Sweetness of Friendship

  “A friend is one to whom one may pour out the contents of one's heart, chaff and grain together, knowing that gentle hands will take and sift it, keep what is worth keeping, and with a breath of kindness, blow the rest away.” George Elliot       Yesterday evening I came to Paris to see my friend Laura who was in Paris from Colorado with her daughter Lily, Ryan her son in law and granddaughter Camille. We met for dinner.  The last time I saw Laura I was pregnant with Chels...
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What’s it’s Like to Hike the Full Tour du Mont Blanc

Completely updated in April 2019. The Tour du Mont Blanc (TMB) is one of the top long distance hikes in Europe, and in fact the world. It delivers superlative, pristine mountain scenery day after day for over a week. The hiker’s Tour of Mont Blanc is a 168 kilometre loop around the base of Mount Blanc, the highest peak in western Europe at 4810 metres (15,782 feet). Most hikers start just outside of Chamonix, France if they’re hiking the traditional counter-clockwise direction or they star...
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Los Alamos and Bandelier

Blog 040519 Los Alamos and BandelierOn Thursday I moved from Elephant Butte and headed north on 25 and drove past Albuquerque past Santa Fe and found my way to White Rock NM. Lynne had suggested I stop in Bandelier National Monument to see the Pue
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Travel Alert: Runway Closed in New York Until November of 2019 at John F. Kennedy International Airport

If you plan on traveling to or from John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York, note that Runway 13L-31R — which is located on the south side of the airport — is currently closed through sometime in November of 2019 due to a reconstruction project which includes expanding the runway and widening it by 33 percent. “The project will also... The post Travel Alert: Runway Closed in New York Until November of 2019 at John F. Kennedy International Airport appeared first on The Gate.
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Tusket Trail In 360

pub-9166485404346800 [Author: Lynn Hemeon]
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Tusket Trail

pub-9166485404346800 [Author: Lynn Hemeon]
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Best canal barge cruises in Europe

Barge cruises haven’t exactly come barging onto the travel scene. They’ve been around since the 1960s, when flat-bottomed cargo ships from the pre-railroad era were prettied up and repurposed as floating hotels. But until recently, they’ve been the little guy of the European cruise industry, mostly popular with in-the-know luxury travelers. It’s fitting that the leisurely alternative to river cruises has been slow to get the press it deserves. Much of barging’s appeal lies in its relaxed pace...
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Tips for edible mushroom hunting

In Oregon’s coastal forests, hikers enter an ecosystem fed by frequent rain and moderate temperatures, where enormous evergreen trees thrive and support wildlife, mosses, and — most tantalizingly for enthusiasts of both food and the outdoors — several types of edible mushrooms. Mushroom hunting takes hiking to a whole new level. Hiking taken to a new level Photo: Laszlo Dobos/Shutterstock Hiking on trails, you feel enveloped by verdant life, but when you step off the trail, your sense of...
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My Africa Diary Video Blog Part 5

The KLM Airbus landed like a huge nightjar in the semi darkness of the Kilimanjaro airport in Tanzania. I checked my watch. It was 930 pm. I looked out the window the distant hills in the moonlit night were a mystique sketch in the horizon. Lovely Insta
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Best hotel hot tubs in North America

Nothing winds down a hard day of vacationing better than a nice soak in the hotel hot tub. It’s a little cherry of luxury on the sundae of vacation decadence, where you can grab an evening cocktail and let the tension of the real world escape into the bubbling water. While even the run-of-the-mill chlorine-scented jacuzzis at indoor pools are nice, some put you in settings that will make the hot tub experience one you conjure up for relaxation when you’re stuck in traffic back home. Here are ...
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A guide to hiking Mount Batur, Bali

Bali’s beauty precedes it: rolling rice terraces, roaring waterfalls, and white sandy beaches. However peaceful and relaxing this green and glorious side of Bali can be, it’s well worth seeing some sights at a higher elevation. Bali is a volcanic island, with striking peaks coated in centuries-old black lava and dotted with deep calderas formed by plumes of escaping lava. Hiking up one of those volcanoes gives you an appreciation of the fiery geology that created this apparently serene land. ...
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20% Of Hyatts Now Live With Keyless Room Entry

Four years ago Hyatt started testing letting guests use their phone as a room key at the Grand Hyatt San Francisco and the Hyatt Regency Bellevue. Hyatt has been pretty quiet about the technology, though in the fall they did say that all of their properties would have it by 2020. Continue reading 20% Of Hyatts Now Live With Keyless Room Entry...
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Crave Interactive Lands Investment to Accelerate Global Expansion and Roll Out Game-Changing Hotel Digital Directory Rental Model

Crave Interactive, the world-leading developer of cloud-based digital guest service solutions for hotels, today announced a major investment by True Corporation, Thailand's leading telecommunications provider.
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Enjoying The End Of Summer At Beautiful Beaches.

Autumn is certainly starting to show her colours. So with the end of the summer fast approaching we set off on a trip to enjoy the last off the summer and the wine . Di and I along with Annemarie and Corrado left home and spent a couple of nights in Taup
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Crete: the Greek haven of fine dining

One of the most exciting travel experiences begins with food discovery. In recent years, Crete has seen a surprising number of refreshing new gastronomic ventures evolve into an eclectic blend of cuisines and dining concepts. Greek cuisine needs no introduction, but think Cretan gourmet: a unique Mediterranean terrain with exceptional vegetables and meats with a […] The post Crete: the Greek haven of fine dining appeared first on A Luxury Travel Blog.
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MileagePlus Award Charts to Be Eliminated. For Posterity, Refer to Them in the Future in This Article.

In attempting to introduce a broader range of award redemption prices, award charts which list a set amount of MileagePlus miles required for each flight will no longer be published by United Airlines effective as of Friday, November 15, 2019... ...but if you are... The post MileagePlus Award Charts to Be Eliminated. For Posterity, Refer to Them in the Future in This Article. appeared first on The Gate.
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Safety Tips For Solo Female Travelers

By Heather Stephens, AirTreks Marketing Lead There’s been a lot of buzz around the recent New York Times article about the dangers of traveling the world as a solo female. While the article offers deep insights about the realities of harassment and violence that women risk when traveling solo, it also serves up a large dose of fear. Fear that can be debilitating. Fear that causes women to push back big dreams of soul-shaking round the world travel adventures. Fear that is making the bravest an...
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Legislature kills water permit plan, flavored vape bill dies, Public Safety director confirmation delayed, Maui jail riot evidence missing, more news from all the Hawaiian Islands

Flume brings water from the mountain to valley farmland ©2019 All Hawaii News Senate panel shelves bill on access to public water. A Senate committee Thursday killed a bill that would have allowed an assortment of utilities, landowners, ranchers and farmers to continue accessing public water under revocable permits while they worked to satisfy stringent state requirements for obtaining long-term leases. Star-Advertiser.Water Rights Bill Goes Down The Drain In ‘Historic Vote’. The land com...
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Easter in Sicily: The Passion of Christ

The Original Passione Passion Sunday, the fifth Sunday of Lent, marks the beginning of a two-week period sometimes called Passiontide.  The early Christians fashioned the word passio from passus, the past participle of the Latin for "suffer."  I never fully comprehended this meaning until I went to Sicily for Holy Week. Every  year the ancient port of Trapani brings the Passion of Christ to life in La Festa dei Misteri (the Feast of the Mysteries). Over the course of twenty-four hours, a parade...
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Best green walls in the world

While plants and vines have always grown on walls of their own accord — and the concept of nurturing this kind of growth dates back to the famous Hanging Gardens of Babylon — vertical gardens as we see them today didn’t really hit the scene until the early 1990s. Since then, they’ve been improving air quality and adding some natural beauty to cities and urban landscapes around the world. Here, we take a look at seven of the most amazing green walls around the world. 1. CaixaForum Museum, Mad...
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Seaside Adventures in Sydney

G’day friends! I was in Sydney, Australia in January with my brother and we had an amazing time! It was my second visit to this vibrant city and I got to explore some areas I didn’t see my first time around. Sydney is so full of life with so much to do and see and eat and plenty of water views, great beaches, and good eats! My brother Nate and I haven’t traveled together in over a decade due to family and work obligations, and time had flown by way too fast, so we decided to visit our ex pat Aus...
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Oil prices rise 1.5 percent as strong U.S. economic data eases demand concerns - Reuters

Oil prices rise 1.5 percent as strong U.S. economic data eases demand concerns - Reuters:Oil prices gained 1.5 percent on Friday as strong U.S. employment data tempered fears about weakening global crude oil demand, and on expectations that an escalating conflict in Libya could tighten oil supplies.Optimism that Washington and Beijing are approaching a trade deal also boosted crude prices.Brent crude futures settled at $70.34 a barrel, up 94 cents, or 1.35 percent. The session high of $70.46 was...
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France, Paris

14h30 Livres pliées d’Isa Copyright Jacques Witt [Author: Jacques Witt]
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United Express Flight Diverts When Pilots Lose Two Cockpit Screens

Yesterday's United Express flight UA4390 from Knoxville to Houston diverted to Dallas after two screens in the cockpit of the Bombardier CRJ-200 shut down during flight and couldn't be restarted. The plane had taken off on time at 7:36 p.m. without indication of an issue. About an hour and a half into the two hour flight passengers were told they'd be diverting. When they landed the captain explained what happened - and the scary story was captured on video. Continue reading United Express Flig...
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New York Cheesecake

Off on a new adventure to Argentina and we have a 7 hour layover at Newark airport. After a small dish of chicken curry from the buffet i just had to try the NewYork Cheesecake one of 3 dessert tasters from the restaurant in the United club lounge. Excell
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Earn Double Qantas Airways Frequent Flyer Points 2019 — But…

You can earn double Qantas Airways Frequent Flyer loyalty program points as a passenger on eligible flights operated by Qantas Airways traveled worldwide between Thursday, April 11, 2019 and Saturday, February 29, 2020... ...but you must... The post Earn Double Qantas Airways Frequent Flyer Points 2019 — But… appeared first on The Gate.
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Fowl Play: The Easiest Chicken Pot Roast!

Nothing is easier to make for dinner than a pot roast. Here a whole chicken is roasted in white wine, chicken stock, onions and garlic so that it is crispy on the top but wonderfully juicy inside. Best of all it takes about 10 minutes prep!
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The San Giorgio Café Featuring the Food of Filippo La Mantia Opens on the Island of San Giorgio Maggiore in Venice

San Giorgio Café with Filippo La Mantia - Photo: Cat Bauer (Venice, Italy) The Island of San Giorgio Maggiore, one of the loveliest, most peaceful and spiritual islands on the globe, now adds great cuisine to its offerings with the opening of the San Giorgio Café and food created by one of Italy's most renowned cooks, Filippo La Mantia.With origins that date back to the ninth century, the Benedictine monastery on San Giorgio hosted Cosimo de' Medici when he was exiled from Florence in 143...
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How to Get American Airlines to Short Check Your Luggage

Airlines don't like it when you check a bag to a connecting city rather than to your final destination. It turns out though that you can short check bags, it's just tough. Generally speaking airlines will let you do it on connections of 6-12 hours, and will require you to do it on 12+ hour connections (they don't want to hold the bag that long). I was interested to learn the official American Airlines policy for short-checking bags, and unsurprisingly it's very much linked to hidden city ti...
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Cebu Philippines Short wedding weekend away

Generally I need to get away every two months to keep my sanity especially when I get really busy. So my friend's wedding in the Philippines was the perfect opportunity. Joselet and I used to be office mates when I first worked in Dubai and her twin J
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