winter

Winter has arrived in New York City, so it’s time to pack on those layers and do our best to stay warm for the next several months. While there are fun activities you can do outside for free, sometimes you just need to stay inside and hand over a few more bucks to keep warm. Luckily, everyone seems to like drinking beer, so there should be no protests from your group. NYC is no stranger to the brewing scene, so there’s plenty of breweries that’ll help you hide out from the winter weather this...
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A war hostel? ‘It is insane to want to sleep there’

A former Sarajevo tour guide said he had quickly realized that what many tourists really wanted to know about was the glorious city’s agonies during Bosnia’s 1992-95 war.
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New floating supermarkets in Dubai

As if yacht-owners don’t have a cushy enough life already, now they don’t even have to leave their boats to buy groceries. Carrefour, one of the largest supermarket groups in the world, has just launched a floating store off the coast of Dubai. “Bites and More by the Shore,” tailored to yachters and jet skiers, carries over 300 items including food, pharmaceuticals, beauty products, and drinks. Mainly, it will benefit boat and jet ski owners off Dubai’s Kite Beach, Jumeirah Public Beach, and ...
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It was a beautiful day in Rome today. We all slept very well last night. Pedro slept late Really late We woke up at 0950. Breakfast was served from 0700 to 1000 at the hotel so we rushed down. It was a very good start to the day. A full spread of eggs
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Sandcity and cenote

Its a great shame that neither of us is fit to theres really not much else to do here unless you are a sunbathing lover. So its another late breakfast for us followed by a trip to the beach. Its much hotter today. There was no rain l
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3 Clever American Airlines Flight Numbers

Flight numbers frequently have meaning. Three years ago the final US Airways flight was US1939. It was given that number for the year the airline commenced operations. Today American Airlines has at least two flight numbers which remind us just how American the airline is. And there's at least one more flight number that's just fun. Do you know of any other flight numbers like this at American? Continue reading 3 Clever American Airlines Flight Numbers...
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Travel Alert December 2018: Winter Weather to Affect Southern United States

If the southern United States is in your travel plans over the next few days, you may want to consider delaying your travel — or, at least, keep yourself updated as to the latest information pertaining to the weather — due to the effects resulting from a winter storm which has already affected the southern plains of the United States. This winter storm will drop as much as... The post Travel Alert December 2018: Winter Weather to Affect Southern United States appeared first on The Gate.
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Pearl Harbor anniversary commemorated, Hawaii Department of Education sued over Title IX female access to sports, Big Island beach reopens after lava flow, Patsy Mink statue unveiled, more news from all the Hawaiian Islands

The USS Arizona burning after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, public domain photo Hundreds to gather for 77th anniversary of attack on Pearl Harbor. As they do every year, hundreds of veterans, service members and dignitaries will solemnly gather Friday to mark the anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor. Hawaii News Now.Ceremonies mark 77th anniversary of Pearl Harbor attack. There will be a number of public events commemorating the date, including a ceremony at Barbers Point, whi...
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Anticipaton in Antigua

On Wednesday morning we rrived into Puerto Quetzal about 9am.This is the gateway to Guatemala for most ships and cargo.. Our included tour today was to be 6 hours in length so we were prepared for a long bus ride before reaching our destinat
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Leaner Shale Likes But Won't Need OPEC Cut to Keep Growing - Bloomberg

Leaner Shale Likes But Won't Need OPEC Cut to Keep Growing - Bloomberg:U.S. shale’s response to OPEC’s decision to cut supply and boost prices: We’ll take it, but we don’t need it.In 2014, the U.S. oil industry’s fate seemed to rest in the hands of OPEC ministers who were flooding the market with cheap oil in a push to obliterate them. Now, the cartel is in full retreat, agreeing to cut output to keep their own economies healthy even as U.S. production continues to surge.The move came in a week ...
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Best ski resorts for gay ski week

The dates of Gay Ski Week vary by resort, but one thing is consistent across the board — the word “ski” is used very loosely in practice. You can hop on one or two planks and hit the mountain as much as you wish — there’s always a group of diehards ready to hike the bowl if that’s what you’re into — but the real action begins with the après-ski scene around 3:00 PM and stretches deep into the evening. Parties last anywhere from a few days to a full week, but you’ll learn on night one why danc...
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France, Paris

15h45 Les feuilles mortes boulevard Duquesne Copyright Jacques Witt [Author: Jacques Witt]
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Life in the most affordable US city

Millennials will never be able to afford houses. This is the doomsday premonition of a lot of headlines these days — written mostly by people in New York and San Francisco, talking mostly to people in New York and San Francisco. Granted unreachable home prices aren’t exclusively the domain of NYC and the Bay Area; half of 18- to 34-year-olds in the United States spend over 30 percent of their income on housing, and 12 million people across age ranges spend over half. But outrageous rents and ...
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Disney After Hours: Worth It?

Are these extra additions, like Disney After Hours, worth the price? We'll discuss that below and let you decide. But first, a little backstory... The post Disney After Hours: Worth It? appeared first on Zannaland.
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Meet the New Permian, It's Double the Size of the Old One - Bloomberg

Meet the New Permian, It's Double the Size of the Old One - Bloomberg:The U.S.’s fastest growing oil field may have even more to give.The Permian’s Delaware Basin, the less drilled part of the giant West Texas and New Mexico oil field, holds more than twice the amount of crude as its sister, the Midland Basin, the U.S. Geological Service said Thursday.The Wolfcamp Shale and Bone Spring rock formations in the Delaware hold an estimated 46.3 billion barrels, the scientists said in their first asse...
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Crude Climbs as OPEC and Allies Finalize Production Limitations - Bloomberg

Crude Climbs as OPEC and Allies Finalize Production Limitations - Bloomberg:Oil in New York jumped after OPEC and allied crude exporters surprised traders with a larger-than-expected output reduction. Futures advanced more than 2 percent in New York and London on Friday. The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries and aligned nations will collectively curb production by 1.2 million barrels a day, 20 percent more than previously discussed.“It’s been a volatile October and November, but this...
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OPEC Meeting 2018: Larger-Than-Expected Oil Cut Agreed On - Bloomberg

OPEC Meeting 2018: Larger-Than-Expected Oil Cut Agreed On - Bloomberg:OPEC finally broke an impasse over production curbs, agreeing on a larger-than-expected cut with allies after two days of fractious negotiations in Vienna.The cartel and its partners agreed to remove 1.2 million barrels a day from the market, with OPEC itself shouldering 800,000 barrels of the burden. Iran emerged as a winner from the contentious talks, saying it’s secured an exemption from cuts as it suffers the effects of U....
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Where I differ – and quite strongly – from Rajaji

I’ve by now had a good look at Rajaji’s writings. There is much to admire about him. He has no doubt about socialism being a bad idea. He repeatedly shows how socialism and communism will achieve the same – bad, violent, coercive – outcome. He is prolific in his critique of socialism. To that extent […]
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Taxiway Landing Disasters Are Preventable But FAA Bureaucrats Haven’t Done It

Last year's Air Canada Toronto - San Francisco flight AC759 that lined up to land on taxiway C could have been the worst aviation disaster in history. Four planes were waiting on the taxiway to take off. Air Canada descended to as low as 59 feet — just three above the height of a United 787. Just after was a Philippine Airlines Airbus A340. Continue reading Taxiway Landing Disasters Are Preventable But FAA Bureaucrats Haven’t Done It...
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AI desperately needs regulation and public accountability, experts say

Artificial intelligence systems and creators are in dire need of direct intervention by governments and human rights watchdogs, according to a new report from researchers at Google, Microsoft, and others at AI Now. Surprisingly, it looks like the tech industry just isn’t that good at regulating itself. In the 40-page report (PDF) published this week, the New York University-based organization (with Microsoft Research and Google-associated members) shows that AI-based tools have been deployed wit...
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Lost its anchor: Rajaji’s April 1959 essay in which he lays out his theory of the individual

LOST ITS ANCHOR CONSERVATION is the first law of progress. It change for change’s sake is to be condemned, why should people be shy about calling themselves conservative ? To conserve is to look after what is good and not to let thoughtless ruin overtake what is essential and good, in a hunt after will-o’-the-wisps. […]
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Turtley Vegan at Little Turtle Thai, Enmore

A vegan Thai restaurant where you genuinely won't miss eating meat? Little Turtle Thai on Stanmore Road in Enmore was a last minute decision (and a fatefully good one at that). It serves up an all vegan Thai menu all in a pretty setting.
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