Travel News: February 5, 2019

Caribbean Destinations Poised for Record Visitor Growth in 2019 Travel Weekly The strong visitor growth several Caribbean destinations exhibited prior to the devastating hurricanes of September 2017 is quickly resuming, with several countries in the region announcing sharply increased visitor numbers for 2018, along with strong early season results in 2019. Tourism officials shared the improved visitor numbers at this week’s Caribbean Hotel & Tourism Association’s Caribbean Travel Marketplace a...
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Save Up to 30 Percent on Room Rates With the City Lights Sale 2019 From InterContinental Hotels Group

You can save up to 30 percent on room rates when you stay a minimum of two consecutive nights at hotel and resort properties of InterContinental Hotels Group in select cities in the United States, Canada, Mexico and Brazil from today, Monday, February 4, 2019 through Tuesday, April 30, 2019... ...but you must... The post Save Up to 30 Percent on Room Rates With the City Lights Sale 2019 From InterContinental Hotels Group appeared first on The Gate.
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UPI transactions grew 8.5% to 672.8M in January 2019; Rs 109,932.4 Cr transacted

The Unified Payment Interface (UPI) saw an increase of 8.5% in the total transaction volumes taking place between December 2018 and January 2019, according to data published by the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI). The NPCI is a private company owned by Indian banks and owns and... ...
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Hawaii Our 50th State

I often thought Alaska was 50 and Hawaii was 49 but it is the other way around. Hawaii is our fiftieth and final state as of August 21 1959 and prior to that it was a territory since 1900. Also the population of Hawaii remains fairly constant a
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Craig and Ross in India.

Blog 2 February 5 2019The Jodhpur blues and cranes galore.Last year a few people commented that they would like to have read more blogs from our Europe trip e.g you Mark Waters People wanted more stories So Ill try to be more fre
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Welcome to Bonaire

YooHoo. Gotta get going. More to see and more to do. We are getting off our magnificent vessel at another port. Today we are exploring the French island of Bonaire. Amusonsnous No taxis or busses around for a tour. This island is small so must be they f
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Tranquil Sunset at the Four Seasons Nevis

The post Tranquil Sunset at the Four Seasons Nevis appeared first on LandLopers.
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Gong Xi Fa Cai Cina Babi is Now A Hate Speech on Facebook

Happy Chinese New Year. This Chinese New Year is the ‘Year of the Pig’ or ‘Year of Babi’. I just jokingly wished one of my friends ‘gong xi fa cai cina babi’ in her photos and minutes later, I have to relog in my Facebook account. ( = || []).push({}); At first, I thought my Facebook got hacked so I need to relog in into my account but I received a warning from Facebook. My comment ‘gong xi fa cai cina babi’ is considered as hate sp...
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China and Hong KOng

Hong KOng CHina is the best and easiest city to travel to in CHina No visa required. I love CHina just because it's a massive country ranked the number 2 by largest
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Best places to visit in Sweden

Everyone knows Stockholm is full of cool things to do: the archipelago, the scenic Old Town, the Baroque-style Royal Palace — even the subway stations could keep you entertained for a very long visit. But the rest of Sweden has a lot to offer, as well, even if it doesn’t get nearly as much attention as the capital. From hip second cities to interesting lodges to gorgeous hiking trails, here are the best places to visit outside Stockholm. 1. Gothenburg (Göteborg) Photo: anderm/Shutterstock ...
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Australian avocado sustainability

Avocados are a staple of the Australian diet. Few countries can compete with Australia when it comes to avo love — this is the country that invented modern avocado toast, after all. The average Australian eats around . For comparison, per capita consumption in the US, which is the largest avocado importer in the world, peaked at seven pounds per year in 2015. There’s just one key difference between the two countries: Australia’s avocados largely come without the guilt of a high carbon footpr...
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Comic book art tour of Brussels

In Brussels , comic strips are not limited to newspaper pages. The city is home to many comic strip illustrators — among them Peyo, creator of The Smurfs, and Hergé, creator of The Adventures of Tintin. Here in Belgium’s bilingual capital, their characters have all but jumped off the page. Throughout the city, you’ll find massive comic murals on the sides of buildings, as well as in galleries and museums, and you can take much of it in over the course of a long weekend. Brussels’ comic obsessi...
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Rihanna Slams American Airlines First Class Passenger For Watching the Superbowl

Rihanna reportedly turned down performing at the Superbowl for its half time show in solidarity with Colin Kaepernick’s protests during the national anthem. You don’t need to take sides in that discussion, or have an opinion on Rihanna, to find it noteworthy that not only wasn’t she at the Superbowl she was flying during the Superbowl — and from the looks of things, on board an American Airlines Airbus A321T in first class. Continue reading Rihanna Slams American Airlines First Class Passenger F...
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Best things to do in Anzio, Italy

As seagulls glide over the beach and their squawking echoes in the air, the sun disappears behind the horizon, and the street lights turn on automatically. You can hear the crackling sound of the stores’ rolling shutters and the Mediterranean breeze caressing your cheeks. Nearly every day ends this way in the coastal town of Anzio, just over an hour south of Rome. Anzio sees different scenes each season, but its soul has remained the same since the Romans decided to come here to rest their po...
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I regret that Balaji Viswanathan (of Bangalore) is not a liberal. Cf. his attack on Naseeruddin Shah

Balaji Viswanathan is royalty on Quora with over 300 million views of his answers. Of course, he is also prolific on Quora, responding to over 4000 answers. My 240 (generally very quick, without much editing) answers are like “dabbling” in comparison. Balaji came over with his father in August 2016 to meet me in Bangalore […]
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South America Day 27 Lanin National Park

I planned to visit Chachin waterfall in Lanin National Park today. Its only 27 miles away but 25 are off road. The old man is unenthusiastic but we set off anyway. Its supposed to take 80 minutes but our little car struggles so much that we take t
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A rainy day in Rio

We only had a last afternoon in Rio before the trip home so toured around the city seeing areas we hadn't been to. First we were down town in the main square which was designed by a Frenchman and has a wide boulevard and lovely opera house library and oth
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life at sea

well i am finally cruisingspent a night in san francisco and had a nice meal with caitlyn. my hotel was right beside china town which was beautifully decorated with lights and red lanterns for the chinese new year celebrations.i boarded the ship t
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Celebrating Chinese New Year in Argentina 9 Years Ago

Chinese New Year is a very important celebration for Chinese all around the world. During Chinese New Year’s eve, we had reunion dinner which means families get together for a dinner together. For some families, they work far from home and they take this opportunity to come back home to sit down for a reunion dinner with their families. However, how does it feel when you are not at home for Chinese New Year celebration? Well I had the opportunity to celebrate Chinese New Year in Argentina 9...
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Introducing Phil Good Travel

African-Americans spent $63 billion on travel in 2018 alone, and yet they’re still one of the most underrepresented and under-marketed-to communities in travel. Phil Calvert (aka Phil the Culture, aka Philwaukee) is on a mission to change that on his new YouTube show, Phil Good Travel, where he wants to show solidarity with fellow black travelers — and sprinkle positivity throughout Europe along the way. Positivity — a recipe for life and travel Produced by Matador Network, Phil Good T...
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making the move from plastic to glass food storage

Pyrex! I bought these! I love them! For the longest time, I've had a very large collection of plastic food storage containers. Allan and I have always brought most of our meals to work -- for healthy eating, for convenience (I'd rather not spend any part of my meal break foraging), and to economize. I also tend to cook in batches, plus of course there are always leftovers. Eons ago, when I bought all the plastic, I didn't know it was unhealthy -- that the polymers break down and enter...
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Case of beer cost in each state

Yesterday might have been Super Bowl Sunday, but beer manufacturers had more to be excited about than just watching the game. People all around the country were chugging beers like Monday was a holiday (which it probably should be) and racking up quite a tab at their local liquor store. In some states, buying a few cases of beer is dangerously close to breaking the bank while in others it hardly makes a dent in your wallet. Simple Thrifty Living compiled data on the average price of a 24-pack...
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Tulsi Gabbard jumps into crowded pack of presidential contenders, public hearing today on temporary Honolulu City Council member, Maui council confirms Victorino administrators, $5k rebates for EV charging stations, more news from all the Hawaiian Islands

Tulsi Gabbard campaign photo Tulsi Gabbard offers progressive platform at campaign kickoff. Hawaii Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard officially kicked off her presidential campaign Saturday with an ominous message about an increasingly dangerous world in which the United States sits on the “precipice of nuclear war” amid worsening international tensions. Star-Advertiser.Tulsi Gabbard On Running For President: ‘We Must Fight For The Soul Of Our Country’. The U.S. representative from Hawaii held ...
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Tamworth Country Music Festival

It’s not that music festivals aren’t fun anymore. It’s just that they’re not really about music. Sure, you’ll get to watch your favorite band over 150,000 screaming iPhones. But if you’re there to see music, get up-close and personal with it and appreciate it, festivals are deeply disappointing. They might be great for super fans of a specific band, but for music lovers, they’re lacking. But in rural Australia, one large festival still provides the intimate, immersive experience that other fe...
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Is Away Luggage Really Worth It?

This is the best carry-on suitcase I've ever used.
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Marriott Sending Out Promotions for More Points and Faster Elite Status

Some members are really motivated by points (redemption) and others are motivated by better treatment (status). If a program offers members more than usual for taking certain actions during a specific period of time, they're going to get more of those actions. And you can test customer behavior, how much do you need to offer? which customers respond best to which kinds of offers? Here are four that Marriott is reportedly sending out. Continue reading Marriott Sending Out Promotions for More Po...
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A Birthday Video

61 years ago, my parents, George and Dolores brought me into this world, at the best time a person could live and I am most grateful for that gift.   Barbara sent me this Birthday Video a little comedy set to Mozart. Enjoy       !         [Author: French la Vie]
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Alphabet revenues are up 22% but the stock is still dropping

Despite delivering a Q4 earnings beat, Google parent company Alphabet’s stock is dropping. The company reported revenue of $39.3 billion, up 22 percent year-over-year with an EPS of $12.77. Alphabet stock dropped more than 2 percent in after-hours trading. The company’s beat of analyst estimates would have been a miss if not for a $1.3 billion unrealized gain “related to a non-marketable debt security.” Alphabet didn’t details this further, but it kind of skews the earning beat based on what ...
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The Must Do Hike in Los Glaciares National Park

Los Glaciares National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1981, is located in the Austral Andes of Argentina. The gateway town is El Chalten, about a three hour scenic bus ride from El Calafate – where there is a decent sized airport. Los Glaciares National Park is best known for its day hikes rather than multi-day backpacking trips, though there is a three day trip that is recommended. There are seven main hikes in the park if you start in El Chalten – but the standout is the hike to ...
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Spain Day 41

Turns out the music echoing across the campsite wasn't from the staff quarters. In fact not from onsite at all might even have been from the other side of the main road. And it went on til about 23.15.Still we slept well enough once it stopped.M
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