February News from Dianne

Cari amici, While many people in northern climes are eagerly awaiting the first signs of Spring, I'm also counting the days to publication of LA PASSIONE on April 16. Here's the final proof of the front cover--and some pre-pub reviews that warmed my heart: "In this inquisitive celebration of the Italian spirit, Hales traverses the country, exploring its history and culture...The chapters on food will delight readers with descriptions of artisan foods... Sure to inspire many vacations, this vol...
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Why Bali Is Your Go-to Holiday Destination This Year

Indonesia has more than 17,000 islands, but Bali stands out most from all of them, being the favorite amongst the tourists. Surely everybody who visited Bali can barely stop talking about all the wonders this island has to offer. Whether you are in for the picture-perfect beaches, the hidden nature gems, o the cultural abundance, Bali has everything you wish for. Beware, though, it’s easy to fall in love with the paradise this island offers. After all, it’s not the runner up for the best vacati...
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Xiaomi Mi 70mai Dash Cam Pro - First Test

pub-9166485404346800 [Author: Lynn Hemeon]
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On Top of the Eiffel Tower

    Have you checked out the Eiffel Tower on Google Earth?,2.2922926,574m/data=!3m1!1e3            Related Stories Louis Rossignol: The Art of HandwritingTwilight in CassisWhen You Come to Provence  [Author: French la Vie]
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Hundreds of crores have been squandered in ‘Digital India’. Isn’t there a more dignified way of informing families that a ‘jawan’ is dead than through a TV news flash?

Hundreds of websites, apps and interactive services have been launched by the Narendra Modi government, whose barely disguised objective has been to collect the data of citizens—and everything else that follows from that. “Data is the new oil”, as Anil Ambani‘s brother says. Yet, on February 14, when the deadliest attack in 30 years of militancy in Jammu and Kashmir took place, families were in the dark on the fate of their loved ones for several hours, and in most cases a friend in CRPF had to ...
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10 Sun-Soaked Running Events in Spain worth travelling for in 2019 + bonus fun run

If 2019 has seen you catch the running bug and set your sights on running a marathon then you might be disappointed to hear that the London Marathon is so oversubscribed by more than 100,000 runners that your chance of taking part our down to the luck of a ballot entry system each year.  However, thanks to the growing trend for marathon running, there are now events to choose from all over the world. This means you can combine a tough physical challenge with a holiday – truly earning your place ...
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South America Day 38 Easter Island

Today were flying 2350 miles west to Easter Island a tiny dot in the South Pacific. I have a phobia of remote locations so Im not sure why I agreed to fly to the most remote airport in the world.Its an early start compounded by the fact th
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Save Up to 25 Percent on Weekend Stays in Suburban Maryland With Marriott

You do not have to stay in the District of Columbia to enjoy such sites as the Washington Monument, the Capitol building or the White House; or to visit the Smithsonian Institute or the National Archives. Rather, you can save up to 25 percent off of retail room rates during weekend stays of a minimum of two consecutive nights at your choice of eight different hotel properties in suburban Maryland through Tuesday, April 30, 2019… …but you must... The post Save Up to 25 Percent on Weekend Stays in...
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Nimbin Roots Fest 2019

$80 3 day festival passes ending soon!  unlimited camping at the showground for only $10 a night. Great facilities, no booking for camping just pay at the gate. No better time to commit to that Hippy road trip than now!! Book here The post Nimbin Roots Fest 2019 appeared first on Byron Bay Blog.
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Travel: Antarctica will turn your perceptions of life upside down

In icy, dicey bottom-of-the-world Antarctica, I melt when a fuzzy penguin chick hatches from a cracked egg underneath its feathered mother on a windswept pebbly beach. Over on another snowy isle, I listen to a smiling cat-faced Weddell seal magnificently sing, its melodic trills breaking the primal silence. And now, our suddenly-very-small-seeming 10-person raft is surrounded by eight diving, pirouetting, humongous humpbacks, including one that glides so head-on close our inflatable Zodiac quick...
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Best places to travel in April

There’s an old cliché about April showers bringing May flowers, like that’s some kind of optimistic mantra to get you through four weeks of saying, “The weather really should be getting better by now.” But how about instead of finding clever rhymes to survive the unexpected doldrums of April you just get the heck outta town? April is the month where cherry blossoms bloom from DC to Japan, baseball gets back in season, and New Orleans isn’t yet soul-crushingly humid. And it’s Laotian New Year!...
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China limits access to Everest base

If you’re planning on scaling Everest anytime soon, you’d better be prepared. And that doesn’t just mean being in excellent physical shape. The base camp on the Chinese side of Everest is now officially closed to visitors who don’t have the proper climbing permits. People can still visit the Rongbuk monastery just below base camp but won’t be able to reach the 17,060-foot base camp itself. The new measure is an effort to reduce the amount of waste visitors are leaving behind on the mountain,...
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Best activities in Asheville

The peaks of the Great Smoky Mountains, encased in greenery and reaching over 6,000 feet, have a national park named in their honor. It’s home to more biodiversity than any other in the park system. Spanning the borders of both Tennessee and North Carolina, Great Smoky Mountains National Park is also the most visited park in the system with over 10 million annual visits. Just east of the park, the bustling city of Asheville couples unmatched scenery and easy access to the park. Add in a frien...
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Australia 2019

Outside our house in Noosa Springs there is an abundance of birds some of which provide a melodic symphony of songs in the morning around 530 am and in the evening at sunset. One species in particular has a very unique sound. The Kookaburra sounds like
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How to Check if Your Personal Information Was Part of the Massive Marriott Data Breach

There’s a new website managed by OneTrust that lets you check if your information was part of the Marriott data breach. In all including 5.25 million unencrypted passport numbers, 8.6 million payment cards (most expired). Marriott has not revealed whether the notes they've taken on you were revealed. Continue reading How to Check if Your Personal Information Was Part of the Massive Marriott Data Breach...
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Restaurants and bars Dubai airport

Dubai is one of the best places to first experience Middle Eastern culture. Sure, it can be a bit gaudy and flashy at times (see: man-made resort islands shaped like a palm tree), but it’s also one of the most culturally diverse cities in the region. To experience it all, you first have to get there, and the easiest way to do so via the Dubai International Airport, which is one of the most popular airports in the world. The number of shopping opportunities far outweigh the number of eating op...
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Earn Up to 1,500 Bonus World of Hyatt Points Per Qualifying Night 2019 — Including Award Nights

You can earn up to 1,500 bonus World of Hyatt points per qualifying night — starting with your second eligible stay — starting today, Friday, February 15, 2019 through Wednesday, May 15, 2019... ...but you must... The post Earn Up to 1,500 Bonus World of Hyatt Points Per Qualifying Night 2019 — Including Award Nights appeared first on The Gate.
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New school tax floated, feds subpoena Honolulu rail documents, Kaneshiro impeachment postponed, Kauai seeks curbside recycling, more news from all the Hawaiian Islands

Gov. David Ige with schoolchildren, courtesy photo The state Education Department and teachers are now backing another controversial idea to raise money for public schools. A new proposal being considered by lawmakers would raise the statewide general excise tax (the tax consumers pay on just about everything in the islands) half a percent — from 4 percent to 4.5 percent. Hawaii News Now.=====Federal grand jury subpoenas rail authority documents as part of criminal investigation. Hawaii N...
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Insane new suites in Vegas hotel

These hotel suites in The Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas are putting typical hotel rooms to shame. As part of their $690 million renovations, the hotel has revamped its Hardwood and Kingpin suites to include a half-sized basketball court and full-sized bowling lanes respectively. Photo: Palms Casino Resort/Facebook Photo: Palms Casino Resort The regulation size half basketball court in the Hardwood Suite is the first of its kind in the world. The 10,000-square-foot, two-story suite has...
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France, Paris

11h30 Station Concorde, affiche déchirée. Pour avoir pris cette photo un contrôleur de la Ratp m’a menacé d’une amende en m’expliquant qu’il est interdit de faire des photos, nous sommes au XXI siècle… Copyright Jacques Witt [Author: Jacques Witt]
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Global Prices Turn Topsy-Turvy as Scorned Crudes Become Dear - Bloomberg

Global Prices Turn Topsy-Turvy as Scorned Crudes Become Dear - Bloomberg:Some of the world’s dirtiest and densest crudes traditionally spurned for being too difficult to process are having a moment in the sun, with a little help from Donald Trump.“Heavy-sour” oil from nations such as Venezuela and Iraq have a higher sulfur content and are more viscous than “light-sweet” grades pumped in U.S. shale fields and Europe’s North Sea. While the dirtier crudes could usually be bought for a steep discoun...
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World's most sustainable restaurants

Farm-to-table dining is no longer a niche concept. Restaurants around the world are sourcing local produce, minimizing waste, and reducing energy use. Part of the drive to sustainability is because of flavor — fresh, local food simply tastes better than the same food out of a package — and part of the recent resurgence of sustainable practices in restaurants is because it’s what the people want. While there are locations where local and sustainable food has always been present, this new crop ...
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Best hikes by big cities in Europe,

Europe’s top cities all have some things in common: landmarks recognized the world over, food worth cooping up on a flight for, and some sort of beer or wine culture come to mind. But it’s a special few that have all that and spectacular hiking within or just outside of city limits. Luckily for anyone who likes to break up museum visits and diet-defying meals with cardio and bird’s-eye views, these seven European metropolises make it easy to add hiking to your itinerary. Here’s the best trek ...
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5 days in Vientiane Pakse and the 4000 islands

On Thursday February 7th Stefan and I took the 130PM bus from Vang Vieng to the capital of Laos Vientiane. The bus ride was quite okay and fortunately the bus stopped close to our hostel so that it was only about 10 minutes walking. After 5h in the bus
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#Qatar's real estate market faces reality check ahead of World Cup | Reuters

Qatar's real estate market faces reality check ahead of World Cup | Reuters:Qatar’s Doha Tower, a spike-tipped cylinder that glows orange at night, won an award when finished in 2012 amid a Gulf-wide real estate boom, but today about half of its 46 floors are empty. The office tower, now a familiar part of the capital’s high-rise skyline, has run foul of what real estate brokers, bankers and analysts say is an oversupplied Qatar property market ahead of the 2022 World Cup that mirrors a real est...
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Eni's Gulf expansion has just started: CEO | Reuters

Eni's Gulf expansion has just started: CEO | Reuters:Italian major Eni said it intends to expand in the Middle East after a spree of deals in the Gulf last year, pressing ahead with plans to reduce its reliance on Africa and oil and gas exploration.Since last March Eni has secured nine deals in the United Arab Emirates, gained a foothold in Bahrain and expanded in Oman to underpin its future growth. Last month it pledged $3.3 billion to buy part of the world’s fourth-biggest refinery in the UAE,...
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Oil rises over 2 percent to 2019 highs on tightening supplies | Reuters

Oil rises over 2 percent to 2019 highs on tightening supplies | Reuters:Oil prices rose more than 2 percent to their highest this year on Friday after an outage at Saudi Arabia’s offshore oilfield boosted expectations for tightening supply, while progressing U.S.-Sino trade talks strengthened demand sentiment.The international Brent crude benchmark rose $1.68, or 2.6 percent, to settle at $66.25 a barrel, its highest since November.U.S. West Texas Intermediate crude futures settled up $1.18, or ...
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NBA, U.S. Tennis, Sky, urge U.S. action on alleged #Saudi TV piracy | Reuters

NBA, U.S. Tennis, Sky, urge U.S. action on alleged Saudi TV piracy | Reuters:A group of sports bodies and broadcasters including the U.S. National Basketball Association, U.S. Tennis Association and Sky has called for the United States to add Saudi Arabia to its “priority watch list” over alleged TV piracy, filings show.The filings, made this week with the office of the United States Trade Representative, come as a growing number of global sports and television bodies look to shut down beoutQ, a...
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Starting in June US Airlines Will Offer New Gender Options When Booking Tickets

US airline trade group Airlines 4 American confirms that it has “approved a new international standard that will allow for ‘unspecified’ and ‘undisclosed’ in addition to ‘male’ or ‘female.’” Effective June 1, 2019 this accommodates passengers who have an ‘X’ on their IDs for gender. This is currently an option for state IDs from Arkansas, California, Colorado, Minnesota, Oregon and Washington, D.C. Continue reading Starting in June US Airlines Will Offer New Gender Options When Booking Tickets.....
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5 Tage in Vientiane Pakse und auf den 4000 Inseln

Donnerstag den 7. Februar haben Stefan und ich den 13h30 Bus von Vang Vieng zur Hauptstadt von Laos genommen Vientiane. Die Busfahrt war ganz okay und zum Glck hielt der Bus nicht weit von unserem Hostel an so dass wir nicht noch einen Tuk Tuk nehmen
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