Travel News: February 27, 2019

US Airfares Hit New Lows According to New Report Travel Pulse While it may seem a little hard to believe, the average fare for airline travel has hit its lowest level in nearly 25 years. A new report from the Bureau of Transportation Statistics shows that when adjusted for inflation, prices for airline tickets are now at their lowest point since the government started tracking such numbers in 1995.   Nassau cruise port getting $250M redevelopment Travel Weekly A consortium including Global Port...
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Destination: Antartica

Why? I want to bring you on a journey with me.  It has been 20 plus years in the making.   While I was attending Rigby High School in rural Idaho, I set a goal to travel to all 7 continents.  Growing up in a single-wide trailer and a son of a single mother, this was a very audacious goal.  In 10 short months I will take the last step in tackling this ambitious goal.  Cue the stirring music. I am sharing my experience, not to boast, or draw attention to myself (This is Mike by the way…). ...
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Francesco Morosini - The Great Venetian Naval Commander and His Cat Who Went to War

Venice Campanile from Palazzo Ducale - Photo: Cat Bauer (Venice, Italy) Happy Birthday to Francesco Morosini! One of Venice's greatest heroes is 400 years old today, and many of the most important institutions in town will be celebrating throughout the year. Morosini is known for his military campaigns in Greece against the Turks, especially for his victories in the Peloponnese peninsula, and was called Il Peloponnesiaco. He was the Doge of Venice from 1688 until he died on January 16, 16...
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Road trip whale sharks sea lions bliss

Trip goalsSpeak Spanish all day every day Swim with whale sharks Solo road trip across the desert with the music turned all the way up singing in Spanish at the top of my lungs Unplanned bonusSwim with sea lio
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A birthday and other adventures in Melbourne

Having spent his birthday 19 February last year with the grandkids in Copenhagen this year Kevin wanted to spend it with his Melbourne grandkids. Two of our darling daughters Kerrii and Nicola live in the Melbourne suburb of Brunswick East and l
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4 on the Floor is a unique face-to-face live musical experience, where punters gather around the bands as they play on the floor of the main band room at the Byron Bay Brewery. The March 1st line-up features the thunderous 3 piece heavy rock/blues trio “Stoker” from Brisbane, local groove/blues lads “King Coaster“, a back-to-back electro/R & B/hip-hop sets from”Art Pleasley” and “Mr.Rhodes“, a single release by L.A. based “Jamie-Lee Dimes” and her Waste of Time tour, and a killer blues rock expe...
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Save Up to 30 Percent February 2019 Sale With IHG Rewards Club in the Middle East, India and Africa

As a member of IHG Rewards Club, you can save up to 30 percent off using YOUR RATE when you stay at participating hotel and resort properties within the brand portfolio of InterContinental Hotels Group across across the Middle East, India and Africa between Thursday, March 7, 2019 and Tuesday, April 30, 2019… …but you must... The post Save Up to 30 Percent February 2019 Sale With IHG Rewards Club in the Middle East, India and Africa appeared first on The Gate.
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We went to London to visit the Queen... she was not home....

Short layover in London so we went to visit The Queen... she was not on to India
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A Dream Comes True found Joel and Ellen's JM BB website about 2 years ago and was quite impressed with their 'butterfly and people' effort to preserve the monarch winte
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Relaxing Sunset in Montego Bay, Jamaica

The post Relaxing Sunset in Montego Bay, Jamaica appeared first on LandLopers.
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I Travel Because…

This year I am working with Allianz Travel Insurance to help provide new content and as a new travel partner. I’ve long taken out travel insurance on my trips and, from experience, it’s an important aspect of the travel experience. But today’s post isn’t about insurance, no, instead they asked me to tackle a thought exercise in this sponsored post that at first blush seemed easy but what has been an important challenge. This year Allianz is talking all about the question, “I Travel Because…” We...
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What to Know Before Visiting Ely Minnesota

Known as the Coolest Town in America, Ely, Minnesota is home to less than 3500 people but is visited by tens of thousands from around the world every year. In short, it’s got all the trappings of a resort town combined with the rugged mystique of an outpost pressed against the wilderness. In an age when everyone is a text message or tweet away from everyone else, a place like Ely is a welcome break from civilization, at least some of it. Just like any trip, planning ahead is the best way to ens...
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Five Key Needs that Every Parent Should Fulfill with Their Beach Day Survival Kit

From the rocky coastline of Maine to the tidepools in the Pacific Northwest to the white sands of Florida, it will soon be time for families everywhere to pack up their gear and head to the beach. Beach-goers usually fall toward one of two extremes: the ones who take just a tube of sunscreen and a towel, and the ones who take everything but the proverbial kitchen sink. It seems sensible that most parents fall toward the middle or overprepared end of the spectrum, but no matter where you fall, h...
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Kazakhstan Party Like Its Your Birthday

Well that is easy to do since it is my birthdayWhen I was growing up birthays were exciting and magical. They were predictable but they were also special. My birthdays were sometimes over the top and sometimes more low key but every year my
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South America Day 49 Copacabana

All the travelling with food poisoning and then a cold have taken their toll so Im taking a duvet day. So while the old man sets off on a boat ride to an island full of steps I take a stroll along the lake then return via reception borrow a Ju
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Trump Hotels Profit from Foreign Governments and Airline Sues Passenger Who Threw Coins in Engine

A roundup of the most important stories of the day. I keep you up to date on the most interesting writings I find on other sites – the latest news and tips. Continue reading Trump Hotels Profit from Foreign Governments and Airline Sues Passenger Who Threw Coins in Engine...
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6 Reasons Why Sarajevo Should Be On Your Bucket List

Most people have heard of Sarajevo but don’t quite remember it the first time you mention it. Some know it as the host of the 1984 winter Olympics when Jane Torvill and Christopher Dean broke records with their Bolero performance. The more studious person will remember Sarajevo from history books as the place where all hell broke loose when Gavrilo Princip assassinated Archduke Franz Ferdinand – marking the beginning of World War I. But the city has changed a lot since those events, and its more...
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Danube River Overview

If you’re not humming the melody to this Johann Strauss waltz by the end of your Danube river cruise, well,… The post Danube River Overview appeared first on Cruise Maven.
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Amtrak stuck for 36 hours in Oregon

An Amtrak train stranded for 36 hours, with 183 people on board, has finally returned to Eugene, Oregon. But not without its fair share of hardship. While the train was en route to Los Angeles on Sunday, it hit a tree that had fallen onto the tracks and was rendered inoperable. Heavy snowfall covering the tracks further complicated matters, turning the ride into a 36-hour ordeal. Tim McMahan, a spokesperson for Union Pacific Railroad, told CNN that the train ceased working in Oakridge, Orego...
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Rhine River Overview

The Rhine River begins its downhill journey from Swiss Alps becoming navigable in the Swiss city of Basel. As the… The post Rhine River Overview appeared first on Cruise Maven.
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Mosel River Overview in Germany’s Reisling Region

The Mosel river could be considered petite by European river standards.  It is only 339 miles long. However, this meandering… The post Mosel River Overview in Germany’s Reisling Region appeared first on Cruise Maven.
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Mosel River Overview

The Mosel river could be considered petite by European river standards.  It is only 339 miles long. However, this meandering… The post Mosel River Overview appeared first on Cruise Maven.
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Main River Overview

The Main River is sandwiched between the Rhine and the Danube and a mere 326 miles long. The headwaters begin… The post Main River Overview appeared first on Cruise Maven.
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US airlines' seatback screen cameras

It might not make passengers feel any better about their privacy, but at least now the secret is out in the open. Seatback screens on United and Delta Airlines have built-in cameras though both airlines claim the cameras are not active. The cameras, primarily found in screens in premium economy class, were included by the manufacturer of the entertainment systems as a standard feature for potential video conferencing, though a United spokesperson told BuzzFeed News that the airline has “no pl...
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Stupid Travel Mistakes: Why I Have Travel Insurance

A tale of fear and loathing after losing a passport in Salzburg Austria. How to cover yourself if this happens to you overseas.
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Indigenous Music to Rock the Main Stages at Bluesfest 2019!

From folk to hip-hop and timeless classics, the Indigenous music circuit is incredibly strong right now. We are thrilled to announce that we have eight fantastic Indigenous acts performing at Bluesfest along with Boomerang Festival this Easter long weekend. Indigenous artists playing Boomerang AND Bluesfest this Easter long weekend: Baker Boy Archie Roach Yothu Yindi & the Treaty Project Mojo Juju Benny Walker Mission Songs Project Dallas Woods Brotherhood of the Blues Plus over 70 more acts acr...
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Shinjuku reds and yellows

Reds and yellows in Shinjuku’s red light district.
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Python hid in woman’s plane luggage

Stowing away in an airplane is pretty difficult these days — unless you’re a snake, apparently. After her flight from Queensland, Australia, to Scotland, this woman discovered an unexpected flying companion hidden away in her luggage. While unpacking, Maria Boxall found a python curled up in her shoe; it had made itself so at home, in fact, that it even molted its skin inside the shoe. At first, she thought it was a practical joke, but when it began to move she realized the snake was very muc...
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Hidden Gems of Egypt: Part 2

Read the full article on at - Hidden Gems of Egypt: Part 2 In part two of Hidden Gems of Egypt, we’re taking you outside of Cairo to two must-see destinations: Sinai and Aswan, and some special communities definitely not in most brochures.   Related:  Hidden Gems of Egypt: Part 1 The post Hidden Gems of Egypt: Part 2 appeared first on Peter Greenberg Travel Detective.
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