Day 21 Sometimes the second mouse gets the cheese

Today we decided that wed rent a car for the week to better explore everything around us plus transport to the airport is ridulously expensive. However due to my inability to use a manual and experiencing the pleasures of narrow roads winding through
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Day 26 Moving on

Today we packed up again and hit the road. When we first were booking our trip out of Spain we had agreed to spend one night in the city of Malaga and find a place to go dancing. However with Shelbys recently sprained ankle and upcoming long hikes in
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The Cliffs of Valahnúkamöl in Iceland

The maritime winds persisted off of the Atlantic Ocean and onto the southern peninsula of Iceland — where the cliffs of Valahnúkamöl are located — causing the air to have a nippy and slightly uncomfortable chill to it... ...which felt significantly different than the weather over at... The post The Cliffs of Valahnúkamöl in Iceland appeared first on The Gate.
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Back in the USA

We had one day at sea after we left Cabo and the most exciting thing that happened that day was that we finally won the quiz We had been tied twice before and lost on a tie breaker and had been close several times but this day we cracked it. Our friends
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My recent tweets on the **intrinsic** corruption of Indians

Yes, socialism has caused this sorry situation, but I sometimes feel I must avert my eyes from this shonky country. The extreme love of corruption of its people is something to be really sorry about, a nation one is sometimes ashamed of having been born into. I like India – after all it was where […]
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6 Reasons Why You Should Apply AirAsia Hong Leong Bank Credit Card

6 Reasons Why You Should Apply AirAsia Hong Leong Bank Credit Card   Are you a frequent traveler with AirAsia? Do you know that you can redeem AirAsia flights with BIG Points? With the new AirAsia Hong Leong Bank Credit Card, you get more BIG points when you spend and you can redeem your AirAsia flights with the BIG Points. ( = || []).push({}); There are 6 Reasons Why You Should Apply AirAsia Hong Leong Bank Credit Card 1.Welcome bonus BIG Points. Get ...
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Front Row Seats at a Seance

We waste most of the morning of our last full day here sleeping and then set off for reception to see if we can get a late check out tomorrow. We are approached by a young European staff member who speaks to us in a tongue that neither of us can understan
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7 myths about Moldova

Aside from the unenviable title of Europe’s least-visited country, Moldova is also the continent’s poorest. Due to a lack of information about the country and its culture, many travelers have concerns about visiting Moldova, and as rumors swirl, common misconceptions have spread about this tiny landlocked nation in Eastern Europe. In reality, though, it’s more than worth a visit. Here are the worst myths about Moldova that need to die — and why you should add the little country to your bucket...
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Habitat Malawi 2018 with a safari

The first stage of any long trip is the packing process. This time I had decided in the spring that I would be returning to Salt Spring and leaving for Africa from there. This turned out to be an error as we decided to stay at West Hawk Lake until the end
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Unique Sleeps: Grand Park City Hall, Singapore

Have you ever had a hotel room where you could turn the lights on, turn them off, order room service, adjust the air conditioning, use the TV and turn the fan on with just your mobile phone? The Grand Park City Hall is fresh from an extensive renovation and a serious technology upgrade. It is also the first Singaporean hotel to have in room app technology that means you never have to turn on a switch, find a remote or stumble around in the dark looking for the air con control panel. All you need...
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Save Up to 50 Percent on Redeeming Qmiles With Qatar Airways Easy Deals December 2018

You can save up to 50 percent off of the number of Qmiles you can redeem for award travel with Qatar Airways for flights to select destinations to or from Doha one way between Friday, February 1, 2019 and Sunday, March 31 2019... ...but you must... The post Save Up to 50 Percent on Redeeming Qmiles With Qatar Airways Easy Deals December 2018 appeared first on The Gate.
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How Bogota is transforming

Visions of Colombia are often shaped by the legend of drug lord Pablo Escobar — fueled by the popular television series Narcos — and stories of FARC-driven violence that, until recently, dominated international headlines. In the heart of Bogota, the country’s capital and the center of years of unrest, a Colombian university is working to change what was once the city’s most violent neighborhood for the better, and with that, the perception the rest of the world has of Colombia. The Externado ...
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Travel: Run south of the border to Cabo

Cancún and Cozumel have a cool factor stronger than 150 proof Sierra Silver Tequila. For us Southern Californians, however, getting to Mexico’s most popular hot spots requires a near half-day of travel. On the other side of the country, south of our California border, is a comparable vacation destination that’s roughly half the distance and can be enjoyed with flights of under three hours. The iconic rock formation that forms the El Arco, the arch, in Cabo San Lucas is the most recognizable ...
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Hawaii's coral reefs in fair condition, time capsule found at state Capitol, Honolulu chief deputy prosecutor takes leave in federal probe, Southwest Airlines coming to Hawaii, more news from all the Hawaiian Islands

Cauliflower coral ©2018 All Hawaii News Report: Hawaii’s coral reefs in ‘fair’ condition, face serious threats. Looking at coral reefs near the Main Hawaiian Islands as well as the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands, the report found that climate conditions — temperature stress and ocean acidification — are some of the biggest factors contributing to the health of the coral reef. Hawaii News Now.Hawaii’s commercial fishing industry is fetching high values for its catches even though the overa...
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Do You Hear a Voice in the Trunk?

    The Scene: Two women walking around a very shabby and not so chic brocante in France. Characters: Susan: An American woman who speaks some French, loves the brocante, knows what she likes and is happy to be brocanting in France. Enjoying the scenery-- but focused.  Corey: American woman who lives in France. Addicted to the brocante. Within a second realizes that Susan is her carbon copy when it comes to buying antiques. "Oh no," is her first thought. Her kinder thought comes fifteen s...
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My next TOI blog post: Let’s make poverty history

In this post I show how poverty can be eliminated from India – with just a few steps.
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Exploring More of Gaeta and the Surrounding Area Oct 9 Nov 14 2017

We are finding out very quickly that our decision to overwinter Tsamaya in Gaeta was an excellent one. Not only is the marina a wonderfully run one with excellent staff that make you feel very welcome but the town itself is just steps away from the marin
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Marriott’s Big Devaluation Postponed Until March

Marriott told us from the get go that their new top awards price of 60,000 points per night would last only until 2019 and that next year they'd start charging up to 100,000 points for their best redemptions with the introduction of a new category 8 along with low season and high season prices. Marriott now says that category 8 will start in March and that the date for launching high and low season pricing is not yet known. Continue reading Marriott’s Big Devaluation Postponed Until March...
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Backcountry hut trip in Colorado

The Colorado backcountry is filled with breathtaking scenery, untracked powder, and huts hidden throughout that you can reserve. Huts are one of the more comfortable ways to head into this winter wonderland, and they’re readily available for all levels of experience and intensities. From floating on fresh pow to rum-shrouded game nights, hut trips in the backcountry are anything but boring. As much fun as they can be, hut trips also come with dangers lurking in the crannies of adventure. I...
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6 famous regional Chinese dishes

China is one of the most diverse countries in the world when it comes to food. In the western part of the country, dishes are influenced by spices traditionally traded along the Silk Road while in central and southern China, food is often loaded with spicy peppers. Eastern China is home to dim sum and soup dumplings. This all goes to say that there’s no one “Chinese food.” These six regional foods give you a taste of China’s culinary diversity. 1. Shanghai’s xiao long bao, or soup dumplings ...
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pub-9166485404346800 [Author: Lynn Hemeon]
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OPEC+ Leaders Ignored Oil Cuts Before Deal’s Reset

OPEC+ Leaders Ignored Oil Cuts Before Deal’s Reset:Before OPEC and its allies reset their agreement to reduce oil output this month, the group’s biggest members ignored the terms of their original pact. In November, key producers including Saudi Arabia and Russia again pumped more they did before the cuts started. As the OPEC+ alliance heads into a third year of supply curbs, here’s a look at how far it has come—or drifted. [Author: [email protected] (Rupert Neil Bumfrey)]
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Stay 3 Nights, Pay For 2 Nights in Lucerne With Marriott

Whether you want to walk across Chapel Bridge; cruise on a paddle steamer; visit Mount Pilatus, Mount Rigi or Mount Titlis; or dine at an award-winning restaurant, now is a great time to go to Lucerne in Switzerland — and you can stay for three nights but only pay for two of them at your choice of two hotel properties in a deal which includes a visitor card for free public transportation Zone 10 second class, access to Wi-Fi, value added tax and service charges... ...but you must... The post Sta...
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UPDATE 1- #Sharjah government to take stake in struggling Invest Bank | Reuters #UAE

UPDATE 1-Sharjah government to take stake in struggling Invest Bank | Reuters:The government of the United Arab Emirate of Sharjah will take a majority stake in struggling Invest Bank, the lender said on Friday, in a move it said would help ensure its future growth.Invest, one of the smaller banks in the UAE, has been hit by recent high levels of bad loans, partly due to its exposure to the troubled real estate and construction market.The lender, currently 15.5 percent owned by Sharjah-based Int...
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How to make ponche navideño

Every year on December 16th, a nine-day Christmas celebration called Las Posadas starts in Mexico and other parts of Central America. It involves religious reenactments, songs, and community gatherings. But Las Posadas isn’t complete without one crucial ingredient: a communal cocktail punch called ponche navideño (which translates to “holiday punch”). Because like any holiday gathering, it’s all made a little better with a stiff drink. It’s impossible to pin down the exact moment that ponche ...
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Breakingviews - Trump can get what he wants from Saudi in 2019 | Reuters

Breakingviews - Trump can get what he wants from Saudi in 2019 | Reuters:Even by his own standards, Donald Trump has been contradictory on oil. The U.S. president spent much of 2018 berating the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries for keeping crude prices high by undersupplying the market. At the same time, he exacerbated the problem by reinstating export sanctions on Iran. An early December cut by OPEC and fellow producers including Russia is an irritant, but relatively low prices...
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Ham Jam - The Tastiest Condiment For Your Christmas Ham!

Are you making a ham for Christmas this year? Well if you're looking for something to transform your ham into a damn fab ham then may I suggest serving it with this ham jam? This wonderful pineapple jam with Asian spices goes perfectly with pork adding sweetness. Don't worry if you're not team ham and pineapple pizza, I find this combo transcends that because of the spices! And you can bet this makes a wonderful edible Christmas gift!
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Oil drops 2 percent on Wall St. losses, weak China data | Reuters

Oil drops 2 percent on Wall St. losses, weak China data | Reuters:Oil prices dropped about 2 percent on Friday, weighed down by falling U.S. stock markets, while weak economic data from China pointed to lower fuel demand in the world’s biggest oil importer.Brent crude futures fell $1.17 to settle at $60.28 a barrel, a 1.90 percent loss. U.S. West Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude futures lost $1.38 to settle at $51.20 a barrel, a 2.62 percent loss.Global benchmark Brent posted a weekly loss of almo...
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Amex Platinum Looks Like It Will Get You Up to $200 in Starbucks Delivery Next Year

Word is now out that a quarter of Starbucks locations will be on the UberEATS platform next year. And that means the annual Uber credit of up to $200 that comes with the Platinum Card® from American Express should work for Starbucks delivery. Continue reading Amex Platinum Looks Like It Will Get You Up to $200 in Starbucks Delivery Next Year...
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Disney invests $15M in educational gaming app Kahoot at a $376M valuation

When Kahoot, the startup that operates a popular platform for user-generated educational gaming, raised $15 million in October of this year, we mentioned that Disney might take a larger stake in the company, beyond the small investment it took after Kahoot passed through the Disney Accelerator. Now with some 60 million games on its platform, today Kahoot announced that this has come to pass: Disney has backed Kahoot to the tune of $15 million — working out to a four percent stake in the startup ...
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