7 Ways To Improve Your Travel Experience in 2019

It’s the start of a new year and many of us are busy checking out our calendars, planning our adventures for the year. Whether it’s a brief trip or two close to home or an epic jaunt around the world, many of us will travel in 2019, but along the way we will also make plenty of mistakes. That’s ok; travel is about making mistakes and learning from them. It’s what makes us better people. However, there are a few simple ways you can improve your next trip, and I don’t mean just by avoiding common...
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The Île-Saint-Louis church

The island Saint Louis, Île Saint Louis, was once actually two small islands, one was since the 9th century named Île Notre Dame, the other, smaller one, was named Île aux Vaches, the “cow island”. Both islands were mainly used for cattle, stocking of wood… It was only during the 17th century that the island started to be developed. Henry IV, who died in 1610, had launched the idea, but the real development took place during the reign of his son, Louis XIII (1601-43), supported by his mother...
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France, Strasbourg

La chaussure de Joana Vasconcelos, Musée d’Art Contemporain de Strasbourg Copyright Jacques Witt [Author: Jacques Witt]
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How to take the best photographs of Chichen Itza

It’s dark outside the four-wheel drive, Mexico’s highways are quiet at 4am, there’s just us and a few passing cars on the road for the two and a bit hour drive. The sky hasn’t started to lighten as we hop out of the car, stretch our legs and slowly walk into the park. Passing through the empty entrance gates and closed ticket counters, we feel our way over gravel and the occasional tree root, the glow of a phone lighting the way. Suddenly we stop, and our guides make it even darker – we’re told ...
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Big Cities New York Sunday 2017 May 21

517 p.m. We areI sitting companionably while Karen reads newspapers and her grandson Gabe listens to a video. Today Karen and I walked for hours seeing the more natural environments of New York.This morning we walked for about 25 minutes to the sta
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Praia dos Ingleses and the Sand Dunes

“Why didn’t you call me ‘Nick’?” “… Because we thought ‘Mark’ was a good name.” “Can I change my name to ‘Nick’?” “Nope.” “I think we’re going to walk for at least an hour.” “More like thirty minutes. I’ve just been there and back, it doesn’t take that long. And it’s a sand dune, sand dunes are cool, right?” “My tummy hurts.” “Why?” “DUH! Because I’m hungry.” “Why didn’t you tell me earlier? If you see the word ‘pastel,’ let me know, I’ll buy one.” “What is it?” “Food. Like a big fried wonton wi...
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Travel News: January 7, 2019

Amid shutdown, more TSA agents are calling in sick CNBC Airport screeners are calling out sick in increasing numbers, while some workers are fretting about where their next paycheck will come from as a partial U.S. government shutdown enters its third week. The impact from thinner ranks at the country’s airports has had a minimal impact so far, according to the Transportation Security Administration, but the agency warned that travelers may have to wait longer at security lines. Standard wait t...
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Wintry Morning at the Godafoss Waterfall in Iceland

The post Wintry Morning at the Godafoss Waterfall in Iceland appeared first on LandLopers.
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Stupid Tip of the Day: 4 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Agree To Watch Someone’s Belongings

So there you are at the airport, waiting for your flight at the gate; or, perhaps you are relaxing in an airport lounge, minding your own business — and then someone comes along and asks you to watch his or her bag or other item so that he or she can go somewhere else to do whatever he or she needs to do. Your initial instinct may be to be a nice fellow human being and convince you to say “yes” and accept the responsibility — but you should not do so for four reasons... The post Stupid Tip of th...
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Zorba – Gypsy Fest 2019, 12 Jan at Durrumbul Hall

Join us for the 8th ZORBA party with a huge lineup of International acclaimed artists. Zorba Productions have worked hard since 2012 to bring a unique mix of world and Gypsy music and dance to one big party. The vision and delivery of world travel through sound and dance has attracted thousands of people over a few years to experience, express, share and enjoy one space with so much diversity. The Byron Shire have been a meeting place for thousands of years and is still a meeting place today. ...
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What Delta is Telling Employees About the Year Ahead

On New Year's Day Delta CEO sent a message to his airline's employees laying out the company's goals for the year. While Delta doesn't have the simple mission the way that Southwest does they have clear goals and metrics to know whether they're reaching those goals or not. And it seems useful sharing what the airline is telling its employees what the company is doing, and the priorities those employees should have as they go about their year. Continue reading What Delta is Telling Employees Abo...
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WPML is a plugin to build multilingual WordPress websites. It is not free software. I haven’t tested it and I haven’t read anything about it like reviews, but as a note to self since I was into multilanuage websites in the past until I settled on the Google Translator….See side collumn. Light and easy and everybody understands it is a machine translation with errors. I don’t have to be blamed for text as if I did the translation. … The post WPML appeared first on Happy Hotelier.
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Tokyo short shorts and colourful sorts

When it comes to short and incredibly revealing shorts, then this previously photographed fella genuinely takes some beating. However, when it comes to both bare legs and an incredibly bold look, then the man below is arguably in a league of his own.
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Luxury travel news this week

Here’s a round-up of luxury travel stories that have caught the eye this week. To make sure you receive these new weekly alerts in your web browser, please click on the red bell icon in the bottom right hand corner of the page and click ‘subscribe’ (works on desktop only – for other ways to […] The post Luxury travel news this week appeared first on A Luxury Travel Blog.
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Nach der Besichtigung der Tempelstdte in Tikal sind wir dann weitergefahren und ziemlich schnell an der Grenze zu Belize angekommen. Von Belize wusste ich eigentlich so gut wie nichts darum war ich auch berrascht als gesagt wurde dass die offizielle L
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Save Up to 30 Percent on Weekends All Year in Europe, the Middle East and Africa With Radisson Hotel Group January Sale 2019

You can save up to 30 percent on room rates at greater than 350 participating hotel and resort properties within the brand portfolio of Radisson Hotel Group in Europe, the Middle East and Africa for weekend stays now through Sunday, December 29, 2019… ...but you must... The post Save Up to 30 Percent on Weekends All Year in Europe, the Middle East and Africa With Radisson Hotel Group January Sale 2019 appeared first on The Gate.
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Why Traveling Alone Can Be The Best Experience

When you think of traveling, you might think of a big family vacation, a group of friends setting off to see the world, or perhaps a couple’s romantic getaway. What you might not think of is traveling by yourself . However, solo traveling can be an amazing experience, and there are so many benefits that if you’ve been tempted to visit a far-flung destination but didn’t have anyone to go with, you really should just book your tickets and head off to explore! Read on for more details, and you’re...
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Baby Brocante is my Goal

        I bought a baby basket bed for the baby who is loved beyond measure. Years ago I sold a napkin ring with bebe engraved on it which means "Baby" in English, yeah now I want to find one of those, plus a charm like the one I sold above as well. I guess you could say I have baby brocante on my mind which suits me well considering I have no more room in our home for anything... well except baby brocante stuff.  Baby sheets, baby blankets, baby clothes, a highchair, a stroller... oh my a s...
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How to Deal With Possible TSA Travel Delays Caused by the Government Shutdown

The TSA has admitted that sick calls have increased
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Australia 2019

We return to Australia for the 2019 winter getaway and to the same house in Noosa Heads that we rented in 2017. Noosa Heads is on the Sunshine Coast about 1 12 hours drive north of Brisbane. Our last stay at the Noosa Springs Golf Community was very
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Keeping An Eye Out For You

Last year it was my time. This year its Corys turn. Whatcha mean Cataract surgery thats what the good word is for the day. Hah Whatever floats your boat. Cory was told by our local optometrist that he had developed cataracts so he decided he w
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#Saudi borrowers fuel MENA syndicated loan boom

Saudi borrowers fuel MENA syndicated loan boom:Newly published league tables from Bloomberg show that regional loans increased by more than half last year, surpassing the previous record set in 2007.Saudi borrowers topped the league with more than a third of the market, while the UAE accounted for more than a quarter of the total and Oman almost 10 percent.A weak oil price, falling property values and emerging market uncertainty rattled regional debt markets in 2018, while rising US interest rat...
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Gulf IPO outlook hinges on oil prices, secondary markets: Kamco

Gulf IPO outlook hinges on oil prices, secondary markets: Kamco:The outlook for initial public offerings (IPO) in the Gulf Co-operation Council (GCC) this year will depend on secondary equity markets and oil price stability, even as the GCC sovereigns continue to propel the non-oil economy by largely maintaining their budget spending, according to Kamco Research."The issuers are likely to watch the development of secondary markets early on in 2019, and also ascertain whether taking the debt mark...
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OPEC Strategy Still a Winner for Members Despite Oil Slump - Bloomberg

OPEC Strategy Still a Winner for Members Despite Oil Slump - Bloomberg:Given oil’s plummet at the end of last year, OPEC’s strategy to stabilize the market might look a bust. But where it matters most for the cartel’s members -- petroleum revenues -- it’s still a winner.Crude prices in London have sunk back to the same range when the group began production cuts in early 2017, of between $50 and $60 a barrel, as record U.S. oil output and shaky fuel demand counteract the group’s efforts. That’s b...
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Goldman Sachs Asks What If #Lebanon Is Forced to Restructure Debt - Bloomberg

Goldman Sachs Asks What If Lebanon Is Forced to Restructure Debt - Bloomberg:Goldman Sachs Group Inc. still sees an imminent debt restructuring in Lebanon as unlikely but is already turning its attention to how much investors could recover as one of the world’s most indebted countries teeters on the brink of financial crisis.Under Goldman’s base scenario, foreign investors would recover 35 cents on the dollar, Farouk Soussa, an economist at Goldman Sachs, said in a report. But he said any debt o...
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Mideast Stocks: Rajhi leads #Saudi jump, other markets rise | ZAWYA MENA Edition

:Saudi Arabia's stock market rose on Sunday trade on positive investor sentiment, higher oil prices and solid gains by blue chips, led by Al Rajhi Bank which announced a capital increase, while other regional markets also closed higher.Oil rose nearly 2 percent on Friday after proposed trade talks between the United States and China eased some fears about a global economic slowdown. The Saudi index , the Middle East's biggest, rose 1.3 percent to almost a three-week high. [Author: [email protected]
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#Iran's central bank proposes slashing four zeros from falling currency - IRNA | Reuters

Iran's central bank proposes slashing four zeros from falling currency - IRNA | Reuters:Iran’s central bank has proposed slashing four zeros from the rial, state news agency IRNA reported on Sunday, after the currency plunged in a year marked by an economic crisis fuelled by U.S. sanctions.“A bill to remove four zeros from the national currency was presented to the government by the central bank yesterday and I hope this matter can be concluded as soon as possible,” IRNA quoted central bank gove...
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Happening Now: Teenager Fleeing an Arranged Marriage in Saudi Arabia Being Held in Bangkok Airport

An 18 year old Saudi woman fled her family and homeland. She obtained an Australian visa -- because this could be done online, and as a woman she could not travel to an embassy unescorted. She's being described as an ex-Muslim who was trying to escape an arranged marriage. Rahaf Mohammed flew to Bangkok but is being detained. The Saudi government wants her returned. Continue reading Happening Now: Teenager Fleeing an Arranged Marriage in Saudi Arabia Being Held in Bangkok Airport...
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Against the government’s licensing of doctors – Milton Friedman

Adam Smith wrote against the monopolistic tendencies of doctors but Friedman’s doctoral research took him much further into this area. He then wrote a book: Incomes from Independent Professional Practice [The book is available here for download]. VIDEOS This one. and this: and this: And chapter 9 of his book, Capitalism and Freedom. Medical Licensure The […]
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Peachy Keen - Pretty Lace Patterned Peach Pie!

Can't get enough of fragrant, delicate white peaches? We are in the midst of stonefruit season where they are abundant and inexpensive and can be bought by the bucket-ful. That means jamming and other ways to make dishes with this seasonal treat. And nothing is more beautiful than a peach and vanilla pie with a pretty patterned crust.
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