Cabolla Lake to Elephant Butte Lake

blog 033019 Cabolla Lake to Elephant Butte LakeYes I like camping on or near the water. There are a series of dams on the Rio Grande and 2 of them formed lakes that have become state parks. Elephant Butte is just 25 miles north of Cabolla Lake and a
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Big Cities Halifax Friday 2017 June 23

Our morning began with another lecture by John Mullan this time entitled Persuasion and Selfdelusion. Although his talks are entertaining and well referenced I did not totally agree with
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A Day at the Beach and Dinner Out

Today we decided we had enough of tours and busy touristy places as well Charlie had Helped us rent some boogie boards so we decided to stay on the beach. Our suite came complete with beach umbrella and some beach chairs so we dragged them all down to the
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Last Day on the Beach

The beach today was such a success we decided to do it again except for the sunburns. Tiffany decided to rent a surfboard and hang 10 She insisted she didnt need a lesson and to her credit she did get up a couple of times. For some reason the waves t
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Addis Ababa to Harar Ethiopia L'Aiguillage des Chameliers

23 marsToujours Lalibela J'embarque dans un avion hlices d'Ethiopian Airlines Bombardier Q400.Je retourne Addis Ababa par les airs ce qui me fera sauver 2 jours de transport merdiquedans les montagnes russes de l'Amh
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Aksum Ethiopia L'Or la Myrrhe et l'Encens

12 marsNe tenez pas la queue du lopard mais si vous la tenez ne la lchez plus Proverbe thiopien Toujours DebarkMaintenant de retour de mon trek dans les montagnes du Simien mon plan est d'tirer mes aventures jusqu' Aksum
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Watch these Falcons Board a Plane in Coach

This short video is making the rounds in social media of falcons boarding a flight. This is far more common than you might think . And no these do not appear to be emotional support falcons. Continue reading Watch these Falcons Board a Plane in Coach...
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Omani oil minister sees prices staying in $65-$75 range until year-end | Reuters

Omani oil minister sees prices staying in $65-$75 range until year-end | Reuters:Omani Energy Minister Mohammed bin Hamad al-Rumhy said he expected global oil prices to stay in a range between $65 and $75 a barrel until the end of the year, the state-run Oman News Agency (ONA) reported on Saturday.He was also quoted as saying Oman remained committed to the OPEC+ agreement until the end of 2019.Under the accord reached in December 2018, members of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Count...
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CMU team develops a robot and drone system for mine rescues

On our final day in Pittsburgh, we find ourself in a decommissioned coal mine. Just northeast of the city proper, Tour-Ed’s owners run field trips and tours during the warmer months, despite the fact that the mine’s innards run a constant 50 degrees or so, year round. With snow still melted just beyond the entrance, a team of students from Carnegie Mellon and Oregon State University are getting a pair of robots ready for an upcoming competition. The small team is one of a dozen or so currently c...
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Mark Zuckerberg actually calls for regulation of content, elections, privacy

It’s been a busy day for Facebook exec op-eds. Earlier this morning, Sheryl Sandberg broke the site’s silence around the Christchurch massacre, and now Mark Zuckerberg is calling on governments and other bodies to increase regulation around the sorts of data Facebook traffics in. He’s hoping to get out in front of heavy-handed regulation and get a seat at the table shaping it. The founder published a letter simultaneously on his own page and The Washington Post, the latter of which is an idea...
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Questions You have Asked Me?

  I look forward to checking in with u every day because life in France has the appearance of something more. I still can figure out if this is true. So my question is a request to have you add small ideas of change that you have learned in France and from your mom.   France has a long rich deep history which weaves itself within time as it goes throughout the ages. Carried on with respect and sometimes upheaval the culture and history of France are present in everyday life. From the architectu...
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Hop on Hop off Bus Llandudno to Conwy

A delightful little tour where we went to Conwy hopped off for an hour hopped on the next bus to Llandudno had a bite to eat walked to hotel then back to bus for another trip to Conwy. Hopped off again and walked over the river bridge and saw just how
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Fix for American Seat Changes and Delta Business Class Award Sale

A roundup of the most important stories of the day. I keep you up to date on the most interesting writings I find on other sites – the latest news and tips. Continue reading Fix for American Seat Changes and Delta Business Class Award Sale...
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15 of the most beautiful places to visit in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is an island nation located in the heart of the Caribbean. The country is administered by the United States and consists of flavours of both the US and its Spanish colonial past. With a casual island vibe and stunning scenery, it makes a delectable travel destination with paradise-like beaches and pretty built up...
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5 ways to stay physically equipped for adventure

C onrad Anker’s accomplishments in high-altitude climbing are astonishing. For over three decades he’s been an elite climber and world-class mountaineer, often leading expeditions with climbers half his age in tow. His list of first ascents is both lengthy and impressive, the pinnacle probably being the 2011 summit of India’s Meru Peak via its Shark’s Fin route, accompanied by Jimmy Chin and Renan Ozturk. That ascent — and Conrad’s personal story — became the subject of Chin’s successful 2015 ...
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Green Power: Japanese Sesame Spinach Gomaae Salad

Japanese spinach gomaae salad is one of the tastiest and healthiest ways to eat spinach. So simple but so full of flavour you may find yourself making a big batch of this after your first go! And Dear Reader this is a pushy recipe especially if you're looking for something good for you!
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Here’s What ‘Suspicious Behavior’ Can Get You Stopped at the Airport

The city you're flying from (Los Angeles, Chicago, New York), your clothing (a hoodie), and even eagerness to get your bags at baggage claim are suspicious and can get you stopped. So can looking like someone with those characteristics that the police notice while following someone else. You'd be surprised how often you're being watched at the airport, and that the government can stop you -- and take your stuff. Last year it was revealed that the TSA was assigning agents to follow ordinary Ame...
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EC Weekly: Gaming, crypto, shipping and the multiple future strategies of tech

Niantic EC-1 Illustration by Nigel Sussman Greg Kumparak published the first part of his planned four part EC-1 series on Niantic yesterday, focusing on the founding story of the AR/gaming unicorn from Keyhole and Google Earth to a complicated spinout from Alphabet. Lots of great nuggets on how companies get formed and built, but one I particularly enjoyed was this one: Like most companies, Google doesn’t like when employees leave. Especially employees who ran key parts of the company for yea...
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Instagram Star Flies First Class While Her Husband Flies Coach. How Does It Work In Your Family?

Sometimes couples just don't like each other that much and being in separate cabins is a great way to stay together. Over the holidays last fall two American Airlines flights had to divert when couples got into fights on board. It does seem most of the stories are about men flying up front while wives or girlfriends are in back, so I was intrigued by a role reversal. She says her husband just appreciates how lucky he is to be with her. Continue reading Instagram Star Flies First Class While Her...
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48.den berastagi sopka sibayak

Noc nic moc. Fakt ma trochu natrasalo a obcas hluk z aut a k tomu aj trosku zima no a komari nesmeli chybat.Rano ocista. Studena sprcha chvilu isla a potom nie. Umyval som si len zuby umyvadlo tu neni.Pri ubytku cakalo kopa ludi na dodavky ktore
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pub-9166485404346800 [Author: Lynn Hemeon]
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47.den presun berastagi

Check out spraveny. Prakticky len pozdravenie a podakovanie. Tak ako vcera majitelka po zisteny ze tu nezostanem dlhsie i majitel uz nebol pri rozlucke taky priatelsky ako pri prichode.Slapanie cca 3km na krizovatku do mestecka tomok.Tu stal jeden
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Rumor Control: American Will Still Issue Infant Tickets When Booking Awards on Partner Airlines

According to the Points Guy website American Airlines will no longer issue infant tickets when you redeem miles for awards on any of their partner airlines except British Airways. If this were accurate it would be huge news. I had heard nothing of the sort, so I decided to test it out. Continue reading Rumor Control: American Will Still Issue Infant Tickets When Booking Awards on Partner Airlines...
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Remote workers and nomads represent the next tech hub

Amid calls for a dozen different global cities to replace Silicon Valley — Austin, Beijing, London, New York — nobody has yet nominated “nowhere.” But it’s now a possibility. There are two trends to unpack here. The first is startups that are fully, or almost fully, remote, with employees distributed around the world. There’s a growing list of significant companies in this category: Automattic, Buffer, GitLab, Invision, Toptal and Zapier all have from 100 to nearly 1,000 remote employees. The...
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Moving into our new apartment and some exploring

Eventually Saturday comes around and there's no rest for the wicked as we have to get up at the back of eight for our final buffet breakfast and then head over to Santa Pola to pick up our new keys It's exciting but a bit annoying we have to do it in tw
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Another year another move another place

We've had a few hectic weeks of packing cleaning and generally trying to sort our lives out before once again upping sticks and moving to a new place and a new job why we still put ourselves through it I will never know although I think we thrive on the
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American Airlines First Class Passengers Fighting Off Bees

On American Airlines flight AA535 on March 25th there were more than passengers in the first class cabin. I'm guessing standard compensation for a bee sting is around 5000 miles or a $100 travel credit. Continue reading American Airlines First Class Passengers Fighting Off Bees...
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Falls to Fall For: Öxarárfoss in Þingvellir National Park in Iceland

I could hear the roar of the water smashing down onto the smooth and large rocks below long before I saw what is known as Öxarárfoss as I was strolling in Þingvellir National Park that morning of my visit, where I was greeted with spectacular — and relatively warm — weather. Visitors are treated to a breathtaking view during the walk to Öxarárfoss. Much of the walk to Öxarárfoss is via a curving boardwalk, with the remainder of it as a path of asphalt. Öxarárfoss is actually located in a fissure...
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Portugal The Algarves

Took our flight to Lisbon and Faro Portugal today. It was about 4 hours in total and our driver Alexendre was waiting for us at the airport He was the landlord at the apartment we will be staying at for the week. It was supposed to be about 45 min drive
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#SaudiArabia’s Sabic to become Aramco’s chemicals arm | Financial Times

Saudi Arabia’s Sabic to become Aramco’s chemicals arm | Financial Times:Saudi Arabia’s Sabic will become the chemicals business of the state energy company Saudi Aramco, which this week acquired a majority stake as part of a deal to transfer funds to the country’s sovereign wealth fund.Yousef Al-Benyan, chief executive of Sabic, said in an interview that the business would be “the future chemical arm of Aramco”.“It will serve Aramco’s strategy to become a fully integrated energy company and it w...
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