Colorado Mountains: RMNP via Trail Ridge Road

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Wave Goodbye

This is of Rhyme and Reason, my occasional set of limericks for the Sunday Times of India edit page. WAVE GOODBYE A Hindutva boss at a conclave Said, “Amit, things are so very grave. We are in dire straits. We lost ground in five states. Someone save us from this Modi Wave.” HYPOCRISY The Congress neta looked all around, And then told me, “Amit, I have found My high command’s a gem, Made Kamal Nath CM, And gave away the high moral ground.” The India Uncut Blog © 2010 Amit Varma. All ri...
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Trincomalee Jaffna and Anuradhapura

After exploring Colombo and the area around Sigiriya I now wanted to explore the North and the East of Sri Lanka so I went to Trincomalee and to Jaffna. Initially I had wanted to explore more beaches in the East but Roy had advised against this and he w
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Trincomalee Jaffna und Anuradhapura

Nachdem ich nun Colombo und die Gegend rund um Sigiriya erkundet hatte wollte ich nun den Osten und den Norden Sri Lankas entdecken also bin ich nach Trincomalee und nach Jaffna gefahren. Eigentlich hatte ich viel mehr im Osten sehen wollen viel mehr St
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I know a professional hacker [email protected]

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Babymoon Part 2 Malta

Wed Valletta Three CitiesI woke up starving Maria said Busy Bee is a cafe nearby that all Maltese go to. Excited Unfortunately it wasnt what I expected. They have cakes but no pastry just pastizzi and sandwiches. I got 3 pastizzi beca
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Sunrise in Mazatlan, Mexico

The post Sunrise in Mazatlan, Mexico appeared first on LandLopers.
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Travel News: December 17, 2018

United expands San Francisco service to include Melbourne, Toronto, New Delhi Travel Weekly Planned 2019 flight launches to Toronto, New Delhi and Melbourne, Australia, highlight what United is calling its largest-ever expansion of its San Francisco international network. United will begin San Francisco-Melbourne service three times a week on Oct. 29, making the Bay Area its second launching point to Melbourne, joining Los Angeles, and putting United in competition on the route with the Austral...
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My Easy Love For Santa Fe, New Mexico

I’m a planner by heart, and spending months outlining every day of my drive along Route 66 was almost as much fun as the trip itself. Almost. Although our pace was speedy, there were a few spots along the way where I knew I wanted some extra time to explore, like Santa Fe. I had never been to New Mexico before and I was excited to explore its many quirky spots, including its capital city. Thankfully, I was correct in my assumptions about Santa Fe, and my time there quickly became a highlight of ...
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Bankrupt Airline Wants Passenger to Pay For Flights That Never Took Off

oneworld airline air berlin was a basket case -- which is how Etihad bought into it in the first place. When Etihad withdrew its support, tired of the losses at the German carrier as well as at Italy's Alitalia, it collapsed. The bankruptcy administrator is seeking up to $2 billion in damages from Etihad. But they are also going after a passenger -- to pay for a flight that never happened, because it was for travel after the airline shut down. Continue reading Bankrupt Airline Wants Passenger ...
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White horses and a nail in the pool

Today we take the public bus to the hotel area of Cancun. This is where all the beaches are and also where we can book up some scuba diving. It turns out to be very easy as the bus leaves from the main street just by our hotel.We manage to get the last
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Japanese foot spa and flying circus

This morning we are going out of town to visit a cenote.We pack our day bag and go for breakfast at our usual haunt before hailing a taxi into Playa. The going rate today appears to be 50 pesos. Well I suppose thats better than 90 Its normally 3
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Sandcity and cenote

Its a great shame that neither of us is fit to theres really not much else to do here unless you are a sunbathing lover. So its another late breakfast for us followed by a trip to the beach. Its much hotter today. There was no rain l
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Why did the chicken cross the road

Its very overcast today after the long rainstorm last night making us think that our planned day on the beach is not the best plan after all. We have therefore decided to get up late and have a slap up breakfast back at the restaurant round the corner.
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Who would ever want to come here

We pack our bags ready for our 1pm bus journey to Playa del Carmen. We really have not seen much of Tulum as we havent felt well. But to be honest from what we did see we didnt like it much. Still our accommodation has been a little haven. We have
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New Zealand West Coast Franz Josef Wanaka and Milford Sound

After a bus journey from Nelson to Franz Josef during which we stopped at Punakaiki to see the Pancake Rocks heavily eroded limestones and the blow holes we arrived at our hostel Chateau in the late afternoon. After checking in we went for a l
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Quickly Figure Out What the Visa Requirements Are For Every Country With This Site

Earlier this year I traveled to Australia for the first time. I booked the tickets months in advance, made sure I had all the right power adapters, and headed to the airport on my day of departure — only to find out that U.S. citizens actually need a visa to enter the country. Whoops.Read more...
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Snaps from Aix en Provence

                  [Author: French la Vie]
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France, Issy les Moulineaux

13h45 l’Udi et son Président Jean-christophe Lagarde décident de faire une liste aux Européennes Copyright Jacques Witt / Sipa Press [Author: Jacques Witt]
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The Road From Valahnúkamöl to Krýsuvík Thermal Area in Iceland

After visiting the cliffs of Valahnúkamöl, I first visited The Blue Lagoon — although I decided not to go into it — before I was going to attempt to visit a few other areas of the Reykjanes Peninsula on what was still my first day in Iceland after having arrived from the United States earlier that morning. Highway 425 follows the coast of the southern peninsula. Before I arrived at the cliffs of Valahnúkamöl, traffic moves either north or sough; but after that point... The post The Road From Val...
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Great Deal: Delta Premium Economy to Asia for the Price of Coach

You can fly Delta premium economy on their new Airbus A350 for $879 roundtrip to Asia. Premium economy is like first class on domestic flights, plus a foot rest and extra perks. It makes the long journey to Asia much for palatable. Flying to China right now is one of the best deals in air travel because there are simply too many flights from the U.S.. Continue reading Great Deal: Delta Premium Economy to Asia for the Price of Coach...
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Packing and unpacking

We will be flying home this evening. Our first job is to visit the supermarket for some plane munchies...they never give you enough to eat on those long hauls especially for someone like me that rarely manages to sleep We also pick up some last minute p
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Johnny Be Good

I was mostly interested in watching this because of the cast, and not really because I remember it being a good movie or anything. Seeing Anthony Michael Hall play a jock still feels weird, and oh my, Uma Thurman was so amazingly cute (in her debut film, as the “Introducing” in front of her name during the opening credits announces). As is often the case with films of this era, it’s incredibly sexist, and silly as hell, but I tried to just place myself in “time machine” mode, and sorta enjoyed ...
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Coming to America

The biggest surprise for me was how much I enjoyed watching this, and still found it to be so incredibly funny. Sure, I have fond memories of it, but I wasn’t expecting it to have aged well. But yeah, this is still so oh-so funny, and it was a delight to see Murphy and Hall disguised while playing all those wacky characters (I had completely forgotten about this). Still well worth watching, and possibly Murphy’s best comedy film? (I still have a certain fondness for Trading Places though, and t...
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Monkey Shines

I won’t say it’s a bad movie, but I feel like the movie just takes way too long to turn into the “horror” film it’s billed as. The first hour is a bit of a slog to get through — as the main character deals with his accident and the aftermath. Things get a bit more interesting when the monkey starts doing its thing, but it felt more like a “science gone wrong” film than horror — and the way he defeats the monkey (and the way it’s shot) is hilariously silly. I also tend to stay away from movies b...
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Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood

I’ve watched a lot of Friday the 13th movies since I’ve started doing my 80s movie marathons (4, 5, 6, and 7), and I think this is my favorite one. If you think back on the series, this is close to being the most archetypical (at least of the ones I’ve re-watched). Sure, the mind powers of the girl are a bit silly, but you have a well executed zombie-like Jason, teens at Crystal Lake (doing silly teens things), and all sorts of gruesome kills — although what I’ve discovered re-watching these is...
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Getting Into Ze Pickle, Surry Hills

A burger joint with table service, craft beers and some of the biggest burgers this side of Texas? That's what is on offer at Ze Pickle on Foveaux Street in Surry Hills.
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#Kuwait lifts restrictions on foreign ownership of local lenders  - The National

Kuwait lifts restrictions on foreign ownership of local lenders  - The National:Kuwait will allow foreign investors to own and trade shares in the Arabian Gulf country's banks ahead of index-compiler MSCI's anticipated decision next year to upgrade Kuwait to emerging-market status.The decree allows foreign investors to own up to five per cent of a Kuwaiti bank's capital directly or indirectly, state-owned Kuna news agency reported on Saturday citing the Ministry of Commerce and Industry. Any lev...
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Air Berlin’s administrator sues #Etihad for up to €2 billion

Air Berlin’s administrator sues Etihad for up to €2 billion:The administrator of German airline Air Berlin is suing Abu Dhabi-based Etihad for up to €2 billion in damages, a Berlin court heard on Friday.The administrator alleges that the Abu Dhabi airline did not meet its financial obligations to Air Berlin, in which it was the majority shareholder.“The claims are for payment of $500 million and the establishment that the defendant is obliged to pay further damages. The Chamber has provisionally...
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Analysts Who Warned of Emerging-Market Rout Expect Painful 2019 - Bloomberg

Analysts Who Warned of Emerging-Market Rout Expect Painful 2019 - Bloomberg:If Jason Daw is right, some of the world’s biggest investors are setting themselves up for a major disappointment.The Singapore-based strategist at Societe Generale, one of the few to anticipate the slump in emerging markets beginning in January, sees no imminent turnaround for the asset class. He said the modest rally in currencies since September, led by Turkey’s lira, Brazil’s real and South Africa’s rand, is temporar...
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