Travel Alert January 2019: Winter Weather to Impact Colorado

If much of the state of Colorado is in your travel plans over the next couple of days, you may want to consider delaying your travel — or, at least, keep yourself updated as to the latest information pertaining to the weather — due to the effects resulting from winter weather. Temperatures have been... The post Travel Alert January 2019: Winter Weather to Impact Colorado appeared first on The Gate.
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France, Mussidan

Sur un mur, il y a longtemps et toujours d’actualité… Copyright Jacques Witt [Author: Jacques Witt]
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Notre Dame

Notre Dame is so impressive. We made a quick visit there the other day. A look at the exterior from across the Seine. The creche was from Provence with village people of Santons. The chapel devoted to the Virgin of Guadaloupe is very popular. A look down the length of the impressive interior with the pretty Christmas wreath overhead.
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Defensive Handgun Safety and Proficiency Course (March 2019)

Travel Insiders on an earlier Front Sight course. I’m in the rear. All firearm owners should consider themselves obliged to be thoroughly conversant with safety issues and the law surrounding when and how their firearms can be used.  They also need to be competent and comfortable with their firearms so that, whether for recreation or defensive purposes, they can appropriately handle the equipment and make the proper decisions as to when and what to do. Most of all, firearm owners need to unders...
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Travel News: January 11, 2019

Air France leans toward pulling plug on Joon Travel Weekly Joon, the Air France subsidiary promoted as a hip new airline for millennials, appears to be on the verge of closure, just 13 months after launch. “After much discussion with employees and customers alike, and in consultation with the unions, Air France has decided to launch a project studying the future of the Joon brand and the integration of Joon employees and aircraft into Air France,” Joon’s parent said Thursday as part of a statem...
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Praia Mole (Swimsuit On), Praia Da Galheta (Swimsuit Off)

How come we tend to only memorize hurtful comments and not soothing, flattering remarks? I remember the day I started feeling self-conscious about my body. I had just turned 13 and I was meeting friends at the beach. We hadn’t discovered flirting yet, so we were actually going to play, chat or whatever we had planned that day. I didn’t think twice about changing into my swimsuit because that’s normal beachwear. All it took was one look and one comment. “Wow, what happened to you? Why you have so...
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A Disneyland Christmas – Tips and Lessons From My Holiday Experience

Planning a Christmastime trip to Disneyland can be a little daunting for anyone, especially for someone like me who is new to all things Disney. After an incredible, albeit brief, experience in the Happiest Place on Earth earlier in the year, I was excited to experience the park during the December holiday season. After a lot of research, I knew that Disneyland takes Christmas very seriously and in addition to all of the normal attractions, I couldn’t wait to enjoy the special events and foods ...
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Was 2018 as Good a Year for Electric Vehicles as They Say?

Teslas galore. But at the Tesla factory, not on the streets of most cities. Supporters of battery electric vehicles (EV and/or BEV) are rapturous about the 81% increase in electric vehicles sold in 2018 compared to 2017.  This table shows the breakdown, with a total of 361,307 vehicles sold in the US in 2018, compared to 199,826 sold in 2017. We should add a disclaimer.  We love electric-powered vehicles.  We’d like nothing more than to get a fully loaded Tesla, and, failing that, just about an...
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Best places to travel this February

Though for much of the world February is the cold, barren home stretch of winter, it’s also one of the cheapest times of the year to travel since everyone is still feeling the burn in their wallets left by the holiday season. Well, what are a few extra hundred bucks on the Amex if it means killer flight deals and almost no crowds? While Carnival and Mardi Gras fall in early March this year, plenty of Carribean destinations will be kicking off their celebrations early in February, giving you a...
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Tips on travel to Antarctica

A mere hundred years ago, going to Antarctica was exclusively the realm of hardened, grizzled explorers who didn’t mind being away from home for years and losing a toe or three. Flash forward to 2019, and you’ve got ships with wine pairing dinners and butler service making dozens of trips there a year. Though getting there’s not cheap, the White Continent is now fully accessible to anyone who can afford it. But it’s still not as simple as taking a 10-day tour around the Caribbean. Because Ant...
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The Copper King Mansion, W.A. Clark Mansion, In Butte Montana

The W.A. Clark Mansion also known as the Copper King Mansion is one of the most recognized and beautiful buildings in the state of Montana. Built during the years 1884 to 1888, it figures prominently in the history of Butte, as Montana was becoming a state. It was the residence of the famous William Andrews Clark ,one of the three famous Copper Kings of the state. It is the 28th stop in the travel series Off The Beaten Path. The W.A. Clark Mansion was added to the National Register of Histori...
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Coffee Flavors Rule The World

The countries that grow all the coffee used around the world come from Guatemala, Mexico, Honduras, Uganda, Ethiopia, India, Columbia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Brazil. Coffee needs a certain amount of high latitude rainfall, seasonal tropical environments, and certain alkaline soil. In the U.S., only California and Hawaii are able to be competitive coffee bean growers. These countries provide all the requirements for coffee beans to grow very healthy. As a high-quality production produ...
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Study shows travel benefits students

If you’re feeling guilty for taking your kids out of school for that family vacation, don’t. It might actually be making them smarter. According to a new survey commissioned by the Student and Youth Travel Association, travel has an extremely positive impact on students’ educational prospects, cultural awareness, and even their future careers. One thousand five hundred US-based teachers were polled in the survey, with 74 percent agreeing that travel has a “very positive impact on students’ pe...
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Motorcycle tour of the Himalayas

Picture this: You’re cruising through the Himalayan high country, winding around tight mountain roads and crossing frosted rivers. Your fingers are gripping the handlebars, and a brisk wind is blowing, but you can’t help smiling and yelling “WHOOO!” This is a typical day on the Ride The Himalayas tour, a 15-day motorbike ride from the Indian city of New Delhi into the Himalayan high country that takes place three times each summer. Ride The Himalayas founder and lead guide Rahul Yadav, a sof...
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South America Day 2 Rio

We get up and go for breakfast. We deal with yesterdays dietary deficiencies by consuming a mountain of fruit mainly mango the sweetest juiciest mango I have ever tasted. I also have some sausage and eggs although theres a slight delay in
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Incredible: Unlimited Companion Travel Plus Points From Just One Card

Arguably the best deal in all of travel is the Southwest Airlines Companion Pass. After earning 110,000 points in a calendar year from qualifying sources you can bring a companion along on your Southwest Airlines travels. Right now - and only for a month - Chase is offering a Southwest Airlines Companion Pass as part of the initial bonus offer on all three Southwest personal cards. And they're offering points, too. Continue reading Incredible: Unlimited Companion Travel Plus Points From Jus...
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Two American Express Centurion Lounges Close Temporarily Starting Monday

For your strategic awareness, two American Express Centurion lounges will be closed temporarily starting Monday -- Miami and Las Vegas. Continue reading Two American Express Centurion Lounges Close Temporarily Starting Monday...
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Neon signs and walls with eyes

Some walls are said to have ears, but others most definitely have eyes.
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Disneyland Fans Are Not Happy About The Latest Price Hikes

But it's not clear that raising ticket costs will keep people away from the Anaheim, California, park.
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Joshua Tree National Park vandalism

Vandals have been chopping down protected trees in Southern California’s Joshua Tree National Park during the government shutdown, so they can go four-wheeling across the sensitive desert landscape, said the National Park Service (NPS). A photo of a downed Joshua tree taken by the NPS went viral after it was posted on Tuesday, prompting calls for the park to be shut down. The park has remained open during the government shutdown, but the lack of staff has meant people have been able to enter...
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DIY: Travel Inspired Art with Photoshop Elements

I’m just putting the finishing touches on my new office, and I wanted some original art on the walls. As you know I looooove to travel and I always take a lot of pictures when I’m someplace new! Last year I visited Oahu for a week and also had weekend getaway in Maya Riviera, Mexico. I love exotic botanicals so much so I took several pictures on my trips. To remind myself of these beautiful places, I turned them into original artwork for my office using Photoshop Elements. If you’re unfamiliar ...
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The Mesmerizing Hotel Transformation and Connections That Evolves and Brings a New Life to Stories at Life House

Image: Courtesy of  Life House Hotels “We believe in the transformative nature of being in a new place; in a connected universe and in connecting individuals; a trip can be more than a trip, a Hotel more than a Hotel” – Life House Hotels. What can Hoteliers learn from The Mesmerizing Hotel Transformation and Connections that evolves and brings new life to stories at Life House? Life House a Holistic solution to modern travel Co-founded by former Sydell Group,  Starwood and TPG executive, Rami...
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News from Dianne

Le notizie The news Welcome to 2019! My new year began with good news: LA BELLA LINGUA will be translated and published in Italian by the distinguished house of Treccani. It's a true honor to join its roster of noted authors. In December another of my books inspired a question on the classic quiz show Jeopardy: "A Life Discovered is the subtitle of a book about this enigmatic woman, the most famous portrait sitter of all times." The answer: MONA LISA, by Dianne Hales! The countdown to public...
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Eating raw chicken sashimi in Tokyo

When it comes to eating sashimi in Tokyo, fish is by far the most ubiquitous offer. But it’s not the only one. Restaurants also serve shikasashi (deer), basashi (horse), and — perhaps most hotly debated of all — torisashi (chicken). The name loosely translates to “raw bird,” and it’s exactly what it sounds like: thinly sliced raw chicken breast served with a flavorful salt or sauce. I never thought I’d order raw chicken sashimi-style. Like most Americans, I grew up deeply terrified of salmon...
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More Photographs of Elephants From a Safari

Plenty of photographs from the safari which I experienced at Masai Mara National Reserve in Kenya back in 2015 had yet to see the light of day; so I thought I would share some more photographs of the elephants which I saw while I was there. I had no idea that... The post More Photographs of Elephants From a Safari appeared first on The Gate.
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#AbuDhabi's Etihad to cut 50 pilots after big loss last year: sources | Reuters

Abu Dhabi's Etihad to cut 50 pilots after big loss last year: sources | Reuters:Etihad Airways plans to cut 50 pilot jobs by end of this month after a significant loss last year, two sources who have seen an internal memo by the airline told Reuters on Thursday. The state-owned Gulf carrier has been reviewing its business since 2016 after a strategy of investing billions of dollars in other airlines failed.Etihad has around 160 surplus pilots and will lay off 50 by the end of January, the airlin...
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MIDEAST STOCKS- #Qatar hits highest in nearly 2 years, financials lift most Gulf markets | Reuters

MIDEAST STOCKS-Qatar hits highest in nearly 2 years, financials lift most Gulf markets | Reuters:The Qatar stock market hit its highest level in nearly two years on Thursday, as financial stocks boosted most major Gulf bourses ahead of corporate earnings announcements next week.Saudi's main index gained 0.8 percent, aided by a 1.6 percent rise in Al Rajhi Bank and a 1.2 percent increase in Saudi Basic Industries.Contractor Al Khodari rose 1.7 percent after its board proposed to use its statutory...
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Notes: Navigating Bhutan Before, During + After

A remote nation known as the Last Great Himalayan Kingdom for a reason At a Christmas Eve gala dinner in Agra, India (home of the Taj Mahal), I approached an American family that sat nearby. A part of me wanted to hear the familiar accent, another part wanted their take on the atypical holiday extravaganza we were attending. After introductions, we began to talk about …
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Hot happenings in Denmark in 2019

2019 will see a host of hot new attractions set to open across Denmark with high flying Copenhill and Camp Adventure taking guests to new heights. It’s the last chance to see Rubjerg Knude lighthouse before it’s relocated and in Copenhagen there’s a choice of exciting new dining options plus the opening of the new […] The post Hot happenings in Denmark in 2019 appeared first on A Luxury Travel Blog.
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Rotterdam Southbank

In Rotterdam most new buildings recently were built on the Southbank. The post Rotterdam Southbank appeared first on Happy Hotelier.
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