Solo Lady Travel: 7 Safety Myths Debunked

I never planned to be someone who routinely made looks of horror cross people’s faces.  And yet when I tell people I’ve traveled solo around the world for six months, that’s the most common reaction I get. “Really?!” The eyes grow wide.  “Weren’t you worried about…” And the conversation will turn to one of many myths when it comes to women traveling alone, many of which fly counter to the realities I’ve faced during my travels. Here are a few of the bigger chunks of mistaken lore and advice I’v...
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Disney is holding an official LGBTQ Pride parade for the first time ever

According to the Magical Pride website, Disneyland will welcome guests to “discover the enchantment of Disney with the Sparkle of Pride!” Every year, thousands of LGBTQ tourists flock to Disney theme parks around […]
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The only one left (bis)

I already wrote about « the only one left » here – soon 11 years ago – how time flies! I will not repeat what I wrote then, about the “vespasiennes”, about the 1200 of them in Paris during the 1930’s etc… So, the last one is still there. It was obviously repainted, cleaned… some ten years ago. It seems obvious that something has to be done again - it’s in very bad shape. As it’s the last one I hope it will remain there and will be saved “for ever”, after some refreshing, please!!. It...
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Japan Pocket 4G WIFI for Nagoya, Takayama and Shirakawago

Internet data is important while traveling in Japan. The priority of Internet data is not social media but essential apps like Google Translate, Google Map and Google. There are three options you can do whenever you travel to Japan. It is either you have mobile roaming, get a Japan SIM Card or rent a Japan Pocket 4G WIFI. We tried getting a Japan SIM Card and renting a Pocket WIFI and we still prefer getting the pocket WIFI as it is more convenient (especially you are traveling in a small g...
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Burger & Lobster Is Opening in Singapore

Burger & Lobster outlet in Bangkok Good news for Singaporeans, Burger & Lobster is opening in Singapore. It is scheduled to open in the first half of 2019 at Jewel in Changi Airport. There will be also new restaurants opening there which include Shake Shack and A&W restaurant. ( = || []).push({}); Burger & Lobster is originated from London when four schoolmates came up with the idea to set up a restaurant in 2011. They have expanded worldwid...
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Summer music festival lineups

It’s festival season! Ok, no, it’s not even close to festival season, and depending on where you are right now you may be staring out the window at an icicle the size of a power forward. But that just means you have plenty of time to daydream about what you’ll do once the snowbound apocalypse is over. Some of the big festival organizers know this and have done us the favor of releasing their lineups, so we can start planning our warm weather vacations now. To assist you in your journey, we’v...
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The Escuela Superior De Mecánica De La Armada – From a Symbol of State Terror to Human Rights Defence

Taking my brand-new Sube card out of my bag, I briefly wondered which of the two main Argentinian heritages would prevail when it comes to the state-owned train services. Did the trenes argentinos run Italian-style—“The 9:18 train will leave at… at one point…”? Or would I enjoy some Teutonic efficiency in South America—“the 9:00 a.m. train will depart between 9:00:01 and 9:00:59, offensichtlich”? And then, an employee standing by the turnstile told me not to swipe my card—the ride was free becau...
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Fuel prices continue to drop

Fuel prices in UAE continued to drop bringing cheer. The new prices declared by the Fuel Price Committee indicate an approximate 2.5% drop in petrol prices. Th price for Super 98 at AED 1.95 is down from AED 2.00 last month while Special 95 has dropped to AED 1.84, down from AED 1.89 in Janaury. Happy Motoring! [Author: [email protected] (Dubai Photo Story)]
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Geelong and the funky boots metal wedding

Ah well Ill explain the title of this blog later. Lisas parents Ilva and Mike had arrived in Australia at the beginning of December and after a suitable amount of sightseeing and exploring theyd settled down to more mundane prewedding tasks
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Gordon Goes to Africa

January 31st 2019 I will set off on my latest adventure this time to Africa Tanzania to be specific and on behalf of Cuso.
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Polar Vortex: What You Need to Know

Read the full article on at - Polar Vortex: What You Need to Know It’s now warmer in the outer edge of Antarctica right now than Chicago. Blame something called the “polar vortex,” which is directly impacting travel for thousands of Americans. So what exactly is a polar vortex? A polar vortex by definition is a large mass of rotating air that is located in the upper-middle atmospheric layers... The post Polar Vortex: What You Need to Know appeared first on Peter Greenberg Trav...
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You May Get a Share of Money From Ginger Ale Settlement

You may be eligible for your share of $11,200,000.00 from a class action settlement which was reached in mediation if you had purchased Canada Dry ginger ale products between Tuesday, January 1, 2013 and Wednesday, December 19, 2018… …but you must electronically submit your claim with a valid claim no later than... The post appeared first on The Gate.
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Things to do in Aarhus

Danes claim to be the happiest people on the planet, and a stop in the city of Aarhus is the easiest way to see why. Here, in Denmark’s second largest city, bold architecture and top-notch interior design complement scenic harbors and a creative dining scene. Located on the Jutland peninsula that extends into the North Sea, this city surrounded by forests has the largest concert hall in Europe and apartments that look like icebergs. Here are some of its top sights. Admire the city through ra...
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Best secret hot springs in the West

Hot springs are nature’s spa. And since you find them in settings like vast deserts and moss-shrouded forests, they can often be combined with an outdoor activity, be it hiking, running, or even surfing. While some springs require reservations and planning — to avoid the crowds that make them seem more like water parks than quiet getaways — several lesser-known hot springs, from Death Valley to Vancouver Island, do offer welcome solitude. Here’s where to go. A word on natural hot springs Th...
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CLIA Europe appoints new chairman

David Dingle's stewardship comes to an end
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Top 11 Things to Do In Istanbul

Finding the top things to do in Istanbul isn’t all that difficult since this is one of the great cities to visit in the world. If anything, the challenge is narrowing down which of the top things to do in Istanbul you can fit in depending on how much time you have there. With thousands of years of history, countless museums and attractions, dozens of interesting neighborhoods, a thriving restaurant, bar and cafe scene, and a population of over 15 million people, the number of things to do in Is...
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Hiking the Israel National Trail

If all those people hiking the Camino, the Pacific Crest Trail, and the West Highland Way have inspired you to pack a bag and take a long-distance walk, know that there is a lesser-known path in the Middle East that is just as rewarding and much less crowded. The Israel National Trail is a 683-mile hiking trail that crosses Israel between the southern and northern borders. It is the perfect endeavor for those who are looking for something challenging, not just physically but philosophically, ...
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Every type of clam chowder, ranked

All clam chowders are not made equal. You’re likely familiar with the basics of clam chowder, but if you’ve ever traveled up the Northeast coast, you know it’s much more complicated than a simple order. There are four distinct styles of clam chowder — and only one of them is the best. All clam chowder has the basics: clams, potatoes, salt pork or bacon, and onion. After that, it’s a wild, wild clam chowder country out there. From the tip of New England to the bottom of Manhattan and everywher...
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Thousand Trails and Disney Springs

blog 013019 Thousand Trails and Disney SpringsI have been here at Thousand Trails for a week now and Ginnie and I have gotten into many things. We have taken the kids our dogs to the various dog parks in the area to meet new friends and burn off so
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Three Capes Track 3 Munro to Retakunna via The Blade

Today was going to be a longer day as the route would take us down the prong of the peninsula near to The Blade near Cape Pillar before retracing our steps back to Munro and then on to Retakunna to spend our final night on the trail. It felt like the past
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Trump's Two-Front War on OPEC May Clash With Love of Cheap Oil - Bloomberg

Trump's Two-Front War on OPEC May Clash With Love of Cheap Oil - Bloomberg:President Donald Trump may soon need to choose between two recurring fixations: battling OPEC nations, and cheap oil.After announcing sanctions on Venezuela’s state-run oil company PDVSA this week, the president is now in conflict with two of the cartel’s founding members, having imposed similar measures against Iran late last year. Trump is pressuring the Islamic Republic over its nuclear program, and squeezing Venezuela...
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Crude Vaults to Yearly High as Saudi Shipments to U.S. Dwindle - Bloomberg

Crude Vaults to Yearly High as Saudi Shipments to U.S. Dwindle - Bloomberg:Oil prices vaulted above $54 a barrel, the highest since November, as a steep drop in U.S. imports from Saudi Arabia showed OPEC putting its supply cut plans into action.Futures in New York rose 1.7 percent after the U.S. Energy Information Administration said domestic crude stockpiles rose by about 920,000 barrels last week, less than forecast by industry and private analysts. Imports from Saudi Arabia fell by more than ...
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ADCB, UNB shares move in opposite directions post-merger announcement | ZAWYA MENA Edition

:Shares in Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank (ADCB) and Union National Bank (UNB) moved in opposite directions on Wednesday, a day after both banks announced that they agreed to merge and for the combined entity to acquire Al Hilal Bank. (Read more here).In a statement to the exchange, the banks said that ADCB will issue 0.5966 ADCB shares for every UNB share held. The merger is expected to take place within the first six months of the year, subject to regulatory and shareholder approvals.ADCB’s shares ...
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New Offer: Up to 120,000 Avios From British Airways Visa

Chase has an interesting new offer for the British Airways Visa: 4 Avios per dollar spent on all purchases within your first year up to $30,000. That's up to 120,000 bonus Avios. That's the amount you want to spend on the card in a calendar year anyway since you earn a Travel Together Ticket good for two years which can double the value of your Avios on a single redemption for 2 people. Here's what I like about the card. Continue reading New Offer: Up to 120,000 Avios From British Airways Visa.....
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Can You Spot the $11.2 Million Mistake on This Can?

I must start out by apologizing to you, as the title of this article is actually not true. The mistake on the can of Canada Dry ginger ale in the photograph — one of millions of similar cans — will cost the company which manufactures the product significantly more than $11.2 million. I will... The post Can You Spot the $11.2 Million Mistake on This Can? appeared first on The Gate.
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#SaudiArabia winds down 15-month anti-corruption campaign | Reuters

Saudi Arabia winds down 15-month anti-corruption campaign | Reuters:Saudi Arabia has ended a sprawling crackdown on corruption ordered by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman that it said had recovered more than $106 billion through settlements with scores of senior princes, ministers and top businessmen.A royal court statement said the government had summoned 381 people, some as witnesses, under the campaign launched in November 2017, but it provided no names. It said 87 people confessed to charges...
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How Social Media can Reach Targeted Audiences and Influence more Direct Bookings for Hotels

Do your Hotel want more Direct Bookings from Social Media? Many Hotel uses various Social Media channels to try to help drive more direct bookings. Sadly, many struggles generating more direct bookings if any. Are you ready to discover how Social Media can reach targeted audiences and influence more direct booking for Hotels?  The Battle Ground is changing Hotels have a battle on price among themselves, and also with online travel agencies. Hotels and online travel agencies offer price deals ...
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MIDEAST STOCKS-Dubai Islamic drags #Dubai, Global Telecom lifts Egypt | Reuters

MIDEAST STOCKS-Dubai Islamic drags Dubai, Global Telecom lifts Egypt | Reuters:Dubai's stock market fell sharply on Wednesday, hurt by a fall in Dubai Islamic Bank, while Egypt rose, partly lifted by Global Telecom Holding rising on the prospect of going private.The Dubai index dropped 1.1 percent, with Dubai Islamic Bank, the largest Islamic lender in the United Arab Emirates, sliding 4.4 percent in heavy trade, its biggest intra-day loss in nine months.The bank reported a 15 percent rise in fo...
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