Travel News: February 1, 2019

Oceania Will Eliminate Plastic Water Bottles Fleetwide Travel Pulse Oceania Cruises, the world’s leading culinary- and destination-focused cruise line, announced a ground-breaking sustainability initiative to eliminate millions of plastic water bottles per year through a new partnership with Vero Water. This pioneering green initiative is the newest facet of the brand’s OceaniaNEXT enhancements and the company’s larger Sail & Sustain environmental program.   Polar vortex takes toll on Chicago f...
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The Incognito Kitchen Man

    Standing outside the Cassis Home I waited for the kitchen cabinet maker to arrive he was running late, I rubbed my hands together wishing I had worn gloves. While I waited I saw a truck not too far away with a man sitting inside looking as if was waiting for someone, could he be the kitchen cabinet maker I wondered? Just then I received a phone call from the kitchen cabinet maker he said, "Where are you I am in Cassis and cannot find your home number?" As I was describing the street I noti...
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The utterly miserable corrupt crony capitalist Narayana Murthy

India is in UTTER shambles. Corruption is at its peak. Modi’s cows are destroying farmers’ crops. The youth have received no education. The youth are unemployed. The “toilets” built by Modi are a complete sham. 70 per cent of the money was stolen, and no one uses the toilets, anyway. And this miserable crony capitalist […]
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5 Travel Destinations That Will Leave You in Awe

There are many destinations in the world that people escape to for their vacations, or travel to explore and create memories, some for work too. However, some destinations stand out above the rest with their spectacular, unique sceneries. So, if you are looking for an awe-inspiring destination that enlightens your mind and inspires your soul, here are places you can start with that won’t disappoint: Thailand Thailand is mostly popular for its amazing beaches, thus making it into an...
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A Few Reasons NOT to Avoid Disneyland at Christmas

I was certainly excited to visit the Disneyland Resort during the Christmas holiday season, but I was also nervous. I’m new to the world of Disney and even longtime park experts sometimes avoid the days leading up to Christmas. I couldn’t resist though, earlier in the year I visited Disneyland for the first time and fell in love. It was a magical experience, one that I desperately wanted to enjoy again. So, when I found myself in Southern California just a few days before Christmas, I planned a ...
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Lucky in Buenos Aires

I was lucky in Buenos Aires, so lucky that I extended my stay—I was only going to be there for four nights, initially. But hey, when everything works out fine, why not enjoy it? Some years, . Old, shitty hotels, prices changing daily, stressed out people and rain, for instance. But this time, I got a great, cheap apartment ($30 a day for a full studio with a kitchen!), it only rained once conveniently at night, people seemed relaxed enough and I was happy to just explore the city. I did feel lu...
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Planning a Family Vacation in Hawaii

Planning a Hawaii vacation can be a daunting task, even for solo travelers. There are so many options for accommodations, dining, and activities that it can be hard to make sense of it all. On today’s Hawaii Vacation Connection podcast, we’ll be talking about planning a family vacation, and all of the things to consider […] The post Planning a Family Vacation in Hawaii appeared first on Hawaii Aloha Travel.
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Das neue Jahr beginnt am Strand Tulum

Einmal mehr im Jahr 2018 sa ich im Flugzeug aber diesmal war es das letzte Mal denn ich wrde ber Weihnachten und Silvester in Tulum bleiben und gemeinsam mit Julio in das neue Jahr starten. Was 2019 wohl auf mich zukommen wird Mein Koffer war ge
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Chilly in Hawaii? Yes, and we love it.

When Hawaii residents say, “It’s cold!”, we tend to take a lot of, well, heat. It happens every year (so far), and what has always been an almost gleeful annual bundle-up is now something of a national punchline. We don’t mind. We’re not complaining. The weather is perfect. Bring on the memes! It’s chilly in […] The post Chilly in Hawaii? Yes, and we love it. appeared first on Hawaii Aloha Travel.
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Ski resorts and apres ski in BC

Skiers know British Columbia’s Powder Highway as a place full of quirky towns, local ski resorts, and some of the best skiing a powder hound could ask for. But after decades of après options centered on nacho platters and beer, a couple of stops on the Powder Highway have been seriously improving their dining scene. You can now sample eats from a new food truck snowcat, dine at mountain-top restaurants, or sip craft beer and cocktails — all after hitting some of the region’s best ski slopes. ...
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Must-try South Korean desserts

Gone are the days when South Korean food in America only referred to Korean barbecue. Bibimbap and kimchi grace menus, and traditional flavors have blended with other cuisines to make a new category of Korean burgers and tacos. Part of that popularity is because Korean food is one of the healthiest cuisines in the world, but one side of the food — the decidedly less healthy side — is still often left out: dessert. That’s a shame because there’s a Korean dessert for just about every occasion,...
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Marriott Sets a Bad Example With This Save Up to 30 Percent in Japan 2019 Sale

You can save up to 30 percent on regular leisure room rates with Marriott International, Incorporated when you stay at your choice of eight different hotel and resort properties in Japan through Friday, March 29, 2019… …but you must The post Marriott Sets a Bad Example With This Save Up to 30 Percent in Japan 2019 Sale appeared first on The Gate.
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Oil Scores Best January on Record as Supply Cuts Revive Market

Oil Scores Best January on Record as Supply Cuts Revive Market [Author: [email protected] (Rupert Neil Bumfrey)]
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Tips on getting cheaper flights, packing, what to do on the road, and more

I've read a lot of great travel tips over the years. And I've probably forgotten just as many. So I always like reading stories on how to be a better traveler. I've learned through experience to bring an empty water bottle to fill after going through security. That saves paying exorbitant prices to buy and throw out yet another plastic container. For years, I've taken along photocopies of my passport in case I lost the... [Author: Ellen Perlman]
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Best things about Bern, Switzerland

Walking along Bern’s cobblestone streets, between sandstone buildings and under swaths of arcades through the peninsular Altstadt or Old Town, you’re bound to experience the signature Bernese slow lifestyle that Switzerland’s capital is known for. While checklist-minded travelers gather around this quiet town’s famous Zytglogge, the 13th-century clock tower, to watch the hour strike and the figures come to life, there is more to take from Bern than its popular sites — and perhaps enough to ta...
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Emerging Technology Helping Hotels Differentiate and Boost Customer Service

The Hotel business faces the same automation and technology adoption challenges as the rest of the hospitality sector. It can learn lessons and show others how to make the best use of technology with some clever deployment of new ideas and cutting-edge IT. Chatbots Can Make Customers Happier When travelers look for a Hotel, the key aspects remain the same as ever, clean room, comfortable bed, decent view for tourists, somewhere good to eat and polite staff. But more chains and boutique establ...
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3 Routes Where You Can Book Europe Business Class For Under 46,000 Chase, Amex or Citi Points

New variable Air France KLM Flying Blue points pricing is live and often makes no sense. Some awards are more expensive, some less expensive. Instead of a hidden award chart they have a calculator. But they still offer various routes at 25% or 50% off each month and new ones are up for booking in February and travel in March and April. Continue reading 3 Routes Where You Can Book Europe Business Class For Under 46,000 Chase, Amex or Citi Points...
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W Trek in Torres del Paine views

The W Trek of Torres del Paine National Park in Chilean Patagonia is one of the must-do multi-day hiking trails in the world. Winding in a “W” shape from one end of the Paine Massif mountains to the other, the trek takes hikers past some of the regions best sights: the Grey Glacier, the Torres, and the French Valley. At almost every step along the way, backpackers come face to face with some of the most stunning natural vistas anywhere in the world, from mountains blown and ground into incred...
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9 Nights 11 Days

Finally caught up on all the blogs from last summer although this entry has been finished for a while. I was waiting til the blog's email notification function was fixed. Publishing this from Mexico 1 hours south of Tijuana in Ensenada to be exact w
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Gonna Take It Easy Today

The temperature got down to 25 last night with a wind chill of 54. Not as cold as Orland Park IL though. There it was 27 We were in no hurry to get on the trails this morning since it was forecast to be the coldest day this week with a high of 10. W
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Best things about Blackmore Vale

With its thatched roof cottages and cobblestone streets, it’s no wonder why so many tourists flock to the Cotswolds in droves. Plenty of tours come in from London filled with people trying to see the “real” English countryside, which unfortunately means expensive accommodations, touristy pubs, and, in the high season, crowded streets blocking you from getting that picture-perfect view. No matter — there’s another region further south in England that offers traditional villages, historical sig...
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South America Day 23 El Chalten

Today there has been a difference of opinion. I planned a pleasant drive to a lake but have been overruled. Instead we are doing a 10 km hike up a mountain to a different lake. It seems rather foolish to walk particularly uphill when we have paid goo
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An old school Tokyo train traveller

No face mask or ubiquitous smartphone for this old fella. Instead, it was just pinstripes, a trilby and total indifference.
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Our Ship has DockedWe Are Back Plus an Alert

Oh my....what a fabulous vacation in a vacation we just experienced. Even though we had no communication with all of you you were always right there with us. Just silently cruising in the background. So much to show tell I dont even know where
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Light Festival Lucerne: 7 reasons to put LILU in your 2020 diary

Lucerne is celebrating its first and highly successful Light Festival. From 10th to 20th January 2019, soft-lights shimmered across Lake Lucerne and this Swiss city’s beautiful architecture was highlighted by the installations. Throughout this historic city, in the centre of Switzerland, national and international artists created 18 beautiful and thought-provoking installations. In cold and dark […] The post Light Festival Lucerne: 7 reasons to put LILU in your 2020 diary appeared first on A Lux...
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Take a peek behind Athens’ best stages

From the Ancient times until the present day, Greece is known for birthing the concept of the theater. Not Greece entirely, but Athens specifically. For the Ancient Athenians, live performances were a part of their everyday culture, bringing to life plays and poetry but it also had a broader sense. Theatrical performances included politics and […] The post Take a peek behind Athens’ best stages appeared first on A Luxury Travel Blog.
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This Week in Travel – Episode 246

This Week in Travel – Travel News Podcast. Regular hosts Jen Leo, Chris Christensen, and I are joined by this week’s guest Warren and Karen Binedell from who are starting a trip volunteering around Europe with pets and 3 teens. Subscribe on Apple Podcasts This Week’s News: Woman Caught Smuggling Two Dozen Gerbils Under … Continue reading "This Week in Travel – Episode 246" The post This Week in Travel – Episode 246 appeared first on Everything Everywhere Travel Blog....
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Why I Do Not Like Posting Articles About Mistake Fares — and Should I Change My Mind?

You probably scour the weblogs, forums and search engines for the best airfare deals — and then along comes an airfare which is either too good to be true or is an amazing bargain. You drop whatever you are doing and immediately concentrate on booking those flights... ...only to find that... The post Why I Do Not Like Posting Articles About Mistake Fares — and Should I Change My Mind? appeared first on The Gate.
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Where I’m At: February, 2019 – Kuala Lumpur edition

Greetings from Kuala Lumpur and another edition of Where I’m At – my monthly summary of where I’ve been and other site news. Where I’ve Been Saigon Apart from the first and last days of January, I spent the whole month in Saigon. I started the month in Pattaya and Bangkok, before returning to Vietnam. Originally I was going to visit the Mekong Delta, but I needed a productive month of not moving around. January is also the best month of the year in Saigon, so I made the most of that. Th...
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