port hardy in photos

Here are some photos of our town and the area surrounding it.Our lovely little rental house is an endangered species, a ranch, all on one floor. Excellent for my problematic knees and ankles. It would have made more sense to build the deck on this side, where there's a lot more space and still plenty of privacy. Instead, the deck is in the back, up against a neighbour's house -- which I'm guessing was built after ours. But these neighbours are rarely home, they are usually off exploring in...
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10 Best Things to do in Budapest on Your Own

From bubbling thermal baths to eerie reminders of Hungary’s horrific Nazi past, there are incredibly diverse things to do in Budapest. This was my fourth visit… The post 10 Best Things to do in Budapest on Your Own appeared first on Cruise Maven.
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I wrote about the “Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts », the officially leading French art school, a long time ago, almost ten years – see here. I mentioned then that some of the ancient buildings actually used to be part of a convent, the “Petits Augustins”. You can still find the chapel (after the Revolution used as a museum for monuments – now in general closed to public)… and the cloister. The cloister has kept three of the four sides with its arcades, but it’s al...
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Best View

On our last day, we headed to the Shard to get a view of London from the 72nd floor. The sun was out so we got some great light. My friend, Lisa, who died a few years ago, went here and loved it. I thought about her as I looked at the view. Here it is from down the road. The Tower Bridge spanning the Thames. Futher away. Looking up. Saint Paul’s Cathedral. Afterwards, we had fish and chips. So good. This was in a former industrial area near the Shar...
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Are Cruise Lines The Next Frontier for Lucrative Ancillary Fees?

Ordering room service aboard a cruise ship used to be included with the cost of a cruise — but now some cruise lines have been charging as much as $7.95 for room service; and other cruise lines are considering implementing a charge. Norwegian Cruise Line and Royal Caribbean both already charge $7.95 for room service — other than for orders for continental breakfast — as of 2015 and March 2017 respectively. According to an announcement from Carnival Cruise Line — which... The post Are Cruise Line...
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Chandrabhaga Fair Why Did the Camels Cross the River

To get to the fair of course It is no secret dad and I enjoy going to livestock fairs in foreign countries. We love the energy the animals the colors and watching the preparations that remind us of participating in American fairs.We love t
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Our 3Day Trip to Bangkok Sky Bar Museum Floating Market

Living in Chiang Maiin north Thailand is a treat. With that said Chiang Mai is the ideal jumping off place to take a lively jammedpack trip to Bangkok. I was fortunate to be
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Reminder: Delhi #NAMA event on the future of Safe Harbor next week #Ad

We had a full house in Bangalore last Friday, with more than 70 participants at our discussion on amendments to the IT Rules governing Safe Harbor for the Internet in India. Our discussions went an hour over time, and covered definitional issues around intermediaries, conditions for safe harbor,... ...
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Port Arthur and up

Off to a good start in the morning. We are getting much better organizing ourselves packing up beds and having breakfast showering etc.First stop is up to Richmond to see the famous Richmond Bridge. The trip up was interesting as we saw what Hobart ca
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Golden Oldies Uke Night with Ash and Sar

Miss Amber and Stukulele’s UKE NIGHT is back on Thursday 31 January from 6:30pm at Club Mullum. The special guest vocalists for the 5th consecutive January are Ash Bell and Sara Tindley. The Theme is ‘Golden Oldies’, a selection of tunes that are over 20 years old… going back as far as the 30’s and up to the 90’s. Joining the Uke Night band will be Jamie Pattugalan on drums, Rod Coe on bass and new comer Anni De Groot on violin and viola. Bring you ukulele and singing voice – same price as alway...
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South America Day 19 Ushuaia

Three weeks of travel have taken their toll so today I am taking it easy. While the old man goes to climb a glacier I set off for the museum. A few minutes later he is behind me. The bus has been cancelled due to lack of interest. He follows for a wh
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Carnival dismisses report on dangerous air quality on cruises

University researcher went undercover on four ships
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Breakdown: Woman Can’t Face the Idea of Four Hours in a United Coach Middle Seat

Every single day an inner battle boils in the skies, just below the service, threatening to bubble over. A passenger videotaped a woman melting down after boarding her United flight. She said she had four hours ahead of her in a middle seat. She declares "I can't do this." She complains also about the size of the two passengers on either side of her . She says she's small in comparison (she isn't), "I eat salad." But that's not what makes this story absolutely perfect. There's an Easter egg ...
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Napoleonic Laws Regarding the Naming of Pigs

Evidence from passport stamps suggests that we made two forays into France. On the first of these it looks like I went with Dad in late June with Mum then joining us later and the three of us then all making our way from there on to Switzerland. It seems
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La plage musicale

Jour 8Ce matin on a promis une activit spciale nos filles un tour de sousmarin ou plutt une sorte de bateau coque immerge en fond de verre mais bon 4 ans on ne se donne pas la peine de clarifier tout cela. On arrive au port d
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The future in Tokyo is bright?

The answer to the question above, of course, depends on who you ask. Quite possibly when they are asked too. But on a sunny and mild winters day, this young couple’s response, I guess, would have been a clear and confident, yes.
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Not Your Typical Australia Day: Brief thoughts on trepidation, friendship, and driving on the wrong side of the road

“You’re so close to me!” the Instagram message read. I had come to Prague, Czechia (formally the Czech Republic) on the spur of a moment ticket purchase after my Mum suggested it while I was weighing up my options on where to travel next while visiting friends in the Netherlands. I had no plans, no real idea even, what to do there but I booked a ticket since it was closer to Israel – where I was flying out of in a week – than the Netherlands. After a few days of sightseeing, I felt restless . S...
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Airbnb expands in bookings for meetings and offsites

Airbnb has acquired Gaest, a startup based in Denmark that provides a marketplace-style platform for people to post and book venues in hourly or daily increments for meetings.
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Kenya and Tanzania Part 1

Jambo Greetings in KenyanAfrica Ive wanted to go on a safari for a long time and we finally made it in July yes were a little behind. We had booked our tour The Masai Heartlands httpswww.intrepidtravel.comchkenyamasaiheartlands
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Kīlauea's 2018 eruption--what happened, and how soon can it come again?

The 2018 Kīlauea eruption is less of a news story months after it stopped, but what the heck happened there, and can it happen again soon? "The 2018 eruption of Kīlauea Volcano in Hawai‘i included both a summit caldera collapse and a flank fissure eruption, a complex event observed only a handful of times in modern history," wrote a team of more than 50 premier volcano experts in the January 25 issue of the journal Science. And the short answer to the second question above is no, it pro...
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Happily Stuffed Piglets

      Chelsea and Sacha during lunch. Sacha bought a beret at Maison d'Emperuer to take back to Seattle, he said, "I am French so I should show it."         Chelsea waiting for Martin to join us at lunch. The Moroccan restaurant where we were to have lunch, was kind enough to stay open to serve us as the train Martin and Fabrice were on was delayed for over an hour due to a flood on the tracks.     And as if the lunch wasn't big enough, Sacha wanted a Raclette dinner. We had a couple of ton...
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France, Paris

15h Manifestation des foulards rouges Copyright Jacques Witt / Sipa Press [Author: Jacques Witt]
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Travel Alert January 2019: Winter Weather to Impact Eastern United States and Southeastern Canada

If the eastern half of the United States or southeastern Canada are in your travel plans over the next week or so, you may want to consider delaying your travel — or, at least, keep yourself updated as to the latest information pertaining to the weather — due to a major winter storm which is already disrupting travel at a minimum of 90 airports in as many as 16 states and five provinces... ...and those numbers are expected to increase. Until... The post Travel Alert January 2019: Winter Weather ...
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25% Transfer Bonus from Citibank to Turkish Miles & Smiles Through February 20

It's worth a reminder as well that Turkish Airlines offers some great award redemptions year-round. They add fuel surcharges onto redemptions, their pricing is very reasonable. Just told tell anyone you're a Gülenist when you redeem your points. Continue reading 25% Transfer Bonus from Citibank to Turkish Miles & Smiles Through February 20...
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Karratha and Port Hedland WA Copper lead and iron all with a pinch of salt

Today we were heading further up the coast to Karratha. The weather was once again sunny and hot eventually reaching 34 degrees. We had to retrace our route initially travelling through all those roadworks again. There were no water wagons this morning
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Carnarvon and Onslow W Australia Middle of the road

We left Kalbarri on another sunny day with the temperature starting at 33C and rising eventually to 41C. We were in our element I chatted briefly with the owner of the accommodation and he told me that he had recently toured Scotland with his wife and
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3 more sleeps

i set sail in 3 more days starting to get excited.i am flying to san francisco on the 29th where i have booked a hotel for the night near pier 27. my boarding time is 230 pm on the 30th. weather forecast is 16 C. i will be meeting up with a friend's
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12 Most Charming Small Towns in South Carolina

The towns in South Carolina truly defy the idea that the United States of America is a ‘new country’ – some of the settlements here date back well into the 18th century. They are playgrounds for anybody with an eye for architecture and a heart ready for history. There are Old Deep South plantations, forme
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Luxury travel news this week

Here’s a round-up of luxury travel stories that have caught the eye this week. To make sure you receive these new weekly alerts in your web browser, please click on the red bell icon in the bottom right hand corner of the page and click ‘subscribe’ (works on desktop only – for other ways to […] The post Luxury travel news this week appeared first on A Luxury Travel Blog.
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Espresso Yourself At Caffè Bartolo, Surry Hills

Caffe Bartolo is an all day eatery Italian eatery with exuberant service, great food and drinks. And did I mention it's also very dog friendly and takes bookings? Win win all around.
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