Day 79 A Rare Case of Road rage

We had finished a village delivery surprisingly quick because several filters were given to the same family who lived close to each other. We were on our way back to Siem Reap excited to grab lunch and be out of the hottest part of the day. Three of us we
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Wekiwa Springs

blog 020519 Wekewa SpringsMy how the time did fly. I can't believe I'm so far behind on the blog. Ginnie and I spent the last few days visiting friends flea shopping in the campground watching the gopher tortoises and going out to dinner and l
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Romantic Getaways in New England: Ideas for Couples

... Do click the title to see the full, beautiful article!
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Save 10 Percent Plus Earn 2,000 Bonus Points Per Stay in South Africa 2019 With Marriott Rewards

You can save 20 percent off of retail room rates while simultaneously earning 2,000 bonus Marriott Rewards points per stay during weekends at your choice of 13 different hotel properties in South Africa through Monday, April 22, 2019… …but you must... The post Save 10 Percent Plus Earn 2,000 Bonus Points Per Stay in South Africa 2019 With Marriott Rewards appeared first on The Gate.
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Portraits from Hornbill Festival

Festivals are always a great place to capture portraits and candid frames. Hornbill festival known as the 'Festival of Festivals' is undoubtedly the place to visit if one would like to photograph the Naga tribes. Below are a few frames I captured during Hornbill Festival 2018 near Kohima, Nagaland. P.S.: I was hosted by The Holiday Scout at Hornbill Festival. [Author: R Niranjan Das]
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Day 78 APOPO

Who knew rats...giant rats would be so helpful Today we visited APOPO an NGO specializing in the removal of landmines and live bombsamunitions through the use of Giant African rats. The exhibit and demonstration were brief but very interesting.Duri
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HelloShift Messaging for Hotels Rated #1

For the second year in a row, hoteliers rated HelloShift #1 for Staff Collaboration in the prestigious 2019 HotelTechAwards.
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Travel News: February 6, 2019

Indian hotel startup OYO is planning to be bigger than Marriott CNN India’s biggest hotel chain is targeting global domination. OYO, which launched just five years ago as a platform to book budget hotels in India, says it’s adding rooms faster than the world’s top three hotel chains combined. “By 2023 we want to be the largest and most preferred hotel chain in the world,” an OYO spokesperson told CNN.   Chicago O’Hare Bumps Atlanta as Busiest Airport in United States Travel Pulse Atlanta’s reig...
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Clouds Encircling Nevis Peak

The post Clouds Encircling Nevis Peak appeared first on LandLopers.
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Mid-year update to South Australias Occupation Lists

The team responsible for South Australian Australiam immigration intake has conducted a mid-year review of its occupation lists – the State Nominated Occupation List (SNOL) and the Supplementary Skilled List (SSL). Changes will take effect on the afternoon of 11 February 2019. Occupations added to the SNOL for the remainder of the 2018-19 program year ANZSCO Occupation Additional Requirements Skills Assessment Authority 323299 Metal Fitters and Machinists nec Competent E...
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My Crash Course In the Unusual Beauty of Bauhaus in Germany

At a very elementary level, I enjoy design, art and architecture, but in ways that are probably largely unconscious for me. I know if I like something, or don’t, when I see it but my intellectual curiosity has never led me to explore these subjects in any great detail. That was one reason of many why I was excited to spend a day in Dessau, Germany, a lovely city in its own right but also one that is home to one of the great architectural treasures of the world, the Bauhaus. Since this is the 10...
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Where to eat in Tijuana, Mexico

Tijuana sits at the crossroads of Mexico and the US. Its best-known landmark is probably the US border, the most frequently crossed port of entry in the world. Referred to as “The City of Migrants,” Tijuana is where Mexicans can live and commute to the US for work, and where Americans can escape for a night or two without getting too far from their comfort zone. For migrants coming from the South, it’s the last stop before entering the US. Yet Tijuana, one of the fastest growing cities in Me...
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KY eats – Common Table, Macao

Here’s another place to go if you long for some good old fashion proper cafe or as we would call it … “Western” food while at Taipa, the artificial, mostly casino filled island of Macao – the restaurant by the name of Common Table. Common Table, Macao Common Table is one of the more spacious cafes you can find in Macao, partly because it is located in the newer part of the country on Taipa. The interior decor is a mix of industrial cement walls with tasteful wooden furniture. The menu here i...
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Famous Island Chefs

While we no longer dine on the expensive side here Hawaii does boast some of the best chefs in the world. And we have been to a few over the years. If you have not tried at least one of these chef's delights I would go at least once. W
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Cuba 2019. Summary

Cuba. 2019. SummaryCuba an island of contradictions. Havana is a busy city where there are obviously people making a reasonable living and some taxi drivers etc. wearing heavy gold and using smart phones and yet you see beggars on the street and olde
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South America Day 28 Villa la Angostura

After breakfast we check out of La Posta del Cazador which is a relief as its dark and stuffy and full of dead things the door handles and light fittings are made of antlers. The bed was so uncomfortable I spent half the night contemplating sleeping
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10 Ways for Hotels to Upgrade the Customer Experience

Why is the Customer Experience important for Hotels? Customer experience is fast becoming a commodity. Hotels that are succeeding and innovating are raising the stakes attracting new uncontested markets. Your Hotels customers are no longer benchmarking your customer experience based on competitors in your industry they’re comparing you to the best customer experiences they receive anywhere. Research indicates that by 2020 customer experience will be more important than price as a trigger point ...
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Tarmac delay laws in the US

For the claustrophobic , it’s the most anxiety-inducing experience imaginable. For everyone else, it’s a cold version of hell. You’re sitting on a trans-Pacific flight, settling in with your noise cancelling headphones and The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, and the next thing you know the captain comes on saying there’s a medical emergency and you’re landing somewhere in remote, ice-covered Canada. “Well ok,” you think. “We don’t want anyone dying. And that Tony Shalhoub is pretty funny. I can sit her...
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Exploring China Town Los Angeles & Chinese New Year!

Exploring China Town Los Angeles & Chinese New Year! Happy Chinese New Year or LunarNew Year and this is the year ofthe pig, but we have two dragons Happy Chinese New Year or Lunar New Year and this is the year of the pig, but we have two dragons in our family ( and visited China in a dragon year). Don't miss some of our other posts about Chinese New Year living in Asia. 20 Stunning Photos: Chinese New Year UNESCO's Georgetown, Penang (檳城街頭文化廟會) Chinese New Year in Asia 农历新年 春节 ...
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Get paid to go on spring break

Spring break is a special time. A time when the general rules of human behavior go right out the window and doing things like living off tequila and Pringles is perfectly acceptable. A time when the only cure for a hangover is to start drinking again, and the only physical activity you need to worry about is flip cup. It’s a glorious time. And it doesn’t need to end when college does. Not that we’re espousing rolling through Cancun 20 years after graduation. But one company is looking for a q...
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Best airlines for vegetarians/vegans

The overall percentage of vegetarians in the US has remained constant over the past 20 years, but the number of options for vegetarians and people trying to cut the amount of meat in their diet is higher than ever before. Airlines are taking note, and many are upping the number of plant-based options. But just because it’s available doesn’t mean it’s always easy to acquire. In general, vegetarians, vegans, and passengers with other dietary restrictions still have to jump through hoops or risk...
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British Tourist Arrested and Beaten for Wearing a Qatar Shirt to a Soccer Match in Abu Dhabi

It's incredible that Qatar was able to play, beat their geopolitical rivals Saudi Arabia and UAE, and that they had an actual fan in the stadium who dared to support them along the way. That man was punished. I have to think that this will be enough of an international embarrassment that the UAE will have to back down (though they can't un-beat the man). Nonetheless it's a good reminder that when you travel the world you're subject to the laws of wherever you've gone - even if you aren't aware...
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Thursday 31st JanuaryNot too bonkers a start this morning as we had decided to overnight in the Travel lodge in Gatwick. Apparently the M25 was at a standstill for a couple of hours according to some people who made the plane by the skin of their teeth
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Day 85 Safe consumption of street food

One of the highlights of this trip has been the street food. Whether it was vendor carts in London or goat on a stick in Uganda every country seems to have some street food creation. Siem Reap has been a street food gold mine of street food opportunity. H
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City of Rocks State Park

We flew into El Paso on Wednesday January 16th and drove to Deming NM where we spent the night. The next morning we drove about 25 miles north to the City of Rocks State Park where we hiked the Table Mountain Trail and returned to the trail
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Baker Boy, Yothu Yindi & more for Boomerang Festival

Bundjalung country’s very own world-class Indigenous Arts & Culture Festival, Boomerang Festival is back for 2019 with a stellar line-up including Yothu Yindi & The Treaty Project, Young Australian of the Year – Baker Boy, DOBBY and many more. Boomerang Festival is performed within Bluesfest so to attend, you must hold a Bluesfest 2019 ticket. A NOTE FROM THE FESTIVAL DIRECTOR Our festival within a festival, at Bluesfest, is one of our highlights. It is a musical and sensory delight. We have t...
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Watch the Wonder Park Trailer Here (Then Mark Your Calendar for Its Release March 15!)

Operation Wonder Park is a go! Check out the new WONDER PARK trailer below, and mark your calendar for its release in theaters on March 15th!. This post is in partnership with Paramount Pictures. All opinions are my own. If you can imagine it, you can ride it. That’s the magical idea behind Paramount Picture’s newest […] The post Watch the Wonder Park Trailer Here (Then Mark Your Calendar for Its Release March 15!) appeared first on Mommy Musings®.
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The last day and the journey home

Reykjavik Final DayThe weather forecast for our final day in Iceland was calling for snow. Since most of the roads we had traveled on were treacherous enough already we chose not to head out and tempt fate with more snow scheduled to fall. We decided
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I Have Never Heard of Utqiaġvik — Yet I Have Been There

During a break, I spotted a video called 5 Most Isolated Communities At The End Of The Earth; and curiosity got the best of me and compelled me to watch this video. As I watch the video, the isolated community which was labeled number two in the video is called Utqiaġvik — which is apparently pronounced oot-KEEG-vik — and it was called “the northernmost city in America and the ninth most northern city in the world.” The post I Have Never Heard of Utqiaġvik — Yet I Have Been There appeared first ...
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