A rainy day in Beijing was a good excuse to visit a museum. A quick online search came up with the National Art Museum of China so I headed there. It is really easy to get to and even has its own subway station with an exit right in front of the museum. T
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Test Your Knowledge of Hotel Brands — April 2019 Edition

Listed in alphabetical order are 162 hotel brands with links to their official Internet web sites — some of which had their parent lodging companies removed from their official names. Can you guess which hotel brands belong to which of the aforementioned lodging companies by matching the numbers of the list below with the letters of the above list? The post Test Your Knowledge of Hotel Brands — April 2019 Edition appeared first on The Gate.
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After a long Friday leaving our Beijing hotel at 4am Angela left for her flight home via Hong Kong on time at 8am. I on the other hand suffered a 2 hour delay on my flight to Guangzhou eventually departing at 10.45am. Arriving at the President Hotel
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Transition from transaction taxes to land tax

This is a placeholder post, to assemble some notes on this topic. SBP policy In general, land tax is one of the more efficient taxes. We will significantly strengthen the land tax system, to be used mainly by the States, union territories and local governments, helping them reduce their dependency on central taxes. [SBP manifesto] […]
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Tips on Arranging a Vacation with Kids

Sometimes, daily and weekly routine becomes hectic for people who have to combine professional life and raising kids. Overload, stress, and tiredness are accompanying those who are doing their best to keep up-to-date with work and other duties. To escape from habitual life and brighten emotions, people are searching the ways to relax during weekends and days off. Undoubtedly, Friday beer with friends, lazy days with family at home or gambling in the best paying online casino in South Africa can...
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How to get hiking permits

Backpacking season is here , and it’s time to start planning out your summer backcountry trips. US national parks are among the most beautiful places for backcountry hiking and camping — and also the most popular. To control crowds and properly prepare trekkers for the hazards of the wildlands, the National Park Service requires backcountry permits for camping outside of developed campgrounds. If you’re ready to venture beyond car camping and RV hookup sites, here’s everything you need to know...
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Orbitz will pay your travel taxes

“Doing taxes” and “going on vacation” usually live at opposite ends of the enjoyment spectrum. While saying “I’d rather do my taxes” is reserved to describe unpleasant activities like dinner with your in-laws, “having a drink on a beach in Florida” is used a generic way to describe doing anything but work. This year, Orbitz is somehow putting them together, and saving you money in the process. As April 15 looms large over American taxpayers, Orbitz is giving you a reason to get excited about ...
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Eagle Creek ‘Quit Your Job’ contest

If you’ve officially had it with your current job and are thinking of giving it all up to become a nomad, just hold on a little bit longer. Travel and outdoor brand Eagle Creek, in conjunction with G Adventures, is offering five beleaguered workers an all-expenses-paid, two- or three-week trip to wherever it is they most want to go in the world. Eagle Creek will tour nine cities across the United States for auditions. The audition consists of one question, and your odds of winning are entire...
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Hiking Peaks of the Balkans

Standing at the summit of Mount Taljanka in Kosovo, your thighs will burn and the wind may feel strong enough to knock you off your feet. You’ll look out on the valley below to see no roads or towns, only a green pasture encircled by layers of mountains reaching back to the horizon. It will feel as though you’ve stumbled on some secret land, hidden in Europe’s southeast corner. But there’s a moment like that every day on the Peaks of the Balkans trail. Peaks of the Balkans makes a 119-mile lo...
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Travel: These 3 new restaurants make Las Vegas a winner for the budget conscious

Name a top-end dining trend this century and odds are it has found its way to a Las Vegas casino, served in a frou-frou designed room with $$$$ menus. That’s all well and good for high-rolling foodies, but for the rest of us, a different and welcome wrinkle has arrived: Vegas is becoming a beachhead for outposts of regional eateries that have blown up nationally by selling high-quality comfort food at low-to-moderate price points. While Las Vegas has had high-end restaurants for years, it ha...
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Amsterdam airport food guide

Amsterdam’s Schiphol International Airport is just 14 kilometers (about 8.5 miles) from the city. It’s convenient and easy to navigate — a blessing you won’t get at many of the other top 15 largest airports in the world. And when it comes to eating, it’s more than easy to get the right foods to keep your future jet lag at bay (although if you just want a drink and some fried food, that’s easy to find as well). It’s also one of the only airports in the world where getting fish isn’t a mistake....
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Winter strikes hard rural Burgos to more walled cities

Kindly our Burgos host let us leave our gear whilst we scooted off for a few days of exploration before returning later in the week. Forecasting a mix of snow rain wind cloud sun and thunderstorms were feeling more than a little intrepid and quite
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Hotel Owner Beats Fraud Charges After Disputing Victoria Secret Model’s Tax Bill on His Amex

HABITAS hotel and hospitality management group co-founder Oliver Ripley was charged with “grand larceny, criminal possession of stolen property and falsifying business records” over what appears to have been alleged as a fraudulent charge back on his American Express card. He has pled to a mere misdemeanor and claims it was all a misunderstanding. He says that his then-girlfriend Victoria’s Secret model Sara Sampaio refinanced her Manhattan condo and was left “with a $48,000 tax bill” which he p...
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100th Anniversary of the Jallianwala Bagh Massacre

The Jallianwala Bagh Massacre aka the Amritsar Massacre was done on April 13th, 1919, one hundred years ago. General Dyer’s soldiers, the ones who murdered unarmed innocents were Sikh, Gurkha, Baluchi, Rajput troops from 2-9th Gurkhas, the 54th Sikhs and the 59th Sind Rifles. Indians murdered wholesale Indians at the command of a foreigner. How … Continue reading 100th Anniversary of the Jallianwala Bagh Massacre
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Clearest waters in the United States

Swimming pools are nice and all, but nothing beats swimming in wild waters, be they rivers, springs, or oceans. Whether you bathe for ritual purposes, for exercise, for the fun of it, or because it’s so trendy some call it “the new yoga,” wild swimming is best enjoyed in clear water where you can see the marine life and the rock formations below you. There are many bodies of crystal-clear water in the US, but we selected the nine most beautiful to encourage you to take a plunge in the great o...
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Teachers win free flights

If you spend your working hours educating others and bettering the world, there might be a free trip to Mexico in your near future. With the walkouts, strikes, and politics surrounding the job these days, wants to help teachers take a load off. The company is offering 50 free round-trip flights for educators as a way of saying thank you during Teacher Appreciation Week, May 6-10 — an effort that follows the free cruise for teachers offer that Norwegian put out last month. T...
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Build Your Own Adventure in South America

. There are some luxury travelers who want to let someone else make 100% of the plans. There are others who want to figure out every single detail on their own. But for all of those who are somewhere in between, the tour company Surtrek offers a nifty online trip planner for South America. In the world of travel agents and tour companies, there are all kinds of ways that travel clients are referred to: FIT, MICE, groups, fixed departure, custom, excursion clients, and all kinds of other permuta...
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London’s phone booths sculpture

Britain’s red phone booths are not a functioning lifeline these days, but they have been an icon of the country since their inception in the 1920s and evoke a lot of nostalgia. Those who long for the days when there was one on every street corner love artist David Mach‘s 1989 sculpture titled “Out of Order” that uses 12 of them in a playful way. The large red booths seem to fall onto each other much like a row of domino tiles. To celebrate its 30th anniversary, the popular structure was close...
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What Makes Italian Passion Unique

Passion can bloom anywhere. Think of France, with its culinary cathedrals; Spain, with its torrid bullfights; Argentina, with its sultry tango. How is la passione italiana different? “First of all, Italian passion is always personal,” says Marco Spagnoli, a prizewinning film director and critic as well as an astute cultural observer. The goal can be grand or modest—a multimedia spectacular or a family video, a new restaurant or a perfect re-creation of a great-grandmother’s lasagne. Its signifi...
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7 unique places to stay in South Africa

South Africa is a heaven for visitors who like to find all types of holiday in one country. Doesn’t matter if you are looking for a great city trip, a safari, a desert retreat or whatever it is, South Africa can provide you with just that. Here’s a list of some unique places which you […] The post 7 unique places to stay in South Africa appeared first on A Luxury Travel Blog.
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Photo Messages From Sacha

  Should he shave his mustache? His beard? I said no so loud I am sure he heard me in Seattle.         [Author: French la Vie]
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France, Paris

Affiche dans le métro Copyright Jacques Witt [Author: Jacques Witt]
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Almaty Full of Apples

Everyone with whom I spoke said how lovely Almaty is. It is pretty and has many parks throughout but it is also a rapidly growing modern city complete with traffic jams morning and evening. It seems many people want to live there there is a feeling of f
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#Abraaj's Arif Naqvi: People don’t have a bad word to say about me - The National

Abraaj's Arif Naqvi: People don’t have a bad word to say about me - The National:Businessman Arif Naqvi sought to defend his personal reputation just days before his arrest in London claiming that nobody had a “bad word to say about him” despite the collapse of his multi-billion-dollar private equity fund.In rare comments after leaving the UAE in the wake of the scandal, Mr Naqvi sought to deflect questions about the failure of the Abraaj Group.In an exclusive interview with The National he said...
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Saudis Mistake Their Alliance With Trump for an Alliance With the U.S. - Bloomberg

Saudis Mistake Their Alliance With Trump for an Alliance With the - Bloomberg:Last week my Bloomberg opinion colleague Eli Lake asked whether Democrats want to maintain the alliance with Saudi Arabia. This question should also be posed in reverse: Does Saudi Arabia want to maintain the alliance with the U.S. rather than just Trump administration?The Saudi government is not doing enough to protect the relationship. It’s drawing bipartisan criticism such as the recent congressional vote to end inv...
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Supreme Court May Decide If You Can Sue When a TSA Screener Karate Chops Your Groin

While the TSA generally argues that 'it's not sexual assault when the government does it' in the case of Linlor v. Polson they took the argument even further. The US Supreme Court could decide if there's any limit to TSA authority because of a cert petition recently filed. Continue reading Supreme Court May Decide If You Can Sue When a TSA Screener Karate Chops Your Groin...
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Oil rises 1 percent on tightening crude supply, upbeat economic data - Reuters

Oil rises 1 percent on tightening crude supply, upbeat economic data - Reuters:Oil prices rose 1 percent on Friday as involuntary supply cuts from Venezuela and Iran plus conflict in Libya supported perceptions of a tightening crude market, while upbeat Chinese economic data eased concerns about waning crude demand.The oil market also followed global stock markets higher after strong earnings at JPMorgan Chase & Co. The dollar index slipped to its lowest against the euro in more than two weeks, ...
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Senate panel votes against Public Safety director's confirmation, more details emerge on federal rail fund withholding, AC Hotel Wailea by Marriott breaks ground on Maui, more news from all the Hawaiian Islands

Senate panel votes against reappointing public safety director. A state Senate committee voted Thursday against reappointing Nolan Espinda director of the Department of Public Safety, citing last month’s riot at the Maui jail, recent shootings of an Oahu jail inmate and a homeless man, detention of prisoners beyond their release dates and an alleged culture of retaliation and intimidation within the department. Star-Advertiser.Ige Stands By His Public Safety Chief After Senate Panel Calls For Es...
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Back to Belize...

So as the Canadian winter has decided to go on and on and on and on with no sign of Spring other than the date on the calendar it was high time we got out of the chilly climes for a week and so it was back to Belize...debated hard on whether to return to
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Planning my Ancestral Investigations in Devon

At the beginning of each year I look at my wish list of destinations and then decide based upon circumstances where to spend my two or three week vacation time abroad. Linda and I will take separate vacations for the fourth year in a row as one of us has
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