Peeks into Beautiful Paris

    Paris is a wonderland this Spring as the pink blooming trees are wearing nature's crown jewel.  Against the greyish white buildings, the pink is intensified.          The light in Paris, mixed with the stark stone facades and the blooming trees is striking.            Where to See The Cherry Blossoms Bloom in Paris Notre Dame Cherry Blossom Trees. Rue Monge Cherry Blossoms in Bloom. Eiffel tower covered in Cherry Blossoms. Parc Monceau in Bloom. Jardin des Plantes in Bloom. Jardin ...
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Tusket Falls In 360

pub-9166485404346800 [Author: Lynn Hemeon]
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How to Build Your RTW Route

Editor’s note: Planning an extended trip takes a lot of work, and something many first time planners do is obsess over their route and where they’re going to go. One suggestion we offer is to build a route that offers flexibility – that perfect blend of planning vs. spontaneity, which you can do with this base route. In addition to being easily customizable, flying in and out of hub cities like these will help keep those airfare costs down! As you’ll see below, this trip can be done in a number ...
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Two Teenage Boys Removed From Airplane Due to Peanut Allergies

Two teenage boys — who were 15 and 16 years old and traveling by themselves from Atlanta to Manila after visiting their ailing paternal grandfather — were removed from an airplane by members of a flight crew because one of the brothers is severely allergic to peanuts. Rakesh Patel is based in Manila because he is working on a temporary assignment there; and his sons were traveling to meet him there. The family alerted Delta Air Lines of the aforementioned severe allergy to peanuts of the eldest ...
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Hatyai Food Paradise 2019

( = || []).push({}); Hatyai Food Paradise 2019 is the first food festival in the city of Hatyai. The Hatyai Food Paradise or food festival is to promote local popular food to the locals and tourists. Hatyai is one of the top destinations for Malaysians in Southern Thailand for decades. Last year, over 1 million Malaysians crossed border to visit southern cities in Thailand including Hatyai. Hatyai Food Paradise 2019 is happening from 4th to 7th ...
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The United vs Expedia Showdown and the Evolution of Starbucks Loyalty

A roundup of the most important stories of the day. I keep you up to date on the most interesting writings I find on other sites – the latest news and tips. Continue reading The United vs Expedia Showdown and the Evolution of Starbucks Loyalty...
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On the Farm

The rooster crows each morning with the first light. He has a distinct sound that pierces the cold morning air and the stone walls of the barn we call home. He will not stop until we give up on our dreams and the warmth of our thick blankets and start ou
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The end and the beginning Girona Catalunya to Burgos

It was time to move on. But wed missed a few visits near Girona wed not known until now. Trust me to find some shortcuts or backroads just as we leave. The Poblat Iberic of Kerunta in Sant Julia de Ramis is a smaller version of Ullast
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Friday April 5th Honolulu Hawaii

Aloha from Oahu Hawaii. Our ship arrived in Honolulu about 700 this morning. David was up earlier than that to prepare for his excursion this morning. So he was dressed and fed by the time we arrived in port. Unfortunately it still was not light enough to
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France, Berck-sur-Mer

11h15 les 33e rencontres de cerfs-volants Copyright Jacques Witt / Sipa Press [Author: Jacques Witt]
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Back to Basics: How to Pack Like a Minimalist

Talk to anyone who travels regularly, and there’s a good chance they’ll all give you the same piece of advice: travel light. Sticking to a single carry-on bag will cut down on the amount of time you spend waiting in airport lines and will reduce the backbreaking strain that comes from lugging a bunch of heavy suitcases around. It’s possible to pack for an overnight or weekend trip with nothing but a modestly sized handbag and the clothes on your back, and even longer excursions are more enjoyabl...
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Will American AAdvantage Eliminate Award Charts?

A former senior loyalty executive with extensive knowledge of United's MileagePlus program told me that yesterday's elimination of award charts was "the day United died." United has now followed Delta in ending transparent award pricing, leaving American and Alaska as the only major US carriers with award charts. Continue reading Will American AAdvantage Eliminate Award Charts?...
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Tusket Falls

pub-9166485404346800 [Author: Lynn Hemeon]
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How to Buy the Perfect Swimwear for Your Next Trip or Vacation

If you are planning to spend time on the beach or by the pool during your next trip or vacation you are going to need to buy the right swimwear. Below, we explain how to make the right choice. Don’t be afraid to try something a bit different Gone are the days where men wore trunks and most women wore a one-piece or bikini. As you can see when you click here , these days, there is a lot more choice, especially when it comes to women’s swimwear. You can now buy swim dresses, tankinis and eve...
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Could Chicago Become the Newest State in the United States?

Chicago could become the newest state in the United States if one lawmaker has his way. Brad Halbrook — who is a Republican member of the Illinois House of Representatives — filed resolution HR0101 back on Thursday, February 7, 2019; and is urging the House of Representatives of the United States to allow the city of Chicago to secede from the state of Illinois and become its own state. The bill... The post Could Chicago Become the Newest State in the United States? appeared first on The Gate.
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Indo Treats At Martabak Cafe, Ultimo

Love Indonesian food and martabak? This quaint little cafe on Harris Street in Ultimo sells sweet and savoury martabak pancakes as well as other Indonesian goodies like nasi lemak, roti and noodles.
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$351.56 Total Round Trip Los Angeles — Shanghai

You can travel from Los Angeles to Shanghai for as little as $351.56 round trip as a passenger on airplanes operated by Sichuan Airlines when you book your tickets through Momondo; and your itinerary can last as long as a couple of months — or as few as two days if you want a quick turnaround... ...but keep in mind that... The post $351.56 Total Round Trip Los Angeles — Shanghai appeared first on The Gate.
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What’s the Real Policy for Tipping Airline Customer Service Employees?

In January there was much buzz about the Frontier Airlines policy of supplementing flight attendant wages with customer tips. Most airlines don't permit flight attendants to accept tips, and they have mixed feelings on the subject -- some simply want more money (although tipping may ultimately mean lower salaries), while others worry the emphasis would then shift from safety to service. But what about other agents you encounter at the airport? Continue reading What’s the Real Policy for Tippi...
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Hawaiian pidgin English

Eh, Brah! Aloha Bruce and Lanai Tabura go deep into the language of Hawaiian pidgin English on the newest Hawaii Vacation Connection Podcast for Hawaii visitors. Lanai explains that Hawaiian pidgin is essentially broken English. It is built on both English and the words and phrases used in the native Hawaiian language, and those of […] The post Hawaiian pidgin English appeared first on Hawaii Aloha Travel.
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Go On My Son

My Son or beautiful mountain is a UNESCO world heritage site a one hour drive from Hoi An. We heard about it on our last visit to Vietnam but couldnt fit in a trip to see it. That's why we were especially determined to pop by this time around.
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Porto Portugal March 2019

We have been in our 'new' home for a few months now and since the actual move had meant we had cancelled our winter sun plans things were now much calmer I was spending less time at the hospital and in general things were quiet. Andrew had some annua
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Thank you, RaJ!

Post 6 of #sg100peopleToThank. More about this series is here. Thank you, RajI consider myself a destiny's child. Good things happen to me, without me asking for them. Of course, there are times when it takes time for those things to happen, but they do happen. And at times when I am totally unprepared for those. Case in point?  Raj  RaJ Kurup, founder of Creativeland Asia, an advertising agency.So this is back in 2007. I had put in my papers at GE and I had no clue what to do (not that I know n...
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How hardware agnostic POS systems can solve the end-of-life issues once and for all | By Nikkie Randhawa-Singh

Thinking about upgrading your current POS system? Before you do, consider the golden rules outlined here by Shiji’s Nikkie Randhawa-Singh.
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Turning the Tables: Why to Get Chase Sapphire Preferred Over Sapphire Reserve

If you want Sapphire Reserve, since it's become so hard to get (both anecdotally, and based on the data Chase has released), the best way to get it can be getting approved for a Sapphire Preferred Card and then asking to product change after a year. Continue reading Turning the Tables: Why to Get Chase Sapphire Preferred Over Sapphire Reserve...
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Glories of China Tour Guilin to Yangshuo

DAY 3 cont After arriving in Guilin late afternoon we had another wonderful dinner followed by a wander around the local streets. Plenty of activity as there is a festival in full swing with dancers and displays in the major park of Guilin. We found an
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American Airlines Award Routing Rules: Complete List of Allowable ‘Third Region Exceptions’

American has some of the most complex routing rules of any frequent flyer program. They do not publish those rules publicly. So it's important to lay out what goes into determining how many miles an award costs, so you know what to expect (and how to save your miles). You need to know about maximum permitted mileage, the most direct routing rule, and the prohibition on travel between two regions via a third region unless there's an exception allowing you to do so. Continue reading American Airli...
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Holidaying on a Philippines beach is worth much more than you can think of

To find the conglomeration of mangroves and tropical rain forests along with mountain ranges, coral reefs, and thousands of beautiful islands with world-class beaches all in one place, you must be at Philippines. Nature has blessed the country abundantly, and such is the biodiversity that you cannot ask for more. Here you will find the longest white coastline in the world which is one of the hottest tourist attractions. The country is an ideal destination for travelers looking for a tropical ge...
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“Outside The Boundaries”: The Colourful Universe Of Mischelle Moy

Welcome to the colourful universe of Mischelle Moy, a photographer based in New York. Is it fiction or reality? On her Instagram account, doubting is allowed. The artist likes to play with boundaries, as she reinvents a gayer world. More: Source
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My first conference trip for my new employer took me to the small city of Wernigerode located in the uplands of Harz in the northeastern part of Germany. The city is just a few kilometres from the mountain Brocken the tallest mountain in the region 11
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