Gamboa and Miraflores Locks

Day 3up and out at 8 a.m. after breakfast at the hotel. We'll be on the bus over half the day as we tour and learn about Lake Alajuela Madden Dam Gamboa Rain Forest Preserve and the Miraflores Lock Visitors Center.First stop the Administrative Cen
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How to Make Sure Your “Budget” Airline Ticket Is The Real Deal

Airline tickets on low-cost carriers can be extremely affordable at first glance. But that’s before the addition of a cauldron of hidden expenses that can ensnare the unsuspecting traveler. Paying for your flight, for example, should not be an “optional extra”. The good news is that you can avoid these add-ons. With a little inside knowledge – and time – it is possible to travel for the advertised price of a budget flight. The key ingredient to inexpensive flying is flexibility. Can you move you...
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Compendium of my published articles

I’ve decided (for my own convenience and reference) to bring together all my published articles (not books/manuscripts) since 1980 into a single “book”. This task is pretty daunting, but hopefully I’ll find time to complete it in the coming months. As a first step, I’ve managed to compile my TOI writings since 2007. DOWNLOAD WORD VERSION […]
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We make it home

Well of course everything was very well organized for our departure from the hotel 6 a.m. and delivery to the airport. The line to check our luggage was a good halfhour but nothing compared to the Passport line at Dulles. Passport check was quick an
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Save Up to 30 Percent in Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, New Caledonia and Samoa 2019 With Marriott

You can save up to 30 percent off of retail room rates when you stay at your choice of 32 different participating hotel and resort properties in Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, New Caledonia and Samoa from Sunday, April 7, 2019 through Saturday, August 31, 2019… …but you must... The post Save Up to 30 Percent in Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, New Caledonia and Samoa 2019 With Marriott appeared first on The Gate.
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Town Point Cemetery In 360

pub-9166485404346800 [Author: Lynn Hemeon]
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Only One Napa Valley

Have you ever noticed that most other wine regions compare themselves to the Napa Valley For good reason Napa Valley wines are still the gold standard. And while these other areas have excellent even award winning wines Napa is the glamor name throug
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Correction My First International Trip

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How to pick the best car hire at Malaga Airport

Malaga is one of the busiest airports in Europe. In fact, it is the fourth largest in Spain after Madrid, Barcelona and Palma de Majorca. Welcoming around 19 million travellers every year it is the gateway to the beautiful Costa del Sol and the Andalucia region. A for good reason, the climate here is fantastic. Sunshine almost all year round, gorgeous coastlines and many ways to relax and take in the Mediterranean lifestyle, Spanish culture and history and a chance to truly escape. Of course th...
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On the Beach gets Accredited Body status

Move was to 'simplify ATOL licensing and trust structure'
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Strike threat at two of Scotland's main airports

SPAA says it's another blow on top of Brexit
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If Only takes Virtual Reality holidays to the next levelIf Only takes Virtual Reality holidays to the next level

Luxury specialist launches the ultimate VR package
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Brexit uncertainty is hitting demand, says easyJet

Second half outlook is now 'more cautious'
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Ryanair is the 'new coal'

Airline joins list of Europe's top 10 carbon emitters
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5 Things American Airlines is Telling Employees About the New Airbus A321neo

American's first Airbus A321neo is about to enter commercial service on Tuesday, April 2. They have 100 of the ‘new engine option’ planes on order (22 of these deliveries have been deferred). It's being outfitted in a new 'dense' configuration along the lines of the American Airlines 737 MAX, which has the airline's new standard domestic interior. In a communication to employees the airline is highlighting five features of the new aircraft. Continue reading 5 Things American Airlines is Tellin...
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Best things to do in Guadeloupe

“Most people, they think we’re in f**king Mexico,” my guide laughs over rum punches on my first night in Guadeloupe. “Like we’re gwa-da-LOOP-ay or something.” Such is the struggle of Guadeloupe (pronounced gwa-da-LOOP), the French Caribbean island that sits smack in the middle of the Lesser Antilles near St. Maarten and Dominica. AKA nowhere near Mexico. Though it’s one of the larger Caribbean territories, it somehow gets forgotten in North America’s collective consciousness. Which is a shame...
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Why Do I Like Airports

It is a typical lovehate relationship. I love arriving at the airport in anticipation of leaving on time on a nice flight to a place I really want to visit. I hate the flights with delays bad food rough flights noisy seat mates and uncomforta
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ON TOUR Woche 331 Thailand Schweiz

Montag 25.03.19 Dienstag 26.03.19Heute war nur noch packen und am Laptop arbeiten angesagt. Sarinya kam gegen 19.00 Uhr nach Hause. Da sie bereits gegessen hatte holte ich mir noch kurz etwas in der Nhe. Um 20.30 Uhr begleitete mich Sarinya noch z
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ON TOUR Woche 330 Malaysia Thailand

Montag 18.03.19Heute war mein letzter Tag in Kuala Lumpur. Suhaimie musste arbeiten sodass ich erneut alleine Zuhause war. Es tat richtig gut die Ruhe zu geniessen. Mit Fotos sortieren wurde ich zwar immer noch nicht fertig aber immerhin war mein Gep
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Sanjay Sonawani’s response on Reddit to some misguided “rebuttal” of his views

On Reddit someone called Mad_Sanghi wrote: This is weird. Instead of thinking vedas as the source of Hinduism, the author argues it is a later addition by some immigrants. I think it is BS, because bramahnical society was using them, before the gupta period, as is visible by rise of Buddhism or Jainism before 5 […]
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ON TOUR Woche 329 Philippinen Malaysia

Montag 11.03.19Nach dem Frhstck fuhren mich Maricel und ihr Mann Jokjok zum LeonardSee. Ich lief einen kurzen Weg dem Ufer entlang und machte ein paar Fotos. Dann fuhren wir noch zu einem Aussichtspunkt von wo aus man den Kratersee von oben sehen
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John Pilger, Breaking the Silence – An Evening’s Q & A

Wednesday, 10 April 2019 from 7:00-9:00pm Cavanbah Centre Byron Bay Tickets · $22.19-$27.46 The Ngara Institute presents JOHN PILGER – BREAKING THE SILENCE – An evening’s Q & A on propaganda inside the Australian bubble: false enemies, real threats and heroes unsung. John is a renowned Australian activist, writer, journalist & award- winning documentary film maker; outspoken critic of imperialist agendas and of Australia’s treatment of indigenous Australians and refugees, and friend and supporte...
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History of West African food

For the finale of season 16 of Top Chef, Eric Adjepong announced that his final meal on the show would “tell the story of the transatlantic slave trade and how those flavors migrated to the South.” No small feat, especially when compared to the other contestants, Kelsey Barnard Clark from Alabama and Sara Bradley from Kentucky, who set out to cook the Southern food they grew up loving. Southern food, however, is forever tied to the story that Adjepong wants to tell about West African food. Gr...
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A New Place to Put a Lavatory and Another Airport Bans Chick-fil-A

A roundup of the most important stories of the day. I keep you up to date on the most interesting writings I find on other sites – the latest news and tips. Continue reading A New Place to Put a Lavatory and Another Airport Bans Chick-fil-A...
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Influential black women in travel

From hosts on well-known travel programs to popular travel bloggers on Instagram, the travel industry has not been representative of people of color. Over the past few years, there has been a surge of black millennial travelers documenting their travels online known as the Black Travel Movement. Now, there are many prominent black travel bloggers, tour operators, travel photographers, and communities online. These black women are the movers and shakers, the tastemakers and innovators of the ...
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