A Little Bit Pregnant

Seven months. All good, all happy, all baby.                       [Author: French la Vie]
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Monday April 16th Tahiti French Polynesia

Today we are in Papeete. Tahiti is the largest of the French Polynesian Archipelago and Papeete is the capital city. This is the furthest south that we will go during our vacation. We are at Longitude 149W and Latitude 17S. It was partially overcast all da
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Crazy Things at Airports and On Planes

After about sixty years of air travel airports and airplanes I have seen many crazy things. Here are just a few Poor hygienewell first of all most men do NOT wash their hands after using the men's room. That in itself is as disgust
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Masters Memories

I went the year Big Phil won 2004 for the first time. From 2004 I went to the Masters Golf Tournament a few years ago. I wrote about it in one of my Travel Archives but let me add to the lore of Augusta once more. As I drove down to Aug
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Nice Quiet Lazy Day

Today is Good Friday and that day is a big deal in Mexico. We decided we would avoid the crowds and possible drunk drivers by staying off the roads today. Instead we took a nice walk UP the hill from our house. We had to sneak away from the dogs and we we
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Please These Arches Are Better than Golden

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Dead Horse State Park

While not the most appealing of names for a state park Dead Horse Point State Park in Utah is a treasure to visit. Most spectacularly the Park is a peninsula of rock towering 2000 feet above the Colorado River. You can just imagine how it got its name
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Guide to Greenland's national dress

Any mention of Greenland may bring to mind a frozen terrain devoid of trees and a dreary landscape, but the reality is entirely different than what our imagination has crafted. Granted the flora is not as brightly hued as what you’d find further south, and the weather is rarely clement. But the nation is far from being uncolored or dull, and the national costume is the best proof there is to sustain this argument. Greenland’s national dress is incredibly vibrant and intricate. Its unique aes...
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10 must-see Mediterranean cruise ports

A Mediterranean cruise is the Whitman’s Sampler of journeys. A taste of Santorini here, a nibble of Naples there, a morsel of Mykonos this day and a bite of Barcelona that day. And like with a box of chocolates, first-timers never know what they’re gonna get. That is, unless they do their research or take the advice of those both experienced and honest. Queue the discerning sea-legged travel writer with a list of his top 10 Mediterranean ports: Built nearly 2,000 years ago, the Roman Colosse...
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Hello Beijing Day 01

Thursday 18th April 2019It have been five years since my last visit to China. Arrival at the city of Beijing this afternoon was kind of a cultural shock for me. I soon realised that my Whatsapp and Google apps were not working. My mistake
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Why Eliminating Award Charts is the Wrong Way to Do Revenue-Based Redemption

There's a real problem that programs are facing, how to deliver award seats in a world where planes are full and airlines aren't growing faster than the economy? If there aren't unsold seats on desirable flights the model breaks down. The answer though isn't to move towards low value redemptions where a mile is worth a penny. That's giving up. Fortunately it's not really an either-or proposition. In fact United's own experience with revenue-based redemptions shows that this new model can eas...
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Save Up to 40 Percent on Resorts in Mexico 2019 With Marriott

Whether you prefer to enjoy the tranquil turquoise waters along the sandy beaches of the coast or the landscapes of the mountain regions, you can save up to 40 percent off of retail room rates when you stay at your choice of twelve different participating resort properties in Mexico with Marriott International, Incorporated through Thursday, December 19, 2019… ...but you must... The post Save Up to 40 Percent on Resorts in Mexico 2019 With Marriott appeared first on The Gate.
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My Africa Diary Video Blog Part 6

If you are in Manyara in Tanzania you have to spend a night or two in the Gampling Lodge in Manyarajust amazing. It is fenced from the open meadows of the wilderness and the tented lodges are spread across the huge compound covered with large trees a
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Taxidermy library in Anchorage

If you want to check out a book, you go to the nearest public library. If you want to check out a piece of taxidermy, you go to the Alaska Resources Library and Information Services (ARLIS) at the University of Alaska Anchorage campus. The library houses hundreds of taxidermied specimens, from fawns to snowy owls, sandhill cranes, and harlequin rockfish. Unsurprisingly, it’s the only known library in the US to contain such a collection, as well as lend the pieces to anyone with an Anchorage p...
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Guide to live music in Manchester

If High Fidelity were a British film, Manchester is where it would have taken place. The city is the United Kingdom’s equivalent to Chicago, a major metropolis that would be too often overlooked if it didn’t have a booming music scene to fill in the colors. Indeed, the UK’s musical legacy would be far weaker without the Warehouse City’s contributions. London had the Sex Pistols, but Manchester had the Buzzcocks, who actually invited the Pistols up to Manchester for the first time. London gave...
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Where to eat and drink at DFW

Dallas-Fort Worth is full of good places to eat, and its airport is no different. While it’s primarily stocked with the barbecue joints that the Lone Star State is so famous for, even the pickiest of eaters won’t go hungry waiting on a flight here (although vegetarians and vegans might find it a little harder than most). Pull on your stretchy pants and get ready for your flight. These are the best places to eat and drink in every terminal at the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport. Term...
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Best beaches in Patagonia, Argentina

While South America has some of the most diverse natural landscapes in the world, among the greatest draws to the continent’s distinguished natural beauty are its beaches. Splayed along the Pacific, Atlantic, and Carribean coastlines, the most recognizable South American beaches are in Brazil, Colombia, and the like. The coastlines of Argentina don’t typically make the list of the best beaches on the continent, and most travelers certainly don’t think of Patagonia as a place to bask in the su...
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Ige urges resurrection of water rights bill, vacation rental bills sent to Honolulu mayor, eruption communication criticized, gas prices up 5 cents, homeless rousting continues, more news from all the Hawaiian Islands

Pipe brings water down from mountain ©2019 All Hawaii News Gov. David Ige urges Hawaii Legislature to resurrect water rights bill opposed by environmentalists. Gov. David Ige is prodding state lawmakers to resurrect a controversial bill that would give public water users, including Alexander & Baldwin, the electrical utilities, farmers and others, more time to meet stringent requirements for obtaining long-term leases, a move that has angered opponents of House Bill 1326. Star-Advertiser....
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#Qatar's sovereign fund, Crown Acquisitions named as investors in $5.6 billion New York deal - Reuters

Qatar's sovereign fund, Crown Acquisitions named as investors in $5.6 billion New York deal - Reuters:Qatar Investment Authority (QIA) and private realty firm Crown Acquisitions said on Friday they were the unnamed investors in a deal with Vornado Realty Trust valued at $5.56 billion that involves a portfolio of prime New York retail properties.Vornado sold a non-controlling stake in its portfolio of properties along Fifth Avenue and Broadway in Times Square in a transaction that provided the fi...
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5 reasons to charter a private yacht for the best experience in the Galapagos

No two ways about it, the best way to experience the Galapagos is by chartering a private yacht. The Galapagos are an exciting and very unique location, unlike any other island archipelago in the world. One of the most exciting aspects of a private yacht charter experience, besides the fabulous natural life is that It […] The post 5 reasons to charter a private yacht for the best experience in the Galapagos appeared first on A Luxury Travel Blog.
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Limited-Time Free Opportunity: 5% Rebate on Discounted Hotels, Airfare, and More

Despite marketing claims by the big chains, you can often get a better price on a hotel booking through third party websites. That's even more the case with independent hotels. What I've found is that the more expensive the hotel the greater likelihood you can find a deal through a small online travel agency website. You'll usually give up hotel loyalty points and elite status credit, but you may receive other perks. At a minimum it's worth checking before you book. Right now there's a new ...
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5 Romantic Activities in Seattle

Seattle is perfect for a romantic getaway with activities, restaurants, hotels, and scenery to suit just about any couple. From dates, vacations, romantic proposals, marriage venues, and anniversary celebrations, the Emerald City can make any occasion special for you and your partner. Seattle is a modern city with world-class fine dining, 5-star hotels, international art, exceptional music and vibrant culture, but it’s also surrounded by incredible natural beauty including snow-capped mountains...
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PeopleIve been wanting to write about this since the first night. Who goes on these cruises At the start its important to know that my experience and sampling is not even statistically significant one National Geographic cruise and one river c
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Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs: Sciusceddu Italian Meatball Broken Egg Soup For Easter!

I can't think of a soup that isn't more immediately comforting or easy. Sciusceddu is a festive Italian meatball soup with the lightest, most tender meatballs in a comforting creamy egg soup. It also comes together in around 20 minutes and is as easy as it is tasty! If you want something tasty and crowd pleasing for Easter or you just need some fast comfort food, this Sciusceddu is for you!
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Iconic Salt Lake Temple closing for major 4-year renovation

SALT LAKE CITY — An iconic temple central to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints faith will close for four years to complete a major renovation. Officials say they are keeping a careful eye on construction plans after a devastating fire this week at Notre Dame cathedral in Paris. Church President Russell M. […]
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Toddler attacked by dingoes

On Thursday night , a toddler was attacked by two dingoes in a remote area of Queensland’s Fraser Island in Australia. The boy’s family had been camping in K’gari when the dingoes broke into their campervan while they slept and dragged the toddler from his bed. According to paramedic Ben Du Toit, the parents “awoke with the toddler crying and heard the crying getting further away from the campervan.” The father ran outside, fought off the dingoes, and rescued his son from one of their jaws. U...
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Best hotel libraries

Even for those who love books, a good library is usually not one of the most sought-after hotel amenities. But if you’re on vacation, or even traveling for business, sometimes it’s nice to have a handy resource for downtime reading material or just a place to escape the chaos of a big work trip or family vacation. Though they’re not as popular as hotel gyms, hotel libraries are still becoming a point of pride for many properties around the world. Here are 11 you should, obviously, check out. ...
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What is the Best Mobile Hotspot for Traveling to Europe and Overseas?

What is the Best Mobile Hotspot for Traveling to Europe and Overseas? How do WiFi hotspots work? Most of us are familiar with WiFi. We know that when we visit our local Starbucks we can log onto their free WiFi and check our email while we sip on an expensive Pumpkin Spice Latte, but how many of us understand how these hotspots work? If you are someone […] The post What is the Best Mobile Hotspot for Traveling to Europe and Overseas? appeared first on As We Travel - The World - Travel, Traveling...
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TSA admits that its pornoscanners flag Black women and others with curly hair for humiliating, invasive searches

Black women have long complained that they get flagged for secondary screening at TSA checkpoints after passing through a full-body scanner; after years of complaints, the TSA has admitted that its scanners struggle to with curled hair, and are prone to flagging anyone wearing an afro, twists, locks, braids, or other hairstyles predominantly found among Black travelers (though white travelers with long curly hair have also reported being flagged for secondary screening). Black women complai...
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Wow!!!! Yummy Digestive Biscuits and I want its re...

Wow!!!! Yummy Digestive Biscuits and I want its recipe because my children love biscuits. I will make biscuits for them and surely my children will enjoy these Digestive Biscuits. [Author: Cheapest Umrah Packages]
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