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13h30 bld du Temple, Emmanuel Macron et Theresa May Copyright Jacques Witt [Author: Jacques Witt]
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The old town of Puebla is a world heritage site by the UNESCO since 1987. The city was founded in...
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Airline Executives Need Mandatory Frequent Flyer Training

There's a major difference between "know that" and "know how." The latter comes from deep practice and a development of tacit knowledge that comes from first-hand experience. And airline executives too often lack know how in loyalty marketing and make big mistakes that undermine profits as a result. Continue reading Airline Executives Need Mandatory Frequent Flyer Training...
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Vacationing on Hawaii Island

On our latest Hawaii Vacation Connection Podcast, Aloha Bruce and Lanai Tabura discuss vacationing on Hawaii Island. Known most commonly as the “Big Island”, Hawaii Island suffered a significant drop in visitor arrivals in 2018 due to a several natural disasters. A and several hurricanes and tropical storms menaced in 2018 and created some misconceptions […] The post Vacationing on Hawaii Island appeared first on Hawaii Aloha Travel.
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6 Steps on How to Safely Use an Evacuation Slide In the Event of an Emergency

The probability of you being involved in a crash or accident while you are a passenger seated aboard an airplane is so remote that you will likely never have either of those experiences — but if you do, you may have to use an inflatable evacuation slide. At first glance, evacuation slides look like they could be fun to use — but in the event of an actual emergency, they can actually... The post 6 Steps on How to Safely Use an Evacuation Slide In the Event of an Emergency appeared first on The Ga...
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Running the Marathon in Paris

                Yann is running the marathon in Paris tomorrow (Sunday). If you would like to cheer him, on and follow his progress you can do so by downloading the app Schneider, then you will need to look up his name Yann Rolland-Benis . He starts at 9:00 in the morning (Midnight in California), Chelsea and I will go to different parts of the course to cheer him on. Last year Chelsea ran the marathon this year she is doing a marathon due in June.         Things to ...
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Hopper Claims JetBlue Will Drive Down Airfares 12% When They Begin Flying to London. That’s Absurd.

The basis for this silly claim is, "[H]istorically, when JetBlue enters an international market, fares plummet by on average 12 per cent. Though it can be even more. Hopper pointed out that when the carrier launched flights from Fort Lauderdale and New York's JFK to Trinidad and Tobago, it spurred savings on all airlines of up to 26 per cent." Continue reading Hopper Claims JetBlue Will Drive Down Airfares 12% When They Begin Flying to London. That’s Absurd....
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Sandford Wharf With Drawbridge in 360

pub-9166485404346800 [Author: Lynn Hemeon]
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"Hot Mess" Chilli Caramel Nutty Popcorn

Now that the weather is cooling off and snuggling inside seems like the best option, may I offer you this delightful tv snack? This popcorn (and you know popcorn is my passion), is generously coated in chilli dusted caramel with an almost indecent amount of toasted nuts in it! It may just distract you from the action on the tv...
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Interactive Travel Advisory World Map With Embassies and Consulates of the United States — and New Kidnapping Risk Indicator Added for 35 Countries

After the Department of State of the United States introduced an improved travel advisory system of sharing information on Wednesday, January 10, 2018 which is designed to provide clear, timely, and reliable safety and security information worldwide for travelers who are citizens of the United States, a useful interactive dynamic mapping application was released; and a new risk indicator for kidnapping and hostage taking was added earlier this week. The interactive map shows... The post Interact...
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My arrival was quite easy . I can not tell a lie though. Instead of figuring out the transit system I took a cab from the airport . A bit expensive but oh so easy .But going back a bit I had lunch with a friend in Calgary and when I boarded the plane
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Chevron Mega-Deal Highlights the Revival of American Energy - Bloomberg

Chevron Mega-Deal Highlights the Revival of American Energy - Bloomberg:For all the ink spilled over climate change and the global energy transition, the world’s biggest energy companies are focusing on where it all began: American oil.Chevron Corp.’s $33 billion acquisition of Anadarko Petroleum Corp., announced Friday, will make the U.S. company the largest producer in the dusty plains of the Permian Basin by giving it control of an oil-rich area twice the size of Los Angeles.The deal, the ind...
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Why BA Won’t Buy Used A380s and As If Boeing Didn’t Have Enough Problems..

A roundup of the most important stories of the day. I keep you up to date on the most interesting writings I find on other sites – the latest news and tips. Continue reading Why BA Won’t Buy Used A380s and As If Boeing Didn’t Have Enough Problems.....
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Star Wars Galaxy's Edge: Celebration panel reveals new look, Frank Oz role

Disney's new Star Wars Galaxy's Edge land will arrive later in 2019 and we cannot wait to fly the Millennium Falcon [Author: Lewis Knight]
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Bigger isn’t better: Investors favor boutique stores and hotels | By Linchi Kwok

Bigger is better, right? That's why there are more hotel mergers and acquisitions in recent years; there are also many hotel chains are building larger loyalty programs to pull in more travelers. Besides hotels, Airbnb and OTAs (online travel agents) also want to get bigger through acquisitions.
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How to Decide Where to Stay in Bali, Indonesia

Bali is an Indonesian island, around 150 km long and 110 km wide, so in terms of size, it certainly could not be accused of being large but in terms of experiences, it certainly ‘packs a punch’. Bali can be thought of in terms of its geography and North, South, East, West and Central Bali can offer the visitor a different experience. Every region has something to offer and it is for the visitor to decide which area is going to suit them best. Many choose a multicenter holiday so that they can ...
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Day 2 Arrival in Kathmandu

None of us managed to sleep very well on the first leg. They served us dinner and then woke us about an hour too early for breakfast. But we didnt feel too bad for our 3 hour wait before the next leg. It was actually a relief to got off the plane and we
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The Cold and a Cold at Lyon

Friday 12th AprilWe had an early start from the hotel to be at Gare Avignon TGV for our train to Lyon. Once again a very fast and smooth trip but difficult for the 22 of us to board and alight. We delayed the train a few minutes in doing so and befo
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Day 1 Leaving Sydney

Crazy day packing and making last minute purchases today before leaving early at 1700 as Nicks flight was at 2040 but the rest of us were leaving at 2145. Nick was a last minute addition to the group and the airfares on our China Southern flights had
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San Jose Airport Will Combat Chick-fil-A With Rainbow Flags

San Antonio politicians decided to ban Chick-fil-A from opening in the airport over perceptions of the chain's politics disagreement with the chicken restaurant's donations to certain charities. Buffalo pressured concessionaire Delaware North to withdraw Chick-fil-A from its plans and will (disingenuously) paint the move as voluntary. San Jose airport has a new approach. Continue reading San Jose Airport Will Combat Chick-fil-A With Rainbow Flags...
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Hebron Falls In 360

pub-9166485404346800 [Author: Lynn Hemeon]
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Day 8 Trekking in Shola Tea and Cardamom plantations and the Great Outdoors

Woke up to a beautiful view outside our window. As the mists started to rise off the mountains and the sun started to burn through it the cockerel was crowing and the hotel was beginning to wake up.We had a short breakfast of eggs toast and a savoury
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5 cheapo alternative destinations in Europe

On the face of it, this should be a great time for Americans to think about traveling to Europe. Just a few years ago, it took $1.38 to buy a euro; today, a euro can be had for just $1.13. But despite this trend, Western Europe can still be expensive for Americans, and, for that matter, for most of the world’s travelers. Here’s one strategy for lowering costs: eschew particularly expensive locations for cheaper alternatives. As always, think broadly about alternatives. In some cases, a neighbori...
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American is 95% Done Installing High Speed Internet: Where Aircraft Types Stand With Power and Wifi

Both American and Delta have invested heavily in truly usable internet, which distinguishes them both from United whose internet rarely works when I fly them. American says they are now 95% done with their project to install satellite wifi in their aircraft, and that they will complete the project by May. What that means is that if you're flying an Airbus narrowbody (A319/A320/A321) or a Boeing 737 you should have fast internet on board. Continue reading American is 95% Done Installing High Spe...
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Regent Seven Seas Cruises: Unforgettable Alaska Adventure

I snagged this photograph in Skagway, Alaska. Regent Seven Seas Cruises: 7-,10-,11-, or 12-night Alaska Voyages Carol and I made our fourth Alaska cruise last summer and this time we sailed with Regent Seven Seas Cruises. And you know what?  I would gleefully go back again.  Alaska is stunningly beautiful and if you take the time to get away from the crowds in port, the surrounding beauty will melt your cares away. Here are a few standout memories from our cruise with Regent Seven Seas Cruise...
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Norwegian Sun Returns to Port Canaveral!

Norwegian Sun once again returns to homeport at Port Canaveral and continues Cuba cruises, too! Norwegian Cruise Line’s Norwegian Sun… The post Norwegian Sun Returns to Port Canaveral! appeared first on Cruise Maven.
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What to Do to Survive an Airplane Water Landing — A Photographic Essay Which Could Save Your Life

The probability of you being involved in a crash or accident while you are a passenger seated aboard an airplane is so remote that you will likely never have either of those experiences; and incidents of water ditching — which is when an airplane lands in the water in the event of an emergency — are so rare in commercial aviation that they occurred only 21 times in the past 67 years, so you will almost certainly never experience a real incident. Virtually any pilot or member of a flight crew wil...
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10 Airlines Keep Their Planes Squeaky Clean

Airlines were ranked for their cleanliness based on traveler feedback across five areas: seating, toilets, tables, carpets, and cabin panels. I always marvel at ANA for its cleanliness, down to flight attendants cleaning lavatories continuously throughout long haul flights. Continue reading 10 Airlines Keep Their Planes Squeaky Clean...
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Cranky on the Web: Southwest and Its MAX Problems

The 737 Max is out until August, so how will Southwest Airlines handle it? – Dallas Morning NewsMitchell Schnurman dove into a variety of Southwest’s problems, some caused by the airline’s MAX fleet, and asked me to chime in on it. The biggest issue is the huge increase in cancellations at the airline, something that hasn’t gone unnoticed by customers. (You can see the chart in the article.) But will it have a lasting impact on the airline’s reputation? Not if it can fix the problem soo...
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