Education tax hike rejected by House, California Roundup cancer lawsuit could affect Hawaii, Kauai tops state for unvaccinated schoolchildren, Ozawa-Waters campaign heating up, more news from all the Hawaiian Islands

Hawaii grocery clerks ©2019 All Hawaii News A proposal to increase the state excise tax to boost funding for Hawaii public schools and the University of Hawaii will not get a hearing in the state House and appears to be dead for this year. Senate Bill 1474 would have increased the state excise tax to 4.5 percent from 4 percent to provide hundreds of millions of dollars in extra funding each year for higher and lower education, but House Finance Chairwoman Sylvia Luke said Thursday she wil...
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Save on Rental Cars Leaving Florida One Way Spring 2019 — But…

Exactly one year ago today, I wrote this article about how you can rent a car from Florida and drive it out one way to much of the eastern United States for a rental rate of as low as $8.45 per day, if you can position yourself to do so... ...but this year, the going rate is no less expensive than $14.95 per day — and that rate is only offered by... The post Save on Rental Cars Leaving Florida One Way Spring 2019 — But… appeared first on The Gate.
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Are Sandals Worn in the Louvre

  Heavenly soles at the Louvre.   After all these years of living in France, the Louvre never ceases to amaze me. If I lived in the Louvre I would feel the same way it is a feast for the eyes.         Whenever I go to the Lourve I like to focus on one thing and take photos of just that one thing for example; One time I took photos of frames, another time signatures, yet another time people taking photos of the Mona Lisa. This time I took photos of feet in sandals: Heavenly Soles.           Yo...
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Udayagiri caves and Vidisha

The rock cut cave temples of Udayagiri are believed to be sculpted in early 5th century during the Gupta dynasty’s rule, and are some of the oldest cave temples in India. Located a short drive away from Bhopal, these remarkable temples are known for their wonderful sculptures and carvings related to Hinduism and Jainism, apart from inscriptions about Gupta dynasty. There are in total 20 caves, most of which are dedicated to Vaishnavism, and a couple of them to Shaivism and Jainism. The s...
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Feels like home!

As I write this, it's 7:18 AM and I am at Starbucks Powai outlet. There is yellow lights, the smell of freshly crushed coffee, AC at 22 (I guess) and not another soul here. Except for the Baristas, of course. And for all that it's worth, it feels like home. Really. More home than the place I live at. Or the place I lived at for years in Delhi. They were right when they said they would create the third place that people would keep coming back to. I keep coming back to it.I don't live close to thi...
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Alcohol rules while flying

The TSA is strict when it comes to liquids. Anyone who’s flown in the last decade knows all liquids must be in 3.4-ounce or less sized bottles. A mini bottle of alcohol, conveniently, is around 1.7 ounces. Which has led plenty of budget-conscious fliers to wonder if it’s legal to bring and drink your own alcohol on a flight to avoid paying for the expensive in-flight drinks. While you can certainly get your minis through security, drinking them is another issue entirely. Federal Aviation Adm...
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10 fun things to do in Faro in just one day

From the old city walls you get a glimpse of how Faro must have been, looking out over the shimmering silver water of the Ria Formosa lagoon, towards the distant sandbanks that shelter the city from the force of the ocean. Within the Vila-Adentro, Faro’s old town, the houses are closely packed in narrow streets that changed hands between the Moors and the Portuguese over the centuries. Now of course the town has extended much further and there are attractive pedestrianised shopping streets ...
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Best late-night bars in Brooklyn

Manhattan is usually most people’s go-to when it comes to New York City nightlife. While you should definitely experience everything the island borough has to offer, from wine bars to dives to scenic rooftops, it’s worth getting out of the city for a night or two to experience the nightlife elsewhere. Brooklyn has gained a lot of popularity over the last few years and is most commonly known to visitors for being a hipster haven. While that’s true to a degree, and though it has led to the arri...
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Madagascar Travel: 33 Things You Need to Know Before You Go

These 33 tips will help you travel in Madagascar and make your time in this unique country so much more enjoyable.  You can read the original article here: Madagascar Travel: 33 Things You Need to Know Before You Go. Monkeys and Mountains | Adventure Travel - Outdoor Adventures | Hiking Trips | Active Vacations
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Top 10 happiest countries in the world

Perhaps your idea of happiness is a pristine beach off the Caribbean, a glass of vintage red on the French Riviera or an unexpected hotel upgrade, but what about the happiness of a nation? The winner of this year’s World Happiness Report may come as a surprise to some. For the second time in a […] The post Top 10 happiest countries in the world appeared first on A Luxury Travel Blog.
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ARGENTINE 7 Ushuaia un cadeau extraordinaire... ARGENTINA 7 un regalo fabuloso...

castellano debajo del francs... Ce matin nous nous levons avec une grande surprise et un norme cadeau de la part de nos amis.... Une promenade en Catamaran dans le Canal Beagle....Un soleil clatant accompagne ce cadeau... La journe risq

End the night with alcoholic fruit

While Alex slept like a snoring log I was to excited about the Palace Real to and woke every two hours. Finally at 8 am I got up to shower waking somewhat Alex. We then went to a nearby Chocolatria so I could have churros and hot chocolate for breakfast

South America Day 71 Quito to London

Its finally here the last day of our trip. We dont leave for the airport until 3 pm so this morning we are visiting the Palacio de Gobierno which I have finally managed to obtain tickets for. The tour is free but needs to be reserved by email i

Where to eat at Hong Kong airport

The hardest part about deciding where to eat in the Hong Kong International Airport is choosing whether you want to get your food before going through security or after. Whichever you choose, there are outposts of Michelin-starred restaurants, luxury chains, and quality grab-and-go options. There are also plenty of fast food chains, but it’s too easy to avoid those and get one last taste of Hong Kong cuisine (as well as award-winning food from around China and Japan) before taking off. These ...
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The best islands to visit in Croatia

Croatia is becoming an increasingly popular summer destination for those wanting an affordable European beach vacation. With so many islands, you can choose the kind of experiences you want for your vacation — whether for relaxation, nightlife, outdoor activities, or food and wine. Each island has a rich heritage and its own distinctive cuisine, as well as activities suited to its unique geography. Departure for each of these four islands is from the coastal port city of Split, which has its ...
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Nanny job requires Disney costumes

The five-year-old twin girls of one British couple are about to become spoiled little princesses — literally. The children’s parents recently posted a help wanted ad on a British childcare website seeking a part-time nanny, with one unusual job requirement — the nanny must dress as a different Disney princess every month. The family lives in the suburban town of Brookmans Park, north of London. The costume expenses will be covered as part of the job, which also comes with a generous $53,000 a...
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Sydney college mistaken for Hogwarts

There’s a rumor flying around Chinese tourist circles, one that has caught the eye of Harry Potter fans in particular. The false story claims that the Quadrangle building at the Sydney University in Australia was one of the filming locations for scenes involving Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in the popular Harry Potter film series. As such, Chinese tourists are flocking to Sydney, with many asking the university’s front desk where they can find the film site. “There’s been an ast...
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How to travel to Turkmenistan

There’s a fiery pit in Turkmenistan’s Karakum Desert that’s been ablaze since 1971. Ever since Soviet geologists seeking oil mistakenly drilled into a cavern filled with natural gas. The rig collapsed, the pit opened up, and the scientists set it on fire to burn off the dangerous, leaking methane gas. That was over 40 years ago. Photo: JoostP/Shutterstock This scorching site is the Darvaza gas crater, but locals are more likely to call it the “Door to Hell” for obvious reasons. The same rea...
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ADCB and UNB shareholders greenlight mega-merger

:Shareholders of Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank (ADCB) and Union National Bank (UNB) have given their approval for a merger of the two banks and then to acquire Al Hilal Bank, creating an entity with Dh6.1 billion in net profit.At the separate ADCB and UNB annual general meetings on Thursday, shareholders approved the terms of the transaction, under which ADCB will issue convertible bonds to Al Hilal’s shareholders as the acquisition price paid by ADCB for the privately-held bank.The bonds will be co...

Art is alive and kicking in #Dubai — and so is the bigger business picture | Arab News

Art is alive and kicking in Dubai — and so is the bigger business picture | Arab News:There are several ways to feel the economic pulse of Dubai. You can pore over statistics from the Department of Economic Development; you can look at the sales and valuation figures from the property agents and the Land Department; you can look at the financial indices from the emirate’s two stock markets.But by far the most enjoyable, and also maybe the most reliable, is to attend the opening night of Art Duba...

QSE index closes at 9,953.72 points - The Peninsula #Qatar

QSE index closes at 9,953.72 points - The Peninsula Qatar:Qatar Stock Exchange’s (QSE) benchmark index lost 16.83 points, or 0.17 percent, last week when the bourse closed yesterday at 9,953.72 points.Trading value during last week decreased by 46.09 percent to reach QR1.33bn compared to QR2.48bn.Trading volume decreased by 38.98 percent to reach 46.14 million shares, as against 75.63 million shares, while the number of transactions fell by 11.28 percent, to reach 27,553 transactions as compared...

Oil dips further from 2019 highs on demand worries | Reuters

Oil dips further from 2019 highs on demand worries | Reuters:Oil fell about 2 percent on Friday, slipping further from 2019 highs as focus shifted to a lack of progress in U.S.-China trade talks and as grim manufacturing data from Germany and the U.S. reignited fears of a slowdown in the global economy and oil demand.Wall Street’s main indexes tumbled between 1 and 2 percent on Friday after manufacturers in Europe, Japan and the United States suffered in March as surveys showed trade tensions ha...

Washington DC USA Pencils politics and protests

When Steve was looking for accommodation for our stay in Washington he said Oh look the Watergate we should stay there With rooms starting at upwards of several hundreds of s per night he quickly decided we shouldnt those prices w

American Airlines CEO: Our Executives are Talking More About India

About a month ago I wrote that despite speculation I don't believe American Airlines will fly to India for four reasons. These are the same reasons, by the way, that I'm skeptical about rumors of American launching Los Angeles - Manila. Continue reading American Airlines CEO: Our Executives are Talking More About India...
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Konami célèbre ses 50 ans

Konami Digital Entertainment célèbre son 50ème anniversaire avec les collections Arcade Classics Anniversary Collection, Castlevania Anniversary Collection et Contra Anniversary Collection. Les trois collections seront disponibles exclusivement sur PlayStation Store, Xbox Live, Nintendo Switch eShop et Steam Le 18 avril, les fans pourront retrouver les classiques des bornes d’arcade de KONAMI avec Arcade Classics Anniversary Collection , qui contient huit jeux ainsi qu’un livre bonus numériq...
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Business Class as Low as $2,500 Round Trip With Qatar Airways Prix-Fixe Sale March 2019

Travel in style this year sitting in the business class cabin of an airplane operated by Qatar Airways to select destinations around the world from nine origination airports in the United States for as low as $2,500.00 round trip between Wednesday, May 15, 2019 and Thursday, December 5, 2019... ...but you must... The post Business Class as Low as $2,500 Round Trip With Qatar Airways Prix-Fixe Sale March 2019 appeared first on The Gate.
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Great Tips for Traveling With A Dog

If you are planning to go on a road trip it is important to realize that traveling with your pet involves much more than simply loading him or her in your car’;s back seat and driving off, particularly if you will plan to be away for an extended period or will be driving long distances. Here are a few tips to ensure that you have a safe and smooth road trip. Keep all pets secure and safe in a properly ventilated carrier or crate. There are various hard plastic, wire mesh, and soft-sided carrier...
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This Spain and Portugal Vacation Package Includes Your Airfare and Hotels Starting Under $1,000

There’s never a bad time to go to the Iberian peninsula, and you can do it for less than you might expect with this package from TripMasters (in partnership with Travelzoo).Read more...
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