Faded Tulip Romance

  I love when tulips end like this. Reminds me that every stage is beautiful, has something to offer.             [Author: French la Vie]
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City of Rocks

blog 032519 City of Rocks SPToday Pat and I had plans to travel north to the third state park in our area. It's name is City of Rocks and it is about a square mile right out of the Flintstones it could pass for Bedrock. We went to the visitor's cent
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$60 Visitor Fee Because She Might Be a Prostitute?

Depending on where you are staying, being charged an extra fee for inviting a visitor to your hotel room may be standard practice — despite how often you may have stayed at the hotel or resort property and regardless of whether or not you have earned elite level status in a frequent travel loyalty program. The front desk clerk at... The post $60 Visitor Fee Because She Might Be a Prostitute? appeared first on The Gate.
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rotd: frederick douglass, prophet of freedom

Revolutionary thought of the day:Douglass's great gift, and the reason we know him of today, is that he found ways to convert the scars Covey left on his body into words that might change the world.David W. Blight, Frederick Douglass, Prophet of FreedomThis is what every abuse survivor, every war resister, every Truth and Reconciliation testifier, is doing: finding ways to convert their scars into change.It's been a long time since our last ROTD! This book is clearly going to change that. [Autho...
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Off to Panama

Spent last night at the Dulles Marriott so we didn't have to try and get to Dulles at 8 am on a Mondayworked very nicely. The shuttle had us there in no time we checked our bag and got our boarding passes scored TSA precheck and made our way via t
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3 Simple Ways to Win at Solo Female Travel

When I was planning my first 6-month solo backpacking trip in 2013, many people told me how ‘brave’ and ‘inspiring’ I was for wanting to explore the world on my own. In reality, I was no different from any woman who dreams of solo travel – I had my set of fears and insecurities. I had sleepless nights spent wondering if things would go wrong, if I would feel miserable being alone, or if I would ‘make it’ around the world safely. But now, after being on the road for over six years, I only wish th...
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Long Life Memories in Peru

Peru is a land known for its diversity and uniqueness which stand above the other countries. In Peru, you will find an abundance of natural and cultural treasures that have attracted people from all around the world and are considered one of a kind. If Peru is on your bucket list, don’t hesitate to visit it because such a trip guarantees an extraordinary experience and long life memories. In this article, you will learn several reasons why you should visit Peru. Encounter ancient culture & mys...
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Iceland's fermented shark festival

I smelled them before I saw them. Two boys, both around four years old, roaming around a music store in downtown Reykjavik with an aroma of ammonia, fish, and rottenness trailing behind them. An employee bent down to speak to one of the boys and asked in Icelandic if he had eaten hakarl, or fermented shark. An enthusiastic “Ja!”’ was the reply. “Vel gert!” She smiled and gave him a high five. The other child wore a handmade crown, the kind you make in kindergarten with construction paper, gli...
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Keep Calm And Eat Paan: Eating Our Way Through Harris Park!

My sometime vegetarian friend Laura and I were in need for another food adventure. Something to look forward to after a busy week. So on Friday night we ventured out to Harris Park, one of our favourite places for delicious food to try a lesser known subset of cuisine: Indian Chinese!
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The Greatest Story Never Told: Hawaii's Kamehameha the King

Waipio Valley, on the north end of the Big Island, is where Kamehameha grew upLast summer, movie star-king Dwayne (The Rock) Johnson announced plans to team with director Robert Zemeckis (Back to the Future) and screenwriter Randall Wallace (Braveheart) to make a blockbuster called The King, depicting the life of Hawaii's first monarch of all the islands—Kamehameha the Great.A good match for the trio at first glance: Johnson is of Polynesian decent and he's a large man, though, at 6'5", he's ab...
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Kazakhstan Just Another Saturday in the Steppes

One of my big goals for this trip to Kazakhstan was to learn more about camels explore the camel industry and experience a dairy. My real hope was to tour the dairy that was affiliated with SYDYK the camel milk restaurant and get an understanding of thei
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Limited Window: Get Free Local Flights With Category 7 Hyatt Turks & Caicos Redemption

This is an interesting opportunity. Hyatt introduced new category 8 redemptions for the most expensive SLH properties that you can earn and redeem points at. The Sailrock Resort in Turks & Caicos is currently category 7 (30,000 points per night) but they're bumping it to category 8 (40,000 points per night) effective April 8. The price is going up because reservations now include roundtrip domestic airfare. And you'll get that air travel for the lower points price still for bookings made pr...
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Best places for punting in England

Conjuring up images of lazy summer days on the river, straw boaters, and picnics, punting is on par with Wimbledon and cream teas as a quintessentially English pastime. Not only a unique way to experience a destination, punting is simply just a lot of fun. Traditionally used to transport cargo, boat punting became a popular leisure activity between 1860 and 1880 on the River Thames in London. These days, punting is primarily associated with the university cities of Cambridge and Oxford, wher...
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Most scenic airport named

Private jet booking platform PrivateFly just released its list of “most scenic airports for landings,” and unsurprisingly to anyone who has ever flown over the verdant Land of Éire, Donegal Airport in Ireland tops the list. To compile the list, PrivateFly gathered responses from 7,000 participants who nominated airports they believed to be the most scenic. According to Adam Twidell, CEO of PrivateFly, the poll is meant to encourage travelers to not just focus on disembarking and rushing throu...
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30 Fun Things To Do In Cancun: Mexico’s Gateway To The Yucatan

Best Things to Do in Cancun, Mexico! Cancun, Mexico Cancun is the official party capital of Mexico with great beachfront access to the Caribbean Sea. But there are so many more things to do in Cancun besides the beaches! Known as the gateway to the Yucatan Peninsula, Cancun is often the first travel experience that most Americans have in Mexico. In fact up to 40% of American travelers are picking Mexico for their vacation. I’ll be the first to tell you that Cancun is not my favorite place i...
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Solar farms could take over prime ag land, $4.3M more to house inmates on mainland, boat people of the Ala Wai, pieces of Zuckerberg Kauai estate sold at auction, more news from all the Hawaiian Islands

Taro fields on Kauai ©2019 All Hawaii News Bill to put solar farms on prime ag land elicits stiff opposition. Developers would be allowed to put solar farms on prime agricultural land under a measure that has passed key legislative committees but is eliciting strong protest from Gov. David Ige’s cabinet while dividing farmers and environmental groups. Star-Advertiser.=====Hawaii officials request $4.3 million for mainland prisoners. Hawaii's government has requested additional funds to ho...
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Mobileye CEO clowns on Nvidia for allegedly copying self-driving car safety scheme

While creating self-driving car systems, it’s natural that different companies might independently arrive at similar methods or results — but the similarities in a recent “first of its kind” Nvidia proposal to work done by Mobileye two years ago were just too much for the latter company’s CEO to take politely. Amnon Shashua, in a blog post on parent company Intel’s news feed cheekily titled “Innovation Requires Originality, openly mocks Nvidia’s “Safety Force Field,” pointing out innumerable ...
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An Overnight Stay in a Wadi Rum Camp in Jordan

I’ve been angling to get to Jordan for well over a decade. The country has been on my radar since I first read Desert Queen: The Extraordinary Life of Gertrude Bell: Adventurer, Advisor to Kings, Ally of Lawrence of Arabia. Instagram provided further fodder – with lots of drool-worthy photos over the past few years. My wish to visit Jordan finally came to true in March 2019. John and I spent a week cycling the country with Exodus Travels with a few days tacked on at either end to see more of the...
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Types of moonshine around the world

Illegal liquor is a lot like a good hole in the wall restaurant. No matter where you’re at, you can find it if you know the right people to ask. Moonshine, as it’s known in the US, has a storied history as the liquid that changed the hills of Appalachia, built fortunes for Prohibition-era mobsters like Al Capone, and made a star out of Popcorn Sutton. It’s far from a stateside phenomenon, though. The tradition of fermenting and distilling whatever grain, sugar, or fruit is cheaply available ...
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HFTP Announces Startups for Entrepreneur 20X at HITEC Europe

Hospitality Financial and Technology Professionals (HFTP®), producers of Hospitality Industry Technology Exposition and Conference (HITEC®), is pleased to announce the selected hospitality technology startups that will participate in Entrepreneur 20X (E20X) at HITEC Europe. The E20X start-up pitch competition is on April 9 from 3:00 to 6:00 p.m. at the Palau de Congressos in Palma, Mallorca, Spain; all registered HITEC Europe delegates are welcome to attend. The competition is a pre-confe...
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A Home Lost, Rebuilt, and Rediscovered in Southwest England

Raynor Winn and her husband walked the SW Coast Path in England after losing their home while facing a terminally ill disease. A story of loss and gain.
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Suisse, Lausanne

19h30 l’entrée du port sur le lac Leman Copyright Jacques Witt [Author: Jacques Witt]
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United Now Pricing Awards as Low as 5000 Miles Each Way

At the beginning of 2019 I flagged that United removed its award chart tables from its website and rolled out premium economy awards without any award chart at all. This made me wonder whether United would eventually eliminate award charts entirely, as Delta has done, and move to align redemption more closely to the price of a ticket. Interestingly United appears to be making reduced mileage awards available when ticket prices are low on short-distance routes like New York LaGuardia - Chicago, ...
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Here’s everything Apple announced today

Even after last week’s stream of hardware releases — a new iPad, new iMacs, and new AirPods all back-to-back — Apple had more to announce. The company announced a bunch of new stuff at a two hour event this morning, primarily focusing on its new premium media subscriptions. Don’t have time to catch up on all of it? Here are the highlights: AppleTV+: Apple is building an ad-free subscription video service. It announced a ton of new original content from names like Oprah, Steve Carell, JJ Abra...
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Best European music festivals

Not that you ever need an excuse to head to Europe during the summer other than it being Europe in the summer. But sometimes it’s nice to have an event to base your travels around and something to do other than fight the million other Americans who also thought this would be a good time to cross the pond. European music festivals offer the perfect centerpiece to a summer Eurotrip, a weekend where you can converse with people from all over the world and maybe catch Cardi B somewhere along the ...
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Flight accidentally lands country

A plane touching down on a runway is one of the best feelings for a traveler, but touching down at the wrong airport might be one of the worst. On Monday, a British Airways flight departed from London City Airport and landed safely in Edinburgh. The only problem was that the destination was supposed to be Düsseldorf, Germany. The 500-mile mistake in the flight plan supposedly occurred due to incorrectly submitted paperwork. Passengers only realized the mistake when the plane announcement said...
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Apple Tries to Re-Invent Itself as a Service Company

Even Apple’s own advertising can’t make its new TV+ service seem interesting or innovative. After delays and failed/false starts in the past, today was the day Apple held a special launch event to announce various new subscription based streaming services.  Although in many ways, Apple was one of the first to offer streaming with its iTunes service, it has surprisingly but thoroughly dropped the ball, seeing new services come from nowhere to eclipse iTunes – in particular Netflix and Amazon Prim...
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King Tutankhamun exhibit in Paris

After the discovery of the tomb of King Tutankhamun in 1922, the subsequent story of the King Tut’s curse turned the 1967 exhibition in the Petit Palais in Paris into one of the biggest archaeological sensations of the 20th century, drawing 1.2 million visitors and sparking public interest in Egyptian archaeology. This year, the treasures of Tutankhamun are on display in Paris once again, in a rare exhibition at the Grande Halle de la Villette. The “Treasures of the Golden Pharaoh” which open...
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Apple Re-Invents Itself as a Service Company

Even Apple’s own advertising can’t make its new TV+ service seem interesting or innovative. After delays and failed/false starts in the past, today was the day Apple held a special launch event to announce various new subscription based streaming services.  Although in many ways, Apple was one of the first to offer streaming with its iTunes service, it has surprisingly but thoroughly dropped the ball, seeing new services come from nowhere to eclipse iTunes – in particular Netflix and Amazon Prim...
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